Thursday, August 21, 2008

Beatrilicious' Corner : Fall ’08 Trend Alert: The Hots for Plaids!

** Our guestblogger Beatrilicious is back with vengeance! Here she tells us what's in for Fall '08! ENJOY! <--- your askmewhats

You can start putting back all your dainty floral sun dresses in your closet and get ready to unleash the grunge-ness in you. Bring out your plaids because they are in-thing this season! You may want to check if you still have your 90’s clothes again (remember how plaid flannel long sleeves & mini skirts became so popular back then?!) Plaids in all styles and colors are hot right now. Take inspiration from your fave Hollywood celebrities who are sporting this style in many ways as possible:

  • Plaid button-downs + Skinny Jeans
    • Tuck in your top and slip on any of your high-heeled shoe or don your Chucks or flip-flops for a laid-back look. Check out how Lauren Conrad, Jennifer Aniston, Ashley Olsen, and Kate Bosworth did theirs.

  • Plaid button-downs + Shorts
    • For petite girls like me, you can wear your plaid button-downs with shorts. For a daytime look, wear ballet flats or platform wedges with it, while going to the mall. See Kirsten Dunst and Michelle Williams strut this look.

  • Plaid button-downs + Pegged Jeans
    • If you are as brave as Katie Holmes who was spotted recently wearing pegged Prps men’s jeans all over New York with ballet flats, maybe you can pull this look. *smiles*

  • Plaid dresses

You can try mixing your plaid dress with some opaques & wear your pumps, if you want to go out at night. Take the cue from Keira Knightley.

  • Plaid Jackets
    • Since the temperature will go down these coming season, you may want to wear plaid jackets like Sienna Miller

  • Beatrilicious Version
    • I just want to share with you that good thing I have stock of plaid stuff in my closet FROM WAY BEFORE like mini skirts and tops. I don’t have to spend so much money (because I don’t have money anymore) and instantly be fab. Haha! J You might have some stuff too in your own closet. Just take some time to dig in! (Pardon the pics, I took it from my bed and you’ll see the Tigger and Winnie the Pooh bedsheet)

From L-R:Orange empire cut top from Metrowalk (year 2006) Blue Checkered button down from Lee Pipes (year 2000) Green plaid button down from Abercrombie & Fitch Kids (year 2003)

From L-R: Brown Plaid Skirt from Ann Taylor Loft (year 2005) Pink Plaid Skirt from Esprit (year 2000) Brown Plaid Skirt from Ann Taylor Loft (year 2005)

Here’s one shopping secret I’d like to share with you… I bought this plaid top in St. Francis Square for only P200 (approx $4.35) ! Isn’t it pretty?! Grab one too!

That's me, wearing the shopping steal!!! Wore it with a tank top inside at it is semi see-through. Hehe! (worn August 2008)

If you have some money to splurge, Zara and Topshop’s collection right now are full of Plaids from button downs, to dresses, to skirts. Happy Shopping!



  1. Great post! Now I'll know what to look for the next time I go shopping. I really like the way the celebrities are dressed for the trend, but I don't know about Katie Holmes and those pegged jeans. LoL. Your tops and skirts are so cute!

  2. oooOo I LOVE Keira Knightley's plaid dress! I'm not really feeling Katie Holmes' jeans either :/ I have a plaid coat that's really similar in color to the jacket that Lindsay Lohan is wearing, hmm time to break it out for the fall!

  3. uhh oops I meant Sienna Miller's jacket not Lindsay Lohan LOL.

  4. hmn i never really fancied plaids on me... but the trend looks cute and relaxed. :)

  5. hey tracie! thanks! i had those skirts and tops for years now..good thing they still fit. hehe! :)Now you know what you should look for when you go shopping *wink* i know...that pegged jeans katie holmes is sporting will no way get into my nerves. haha. maybe for the brave ones.. but not me =)

    hi audrie, keira knightley's dress is really cute, ne!wow, you have a plaid jacket like sienna miller. ooh lala! HAHA :) i like!!! :D

    moiheartsmakeup - you are right.. it looks laid-back and relaxed. try the look one of these days ;) let us know how you feel about it.. maybe you'd feel hollywood-ish in an instant! haha ;-)

  6. ohhhh i just got myself of those shirts!! quick to get in the trend us! ;)

  7. oh-la-la.. i like plaids too.. its great if you want something different from plains.. will go to Zara or Topshop to lurke.. lol thank you for the heads up!

  8. oh-la-la.. i like plaids too.. its great if you want something different from plains.. will go to Zara or Topshop to lurke.. lol thank you for the heads up!

  9. Not loving the plaid shirts--a little too Farmer Joe--but the plaid dresses are fab!


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