Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Win Your Own AMU'IN Travel Pack! (Contest Closed!)

Happy Tuesday! I know a lot of my local reader friends are going back to work after a long weekend! So to start off the week right, another giveaway as promised to both my international and local readers! I want to extend my gratitude to everyone who's been so nice and wonderful and being so accepting of this blog! *warm hugs to everyone*

When I blogged about Amu'in, a lot of you (locally and internationally) expressed interest with the products, so the wonderful people from Amu'in are nice enough to both me and my readers that they generously give 2 of their Amu'in Travel Packs.

Did you know?

Tradition Woven Into Fabric:
The Bangar Abel
“Abel” is the Ilocano term for a process of weaving. Bangar, La Union is a sleepy town in Northern Philippines where the exquisite and century-old tradition of Abel weaving continues to this day in the townspeople’s backyards. The Abel blankets -- with their distinct rich colors and beautiful designs -- were once used by Philippine President Manuel L. Quezon for his bed covers. Today, however, with the ready availability of cheap machine-made fabrics and the migration of the youth away from Bangar, the Abel tradition is in danger of dying out.
In the hopes to keep this wonderful craft alive, AMU'IN is commited to using Abel fabrics for their kits and holders. They hope this will give the weavers from Bangar reason to keep this tradition going.

Each pack consists of ---

AMU'IN Alaga Natural Hand Sanitizer 50ml
AMU'IN Sigla Body Mist 50ml
AMU'IN Alaga Natural Insect Repellant 50ml
AMU'IN Hulay Body Mist 50ml
AMU'IN Alaga Stress Relief Balm 10gms

How to join? (Please read instructions carefully)
  1. Comment on this post with your name, email address and the country you are from.
  2. Let me know how do you relax after a stressful day.
  3. Leave only ONE comment per person, duplicates will be deleted.
  4. 2 Winners will be chosen via random generator. (1 from the Philippines and 1 Internationally)
  5. Deadline for comments is on September 26, 2009 (11:59pm Philippine Time).
  6. 2 winners will be announced on September 27, 2009 (Philippine Time).
I'd love to read all your answers!
Keep smilin'
Stay Happy
Stay Lucky!!!!


  1. Name: Joanne Viloria,
    Email add: randiej.joanne@gmail.com
    Country: Philippines

    Usually my way of relieving stress after a day of work is to watch TV and prop my feet in a stack of pillows :)

    Sometimes I read a book ;)

  2. Name: Joanna Poon
    Email: koalajoe@gmail.com
    Country: Canada

    I throw myself on the sofa/bed with a deep sigh, and my husband will automatically come over to give me a nice back massage :P

  3. Name: Kristel Ann Cruz
    Email address: kristelann.cruz@gmail.com
    Country: Philippines

    After a long and stressful day, I relax by taking a warm shower, slathering lavender-scent lotion and then curling up in bed with a good book :)

  4. I wanna join!! These sound amazing from your reviews!! hehehe!! :D

    Name: Jenn
    Email: lipglosseater(at)gmail(dot)com
    Country: Malaysia

    I usually take a long bath, light some nice home fragrance and get the husband to give me a foot massage! hehehe!! :D

  5. Name: Lisa/xMaterialGirlsx
    Email: lisa.t1995@yahoo.com

    After a stressful day, I'd like to sit in the bath tub with some nice smelling fragrance. Then I'll take a little nap...^.^

  6. Name: May dela Torre
    Email: pennylane.chic at gmail dot com
    Country: Philippines

    When I'm stressed I just watch funny Korean variety shows, romcoms, read slice of life manga or repeat listening to a very happy song, I also hang out with friends, slumber party!! LOL, it's only now that I've realized that I have a lot of options to relieve stress, makes me think I'm an expert in distracting myself XD

  7. Name: Joanna
    Email: jrsng8@gmail.com
    Country: Philippines

    I have coffee or tea with my friends, and laugh the day off =)

  8. Name: Qurrata-Ayn Karim
    E-mail: ayn_karim@yahoo.com
    Country: Philippines :)

    My stress reliever is definitely lying in bed and listen to my fave song :)

  9. Another great giveaway. Thanks, Nikki!

    Name: Emeline
    Email: emelineauraj(at)yahoo(dot)com
    Country: Philippines

  10. khymm
    kimrich(underscore)kim at yahoo.com

    i usually de-stress by reading my favorite magazine or listening to reggae music(my fave).Sometimes during a stressful week i go to a spa for a thai massage with my hubby.. =)

    nice giveaway!! =)

  11. Name: Honey Pacis
    Email add: yen_summer@yahoo.com
    Country: Philippines

    Mu form of relaxation is just watching recent episodes of my fave tv series on the net or just catching up on a much-needed sleep. I like sleeping for 10 hrs or so. :)

  12. ianee

    My four year old boy telling me.."mama, you know, i miss you because you're so pretty!" is enough to take my stress away ^_^

  13. Ida

    I like to de-stress by talking and cuddling with my hubby. Playing with my daughter also puts me in a good mood :)

  14. Name: Nikkiz.
    Email: nikkizapata@yahoo.com
    Country: Philippines

    After a stressful day I just do my nightly skin care regimen (which in itself relaxes me) flop on the bed and sleep!

  15. Jen B.

    After a stressful day, I open my laptop, log on to Skype and have a chat with my hubby who's in Texas. Talking to him, seeing him makes me feel like I'm with him even when we're so far apart. And that just makes me feel great. =)

  16. name: Sherry
    email: sherrygo at hotmail dot com
    country: Malaysia

    watch movie at home with family. :) no place like home.

  17. Name: Nikki G.

    After a stressful day, I just lie on my bed, turn on my ipod and drift off...I usually fall asleep listening to my music. When I wake up, I'm more calm and recharged to take on the world!

  18. Megan Mack
    email: seaweedstar@hotmail.com
    Country: Canada

    When I'm stressed I kickbox. I'm too timid to actually fight other people, but hitting the punching bag takes away all of my stress, and helps me sleep!

  19. Name: Beck Cunanan
    Email add: mvtc19@yahoo.com
    Country: Philippines

    After a stressssssful day, I usually get rid of the "negative" energy by taking a bath, lights off, with my fave fragrance scent on, kenny g. on the background, and have a gooood body scrub.. :)

    after bathe, i'd do my beauty regimen (this is actually the main thing hehehe), i'll pick a good book, and read it until i fall asleep..

  20. Name: VJ
    Email: vj.peciller@gmail.com
    Country: Phil

    A bar of dark chocolate while watching my fave tv series.

  21. After a long stressful day I love to just go lay on my bed completely alone in complete silence.

  22. so sweet of them. :) i won't be joining but good luck to those who join!

    my stress reliever is...staying home and enjoy some movies after work :)

  23. My name is Carol and my email address is emailmecarol@gmail.com. I live in the US.
    I relax by reading a book.

  24. Name: Gracie
    email: marygracedecena at yahoo dot com
    country: Philippines

    When I'm stress I really sleep a lot. I can sleep 20hrs a day haha! Sometimes when I really need to be awake, I play with all my cosmetics and lighted a scented lavender candles.

  25. name: Rhania Escueta
    email: rescueta@gmail.com
    country: Philippines

    when im stressed out.. i ate -- Chocolates!!! haha.. im chocoholic.. at the moment i felt relieved.. but when there is too much pressure.. i usually go to chapel (sa landayan) because the ambiance and presence of the Lord comforts me..


  26. hey nikki thanks for having this giveaway & letting ur followers to try this stuff.. anyways i just wish u more followers to come & more power to u...
    stay pretty..

    Name: johanne mae DG
    Email: hanniz017@yahoo.com
    Country: UAE

    when im stress out i just watch tv or listening music on my ipod =)

  27. Name: Justine Biance Estacio
    Email: justinebiance_estacio@yahoo.com.ph
    Country: Philippines

    After a hard day of work, I would always light my favorite candle. It has a scent of apple and it instantly energizes me.

  28. At the end of a stressful day, I look forward to lying on my soft bed surrounded by 5 pillows and 2 stuffed piggies :D

    Taking a shower also helps me relax and wash off the bad vibes.

    - Mia Diola, Philippines


  29. Name: Crystal Eduardo
    Country: Philippines
    How I deal with stress? Watch Gurus and read reviews online :)


  30. I relax by settling myself on the couch, watching a good movie and eating a warm bowl of pasta!


    irina.sagarbarria at gmail dot com

  31. Name: Nikki Blanco
    Email add: makeup.manila@gmail.com
    Country: Philippines

    I usually relax after a long and stressful day by taking a warm bath and slathering on baby lotion. I also make sure to change my sheets so that I end up sleeping on clean, soft sheets :)

  32. Name: Karysa
    Country: Philippines
    Email: saeko_mizuku at yahoo.com

    I unwind by taking a nice warm bath with a locally-made body scrub that smells like chocolate. And I always want to eat it! :)

  33. Name: Bea Santos
    Country: Philippines
    email: beasantos31@yahoo.com

    I relax after a tiring day from law school by taking a quick nap. It's much needed because I have to study the whole night until morning! Other than that, I also like watch brainless movies that allow me to relax and eat popcorn.:)

  34. Name: Rochelle Chioa
    Email: chellechioa@gmail.com
    Country: Philippines

    I mentally and physically relax by turning the lights off, light up a candle to heat up my aromatherapy oil, put on yoga music and do simple yoga exercises.

  35. Minette Irinco (PHILIPPINES)

    lie down on my bed. movie marathon. cook up some popcorn. Perfect. :)

  36. Name: Alice
    Email: al828ice(at)yahoo(dot)com
    Country: USA

    I relax by laying in bed with my pajamas watching movies! =D

  37. HI Nikki! It so sweet of you to let us try some of your fave products!

    E-mail: nastya8604222@mail.ru
    From: South Korea

    After every my stresfull day I like to get full bath of hot water and lie down at least 30 min.

  38. Rebecca de Guzman

    First I have a nice, long bath with my favorite lavender-scented soap. I then take a nice bar of chocolate and eat it while lying down on the bed, watching my favorite shows.:)

  39. kathy roque

    I love doing marathons of my favorite series (like CSI or Dexter) after a long day because it relaxes my mind.

  40. Name: Churwyn Marimon
    Email: churwyn_rules@yahoo.com
    Country: Philippines

    Finding time to relax can be hard when you have a lot of things to do. I just listen to some soothing music in this way my mind is totally at ease.

  41. Name: CherieKoala
    Email: littlehill(at)gmail.com
    Country: Philippines

    The way I relax after a stressful day is ask my hubby to message me then have ice-cream together while watching tv.

  42. name: aira ito
    email address: ito.aira@ymail.com
    country: philippines

    ***i sleep after a very stressful day!

  43. Crystal Rodis

    after a stressful day, i surf the internet and read beauty blogs!

  44. Name: Joanne
    Email: jhoannz28@gmail.com
    Country: Philippines

    To relax during a stressful day, I do my nails. either clean it up or put on a funky nail color.

  45. Kristine
    I relax either by watching movies/asian novelas or reading a book.

  46. akiki,malaysia

    I normally read magazines or pamper myself with nice shower&facial ~

  47. Karlenma

    I relax by reading/telling stories to my little girl at bedtime.

  48. Name: abby
    Email: reviewsbyabby@gmail.com
    Country: Malaysia

    To de-stress, I like to take a long, hot bath followed by my favourite movies/TV shows while lying on my nice plush pillows in my air-conditioned room.

  49. Name: Amy
    Email: little-missbutterfly.wordpress.com
    Country: The Netherlands

    When I come home after a stressed day i really like to take a nice warm bath with good smelled oil in it, to read a good book (in the bath ofcourse) with candels standing all over the bathroom..
    Then i like to use bodybutter and that kind of stuff, wearing my pyjama, and just watching my favourite soap.

    (excuses for my 'bad'english, i can read very well, but writing..)

  50. Giselle

    I relax after a long day by just laying on the couch and watching some tv : )

  51. name: Evelyn
    email :evie1121@gmail.com
    Country: USA

    I relax by reading mags or taking a nap.

    sorry i left out country in the other entry :T

  52. Chee-Chee (mamacheechun@gmail.com)

    After a long stressful day i like to brew up a cup of vanilla chai, sit back on the couch, kick up my feet and enjoy the aroma and taste of my drink. Sometimes, i'll even whip out a great face mask and slap it on while i catch up on tv shows.

  53. Name: Kay
    Email: kaysliluniverse@gmail.com
    Country: Philippines

    To relax as soon as i get home, i light some candles, pour some aromatherapy oil on the oil burner (lemongrass or lavender),turn on "chill out" playlist (mostly acoustic tunes) and have a long warm bath... i feel relaxed already just by thinking about it.. hahaha

  54. shanna de guzman

    i watch a feel good movie, read a book, go to the spa or chitchat with friends:) thanks Nikki:)

  55. Name: Erin
    country of residence: taiwan

    After a stressful and harassing day, I usually chill out by watching comedies. I believe that in order to let the stress out, I need to make myself feel lighter, and laughing is really the best medicine. Oh and my favorite all time comedy sitcom is Friends!

  56. Name : Bachuchay

    After a stressful day at work.. I play with my one year old daughter. Her smile really makes my day. It calms me after all teh stress I encountered during the day

  57. name:Kat
    email: katch05 at gmail dot com
    from: Philippines

    After a stressful day, i go home, open itunes and watch a really cool documentary. and then i sleep for 10 hours straight :)

  58. wow! another great giveaway! i love to try these products...

    Name: Anna Pamela Najorda
    Email Add: pamela_najorda@yahoo.com
    Country: Philippines

    After a stressful day, I treat myself with a warm bath using my favorite body wash.

    A big HUG and lots of KISSES from my little sweetie and hubby also relieves my stress. :)

  59. Name: shiki
    Email: shiki6210@hotmail.com
    Country: Malaysia

    I like to have a warm bath followed by playing games online and chatting with friends. They make me feel relaxed and happy.

  60. Name: Jean
    Email: jean.flores2008@yahoo.com
    Country: Phils

    Chilling out on the beach is the best stress reliever for me :-)

  61. Name: Mina
    Email: mgna15@gmail.com
    Country: Philippines

    I play playstation 2 or psp to relieve stress! =D

    i dunno if this is a double post. lol.

  62. Name: Zyra B.
    Email: nypnay87@yahoo.com
    Country: Philippines

    I feel more relaxed after taking a nap =D haha

    have an awesome day nikki! =)

  63. Helen Blas

    After a stressful day, I take a long bath using The Body Shop's Satusma Shower Gel. Its fresh and energizing scent never fails to lift my mood.:)

  64. Name: Barb Marcelo
    Email: bet_marcelo@yahoo.com
    Country: Philippines

    At the end of a long and stressful day, I lock myself inside the bathroom, light some vanilla-scented candles,exfoliate with body scrubs and bath salts and moisturize with body butter after rinsing.

    Have a great day!

  65. Can I join? :D

    Name: Devi Girsang
    E-mail: mizzdevi@gmail.com
    Country: Indonesia

    Answer: After going through a stressful day I always love to take a peaceful sleep accompanied by relaxing instrumental music. The following morning I'll be fully recharged and ready to hit the road again! ;)

  66. This comment has been removed by the author.

  67. name: ronnie canello
    email: ronniecanello@gmail.com
    country: Israel

    after a stressful day I go to my room, turn on the music on my favorite song and lie down on my bed and close my eyes