Sunday, September 27, 2009

Winners of Amu'in Travel Packs

Quick note to my Filipino friends! Such tragedy that came our way and it's heart wrenching to listen to the radio or watch the news, but on the brighter side, it was seen how Filipinos are compassionate to each other, on times like this, helping is number one priority and that made me proud to be a Filipino.

We didn't have electricity for almost 24 hours and my husband was stuck outside and came back home at 3am! Our suffering is just small compared to other families who lost their homes or loved ones, it just proves how important life is, as just an hour of non-stop raining could lead this kinds of disasters! So seize everyday, don't forget to tell your loved ones how much you appreciate them! God bless to everyone!


Thank you everyone for joining the Amu'in Contest! I've done Random generator to pick up one winner locally and one winner internationally! I really enjoyed everyone's answers on how they relax! I picked up a couple of tips too!

Anyways, I won't blab further and I will announce the winner.

Philippine Winner

Congratulations to

International Reader

Congratulations to

Ms. Lexie Sterling
From Australia

I will email you both for mailing information! Thanks again to everyone and the people of Amu'in for the great giveaway!

For local readers who cannot visit their counters, they have opened up their multiply store for easier shopping. International readers who plan to try their products? They will be opening up a Xoom account soon for international customers! Will update you if everything's set!

To all non winners?
Do not worry,
I'll do more contests and giveaways soon!!!

Keep smilin'

Stay happy!


  1. congrats to the winners!

    the typhoon sounds so terrible :( You are so right, seize everyday, you'll never know what's going to happen. I'll be praying for those families who suffered damages or who are still waiting for the return of loved ones :(

  2. Congrats to both winners! :D

    How's the situation now Nikki? I hope things are better now! I'm really saddened to read about this! :(

    Yes indeed we should make everyday count and let people that matter to us know how much we love them!!

  3. OMG! So sorry about it!
    Seems the typhoon was so serious! We are waiting it this night too...

  4. congrats winners :)


  5. Congrats to the winners~ and prayers for your country!


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