Sunday, January 31, 2010

AMW Reads: For the Month of January

It isn't difficult to find good reads over the internet.  There are a whole lot of resources out there and I will be doing a roundup this month for the "bunch".  The "bunch" I'd love to meet someday! *praying hard*


I've been intrigued with L'Oreal's True Match Foundation and I've been meaning to purchase it for the longest time.  I'm glad Red Luscious Lips talks about it candidly

I've been a cloth pantyliner user for more than a year and I'm glad to see my fellow beauty sister Pretty Beautiful tried it herself when she Braved 6.5 Reversible Cloth Pantyliner

I am into hair care recently and when I saw Lipglosseater showed her lovely new hair color and style with a Super Quick Love Lace Look! I want to color my hair again

Playing with mascara isn't my thing, but when I saw the post of My Women Stuff on Maybelline Volum' Express The Magnun Mascara, I got inspired to check out my stash to start playing with masara and make my lashes happy once again!

I've had my own problems with my dry skin but I tend to forget to do anything about it.  When I read Beetrice's Review on Johnson's 24 Hour Lasting Moisture Body Lotion, I remembered I own 3 small bottles of it from an event I went, I pulled it out and gave it a go and I'm glad!

When So Loverly asked What's your number, blush baby?  It made me realized I have more primers than blushes!  I know have an excuse for blush shopping! :)

Contact lenses are one thing I've wanted but cannot try due to my super sensitive eyes!  That's why about FreshKon Mosaic Cosmetic Contact Lenses from Beauty Up My Life, I really wanted to break the rules...

As a makeup artist, doing brows for other people is one of the most challenging and vital!  I am amazed how Skin Deco tackled Eyebrows Are Sisters, Not Twins, seriously love the diagram and explanations!


I hope you enjoy browsing these sites as much as I did!  I had a very busy day yesterday and I'm glad I am relaxing and having a nice "me" time today! Got to be ready for the coming week you know!

Keep smilin'
Stay Happy!


  1. Yay! Thats a lot of exciting sound! Gonna check all of them right now :P

  2. Cloth pantyliners? Whoa. I don't think I'd ever be comfortable with those on. Are they any good?

  3. Hi Nikki, do you have an idea how much is LOreal Paris True Match Liquid Foundation? Is it ok for sensitive skin?


  4. Anastacia, thanks

    All Women Stalker, they are very comfortable and I didn't look back on regular pantyliners since then :)

    Joanne, they costs around 800+php, but do wait for sales from L'oreal so you'll get them cheaper. I don't own it yet so I can't tell if it works for sensitive skin, but some students from makeup schools do use them :)


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