Sunday, June 13, 2010

Something New: Ray-Ban Prescriptions: Flair and Functionality at its Best


Dear Eyes,
You know how much important you are in our lives, so if you're weak, we try our best to make you feel better.  But sometimes, our face ain't happy when we wear something that is aesthetically challenging.  That is why I am quite happy when I got an email from the people of Ray-Ban.  They finally stood up and create glasses that's not only functional but also fashionable at the same time!

Read their press release.  Thanks for the heads up!


Fashion designers and style icons have been long known to embrace eyewear as an accessory that adds instant panache to any look.  With Ray-Ban, the brand that has made a mark in fashion and pop culture, men and women now have a variety of options that redefine the meaning of wearing eyeglasses, with the iconic and stylist Ray-Ban frames.

Eyeglasses have always been a popular necessity, but nowadays it is a smart choice to make both functionality and flair, a top priority.  Prescription eyewear is no longer just a medical necessity, but a fashion accessory in its own right.  This season, Ray-Ban comes up with new offerings of frames and optics that expresses your personal style.  They say one sees the world in a different way through new lens.  Similarly, with Ray-Ban Frames, if correctly chosen, can change the way in which the world looks at you.

Ray-Ban Rx are made out of the highest quality materials and are uniquely effective at providing excellent vision.  At the forefront of innovation, Ray-Ban also introduces ultra-light, highly resistant, and hypoallergenic Ray-Ban Titanium.  These frames are most importantly crafted for long comfort and are designed for long durability.

In this instense heat, direct sunlight is inevitable.  Ray-Ban guarantees protection, comfort, and convenience by partnering with Transitions lenses.  Enjoy being under the sun without the hassle of switching to your sunglasses as these lenses adjust from clear indoors to dark outdoors, while blocking 100 percent of the suns' harmful UVA and UVB rays.  Together, Ray-Ban and Transitions produce lenses that have excellent light transmission and offer 100% anti-reflective lenses which only mean serious protection for the eyes.

Keep smilin'
Stay happpy!


  1. That's so cool! I wear my glasses 99% of the time and I do like to have a pretty sturdy but still fasshionable glasses. I will try to look at what this brand offers. Thanks for the post! ^_^

  2. oh gosh... i need glasses now, i am so tempted to get rayban prescription glasses!

  3. Oh my god..i just cant take my Wayfarers off :)


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