Wednesday, July 14, 2010

AMW Gives: Prettynails (Contest Close!)

To those who aren't aware, AskMeWhats and Prettynails are operated by one very gorgeous, very sexy individual!  *laughs*  You probably know where I'm getting at!  But seriously, Prettynails shop is owned by yours truly and it has been a venue for nail art addicts like myself.  I started the shop because, fortunately, my "Nail Art Tutorials" inspired a lot to venture out on the artistic side on the nails world!  The has been doing well and I want to thank YOU for being the inspiration. 

As promised, AMW Gives is a series of giveaways I've done to show my deep appreciation for more than 2 years of readership and friendship, my blog of course will be NOTHING without wonderful readers (and commenters) like you.

AMW Gives Prettynails

The best giveaway for all those nail art enthusiasts out there or to those I've been trying to "recruit" to be part of the "Prettynails' Community".  Here's what ONE reader can win:

8 Limited Edition Prettynails' 2 Way Nail Art Pens
Limited edition because I've only ordered 2 sets of these.  One set of course is owned by me and the other will be yours!  Though this is 2 way, I love using the fine brush to create sparkle on lines or create a nice dot in the middle of a floral nail art instead of using a rhinestone. 

Since I am super OC, I want to make sure the winner will take care of these pens, I actually included the Clinique mini pouch I got when I repurchased my Clinique's 3-Step Skincare System.  Yes, I love you that much! *winks*

L.A. Colors Art Deco Nail Art Lacquer 
in Black and White
 Locally, the most difficult shades to find because it's always out of stock.  These 2 are the best companion to create French Tip and lines.  These 2 shades are very important for me and I'm sure it will be for you too!

Nail Art Dotting Tool
Lucky buyers of my 24pcs Prettynails' 2 Way Nail Art Pens received this for free.  But since I'm out of 24pcs nail art pens, this is not offered in store for sale.  I know a lot of you wanted this dotting tool as I received a lot of emails asking me where to purchase this! 

 Last but not the least, a Nail Art Booklet.  This is quite difficult to find and I purchased this internationally and this tiny booklet is a gem for "Nail Art Inspirations".  Check out random pages and see for yourself.


How to join?
1. Comment on this post your Name, Email address and answer this question:
"Out of All the Nail Art Tutorials I have done, which nail art design is your favorite and why?"  
(You can click this link to look back on all my creations - the good and the bad)
2. Open for local and international readers.
3. No duplicates please.
4. One winner will be randomly picked via 
5. Contest ends July 21, 2010.  Winner will be notified over email.

P.S. You still have the chance to win L'Oreal Expert Hydra Energetic Icy Roll On for the man of your life by smiling and clicking HERE

Good luck!
Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Jaimee (thejmaccc at gmail dot com)

    My favourite nail art design of yours is your "My Vaseline Road Trip Summer Nails" because the colourful tips and flowers really define my personality.

  2. Hiyee! Joining your giveaway Miss Pretty!

    I love your latest "Hawaiian Grimace" Nails best because I adore the color and I love Grimace. It looks very simple and casually fun!

    My name is Yani and my email addie is:

    Thanks in advance for this great giveaway!

  3. Name: Anastacia

    Seriously, I like all your nail designs! They are very adorable, colorful and also neat done! But one day you've done a nail art with a cherry blossom pattern. That was something special!

    Thank you for this give-away!

  4. :D Hi!
    I love all your nail tutorials, but the Katy Perry one and the Flower Pod one stand out! :D

  5. Name: Jean

    Out of All the Nail Art Tutorials you have done, my favourite is your Flower Pod Nails. It reminds me so much of spring and cherry blossoms and chinese new year! Happiest time of the year for me :D

  6. It was really hard to choose my favorite tutorial! If I had to, I would have to pick the Dainty Taro ( one because purple is one of my favorite colors and I LOVE taro bread, poi, taro ice cream, etc. It just made me smile. I recently found OPI Done Out In Deco after looking for it for weeks, so I'm excited to try it out.

    Thanks for having such a wonderful giveaway! I always love reading your blog. ^^



  7. Princess

    My favorite nail art tutorial is the "Flower Power" Nails. I like how you mix and match the colors, they compliment each other. This is one of my favorite French tip variations. The flower is perfect plus the sparkle of the rhinestones made this spectacular. I made a version of this myself, using different colors. =)

  8. Of all your nail art I've seen, my fav would be your newest one, the Cali Girl Katy Perry one :)

    I'm not a huge nail gal, as I'm still getting used to seeing color on my nails, but I love quirky and random stuff, so I do end up trying out designs even if I know I'll be removing it hours later (once I get sick of going Hey What's That On My Fingers? lol)

    The Katy Perry look is quirky enough for me, and the colors are sooooo sweet, plus not usually found in the natural world, so I can replicate that I shouldn't be freaking out I have a bug on my hands that often :P

    And, my fingernails are fairly broad, so I think I can make the drips even more prominent :D

    My email add is electronic(dot)fly(at)gmail(dot)com

  9. Hi,I'm Suzanne^^
    My email is

    I would like to participant in this giveaway :P

    My favorite nail design among all the nail art tutorials is 'My Vaseline Road Trip Summer Nails'..I really like this nail design when I first saw it,is just simple and colourful...(

    Awesome giveaway,

  10. Nice booklet, so much for inspiration that I'm joining, Nikki =)

    My favorite has to be the most recent, because I'm in love with Katy Perry!!! It's so bubbly but not overly cute and also because I'm not into florals so the dots can be a nice kikay alternative. =)


    Dang Villanueva

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  12. I like this one the most... its simple (i can even do this one with shake-y hands :D)

  13. Name :- Angeline Nawi Simon

    Email address :-

    Answer :- Out of all the Nail Art Tutorials that you have done my favorite nail art design is "Flower Pod" nails..The reason why I like it because it remind me of japanese traditional flower Sakura..

  14. Of all the nail art tutorials, I like the 'my vaseline road trip summer nails' the best. It shows not only the level of detail and persistence you put in this but also the imaginative and inventive wits you have!

  15. I loved your Romper inspired nails.. because it was very easy to recreate.. and i got inspired to get inspired by the things around me for new nail art designs..!!!

    keep smiling


  16. "Out of All the Nail Art Tutorials I have done, which nail art design is your favorite and why?"

    My favorite is the Cherry Blossomy Nails (10/2009) because I love Cherry Blossoms. But I also love the recent "California Girl Katy Perry" because I love the aqua blue nail polish used.

  17. COOL giveaway:
    I love your "Splash of Sparkly Color" tutorial.

  18. Here I go -- enter me please!!! I'm following you as jo.frougal, email frougal (at) yahoo (dot) com.
    My favorite nail art of yours is Vaseline Road trip because of the dainty flowers, the upbeat colors, and the story behind the nails.
    Thanks, Nikki!!!

  19. my favorite is "a splash of color nails" because this was the first nail art ive tried by myself and this inspire me to prettify my own nails.. :)

  20. Anita (
    Wow, looks like I'm the first to comment. Hopefully that brings me luck! I am completely in love with your "Flower Pod" tutorial. It's such a dainty,classy look that is created simply (and I'm very appreciative of simple). It's also wonderfully versatile, just changing the background color will change the whole look. Love love love it.

  21. "Splash of sparkling colors" was my favourite.It was well done and pretty <3 .
    Im a follower (anur)

  22. Kai
    killeshan at yahoo dot com

    My favorite was your Hawaiian Grimace Nails. Grimace is my favorite mascot ever! And purple is also my favorite color. So when I saw your nail art tutorial I was having a good long giggle fit. I love Grimace so much that even at 20-something y/o I still run up to him in McDonalds to hug him. XD

  23. sarah

    My favorite would definitely be the California Girl Katy Perry nails.

    The colors are just so happy. :) Baby Pink, Baby Blue and White reminds me of my childhood. Having those on my nails while I type away my day at work would help lessen my stress.


  24. NAME: aubrey mae miguel mino

    actually, all of your nail art tutorials were gorgeous, but among all of those, my favorite is the "SIMPLEST NAIL ART EVER" because we all know that simplicity is beautiful. and also the choice of colors used are really lovable :) thats why i love it so much! very good for the beginners like me :)

  25. Catherine, hi at strawberrymochi dot com

    Ahhhh Nikki, you're the nail art queen! It's so hard for me to pick a favorite NOTD of yours! I think I'm gonna have to go with this one:, the summer time nails. Out of all of the ones you've done, I just really love the color scheme - although the red and gold one that looked like fireworks is another one of my favs as well..... :D

  26. My favorite is the Kathy Perry's California Girl inspired nails. The colors reminded me of gumballs. Looks yummy. ^_^

    ria cardona

  27. Name: Krischia

    My favorite nail art design is the "A splash of color" , its so pretty I want to learn how to do it! The combination of the colors are amazing and perfect foe summer...
    Toooo Kawaiiiiiiiiii!

    I'm so jealous of you, coz you're so creative!

  28. Name: Shahaada

    My all time favorite is your "celebration" nails you did on your birthday week. It's something I would do, and I have a matching dress. xD

  29. Hi Nikki! I actually loved all of your nail art tutorials! I sometimes get inspiration from your blog! anyway, my favorite design is your latest tutorial, the katy perry one. So pretty and girly!
    -aly email:

  30. My favourite nail art is "Celebration" nail because the lines you drew were so fine and the color combination of red, white and black is very suitable.

    my follower ID is lavender

    thanks for the lovely giveaway.

  31. Hi there!

    I was really inspired by your nail art tutorial. Before, I can only do french tips but now, because of your tutorial, I was able to do a lot of designs in which my favorite one is the "ZEBRA NAILS". Instead of yellow as the base coat, I used a gold one for a realistic print. It's cool!

    Hope I could have those nail art tools!!

  32. Name: Marisse Reyes

    I love "Blue is Hot for the Summer" and "Teenage" Nails because I love Pink and Blue. The colors are pretty and young. They bring out the youth in me! :D

  33. my fav is Girly gradient nails love the color and flowers. i also love the a splash of color so perfect for summer.

    your tutorials are great easy to understand and great pics. thanks for the great info.

    my name is gina


  34. What can I say, ever the most generous Nikki! :) Good luck to all joiners! :)

    I wanna join but I know I've had so much luck already with online contests so I'll give way {Naks!}. Also, sayang sakin ang precious nail art pens. Napaka idiot ko pa sa nail art, let alone nail polish josko!

    Hihi. I should take nail art classes from you! :)

  35. This comment has been removed by the author.

  36. Name: Trace (Peachy Pink Sisters)

    I love "Celebration Nails" because it looks gorgeous and difficult to do, though you make the process sound easy! =D

  37. Paula ,

    Hi, I love of how creative you are for nails, plus I love to do crazy things with nails like you :D keep it up ^_^

    Ps: My bday is on 3rd of august just in case hehe I really wanna win this giveaway :D

  38. Name: Michelle

    I really liked your "a splash of color" tutorial.. the colors were really fun! :)

  39. IamJenniya

    I so love the minty chocolate nails. Actually, I just recreated that nail art of yours last July 11, 2010. hehehe. I love also that nail art because my Mom recreated that art onto my nails the day she received my gift to her (she's been lemming for it for quite a long time na talaga kasi) - yung 2-way nail art pens.

  40. My favorite tutorial is the Hawaiian Grimace because I love purple. It's a little challenging to do, in fact I haven't gotten it right just yet.

  41. Tee
    My fave had to be the Katy Perry one! I loved it so much!

  42. Jhoannz
    i love the flower pod tutorial, looks like the cherry blossoms.

  43. love the most recent one, california girls katy perry", it's simple and yet so pretty. something a beginner like me can do!

    sol at

  44. i love your sophisticated nails tutorial,when ive done that to my nails everyone at the office said... "who've done that?" or where nail salon can go to have those??? its unique yet easy to do, i love all your tutorials actually,everday wishing that your post could be a nail art tutorial. you had just unleashed the "artistic side" of me!thanx a lot!!!rose balite,

  45. Name: Akilah West

    My favorite post of yours is the "Breezy Nails" tutorial. I love it because it is simple enough for a beginner like me. My nails looked so elegant yet playful. I love that I can make it as colorful as I like, and I feel it complements my bubbly personality. Thank you for your wonderful blog!

  46. Hi Nikki!

    I love all your nail art designs honestly and it never cease to amaze me how you can do it...its like magic to me! hehehe anyway, This contest is so cool! I am drooling. I'll pray to God that I will win! My fave among the best is Katy Perry inspired california girls nails because I love the color combi and the design. Doesnt get me tired looking at it.

    Thanks!Mwwah mwah



  47. My favorite is the Katy Perry California Girls inspired!!! Too cute for me!


    ckawaiilover at gmail dot com

  48. crystal

    my favorite is your dainty taro nails, because i really love dainty nails!

  49. I love the California Gurls inspired nail art. It looks so sweet, just like bubble gum! :)

    Helen Blas

  50. hi nikki! well my favorite of all your nail arts would probably be "a splash of color" :D yellow and blue are our college colors! :)

    Joice (

  51. Jill Summer: (

    Wow Ms.Nikki, your question is a toughie.:) I found out about your blog because I was searching the net for fab and easy to do nail art. I was really impressed with every tutorial of yours that's why I always check your blog for new posts and updates. I even find myself reading all of your post even if its not related to nails,and honestly,I find them very helpful. I've even messaged you on your FB just to express my gratitude.

    And for my favorite Nail Art Tutorial of yours, I'd say I love Sophisticated Nails to bits.hehe You did a great job combining red,pink,brown, and of course glitters (those are my fave shades). And for the design, I find it simple yet elegant. I can wear 'em on any occasion or even on casual days.

    Sorry for the long entry,I just wanted to share how you inspired me just by seeing your nail art tuts.

    More Power and God Bless! ;)

  52. My favorite is the Katy Perry California Girls inspired!!!

    ♥ so girly
    ♥ cute color combination
    ♥ very wearable

    keep on creating more designs!!!
    hugs and kisses

  53. I absolutely LOVE the toned down Celebration nails!

    The main reason I love them is the fact that the design utilizes the incredibly classy french manicure, but spices it up JUST enough that it's still appropriate to wear to work! I can even swap out the red/black/gold for pastels with silver glitter! It's fantastic!

  54. Oooh, I forgot to write down my name and email! Danielle -


    Loved the spicing up of the french manicure! Just enough jazz to make it work-appropriate, but not too wild!

  55. I liked the peppermint candy cane tutorial. I loved the colours and it was easy to follow.

    Thank you for blogging.

    smerkow at gmail dot com

  56. sali ako! :D

    my favorite would be your Valentine-Ready nails(

    i love reds and pinks, and the hint of black makes it so ME! :) i wish i could be as good as you.

  57. Nice contest dear!!! woot ala nga lang ako tiyaga gumawa ng nails ko... ikaw nalang gumawa ng nails ko pls :D ktnxbai :P

  58. Hi Ms. Nikki!! Actually I've got 2 nail tutorial faves. The "Blue is Hot for the Summer" nails and the "A Splash of Color" nails. I'm kind of biased for the first one since my favorite color is blue but I really liked how you combined the lines and dots. It really looks unique and chic! For the second one, the nails really fit the summer time. A very good combination of color - vibrant and cute!! It's very pretty and eye catching!!!:) Love love love!!!:)

    Jessica (jessicatangotamco at yahoomail dot com)

  59. Wow! :) I love all your nail art designs. But what I love the most is the My Vaseline Road Trip Summer Nails! :) It seems so simple but it bursts with color! :) I love the combination of the colors. I think it makes any hand look lovely. I hope I will be able do that kind of nail art soon. :)

    I also like The California Girl Katy Perry nails. :) I have the same nail polishes that you used. But I dont have the tool for dotting. Hehe!

    Cheska (

  60. my favorite would be the A Splash of Color Nails. I love that it's vibrant and fun, plus it seems really easy to do!! I actually tried doing it but had problems with my base color because it bubbles a lot. I'm attempting to give it another try this weekend. Your nail art tutorials always seem so easy to do and I always look forward to new tutorials from you.

  61. Hi Nikki!
    My favorite would be your recent Katy Perry inspired nail art! Simply because I love the colors used and very wearable.


  62. My favorite is the "Splash of Color" tutorial (

    I LOVE yellow and turquoise, so when I saw that, I about died, haha. Gorgeous! :) Thanks so much for this contest - so fun! :)


  63. name: louise
    email: mrlcachuela(at)yahoo(dot)com

    hi ms. nikki

    flower pod in my favorite, It's something i always wanted to do, plus the time you posted it was somewhat significant to me :). I don't have the tools but I try my best to improve on my NOTW :P I was going to say California Girl(katy Perry) but I tried to do it the other day and it was a disaster :P Also did the simplest nail tutorial ever too...on my blog thank you for that I'm learning a lot.

    more power to you.

  64. I love your "California Girl Katy Perry" nail art tutorial! It reminds me of cottoncandy, which is my favorite by the way.

    shared this giveaway on my blog


  65. i like the one you titled "simplest nail art". Its the blue base with white, orange and yellow dots. it looks really pretty and simple. something i can do, because my nails are too shaky for dainty flowers :( im still trying though!

    jen ^_^

  66. The Heat is On nail art design is my favorite because I have a penchant for the color red. The design and color combination is really good

    email: emiliana.sison(at)gmail(dot)com

  67. Your nail art are all beautiful. I really like them and often try to follow your tutorial. Unfortunately, some are too difficult for a newbie like me *laughs*

    My favorite tutorial is "A Splash of Color Nails". I fell in love with the playful color and its cute style.

    Looking forward for your new tutorial. Cheers!!


    (Sorry if duplicate, my computer was error.)

  68. Hi,I am Diana.My email is

    My favourite tutorial is 'Romantic Bridal Nails'.It makes me feel beautiful lady.

  69. I love ALL your nail art tutorials! You are so creative Nikki =)

    Name: 'chelle
    Email: cosmeticcupcake[at]gmail[dot]com.

    My favourite nail art tutorial you've done would have to be your "Fruity Fimo Nails". You got me hooked onto fimo myself with this post!


  70. My favourite nail art tutorial is the celebration nails, simply because I love fireworks, and the design is very catchy and just a piece of cake to do since I have all the colors,, I re-created the tutorial after I;ve seen it...

    Jyan Arianne Elbo

  71. My pick:
    "Romper inspired" nails. It's simple, but very pretty.

    Sofia Gatchalian of

  72. Question: Out of All the Nail Art Tutorials I have done, which nail art design is your favorite and why?

    Answer: Sophisticated Nails because I think I can manage to do it. Seems like a simple tutorial but quite an elegant outcome!

    You go girl!


  73. [ name: Margarita Orpilla
    email: ]

    Hi Nikki!
    My favorite nail art of yours is the Flower Pod. I think with it you struck the balance between feminine sophistication and fun. I tried it myself a lot of times before too!

    Thanks so much!

  74. name: pfefi

    My favorite is the Peppermint Candy Cane Nales tutorial! I used it on my mum and she liked it - I like it because it's really different but a really stand out holiday mani. n_n

  75. which nail art design is my favorite?!
    that will be the Romantic Bridal Nails, since it was the first nail art i tried from following AMW and i was able to do it on m own.

    Jesca Maye

  76. Hi Nikki!
    I really liked the California Girl Katy Perry nail art. Verrrry pretty!!! I love the summery feel of the design :)

  77. Name: Krista Erlyn S. Naval

    That would be the "flower pod" nails, It reminds me of the cherry blossoms. It so kawaii!

  78. name: carla

    my favorite nail art tutorial of yours is the "fruity fimo nails"

    the reason why i choose this is because it was so pretty, easy to do and it shows your personality as well being bubbly and so creative, and this is the first time you show us how wonderful fruity fimo polymer clay can be .. :)

  79. my all time favorite is the Hawaiian Grimace!!!


  80. Name: Michelle Taasan

    My favorite nail art is the California girl katy perry nails because it's easy to do perfect for shakey hands like mine and I love the combination of colors!

  81. I like your Vaseline Road Trip Summer Nails the best now! The colors you chose are very summery and the flowers are so pretty! Wish I could do them for myself :)

    Denise Go Thank you!

  82. My fave nail art tutorial of yours is:

    "A Splash of Color" Nails

    Because it's sooo cute and not so hard to do! And the combination of yellow and light blue is so pop art-ish! And yes, I have to confess I'm in love with dots! heh.

    Email Address:

  83. Name: Aby
    Email addres:

    I would like to participant in this giveaway :P

    Answer: It was really hard to choose my favorite Nail Art Tutorial! If I had to, I would have to pick my favorite nail art design is "Flower Pod" nails..
    The reason why I like it is because it reminds me of legendary and super famous Japanese national flower Sakura..

    It looks very simple and casually fun!

  84. I choose "Celebration" Nails because like the simple color combination of black, white & red on french tips. It's kind of a fusion of french and japanese. ^_^

    G Tanabe

  85. Hello again, Ms. Nikki! I actually love your nail tutorials...

    if i have to choose... well, i love your Vaseline Road Trip Summer Nails. The colors are really nice and very easy to do... perfect for summer and for perking up an outfit! ^__^

    Name: Angel Aragon
    E-Mail address:

    Have a nice day! ^__^

  86. I like the nail art tutorial for "Cherry Blossom-y" nails. I'm all for things Japanese.


  87. Hi
    I am shaimaa
    sh.11175 at yahoo dot com

    My favourite nail art is"California Girl Katy Perry"
    so lovely and girly

    Thanks for the chance

  88. Nadine Felice Co

    I Love your flower pod design because it reminds me of cherry blossoms. and i like cherry blossoms because I love japan! :D haha
    I ALSO FRICKEN LOVE your "Spalsh or Sparkly Color" design! ITS SO CUTE!!! :D

  89. OMG!
    it's so hard to choose among your nail arts because each & everyone of them is so unique & divine. you are the main reason why i got into nail art actually...but if you are going to put a gun in my temple & ask me that question, i'll pick the romantic bridal nails because that is the tut where i learned to make flowers!

    see..i even have to back track just to find that post


  90. Hey, I really love all you're nail tutorials, it was so hard choosing just one favorite, but I did choose. My favorite right now is the "summer with fimo" one because I'm currently learning how to make things using polymer clay so I can make decorations using fimo and then use them to decorate my nails =D.

    My name is Rachel and my email is

    Thanks =D

  91. Name: Christy
    email ad:

    "Summer with Fimo" Nails would be my favorite because I really love the nude base and the color combination turned out so cute together with the fimo clay flowers :)

  92. Name: Christy
    email ad:

    "Summer with Fimo" Nails would be my favorite because I really love the nude base and the color combination turned out so cute together with the fimo clay flowers :)


    by far its katy perry, im wearing it at this very moment (my own variation, ofcourse!)