Friday, October 1, 2010

AMW Reads: For the Month of September

"ber" months, as they call, is definitely here!  I can totally feel the spirit of Christmas by October!  September is yet another fruitful month for me!  I've finished another Makeup Seminar with Dollface and it's a different kind, that made me thought about those days I work as a teacher, I missed those days!

Anyways, let me share to you my September reads from my extended family in another country, these are some of the highlight posts that puts a huge smile on my face when I read it!  Love you girls!

When I read Plue of Beauty Up My Life post on Blushing Monday: MAC Mineralized Skinfinish in Stereo Rose, she brightened up my Monday and I went home and reached out for 2 of my Mineralized Skinfinish blushes that I haven't been using much!  Glad to be using what's hidden inside my traincase!  It gave me a nice glow which makes me love to smile even more!

I've been putting makeup on myself on special events most of the time and I'm sure it'll be a breathe of fresh air to have it done by others!  When Jenn of Lipglosseater had her FOTD: MAC Fabulous Felines Makeover, I was super smiling ear to ear coz she looks different and gorgeous!  Don't get me wrong, she looks pretty to start with, but after the makeover, she's HOT!!!

Though I haven't met PB of My Women Stuff in real life, I have a feeling we have the same concept in saving up, her post of Money Tip: Pay Yourself First Every Month is such a wonderful post and I can't help but nod all the way from start til end of the post!  I don't get whatever I want just by asking, I earn everything (not unless it was gifted to me), I save up a portion of my salary to a separate savings account and enjoy the rest so I don't feel deprived!  

Just like Eli of So Loverly, I have this thing for membership cards!  I thought I'll earn points and get back whatever I spent!  Her post on It's a Rip Off: Watson's VIP Card is such an eye opener for me!  I'm not talking about just one card, I'm talking about discount cards overall!

I haven't been doing "looks" for gazillion years, and I feel sorry for those who requested, I just find myself going home tired and not enough time to take much shots as before.  As for now, you can check out Connie of Skin Deco's Music Video Inspired Tutorial: "Love the Way You Lie" by Eminem and Rihanna, I watched her video and it's seriously a 'feel good' one!

My soul sistah Xin of PrettyBeautiful shared her New Baby - Radley London Medium Grab Bag and I just stared at the photos for a good minute!  I love the bag!  I love anything with "dogs" on it and the extra dog tag is just too gorgeous!  Of course, that never failed to put a smile on my face and my feet wants to go to Malaysia and purchase one myself!

Have you read my review on my first at-home foot mask experience?  I love it so much so I'll definitely be on the hunt for more foot masks!  And you know what's even cuter?  Bee of Beetrice's Reviews done a post on Clarus Hand and Foot Packs and I wanted to do it on my own too!!!!

Now, go ahead and read your favorite blogs!
I love reading blog posts while taking a sip of my favorite coffee!
Ahhhh..the simple joys of life!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Didn't know there's a Watson discount card. We don't have it here yet, ayt? Please visit mine too :)

  2. Thanks for the info


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