Friday, October 22, 2010

Something New: Pond's Gold Radiance

Gold, has always been associated with wealth and prestige.  We all know the price tag of gold does not come cheap!  Looking at this photo, I am singing: "I wanna be a Billionaire so freakin' bad..."

Aside from gold bars and jewelries, I am not surprised a couple of companies are coming up with Gold this and that to showcase luxury!  I am not surprised with Gold watch, Gold mobile phone, etc... Can you believe Gold Chocolate is even possible?  Pure edible gold on chocolate for that sensual experience!
Then came Gold Facial Treatment!  A very unique treatment which uses gold cream and gold gel together with other ingredients used on facials!  Gold is known to be one of the softest metal that can easily be absorbed by the skin to reduce fine lines and has anti-aging properties.  Sounds and looks priceeeeyyy!

A couple of days ago, I was invited by the Pond's team to learn about Something New Pond's has to offer.  I was expecting the regular Pond's line but I went ahead to snoop anyways!  Me, together with other bloggers received the surprise of our lives when we heard about the new line that Pond's will offer!  Yes  mi darlings, it has something to do with GOLD! 

Pond's Gold Radiance Line

Pond's Gold Radiance is the first Pond's product which has real gold micro particles.  These gold micro particles is blended with Pond's patented anti-aging ingredients which in harmony fights dullness and recaptures youthful radiance and gives instant glow to the skin.

The gold micro particles used in Pond's Gold Radiance is 99% real gold which has known good effects on skin.  Gold as a natural mineral is known to give instant radiance to the skin while enhancing skin's renewal process and skin elasticity.
The first thing that concerns me, safety and skin allergies!  I asked about it right away and a dermatologist was there to assure us that Gold is a natural mineral and have no known adverse effect on skin.  The amount of real gold micro particles found in Pond's gold radiance is tested to be proven safe on all skin types.  Again, tested by dermatologists.

Pond's Gold Radiance Facial Foam 100g  (Php249.00/approx $5.79)
Has rich creamy formula with luxurious lather designed for aging skin.  Gently exfoliates to reveal youthful radiance.

Pond's Gold Radiance Day Cream 50g (Php799.00/approx $18.50)
Proven to lift away dullness and reveal skin's youthful radiance.  With SPF15 PA++ for sun protection.  Used daily in the morning.

I am quite excited with this!  Everyone gasp when  we saw this as you can literally see tiny gold speckles but it gets invisible once applied!

Pond's Gold Radiance Serum 30ml (Php799.00/approx $18.50)
Has 50x more real gold microparticles than the day cream.  It helps boost skin radiance to give instant glow on the skin and has Vitamin B3 proven to reduce age spots.

Pond's Gold Radiance Eye Cream 15ml (Php699.00/approx $16.25)
Refreshes tired eyes and diminishes puffiness and dark circles to make eyes look instantly brighter and younger.

Pond's Gold Radiance Night cream and Pond's Gold Radiance Cleansing Mousse will add up the whole Gold Radiance line around January of next year as it's still ready for shipment from their Pond's Asia Headquarter.

I find this line quite promising and I am actually using them to test!  I started one at a time so that I won't shock my skin!  I am currently using the Pond's Gold Radiance Cleansing Facial Foam and Day Cream as I still use my Shiseido White Lucent night moisturizer (sample size).  I will slowly incorporate each product as the weeks go by!  Will definitely report my experience with these!

Local readers can start to see the Pond's Gold Radiance Product range available on the first week of November 2010 at all leading department stores, supermarkets and drugstores.  Eye Cream, Night Serum and Cleansing Mousse (available January 2011) will be Watson's Exclusive.

Are you intrigued with the said product?
I know I am!!! The price is not bad if it lives up to what it says!

P.S. Thanks Pond's Philippines, Ogilvy and Nuffnang for the lovely dinner event!  It was nice that these companies trust our tiny space to share great finds such as this!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Hi Ms. Nikki, can I share this link to my friends at facebook?

  2. wow! you made me want chocolate right now lol~

    seems like pond's have a really nice stuff. i found this product over here in asian mart gonna try it sometimes :)

  3. oh this is amazing! i'd like to try this and you know I normally don't care about such products!

  4. Argh! It's frustrating that Pond's always come up with really amazing-sounding skin care stuff and I'm allergic to their products! Takes the joy out of testing different stuff.

  5. Wow! Looks impressive - do they have that in Oz?

  6. wow, this looks cool. I wouldn't mind smearing gold on my face, lol. Hope these live up to their claim though

  7. whoa, Nikki... you got first dibs on a cool product like that! I hope it works well for you.

    ill go check it out when it comes up the shelves this Nov.

    am really intrigued by that gold facial treatment. im just not sure if it's a good move to shell out that much on it since im pretty sure i can't spend consistently on that kind of short primping...

  8. Oh my, this is something to look forward to. It is like having a gold face treatment at a minimal price! Thank you for sharin it. Will definitely wait for this.

  9. That's pretty amazing that Pond is using gold in their products! Who'd have thought gold could rejuvenate the skin? I thought the products would be more expensive since gold is actually in the creams and gels, but it seems like a normal price for a high-end line! You're so lucky you get to test the products!

  10. Anastacia, hahaha I don't find the chocolates with gold yummy though, I go for the regular chocos :) Wow you have it there at Asian Mart already? That's great!

    Jojoba, same here, I always associate Pond's with my teenage years as they work so well on me! But now that I'm older, I seriously needed something moisturizing enough for my dry skin at the same time, can suit my needs for anti aging, I am actually trying this whole range!

    Pammy, I know what you mean, I gave this a try right away and usually, I would add an extra moisturizer with Pond's line, with this one, I don't need to add extra moisturizer, thank goodness!

  11. Ling, Not sure, I believe they market more on the Southeast Asia!

    Jessie, hahaha I actually am a bit worried on smearing gold onto my face, that's why I asked the "allergic reactions" question right away, but thank goodness I don't have any allergic reactions!

    herroyalbleakness, thanks! I am lucky to be with the girls who were able to test this while it's not out in the market yet, but hey, soon! Just a couple of weeks earlier! I know what you mean though on shelling a lot on facial product that you're unsure of if it works for you or not, but hey, you can always try the most inexpensive and basic one, the facial foam :)

  12. Debi, yes, I will definitely review this, I usually don't test out all the products that I own at once, this actually is a bit of exception! Intriguing eh!

    Anonymous, I know, I wouldn't have thought of that either that gold could help in skincare! And who would have thought to put gold on anything as its really expensive? You're right, I am lucky really to have the chance to test on these products, but hey, I do get scared at times too if the product doesn't work on me :) I'll report back for sure :D

  13. this is great, I'm using ponds and now, I want some gold :)
    hopefully, you'll get to review each one!

  14. Hi Ms. Nikii can you please tell me what to do with dark spots i have used many beauty products but not even get any effect on them?

  15. Hi I'm 30 years old, can I start to use this product?

  16. Czaroma, yes, will do so soon! :)

    Top 10 blogs, you can try some dark spots reducing brands like Garnier or L'oreal and Pond's too , there are a lot of products coming up with the "Age Spots Reducing" effect.

    Anonymous, of course, as long as the product works for your skin, its ok to start early!

  17. Hi! Is it okay if I ask how to use the pond's cleansing mousse? I just bought it, and I don't know how to use it. Is it like a toner or a facial wash? thanks!

  18. hi m 24 m can i start using this gold product for my skin my skin has got spots on it hv tried other ponds products but those were not so promising but i m very much to try this new can i??

  19. Hi anonymous, its a facial wash, treat it as a facial wash :)

    Pooja, yes, you can use this but, there won't be any promises that your spots will be gone, maybe in time, it will lighten up but you may see results longer period of time

  20. hi
    im planning to buy Pond's Gold Radiance set..
    can u tell me whether the results are positive and good to use???
    bcoz im confused seeing lot of products.
    Pl help me...

  21. @Anonymous Hi there, so far, I can only tell my experience using this product and so far, my skin did not breakout, re: the results..if they are positive? I can't tell for now as like what I say on most skincare product, you have to finish them or use long term to see results! I have friends who are allergic to Pond's while others swore on how effective the brand is for them. So it all boils down to each individual, if you want to try, you can purchase just the facial wash first and start from there

  22. how many times can i apply the serum,or it can be applied just once a day...thx

  23. Ugh, I received a sample size of Pond's Gold Radiance Cleansing Facial Foam. At first I thought it was okay but then it stung and burned! Definitely bad for my sensitive skin. I hated it. I was all red and splotchy after >:(

    I dont get that effect with other facial washes like clean and clear. But Pond's... hate the stuff.

  24. @LinToxic I'm sorry it doesn't work for you, I have heard friends who doesn't like Pond's as well, it really boils down to each individual's skin condition :)

  25. can i useponds gold during pregnancy

    1. You can check with your Doctor but I personally think you must use Doctor's recommended skincare products during pregnancy :)

  26. will ponds gold radiance give mhe white complexion

  27. will ponds gold radiance give mhe a white complexion

    1. Ponds Gold Radiance give you a "bright - looking" skin not really white complexion :)

    2. Hi ,I'm using ponds flawless , currently tempeted to change to gold Radiance , is it safe to do so , by de way I'm 30 yrs. N pliz can u plizz explain by saying gold radiance gives a bright looking skin.

  28. it works on my skinimpressive:)


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