Thursday, December 30, 2010

AMW Reads: Before the Year Ends (Month of December)

Wow, another year will be ending soon and how many Christmas and New Years have I went through together with this blog?  Quite a lot now huh?  I'm glad not because I am still writing but I am glad "YOU" are all still hear, reading my daily blog posts and enjoying what I have to say!  I appreciate you all you know that right?

One thing I enjoyed this year is the "AMW Reads" portion wherein I share to you my favorite blog posts from my friends who adopted me from afar!  It's relaxing to read what others have to say and they are definitely worth reading!

Paris B of My Women Stuff shows her creativity on showing how much she cares for people on her tip: Ideas on How to Gift Wrap Small Items.  It was a fun read and I actually took her advise on wrapping some of the tiny gifts I gave to my dear friends!

Bee of Beetrice's Reviews blogged about L'Occitaine Christmas 2010 sets early this month and I remembered ignoring it because I know I won't be purchasing any of the sets anytime soon!  But boy oh boy, did you know that I got a gift set from L'Occitaine from my dear brother?  It was a lovely gift and I can't wait to use it and blog about my first L'Occitaine experience!

Xin of Prettybeautiful, whom I fondly call my sister from different dads, share the same interest with nail art as yours truly!  She came up with Last Minute Nail Art Idea: 10-minutes Christmas Party Queen Nails.  It was a perfect idea as I know a lot of you are rushing into parties and events and there's no time to sit at home and do complicated nail art designs!

Jenn of Lipglosseater, on the other hand, talks about A Super Simple and Cheap DIY hair mask which I gamely read about it!  December has been an awfully busy month for me and I guess for the rest of you because every weekend just entails to more wedding parties, Christmas Parties or just plain gatherings!  I love straightening out my hair with flat iron or curling my hair on random days which led my hair looking dry and dull!  This is a perfect timing for some DIY action because we all probably spent too much on gift giving!

Connie of SkinDeco, reviewed Make Up For Ever HD Foundation which actually sparks up my interest to purchase another foundation.  I have been a super good girl this year because I was able to stop myself from overspending on makeup!  After reading her review, there could be some exceptions to the rule...what rule?  *lol*

Syen of So Loverly talked about her recent Shopping in Bangkok escapades, I can't help but look back through the years when I first traveled in Bangkok with my colleagues and I wasn't into shopping for clothing or cosmetics yet!  Looking at her post and her deals, I want to get my butt back there and this time, hoard like I'm a seller! :P

Yani of Red Luscious Lips wrote her take on Red of the Day: Nars Lip Lacquer in Diablo, it was definitely Christmas season after seeing her gorgeous red lips! Though Yani does not like how it was packaged, I seriously love how it came out on her!

Tine of Beautyholics Anonymous shared to us the MattePerfect Facial Blotters she cannot go without!  I can't help but smile because the brand isn't available down here but I do agree how face blotters are vital to most people except me!  I may not oil up as much or I may not oil up at all, but being a make-up artist, I know how important it is to have one in your kit!

Enjoy your beauty reads and New Year Holiday relaxation!
Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

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  1. aww ^5 i am also working on dec round up. and and i am also so so impressed by Connie's MUFE foundie review. Ah! I have a feeling that my first beauty purchase of 2011 will be a foundation. of any brand!!!!


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