Thursday, February 10, 2011

AMW Reports: Andi Eigenmann, New Face for Pond's Clear Solutions

2 Decades ago, I dream to be a reporter!  I like interrogations, I like getting facts from people and reporting it to the public!  I used to sit on a table, act like a newscaster as I read through tabloids.. People's Tonight to be exact!  *hahahaha* Can't blame me,  that's the only paper available in the house at that time.

As I grew older and I saw how reporters put their lives in danger in between coverage, my dream to be a reporter and newscaster died down a bit because I value my life too much!  (Some call it chicken, and I agree!)

When I got an invite from Nuffnang, Ogilvy and Pond's to interview the newest face of Pond's Clear Solutions, I told myself : "This is it, this is the closest to reporting job that I will get in my entire life!"

Guess the Girl?

Andi Eigenmann, the young lady who came from a family of veteran actors.  I've watched her bloom as a wonderful actress at Agua Bendita.  With her natural, unique mestiza features, I am not surprised to see her face on various advertisements.

I don't know what to expect in this intimate gathering between Andi and selected bloggers.  But as we walked into the room and saw Andi in the flesh, I can't help but felt a bit of starstruck --- even at my age! 

It was more than half an hour of casual talks, here's what I learn about her....

Andi on being a Pond's endorser
Pond's has always been Andi's companion when growing up.  It was her ultimate dream as a young girl to someday be one of the beautiful young ladies who represent the brand.  As a matter of fact, she was offered to endorse other skincare brands but she chose Pond's in a heart beat.

"Before my love for acting, all I wanted was tot get that Pond's billboard outside our village in Katipunan!  Even if they just pay me with cola and bread money...I'll be okay with it" (looks at Masscom Asst. Brand Manager Jonathan sheepishly) "...just joking!"

Andi on skin issues 
Andi admits she started to have skin problems when she reached 16.  She recalls having acne as one of her biggest problems.  "I was so insecure, I didn't only have lots of acne, I was fat!  But there's nothing I could do so I got into sports."

When asked her on her type, she quickly announced that she has combination skin type, oily on the t-zone, normal on the rest of her face. 

Andi on skin care regimen
Andi confided to the group that she was never the vain type.  She likes to stick to the basics.  Her favorite  skincare line is the Pond's Clear Solutions, the Pond's Clear Solutions Anti-Bacterial Facial Scrub with Salicylic Acid is her ultimate favorite for the moment as it can help keep her skin clear and pimple free!  

As an actress, she cannot steer away from heavy make-up, she reveals to us that she uses Pond's Cold Cream for makeup removal!  

Those are the 2 products she heavily rely on.  On days she'll be under the sun, she uses sunsreen. 
3 products, that's the most she uses on her gorgeous skin.

Andi on make up 
I personally asked her about her favorite make-up brand and it took her awhile to answer!  She admits she's not into wearing a lot of make-up but she would choose MAC because MAC produces her most favorite product in the world --- the Eyebrow Pencil she really loves.

Which lead to the fact that Andi Eigenmann is so into her brows!

She profess on how she specifically likes her brows to look like especially on each character she portrays.   She chimes that her eyebrows can even help her pull off a character as changing her eyebrows can dramatically change the way she looks!  At the moment of interview, she told us her brows aren't as arched because she is playing a role of a soldier for her next project on ABS-CBN which will be shown this coming March.

When asked about her must-have makeup items, it was a bit difficult for her to pinpoint the exact product as she's obviously not into makeup.  She loves both MAC and Stila as a brand, she uses Sophie Magic Pink Cream as a blusher, Carmex or Vaseline lip balm and she loves to collect MAC lipsticks.  Her favorite shade of lipstick is PINK. 

Andi on career
She is very dedicated with her craft at a young age because of her family.  She looked up to her family and she has seen how dedicated and professional they were at work which automatically made her want to be like them. 
Her first big break is from an afternoon show called "Prinsesa ng Banyera", that's when she realized that acting is her passion. After she graduated high school, she was then offered a starring role as the main lead for "Agua Bendita", in which, I personally believe puts her up as a mainstream actress.

--- insert ---
In between career talk, someone asked what she'd be if she's not an actress.  Andi immediately said she's definitely still in school either here or abroad to study journalism or even acting. 

--- insert query --- "Will you go back to school?"
Andi admits her present schedule is so crazy she won't have the time to juggle both studying and acting at the same time.  Andi shares she made a deal with herself that she will go back to school maximum of 2 years no matter what happens. 

Andi on body issues
She happily shares that she is never too strict to herself on both exercise and diet.  I randomly asked her if she's open for cosmetic surgeries as most actors and actresses locally are open to it!  She confidently replied that she is very happy with the way she looks and that is not an option for now.  (Bravo!)

Andi shares her secret on maintaining good skin
Andi divulge to us her love for chocolates and sweets.  Although sweets do not prove to cause pimples or skin problems, she stays away from them not only to maintain good skin but good figure as well.  

Agua, I mean Andi, jokingly share that she's a real Agua Bendita, she drinks at least 2 liters of water before half the day ends.  She believes on replenishing ones body with water is the best way to a healthy-looking skin.

Aside from that, Andi stressed that washing her face with Pond's Clear Solutions Anti- Bacterial/ Acne Expert Facial Scrub helps maintain the good condition of her skin.

---insert--- Last follow up Question from AMW
"Are you an outfit, bag or shoe person?"
Andi smiles: "I'm definitely a shoe person, I want to be the next Imelda Marcos, I currently own 80 pairs of shoes!"

'Nuff said, this girl knows what she wants and she's not afraid to reach out for it.  Time flew by pretty quickly and it doesn't feel like chatting with a celebrity anymore!  She is an epitome of how dreams can really come true.  Andi's ultimate dream as a young girl to have her face up on the billboard by Katipunan as an endorser for Pond's came true.

Here's a photo of gorgeous Andi endorsing for Pond's Clear Solutions Anti-Bacterial Facial Scrub.

A closer look, 
I agree with her on: "Say No to Soap."

A class picture of Andi Eigenmann
and the pool of reporters for the day!

 L-R Sophie, Liz, Me, Tara, Mrs.M, Rowena and Jill

I want to thank Pond's, Ogilvy and Nuffnang for arranging such wonderful chance.
My dream as a reporter did came true even just half an hour!
Thanks to fellow bloggers for sharing such unique experience with me!
Thanks to Ms. Andi Eigenmann for the interview!

So, do I pass up as a reporter? *big smile*

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Andis mestiza like myself! lol

    Hi I'm Aja :) I fell upon your blog from another blogger who also follows you and noticed you were from Manila. My mothers from Manila. I was there last last summer and reading your blog reminds me and makes me miss the Philippines!

    I look forward to more of your posts! xx

  2. you're so sexy on the class picture ha. :D love ur outfit!

  3. hey sis i think u are more than qualified to be a reporter! :D andi looks really poise and gentle, but on the billboard she looks like another person!

  4. AMARIEHI , wow! You're mestiza too? Do your skin gets flushed like Andi too? :) Aawww, thanks for being a reader and it's nice to meet you here! When do you plan to visit Manila?

    Jenobebs, LOL thanks for finding me sexy though I could never say that adjective to describe me, I'm never that type eh! pero sarap palang basahin? LOL LOL LOL!

    Xin, sister! Yes, I agree! Her natural skin color is actually better and I originally thought she wears heavy makeup! She's got a natural flush on her cheeks so pretty! Thanks for saying I am a qualified reporter, love they own eh?

  5. Khymm, oo! Ang liit ng mukha in person! :) I"m not saying her face is huge on tv, just that, its smaller in person and very pretty!

    Jhengsky, tinitibo ka na ba? :P

  6. What an awesome opportunity! :)) She's so pretty!

  7. Michelle, I know! I grabbed the opportunity right away :D

  8. Oh my gosh, andi eigenmann is a chameleon! I've read in some magazine last year she's sooo into her brows! ;) she looks so lovely. It's so awesome you got the chance to interview her Ms. Nikki :)

  9. caitlin, oo! she told us that her looks changes when she changes the arch and thickness of her brows, during interview she said her brows are a bit messy, I don't agree! They look perfect in person! :)

  10. weeeeee! ang ganda ng class picture natin haha


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