Wednesday, March 30, 2011

AMW Reads: For the Month of March

Wow the year 2010 has passed and I wasn't able to update everyone on AMW Reads for the months of January and February!  Well, it's never too late to share what I learn from my Beauty Blogger friends from our neighboring countries!

Reading blogs does not only relieve my stress but I get to learn a lot!  It's like turning into a walking "Beauty Dictionary"!  Cool huh?

Xin of Prettybeautiful, shared to her readers The Checked Beauty - Burberry Beauty Launch in Malaysia, which left me wondering...will we have Burberry Cosmetics down here?  I'd love to own even a single lipstick just for its packaging!  *winks*

Paris B of My Women Stuff, proved to us...YES!   You can do a full face of makeup in 8 minutes!  That'll be fun for busy women like myself!  She even asked her readers what's their quickest time in doing makeup!  I would say 5 minutes!  That'll be loose powder, eyebrow pencil, eyeliner, blush and lipstick!  ZOOM in no time like Li'l Beeper!

Eli of So Loverly, did a Book Review: Chizu Saeki's Japanese Skincare Revolution, which I found quite interesting and found myself watching the video because we all know how great the skin of most of our Japanese friends!  I agree on spending time in removing makeup!  If it takes you 15 minutes to put on makeup, then it must be at least 15 minutes to remove them as well!  Does have a point!

How about you?
What have you learned this week from Blog Hopping?

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  1. I got addicted to eyeliner gel after reading it on blogshpere... xD~

  2. If you told me that I only had 5 minutes to do makeup, I wouldn't even bother! LOL

  3. thanks for sharing these blogs Ms. Nikki.
    I was inspired to create my own blog because of reading blogs and I am enjoying make up now because of bloggers like you :)



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