Wednesday, May 25, 2011

AMW Bulletin: UNICEF Auction for Action

Mich Dulce, a Filipino designer whom I met in person (in one event where she was a judge), even for a quick chat, I can sense how friendly and down-to-earth she is!  That's why it doesn't come as a surprise that she pledges support to UNICEF by donating one of her hats to Auction for Action.

Auction for Action is a fundraising online auction to benefit children's programs in the Philippines and worldwide.  

Signed on the back in gold by British music legend Adam Ant, the hat comes with a hand written note from both Dulce and Ant, a signed poster, a tour t-shirt from Ant's current "The Good, The Mad and The Lovely Tour" a set of 4 badges, a wristband, and a plectrum he used at a recent gig at legendary London music venue The 100 Club. 


UNICEF's Auction for Action goes live on May 25 at  This unique online auction in partnership with Ayala Malls Greenbelt,, Cibo and Cibo di M brings together works of reputable artists in art, design, furniture, fashion, jewellery and photography along with exciting experiential packages.

For more information, visit the auctino website or call UNICEF Philippines at (632) 758-1000.

All photos from UNICEF Philippines.
Press release sent to me over email for your information :)

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  1. since i'm so lazy, imma gonna let unicef, the world wide fund, and green peace save the world LOL. i donate some amount of money to those 3 [automatically debited from my credit card monthly LOL]
    kudos Mich for this ^_^

  2. Wow!! She's so cool for doing that!! I wish I had the money though! :-/

  3. OMG I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU MET HER *ENVIES* *A* I found out about her a whiel back. I really love her fairy tale themed hat collection. If I could I'd rip an arm off for it (not really) >A< I've been following her blog for a while too and read on it. Omg one day when I get married I'd totally get her for my wedding dress, corset and all. : D Also wow she's a humanitarian too. >A< Admirable! (Lol so much fangirling right there) You're so lucky you got to chat with her even for a bit!

  4. @Marge Ah I knew about that! I was once informed by a UNICEF staff about the auto-charge on credit card! :)

  5. @Michelle I'm sure we can do something in our own little ways :D

  6. @katatonik Ahh yeah, she complimented the dress I wore which was sold by my friend :) It was a small chat and she's super nice! Well dreams do come true! You can start saving for your "super future wedding plans" :D


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