Monday, November 21, 2011

AMW Reviews + Giveaway: Mosbeau

**NOTE: Giveaway CLOSED!!!

I received a Mosbeau Kit to review a couple of months ago but I gave it to my mom-in-law instead because I have been her constant "supplier" for skin care products and I ran out of Garnier and I haven't gotten the chance to go out and help her repurchase!

Oh, she loves Garnier a lot, you can read my reviews with before and after photo of her HERE.

At the same time, I may have to add that she found another one that works for her and goes on top of Garnier.  It's the Pure Beauty Super Brightening Day Lotion and Pure Beauty Super Brightening Night Cream.  No reviews for now as I have to interview her more about it.

For now, I will talk about Mosbeau!  This, I have interviewed her and so far, it'll be a short review but you'll get if the product is a yes or a no in her dictionary.

Mosbeau Placenta White
All-in-One Facial Cream

Mosbeau says ---


AMW's Tester says ---
  • Very light on skin, no heavy feel.
  • Doesn't dry out her skin or oil her up in the middle of the day.
  • Very light, hint scent that goes away.
  • Absorbs into the skin easily and skin feels soft and smooth.
  • All-in-one: skin whitening, anti-ageing, moisturizing and UV Protection.
  • The price!  Though the price is okay for a premium skincare product, some may still find this too painful for the wallet. 
  • Oily skinned individuals may find this a bit too potent or too much moisture for their skin.
Lightening of skin won't be seen in an instant but the moisturizing factor can be immediately achieved after first few usage.

My mom-in-law advised me that her freckles did not darken up or go back to its "usual state" while using this product.

  • Best to apply after facial cleansing while skin is still damp.
  • If you will be exposed under the sun for long period of time, apply your choice of sunblock after skin care regimen prior to makeup.
  • If you find this too moisturizing for you, you can start by using this once a day during night time before going to bed.
  • Since this is a whitening product, do check with your Doctor if you are pregnant before using such products.
Will she repurchase?

To whom do I recommend this to?
Anyone who likes multi-purpose products plus the whitening factor!

Where to purchase and how much?
Click this LINK to find all the stores nearest you for Php1,480.00 (approx $34.00) set price is Php1,880.00 (approx $42.80)

Mosbeau Placenta White
All-in-One Facial Soap
Mosbeau  says ---


AMW's Tester says ---
  • The soap version goes a long way!  Will last longer than liquid soaps.
  • Does lather up really well.
  • Has a tiny scent that's actually nice.
  • After washing, skin doesn't feel tight or dry.
  • Exfoliation is easy with the foaming net once you purchase the kit.
  • Includes clear instructions.
  • Face feels very clean after every wash.
  • Difficult to take along during travel.  
  • Product is exposed as compared to liquid cleansers that are clean inside a bottle.
  • Sensitive skin may react in this product as it contains Citric Acid
Unique facial cleanser after the Neutrogena Bar Soap and Clinique Bar soap that I know of.  What my mom-in-law says that got stuck in my head is the fact that it lathers up really well and it's none drying.

  • Wet the foaming net and insert soap inside.
  • Later soap by rubbing the net gently.
  • Squeeze lather from foaming net and make sure lather is thick and creamy before you apply on face.
  • Gently massage on face and wash it off with warm water finishing it up cold water for pores to close.
  • Always wash the net thoroughly after use and keep dry by hanging it with the hook provided.
  • Never use directly onto the face, use it only to form lather.
Will she repurchase?

To whom do I recommend this to?
Anyone who are used to using soap cleanser.  This saves up a lot of money as the product won't finish up as quickly as regular cleanser.

Where to purchase and how much?

Click this LINK to find all the stores nearest you for Php400.00 (approx $10.00) set price is Php1,880.00 (approx $42.80)

Mosbeau Placenta White Underarm and
Inner Thigh Cream Giveaway!!!
So far, the mommy-yo had a good time using this product and she wouldn't mind using this again!  As I said, I got the kit for review and there's the Mosbeau Placenta White Underarm and Inner Thigh Cream that no one can review! :)  Because of that, I am giving this away to ONE reader who's very interested to use and try this!  The only thing I may request from you is to let me know how it goes as I'd love to see if this product works or not! :)  Deal?

Here's the simple mechanics:
  1. Comment ONLY ONCE with your name and email address.
  2. Let me know which among the two products (Soap or Cream), after reading my mom-in-law's feedback, intrigued you to want to spend your 13th month pay with!  *laughs*  It's okay to say NONE.
  3. Contest starts TODAY ends November 30, 2011.
  4. 1 Winner will be picked via Fruit Machine.  Product will be sent to the winners (Within the Philippines) together with an AMW surprise because for the fact that I dislike sending just one product to a lucky winner. (of course it's going to be beauty related).
Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

(Product sent for review.  Opinions 100% AMW's MIL.  Please purchase at your own discretion.)


  1. Wow,another giveaway!Hope this time I win!haha...

    well,im most excited to try the soap because im such a soap lover plus i want to experience the foaming net...

    Arra Morta

  2. =] i want to try the facial cream just because i do not have a decent facial cream plus i do not want to splurge 1500 for a skin care item that i havent tested yet.

    Mina Agellon
    mgna15 at gmail dot com

  3. weeee!!! Another giveaway!!! I would love to try the soap...because I am very oily, and you said oily skinned individual might not like the over moisture..hehe
    Thank you!

    leilani sonza

  4. none LOL

    Joni Gonzales

  5. love your giveaways!
    I'm most interested to try the face cream - I'm always on the search for good creams that are effective on hydrating AND brightening the face.

    Margarita Orpilla

  6. i would like to try the soap..
    charmaigne grace gepana

  7. Mosbeau Placenta White
    All-in-One Facial Cream

    I might buy 1 set of Sigma brushes..hihihi

    geri m. manalo

  8. I'm so excited for this giveaway!I would love to try the cream but can't afford its pricey..
    charice anne p. chua

  9. I was intrigued with both products since I always try new products especially after reading your review. :)

    Marie Antonio

  10. I would love to try the Mosbeau Placenta White
    All-in-One Facial Soap out because the foaming net may do well in exfoliating my skin, plus the facial cream is way too expensive for me to try and may turn out not very well suited for an oily-skin individual like me.

    Kate Gienelyn Sinaon

  11. both products are interesting but i would go for the soap first since it's relatively cheaper.


  12. love to try the soap :) bcos my skin is oily, so cannot try the cream.

    nur fadila kassim

  13. Karen Dayle B.

    I would love to try the soap <3 because i have a very oily skin

  14. Julie Ann Tolentino

    I'm psyched about the Mosbeau Placenta White
    All-in-One Facial Cream. Passing by Watson's and seeing the Mosbeau counter is a torture for me because they're crazy expensive! I've got some acne scars (but no more acne) and I'm looking for something that would save me from a monthly trip to a derm clinic for a chemical peel session.

  15. both products sounds interesting. Iwant to try the soap first..

    Jona Alforque

  16. Clarice Cabanlit

    I want to try the all-in-one facial cream. I have very dry skin and I haven't really found a cream that can give my face the moisture that it needs. I hope this is the one!

  17. I want to try the cream!!! Im a super fan of Mosbeau:)

    Kira Mae Ramirez
    hello[at] :D


  18. Nadine Diamante

    I really wanna try the cream because at this point I'm in terrible need of a whitening cream I can finally trust!

  19. hi nikki!

    i'm not really into facial whitening products mostly because i think my face is already too white to begin with (as compared to the rest of my body), but i'm more interested in the soap because it says it can correct dark spots and acne scars.

    what i do really want and need is the whitening cream for the underarm and inner thigh teehee.

    - Mia Diola,

  20. if budget permits I'll go for the face cream, if not will just settle for the all-in-one soap :)

    Michelle Ame

  21. i want to try the facial cream though it's pricey but it has all-in-one purpose. :)

    Mary Aiko Orcilla

  22. the soap only because i want to feel the whitening but not drying effect it has. most of the whitening soaps i've tried causes extreme drying of my skin thus making it a must to slather on lotion afterwards

    vanessa santiago

  23. Cream also! :) I have to many cleaning soaps.

    Sarah Curativo

  24. I want to try the cream because I don't have a decent moisturizer to date. I want to try something expensive like mosbeau.

    Name: Katherine Rose Rivera

  25. I want to try the facial soap, sounds interesting. Thanks!....susie email:

  26. My mom would love any of the two! :p

    apol danganan

    :D thank you Nikki..

  27. Katrina M. Peralta
    email ad:

    i get intrigued with the mosbeau placenta all in one facial cream. im already 28 years old and i want to age gracefully and beautfully.

  28. Hi Nikki! Pwede ba makisali? hehe ^_^

    I would Like to try the underarm cream if it would work on me...My UA got stained because of Secret deo and it didn't came back to it's natural shade :(

    Oh, and I would be very much willing to do a review on this ^_^

    Crystal Gale Bartolome

  29. I would like to try the underarm cream! :)

    Desiree Gutierrez

  30. Katrina Abalon

    I think I would want to try the facial cream. Its like hitting two birds in one stone. I like that it is a moisturizer and a whitening cream. :) i love to try this because i believe products made in Japan are high quality. :)

  31. Underarm cream please :DD

    Kim S

  32. I'd love to win the facial soap :)

    Agatha Sabala

  33. I would like to try Mosbeau Whitening Underarm Cream.


    God bless you Nikki! :)

  34. I would love to try the cream,I love facial creams with multi benefits.

  35. Jerica Chingcuangco
    The facial cream seems interesting, but I'm more interested in the underarm and thigh cream. :)

  36. I've been eyeing the underarm cream for quite sometime now, but I never got the chance to try it due to its steep price. I would love to get it for free and do a review :)

    CJ Bautista

  37. I want to try the cream!!! :)

    Myka Cadaoas :D

  38. Hi Nikki, enter me pls!

    Bec San Diego

    I would love to try anything Mosbeau :)

  39. Karmi R. Boy

    I would love to have the All-in-One Facial Cream :)

  40. Keren Crispe

    I think I'd try the Mosbeau soap, since it's a bit less painful to buy it rather than the cream. The soap may have similar effects with the cream for only a fraction of the price :)

  41. Poisonivy29

    I like to try the mosbeau all in one placenta soap since i think its more affordable & economical compared to the cream but most of all i reallly love to try the underarm placenta cream ,

  42. Hopefully I can win the Mosbeau Placenta White Underarm and Inner Thigh Cream ! I'd love to review it and use it for myself!

    Stephanie Suyo!

  43. Cream for me ^^

    Camille Chan

  44. hi! would love to try the facial cream. i've tried a lot both high-end and local ones, let's see how this one fares.

    ivy esguerra

  45. I want to try the Mosbeau Placenta White Underarm and Inner Thigh Cream. My attendant at Laybare have been encouraging me to use this - says its effective daw. Want to try it myself but its just expensive for me.


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  48. Janine Monasterial
    ninmonster at rocketmail dot com

    Definitely the cream! :D

  49. NAME: Ayeen-Surnah Abdulcadir

    I would like to try Mosbeau Whitening Underarm and Thigh Cream!! <3

  50. interesting products but if not good for oily skin, i guess am skipping hehe.

    that underarm whitening cream sounds intriguing though! buti ka pa white na! haha! what do you use sis for it to stay like that???

  51. Mosbeau Placenta White All-in-One Facial Soap

    Marlon So

  52. Mosbeau Placenta White All-in-One Facial Soap!

    Jenny So

  53. I want to try the facial soap. :-)

  54. I'd love to have a cream :)
    Hope to win.

  55. Nice giveaway! Would like to try the soap because I have oily skin! :)

    Ma. Elinor Semira
    elinorsemira0124 at gmail dot com

  56. Kathleen Yap

    Thanks for the useful reviews.

    I would love to try Mosbeau Placenta White
    All-in-One Facial Cream.

  57. Trina Mercado

    I'd like to try the Mosbeau Whitening Underarm and Thigh Cream!:)

  58. mosbeau placenta white food supplement is effective. but you can't really notice result in just a short period of time using it. i've been using it for 1 year now.. my skin is smoother.. whiter and glowing. my friends are noticing it. for me at 2,580 its quite reasonable coz the product is really amazing.. and if you have problems with oily skin, this product will help you too.

  59. wow! this giveaway is soo awesome! hope i will win!

    marj hisler

  60. hi i would looooooove to try malibu underarm and inner thigh cream

  61. I would like try both if given for free hehehehe :) it's so expensive kasi.

  62. Why can't you use the soap directy on the face,is the a side effect when you do it directly?


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