Tuesday, February 14, 2012

AMW Gives: Love Package from Glow and Glamour --- Extended

Whether you are single, ready to mingle, in a relationship or married, there's no reason not to take care of yourself because whatever our gender is, we have one thing in common --- the strive to gain self confidence, to look and feel good!

Smiling and laughing helps a lot but an additional support for our physical attributes are additional points that we may need as we get along the game of humanity.  *laughs*  Does that sound like I know what I'm talking about?  *hahaha*  You bet I'm acting Oh! So! Know-it-All!  Spare me as I'm very excited for today's giveaway!

Glow and Glamour --- an online beauty retailer asked me if I can do a product and store review.  All the while, I was hoping they could help me out on AMW giveaway but found out at the end that they are based in Malaysia.  The company offers products ranging from Body Care, Contact Lens, Cosmetic, Skin Care and various types of accessories.

They sent out a quite a number of Body Care stuff which are not only unique but are made in Korea and we do understand how good of a quality most Korean made beauty products are!  

They ship fast, they shipped via EMS and I got a notice card in no time (let's say around 3-5 days).  The hassle thing would be the picking up of EMS stuff at the Customs Office and I was told I can request for regular postal office service delivery for my future orders which I appreciate.  

Customer service --- very good!

So, on to the exciting part, I'd love to share the cool goodies I got from Glow and Glamour because it's Valentine's Day and I want to share beauty gadgets or secrets to everyone!

Fun Beauty Item #1
LUS (Lovelyl Your Skin)
Extra V-Line Lift Up

 Feel free to read product description and how to use HERE

 And it seriously comes pink and black colored face strap!
So cool!

Fun Beauty Item #2
LUS S-Line Body Glove
Read product details and instructions HERE
Comes in 5 packs glove


Fun Beauty Item #3
LUS Exfoliating Peeling Sheet

 I've tried similar looking product and they work!!!  Your feet peels like crazy but the end part is worth it!  Feel free to read product descriptions HERE.

ONE Lucky Winner gets to win all 3 cool beauty items!  How?
  • Comment ONCE in this post including your name and email address.
  • Answer this: "Tell me the exact moment you feel the prettiest."
  • Contest starts today ends March 2, 2012.
  • ONE winner will be picked via Fruit Machine and will be announced in this blog. 
  • Open to Philippine resident (sorry, Mr. AMW helped pick this package and paid for customs fee and it'll be weird to ship this out again..lol)
  • For the winner: Please use the products with care as you may be allergic to some of the ingredients.  Read labels and be observant during usage.
"Win or lose, I hope the contest will be an eye opener on how we can use this "pretty moment/s" as our weapon when something or someone would make us feel otherwise.  We are beautiful in our unique ways and let's celebrate that!" --- AMW
Huge Hugs and Happy Valentine's Day AMW Readers!
Thank you Glow and Glamour  for the prizes

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Michelle Ame

    I feel the prettiest whenever my face is pimple-free.

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  3. April Danganan

    I feel prettiest when I am travelling and wearing something traditional from that country... or something more stylish than what I usually wear in normal days.. :)

    Thank you :) Happy V-Day to you and Mr. AMW!

  4. Since it's the V-Day, I remember the 1st time I get to celebrate it with a (now ex)boyfriend. I received a bouquet of really pretty pink roses! That was 1st for me so kilig much! When my bf arrived, he was holding a huge long stem red roses. I was confused because he is not the flower-giving type of bf (it was actually also the 1st flower he gave me). He then asked "Who is this bouquet from?" I was shocked hearing that. Thought he was joking. Then I received a text message saying "Did you received it? Ganda yan tulad mo." Apparently, it came from my highschool classmate who has a secret crush on me! I just blushed *-.-*

    At that exact moment, feel na feel ko ang ganda ko! haha!

    Happy Hearts Day Mr. & Mrs. AMW!

    Katherine Bautista

  5. "Tell me the exact moment you feel the prettiest."

    ..the day i give birth to our little angel, not only that i feel prettiest that day, because that day i feel complete also..

    Happy Puso to sweet couple here Mr and Mrs AMW!

    Rhania Escueta-Chang

    hugs and kisses

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  7. I feel prettiest when my son looks at me, touches my face and says, "you're pretty mommy, i love you." This happens often because he's a sweet kid. And he always, always reminds me that I'm loved, flaws and all.

    jannell cajote

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  9. I am prettiest when my skin is well rested and completely moisturized. During these days I tend to wear less make-up and just let my radiant skin take the spotlight.

    Mari Ysabel Bautista

  10. I feel the prettiest when I was sincerely being complimented by my crush even at sometimes I don't look well.

    Wilhelmina C. Balondo

  11. I feel i'm at my most prettiest when people, mostly friends starts to compliment my skin even without wearing any make-up on! It simply shows that wearing makeup isn't the sole thing to make women look and feel pretty, although makeup can instantly enhance your look, nothing beats a well hydrated and radiant skin that comes from within.

    Arianne Guardino

  12. I feel prettiest when I look into the mirror right after finishing my bath. So refreshing! My face is still matte and oil-free! :D

    Charlene Bianes

  13. I feel the prettiest when I had a good night sleep the night before and had a perfect foundation application the morning after. Say hello to dewy skin :)

    Abie Capz

  14. I feel the prettiest when I just ate a bowl of fresh fruits and just take a long sleep.Yeah,lifestyle really contribute to your overall appearance:)

    Arra Morta

  15. I feel prettiest when I'm not stressed so that has got to be when I'm relaxed.


  16. Vanessa de Leon

    I felt the prettiest on my wedding day last Oct 30, 2011 where my ex-bf, and now husband (hehe), professed his love for me and told our love story at our reception. And this is from a guy who I've always complained about not being sweet enough =)

  17. Kate Gienelyn Sinaon

    I feel the prettiest after a long luxurious bath. My body feels very clean and fresh and makes me feel sexy too!

  18. claire sereno
    i feel the prettiest after a spa. it feels so good to eliminate stress.

  19. Analyn Alonsagay

    I feel the prettiest when I made something good to people I do not know, and help them in my own little ways.. ;)

  20. sheena quizon

    I feel the prettiest whenever my son would say out of the blue " Mom, you look so pretty!" even if i dont have any make up on! He just makes my day!!

  21. Mirzi Sarte

    I feel the prettiest when I know I'm making difference in someone's life.

  22. Name: Angel Aragon-Manalata
    email: sweetloveangel_1908(at)yahoo(dot)com

    I feel the prettiest when my hubby embraces me, showers me with kisses and tells me how much he loves me, how beautiful I am inside and out, and that he appreciates every single thing that I do for him and our family.

    I also feel the prettiest when I simply do good deeds and make other people happy in my own little ways. =)

    Yay! It's our 6th anniversary today! Best time to feel the prettiest!!! ^__^

  23. Leslie Lao

    I feel prettiest every time after I take a shower, I feel clean and fresh.

  24. I feel the prettiest when I am confident about myself regardless of how I look in that moment. :)

    Valerie Basinillo

  25. Valerie Basinillo

    I feel the prettiest when I am confident about myself. Confidence goes beyond my look for the day, and gives me that extra boost to feel good about myself. :D

  26. i feel prettiest when after my beauty regimen.. hehe specially after covering up my skin imperfections like dark spots, pimples, redness and uneven skintone, mas may "K" nakong humarap sa mga architects.. hehehe

    thank u for boosting our self-esteem miss nikki. heart you! <3

    gerilen polon


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