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AMW Reports + Contest: Nourishing Night Oil (NNO) Event --- Contest CLOSED!!!

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Norissa Chavez!
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I got an invite to a small gathering last Tuesday for a light dinner, spa treatment at Blue Water Day Spa and get to know a product called Nourishing Night Oil (NNO). 

This event feels like shooting 3 birds in one stone!
  1. I'd love to try spa treatment at Blue Water Day Spa for quite some time but just didn't have the time!
  2. After reading product information on Nourishing Night Oil (NNO), I got intrigued and want to learn more on its advantages!
  3. Dinner - need I say more?  *laughs*
I'm just joking on number 3 but I'm serious in trying to learn more about NNO, its functions  and usage!

I arrived a bit worried when I saw how "busy" the parking space was but thank goodness the event organizers thought about it and have someone do valet parking! 

I thought I was a bit early to be arriving at 5:30pm when the event calls for 6:00pm time!  Look how ready everyone was and I got comfortable right away!

Food table! :)

And the reason for our existence in the said event *grins*

Both Shen and I were the early birds so we gave the skin analyzer machine a try before other people could overhear the condition of our skin! *shudders*

First, the skin around the inner arm area was tested

It was further explained that this area is the least exposed to the harsh environment.

Then the skin around my face was also tested! 

Here are the results!  (Don't judge me!  Let me explain!  *laughs*)

The right hand side of the photo shows the skin as seen by naked eye.  The left side is the "zoomed in" version.

As expected, the skin around my body are considered healthy BUT dry!  (Shown on first 2 photos on top).

On the other hand, the skin on my face is on the healthy side, I learned that night that my skin is a combination skin!  Oily on the t-zone and normal on the rest of my face!  (Ah, the skincare regimen must be working as I used to be super dry!).

P.S. I did not tell the lady my age and I asked what was the age of my skin, and guess what?  She said the condition of my skin states that I am 25 years old below!  (Hey! I did not invent that!  I just quoted her! *defensive mode*) hahaha

So yes, I'm a living proof that taking care of your skin as early as NOW will bear good results! :)

Since we were quite early for the event, we were able to chat with the super friendly, down-to-earth and funny host of the night Divine Lee.  She loved the skin analyzer so much she wants to buy one!

We talked a lot about beauty products and even shared laughs on how we love Japanese do their makeup!  She was also in Japan during those times I was in Tokyo!

If I may have to add, it was a relaxing venue at the Foot Spa Room of Blue Water Day Spa!

Here are the rest of the bloggers who attended the special event with me!

Clockwise from upper left - Shen, Helga, Bambi and Alex

Clockwise from upper left - Tin, yours truly, Cheryl and Angela

The event started as we were introduced to Mega Philippines Managing Director Mr. Rishi Pradhan.
Mr. Pradhan took us to the Mega Journey.  How Mega cares by ---
  • Building a thinking organization that also includes respect, freedom, truth and trust.
  • Providing Right Products with the right quality that is safe for human consumption.
  • Choosing developing countries in selling and marketing medicines for sustainable growth.
Mega is present in 21 countries which proves their stability!

To continue our learning experience about the star product for the night, NNO Brand Manager Ms. Maria Cristina Paloma further discussed to us information about the human skin, of course, different skin types will always be present in skin discussions and the participants were asked on their present skin condition! 

I can see different skin types in one room!  Definitely a nice bunch!

What is Nourishing Night Oil (NNO)?  Now I can help you understand after attending this event!
NNO is an all natural moisturizer that treats skin dryness due to loss of moisture.  

How about oily-skinned individuals?
Don't fret, we asked that question in an instant and we learned that NNO will never feel greasy on your skin and it works for ALL skin types as NNO resembles the natural skin oil, it acts like the natural oil in your skin making your skin supple and young-looking minus the oily feel!

We were even challenged to test our skin again after 2 weeks of usage! 

Did you know that?
  • NNO has the non-cosmetic combination of Vitamin E and Jojoba Oil. 
  • NNO never has greasy feel after application.
  • NNO comes in applicap to prevent oxidation and to retain its freshness.  It's also a big plus as you get to use the "exact" amount of product needed for your face and neck!  Or if you may, even dry parts of your body!
  • NNO is all natural.  Each capsule contains 4.70mg of Natural Vitamin E and 85.80 mg of Jojoba oil.
  • NNO is best applied at night as it is the best time for skin cells to regenerate.
  • NNO can be used together with your current skin care regimen.
As most of us were clueless on how application is done. We were shown on the how-tos via slide

and in person!  A live model was used to show application and everyone can't help but go up and try out the product to feel if it's greasy or not!  I guess in our minds...we were all thinking: "Come on!  It's OIL, how could it be NOT greasy?" (I'm not sure about the rest but I sure did think that way!)

Here's the model several minutes after application, we touched her face and her skin, indeed, is not oily and she looks refreshed!

Nourishing Night Oil (NNO) in box of 30s soft gel applicaps costs Php450.00 (approx $10.50)  available at Mercury Drug Store and South Star drugstores.
Feel free to add NNO Philippines on Facebook to get to know more about the company and the products they offer!  (P.S. They are also the maker of Gloww which I gave away last year!)

Now, my dear readers, before I end this post, I want to give 1 AMW reader a chance to try this wonderful NNO Nourishing Night Oil!  It's very simple!

  • Comment in THIS post your name and email address.
  • Tell me "Why do you need NNO in your life?"
  • Like NNO Philippines on Facebook.
  • Contest starts today ends May 18, 2012 (11:59pm local time)
  • ONE comment per person please.
  • Open to Philippine Residents.  
  • 1 winner will be picked via Fruit Machine and will be emailed.  Winner must respond within 48 hours or a new winner will be picked.
Go go go!
I'd love you to give it a try too!

Thanks to the wonderful people from Mega Philippines, The Loop, Blue Water Day Spa (for the lovely venue and massage after the event), Divine Lee (for doing a great hosting job), Vince Golangco (for inviting me) and to the rest of the bloggers who made this event fun!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. I think I need NNO because my days have been really stressful lately so i should use night cap as a thorough beauty rest.

    Kumiko Mae


  2. Jessica Carla Tayag

    I need NNO in my life because for a long time I have been searching for a skincare product that will provide my oily skin with moisture without getting greasy. This product would be great for me. :)

  3. i have combination skin, super oily t-zone and the rest is as dry as the desert.. the thing is, uber tamad akong magmoisturize ng skin kahit ngaun summer (though i try to hydrate my skin by drinking water, and i know its not enough) kaya na super guilty ako when i read that your skin regimen is paying off well (and i totally agree you look younger!)This kind of posts reminds me that i need to do something about my skin! wahhh! that said, i think i need to try NNO out! i wanna save my skin from dryness and early wrinkles. Thanks mS. Nikki! :D
    gerilen polon

  4. I need NNO because I need my skin replenish during the night with lost nutrients throughout from a days work.

  5. I need NNO because it will help me nourish my lost nutrients in a days work.

    Agnes Dela Cruz

  6. Wow, thanks for sharing with us your experience at the NNO event. Now why do I need the NNO? I have super dry skin due to stress and constant exposure to the sun, so I badly need a product that will help my skin become younger-looking :)

    clarice cabanlit

  7. Thanks for sharing with us your experience at the NNO event. So why do I need NNO? Well, my skin is super super dry and I need a product that will make it supple and young-looking.

    clarice at hotmail dot ph

  8. Ah I always see this on my Google AdSense ads hahaha. XD

  9. I really need NNO because my skin is super dry. I think it will help bring glow to my skin.

    Lyn celestino

  10. Katherine Rose Rivera

    I need the NNO because I'm still looking for my HG moisturizer. I always end up breaking out with the moisturizers that I try lately. I know NNO will not only moisturize my skin, it will also give the natural glow that I want.

  11. Name:Claire sereño

    I need NNO because my skin needs a lot of improvements, I have dry skin. I want to get it!

  12. name:claire sereño
    i need NNO because I want to start a skin care regimen for my skin and i believe it is a great product to jump start it!

  13. i need nno to care for my skin at night.


  14. i need nno to care for my skin at night.


  15. I need NNO because I wanna explore other products out there that can help me maintain my skin :)

    Kris Bernadette Sta. Maria

  16. I need NNO because I want to refresh and make my skin supple and young looking just like the model:)

    Arra Morta

  17. Name: Angel Aragon-Manalata

    Why do you need NNO in your life?

    I need it in my life because I want to have healthy skin. I want to establish my own skin care regimen that will keep me looking young like you. Right now, I am into moisturizers. I want to try NNO and see if it's worth it. Besides, who wouldn't want an all-natural product? ^__^

  18. I need NNO because I have been stressed with work these past few days and I need something to make my skin fresh and smooth. Plus, this is perfect for me if it is non-greasy :)

    Norissa Chavez

  19. This comment has been removed by the author.

  20. I also have a combination type of skin just like your Ms. Nikki. But lately, I've noticed that my skin has become dry and flaky. I'd like to experience the benefits of NNO, hoping that this would help me solve my problem.

    Marilet Aclan

  21. I need NNO because I have tried different skincare product just to improve my skin, i tried creams, lotions and even supplements but i have not yet found the one best for my skin

    Thank you and keep on posting!

    Rhania Escueta Chang

  22. Name: Mae Pedregoza
    Email: maebeth01 at

    I need NNO in my life because I'm still looking for my HG night regimen and I'm the kind of person who is so lazy to put different creams and layer them. Wouldn't hurt to try NNO.

  23. name: jen lapis

     Juggling two jobs and school work is making me stressful thus results to dry and tired skin! I need a bottle of NNO to help me look pretty! :)

  24. Racel Gatuz

    Hi, im so frustrated to have a nourished glowing skin,i have tried a lot of beauty products na mas expensive pa sa NNO,but im not that satisfied with the result.. i really want to take care of my skin not just to be beautiful, but also to boost my self-confidence.
    I think NNO can help me with that,and that's why I need NNO.

    Thanks Nikki!. :)

  25. Racel Gatuz

    Hi Ms. nikki, I'm so frustrated to have a nourished glowing skin,I have tried a lot of beauty products na mas expensive pa sa NNO, but im not that satisfied with the result... i really want to take care of my skin not just to be beautiful but to boost my self-confidence.. and I think NNO can help me with that,that's why I need NNO Ms. Nikki..

    Thanks a lot!. :)


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