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AMW Reviews: D'Haus House of Aroma Moroccan Argan Oil + Giveaway --- CLOSED!!!

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Happy Wednesday everyone!

Today, I will be reviewing a very natural product that I've seen people raving about!  Moroccan Argan Oil!  This one is from D'Haus and don't forget to read until the bottom part as D'Haus is giving away 2 x 20ml bottles to lucky AMW Readers!!! :)

D'Haus House of Aroma says ---
Argan Oil is an all-natural, 100% organic, chemical-free beauty marvel that really works.  Produced from the Argan tree in semi-deserts of Morocco, it is extracted from the kernels of its fruit.  Argan oil comes loaded with essential fatty acids like linoleic acid, a precursor for Vitamin E.  This makes it well-known for its anti-aging, moisturizing and antioxidant properties.  It is found to contain 700mg per kilogram of tocopherois that is twice the amount found in olive oil.


Size: 0.67 fl. oz/20 ml

AMW says ---
  • Easy to use pump glass bottle.
  • As seen on ingredients list, consists of ALL NATURAL Argan Oil, nothing else!  
  • Very moisturizing.
  • Gets absorbed into the skin pretty well.
  • Multi-functional: Can be used on hair, face and body.
  • A little amount goes a long way! 
  • Skin feels soft and lesser lines can be seen.
  • If used on hair, the ends of the hair doesn't feel as dry!
  • Moisturizes also the skin around my nails!
  • No skin irritations nor allergic reactions.
  • The scent!  Don't discriminate the brand as I talked to friends who are Moroccan Argan Oil users and I was told pure Argan Oil doesn't smell the greatest!
  • If you put this on your hair, it doesn't feel as greasy as oil but does have a tiny bit of grease-like feel which may irk other people.  (kindly read tips below on how to deal with this.)
  • Not widely available.  For now, they are available in their Ortigas store.
Everything about D'Haus House of Aroma Moroccan Oil is what I need to help soothe my very dry, parched skin and hair!  Again, the only concern on my part is the scent (as I have a nose of a dog!  *laughs*)  But the scent goes away after a couple of minutes!

  • If you plan to apply this on your hair, concentrate only on the drier ends and use around a pump or 2.
  • Leave the Argan Oil on your hair the night before you go to bed, so you can wake up with moisturized hair in the morning before you take a shower.
  • 1 pump is enough for the face and neck.  2 pumps are enough for both arms and another 2-3 pumps for the legs!  
  • With the remaining Argan Oil on your hands, massage your fingertips.
  • Best to apply the Moroccan Argan Oil on your body after shower.
  • Since packaging looks really nice, this is best to give this as gift to friends and loved ones!
  • Store in cool, dry place.
  • If you have dry areas or allergy spots (like I do), massage with a tiny amount of D'Haus Moroccan Argan Oil as it helps soothe itchiness at the same time, speeds up healing.
Will I repurchase?

To whom do I recommend this to?
Anyone who have dry, sensitive skin that needed moisture that locks for a couple of hours to a day!  Best for dry, frizzy, unruly hair!

Where to purchase and how much?
Available at D'Haus Home & Decor International
Unit 118 G/F Grand Emerald Tower, 
corner Ruby & Garnet Road, Ortigas Center,Pasig 
20ml costs Php750.00 (approx $17.50).

Product photos

One drop shows a
light yellow tint

Texture is watery
Like that of a light baby oil

Rubbed the Moroccan Argan Oil on my hand
 showing a nice shine within a couple of seconds

In less than a minute, the oil was absorbed right into my skin
leaving a grease-less feel!
You can immediately see the blurring effect of my lines.

As stated, 2 AMW readers may get the chance to win their own D'Haus House of Aroma Morrocan Argan Oil!  PLEASE read mechanics carefully on how to join!

  • Comment in this post together with your name and email address.
  • Tell me: "Aside from the Moroccan Argan Oil, which D'Haus product would you want to try?"  (Feel free to check their website to know the other products they offer.)
  • Like D'Haus House of Aroma on Facebook.
  • Contest starts today ends June 10, 2012 11:59pm.
  • 2 winners will be picked via Fruit Machine.  Names of the 2 winners will be posted in this post and will be emailed for notification.  
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  •  No duplicate comments please!
  • Open to Philippine Residents.  Prize will be shipped by D'Haus.
Thanks to CJ of D'Haus Home & Decor International!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

(Product sent for review. Opinions 100% mine.  Please purchase at your own discretion.)


  1. Hi Ms. Nikki.. Thanks for this giveaway.. I would love to try the Argan Charcoal Detox Soap with 24k Gold Flakes, because this soap has all the things that my skin needs - renews skin's elasticity, repairs sun damage and rich with anti-aging properties.. Now that's what i call soap!

    Name: Roxanne Perez

  2. Agnes Dela Cruz

    I would like to try the Argan Massage oil, aside from I am overdue for a body massage iit would be so nice to have this on my drawer anytime I needed a massage and can't go right away and visit the spa.

  3. I would want to try the Aroma Moroccan Oil because I have also been battling for months now with my dry and very sensitive skin. Also, I would want to try their Calming Sound Sleep. I find it very innovative, as this product will be sprayed to the pillow before hitting the stack. Nothing beats a good sleep and rest. Not only it contributes on having a beautiful aura when you wake up, but is one necessary factor that could keeping you healthy both mind and body.

    Marilet Aclan

  4. I want to try the argan massage oil,because i want to feel relax and rejuvenated and at the same time moisturize my skin every time i went home after a stressful day at the ofice.

    Janice Marjo Nuevas

  5. Wow, I was just looking at essential oils last Sunday, and now you have this review. Thanks for this!

    So aside from the Moroccan Argan Oil, I would also like to try the Home Fragrance oil.

    Clarice Cabanlit

  6. Thanks for the giveaway!

    I'm an avid fan of Moroccan argan oil because it really works for me (it really does lighten my scars).

    After reading your review, I guess I would like to switch another brand for my moroccan argan oil!

    Aside from the moroccan argan oil, I would also lke to try H'haus Calming and Soothing Sound sleep, because it is really hard for me to sleep early and on time and this product sounds unique for me!

    Krischia Saporsantos

  7. I want to try the Sandalwood Reed Diffuser. Reed diffusers are great when it comes to invigorating your home with their calming fragrance. And with the Sandalwood scent, I couldn't ask for more.

    Keren Crispe

  8. Janine Monasterial
    ninmonster at rocketmail dot com

    I would like to try the Natural Argan Everyday Shampoo and Conditioner because I want to treat my tresses to a luxurious cleansing! :D

  9. I've seen how argan oil is made on tv.grabe.haha. Would also like to try the energizing massage oil with the peppermint and lime =)

    Melody Co @

  10. Aside from the Moroccan argan oil, I would like to try the Charcoal soap with 24k gold. It sounds so interesting!

    Hazel Uri
    hazeluri at yahoo dot com

  11. Aside from the Moroccan argan oil, I would like to try the Himalayan and Dead Sea Salt Body Soak with Floral Herbs :)

    Rodora Bermudez

  12. Gen-zel D. Habab

    Aside from the Moroccan Argan Oil, which D'Haus product would you want to try?"

    Answer :
    I really want to try their Argan Nourishing Day and Night Eye Cream. I've been on search for a very good eye cream these days and that would be the answer to my quest! :)

  13. Thanks for your review, i am using Argan oil for my hair and face but different expensive brand. I'll try this next time.
    Aside from argan oil, i want to try the sleep sound product, sounds good too, i sometimes have problem falling asleep so i'll give it a try later.

  14. I would like to try the Aromatic Room Spray in Jasmine & Sandalwood scent.


  15. Norissa Chavez

    I want to try the Argan Massage Oil blends especially the sound sleep. I'm having problems with sleep lately due to stress so this product might help me. :)

  16. Hi nikki would love to try the argan natural cleansing oil. Lately I've been experimenting on what make up remover would suit me well. Thanks for sharing the giveaway!


    Lynne celestino

  17. Tintin Jarvina

    Other product I would like t try:
    1. Refreshing Massage Oil
    2. Golden Shimmer Body Lotion

    Thank you.

  18. I would like to try their Argan massage oil to relieve tension and stress.

    Dyan Sapaden

  19. I would like to try their Exotic tea because I am a tea lover. And also their packaging is really nice.

    Junellene Sapinoso

  20. I would like to try their Exotic Tea,since I am a tea lover. And I love their packaging!

    Junellene Sapinoso

  21. Sab co

    Would love to try their geranium/ orange/ vanilla room spray, 3 if my fav scents in one!

  22. I would like to try their calming sound sleep spray because I have a hard time sleeping at night especially during summer vacation.

    Hazel Grace Bellen

  23. I would like to try their calming sound sleep because I always have a hard time sleeping. If I win, I can share this to my husband who like me has irregular sleeping habit.

    Katherine Rose Rivera

  24. Claire Sereno

    i would like to try their line of soap most specially the Charcoal detox soa because i have a brown skin and i want to be lighter.

  25. Chiane Servando

    I would like to try their Aromatic Room Spray Collection, specifically, Jasmine & Sandalwood. I'm a big fan of room sprays and I would like to use this in my room!

  26. I would love to try their Argan Massage Oil so that everytime my mom feels tired after work, i'll use this on her :)

    Abie Capz

  27. Fritzielyn PalmieryMay 31, 2012 at 10:23 PM

    name: Fritzielyn Palmiery
    email address:

    "Aside from the Moroccan Argan Oil, I also want to try the want to try the Argan Charcoal Detox Soap with 24k Gold Flakes. By its name alone, I think it would be good for me because it would detox my skin from toxic impurities. I am also curious bout its 24K Gold Flakes. :)

  28. i'm intrigued by the gemstone therapy body scrub gels.

  29. Aside from Moroccan Argan oil. I would like to try the day/night eye cream. :)

    Beverly Lopez

  30. I would like to try the Argan Oil Spa Package to complete my argan oil experience.

  31. Aside from Moroccan Argan Oil. I would like to try the Himalayan and Dead Sea Salt Body Soak with floral herbs because i think it's perfect for someone who just ha a very stressful week :p

    Maria Mercado

  32. I've bought this one before and I really live the scent.. Thanks for the review, it adds me more information about this product.

  33. I've bought this one before and I really live the scent.. Thanks for the review, it adds me more information about this product.

  34. I wpuld like to try gemstone theraphy body scrub gels.I always fond of body scrubs.

    Emmalyn Baron

  35. i'd go for their essential oils like bergamot and lavender.

    anya mendoza

  36. name: jen lapis
    email address:

    I'd love to try Himalayan and Dead Sea Salt Body Soak since I've heard so many good things about Dead Sea Salt and I think it would help me de-stress in the tub :)

  37. This comment has been removed by the author.

  38. Aside from the Moroccan Argan Oil, i would love to try Argan Nourishing Day & Night Eye Cream to keep the most sensitive part of my face fresh looking.

    Laurie Young

  39. pwede po malaman yung address nang d haus of aroma ?, im really excited to have the argan oil and i would like to ask if there's any other kind of oils available in store such as almond oil , olive and flaxseed oil. god bless and more power :)

    1. Hi sis, the address is written on "Where to Purchase and how much" portion of this blog post. You can also LIKE them on Facebook, their addy and contact information are all there. Thanks


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