Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Something New: BC Fragrance + Giveaway! --- CLOSED!!!

*Winners announced

Congratulations ---

I have this thing about coming home into a sweet-smelling room!  My sister-in-law once asked: "Why does your room smells like a nice hotel room?"  Well, the secret is out!  I've always been a fan of reed diffusers and I have finished up more than 5 bottles for the past 4 years.  Believe it or not, a lot of them lasts a year.  Now that I'm almost ready to purchase my "signature room scent"  I was sent with this.  (Thanks Patty for introducing me to this brand.)

 Thanks Bernadette and Caroline for the wonderful handwritten note

BC Fragrance started with only 10 fine fragrance in the year 2009 and just after 3 short years, they now carry more than 300 fragrances and fragrances oils for perfumery, personal care, household and industrial products.  I've checked their website and I'm amazed on the wide variety of products you can find --- bath and body care, home fragrances and other special fragrance products.  

L-R BC Fragrance Aromatic Diffuser Vanilla Beans Php400.00
BC Fragrance Vanilla Beans Room Fragrance
BC Fragrance Pillow Mist Php150.00

Here's how to use Aromatic Diffusers --- I promise you, it is very simple you get sweet smelling room in less than a minute!
  •  Pour oil into the diffuser bottle
  • Dip sticks mid-level into the diffuser oil.
  • Flip sticks and place wet portion exposed to air
  • Place holder back on bottle and enjoy!

I immediately tried it and I'm happy the scent isn't overwhelming, just a nice hint of vanilla scent as I enter th room!

Aside from room fragrances, linen and pillow sprays.  BC Fragrances also creates customized perfumes.  I have to admit, I get psyched seeing my name printed on bottle!

Parum No. V07-325 Specially made for Nikki Tiu!
Ingredients: Apricot, Lily, Apple, Guava, Dark Chocolate, Tiare, vanilla and Amber
I used my "Nikki Tiu" scent for the past 2 days and I'm loving it!  Thank you Bernadette Lim for this!

And before I end this post, here's the best part!  Our friends from BC Fragrance will be giving away 2 sets of Vanilla Beans Collection!  

How to join?
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  • Comment in this blog post your name and email address and answer this question: "Given the chance to pick any product from BC Fragrance Online Store, which product would you get and why?"
  • Contest starts today ends Aug 10, 2012 (11:50pm local time).
  • One comment per person only.  
  • 2 winners will be picked via Fruit Machine.
  • 2 local winners will be notified via email.  Winners must respond within 48 hours after the email was sent or a new winner will be picked.
BC Fragrance is exclusively available at

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Thanks BC Fragrance and to the rest, good luck!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. i'd love to have my very own custom blend fragrance. that would make someone feel very special.

    anya mendoza

  2. Venus Filipinas Sto. Tomas Pasig City
    I'd pick Vanilla Beans room fragrance to make our simple home smell like a french bakery.

  3. Venus Filipinas
    Pasig City
    I'd pick Vanilla Beans room fragrance to make our simple home smell like a french bakery.

  4. San po pede mabili to?

    1. Hello! You can buy BC Fragrance products from Shipping is free, too!

  5. jhessica recto

    wooahh i'd pick the room fragrance in gardenia...

  6. junellene sapinoso

    i like the home fragrance in Lemongrass.

  7. junellene sapinoso

    I'd the room spray in Lemongrass :)

  8. Name: Aviva Domasian

    Oh my! I was actually thinking of buying the Vanilla Beans room fragrance from Zalora, but I got a towel instead. I looooooove vanilla, so I'd definitely get the Vanilla Beans room fragrance! Vanilla is just so heavenly! I hope to win this!

  9. I love love looooooove Vanilla! So, of course, if ever i'd be given a chance, I would pick out the Vanilla Beans room fragrance. ♥

  10. Vanilla is my favorite scent and flavor in ice cream. Hope to get vanilla beans room fragrance too! Name:Magnolia P. Sulat

  11. Christine Ruste

    I would definitely get the Aromatic Diffuser in Vanilla Bean because I love the soothing vanilla scent and a Mint Pillow Mist so I can relax and feel calmness before I doze off to dreamland.
    I hope I win the set! *fingers crossed*

  12. Jenica Bardos

    I myself would love to have the reed diffuser especially in vanilla beans scent because I really love vanilla! :)

  13. Another Giveaway! Thank you Ms. Nikki!

    Name: Gen-zel D. Habab
    Email :

    Given the chance to pick any product from BC Fragrance Online Store, which product would you get and why?"

    I really want to try their Perfume Oil. It says that you just dab a few on pulse points and oil perfume tends to last long.

  14. I would definitely pick Vanilla Beans room fragrance. so opur house would smell like candies :) yum!

    Name: Editha Fernandez

  15. I can just imagine how heavenly the Vanilla Beans fragrance would smell in my room. Thanks for this opportunity! :)

    Jenny Torres

  16. Rodora Bermudez

    I love all things vanilla and I would want the Vanilla Beans room fragrance.

    I also want to create my personalized fragrance, with (of course) vanilla, caramel, sandalwood and jasmine :)

  17. Name: Angel Aragon-Manalata

    I've always been curious about reed diffusers. I want our room to always smell heavenly, since I stay in it 95% of the time. Plus, I would like to entice the hubby to stay in the bedroom for our bonding sessions, which is watching movies. It would be nice to just lie down in bed, watching a movie (or a series of movies) while cuddling the man that I love while inhaling a sweet scent. I also want the room to smell special, as if we are staying in a hotel suite. ^__^

  18. Neille Anne Casalmer

  19. Neille Anne Casalmer
    BC Fragrance Vanilla Beans Room, THIS! I want this because I always want my room to smell good. <3

  20. Agnes ~Dela Cruz
    O`longapo City

    I want the BC Vanilla beans to compliment the mostly wood fixtures on my bedroom and it will makes me relax after a days work.

  21. Jaja Borja-Laure

    I'd pick Sweet Pea because I love its sweet smell and it reminds me of one of my childhood favorite cartoons- Popeye! It's Popeye's term of endearment to his lovey dovey Olive Oyl. Perfect and sweet! :)

  22. Ceej

    Hi Nikki,

    After reading this post, I want to try the Vanilla Beans Fragrance Aromatic Diffuser too! After working all day, a heavenly smelling bedroom would be the perfect way to end my day :)

  23. Name: Jacqueline Yunun

    I still prefer the aroma of Vanilla Beans reason behind is it gives me a sense of calmness. Since I work in the graveyard shift in a call center for 6 years now, I tend to sleep in the morning but then find myself awake during lunch time. And to avoid the sun from passing through the jalousies in my room, I would hang down the curtains which sometimes give the “kulob” smell. The Vanilla Beans aroma would be of great help to keep my room that calming effect, thus making it conducive to sleeping. Enough sleep would mean more energy at work comes night time. Thanks for the information and giveaway! 

  24. Rhania Escueta Chang

    i havent tried to use this (diffuser) dito ko lang natutunan lahat meron palang mga linen spray, tapos may pillow mist pa.. nakaka-amaze =) then one day napasyal ako sa saizen sa pavillion mall sa binan, then i saw this linen spray.. ah.. so yun pala ang gamit nya.. im curious with this vanilla-scent na amoy =) i want to try this out! lalo na sa room namin.. i want to have that same feeling.. yung maging amoy 5star hotel room ang room namin =) thanks po =)

  25. robin ronquillo -

    i'd pick vanilla bean. because everytime i smell vanilla scent i feel being inlove, and when im inlove im happy! and happiness is the most important thing! and knowing that vanilla scent came from bcfragrance,there for this will last a long time, taken from my experience i had personalized perfume fro bcfragrance and believe me it last a looong time!

  26. Another giveaway! Woohoo. And its a aromatic diffuser pa. I want. Im joining. I want sweet pea. Its nice to come home to a sweet smelling room. Ive already look their muliply site a week ago but due to some budget constraint... Thanks for this giveaway. I hope to win.
    Baby Yap

  27. Lea Ducay

    I'd like to try the Vanilla Beans Room Fragrance. I love scents that are subtle and not too overpowering. It will help me calm my senses, and maybe help me get a good night's sleep. Lately, I've been having sleeping problems.

  28. Lea Ducay

    I'd like to try the Vanilla Beans Room Fragrance. I love scents that are subtle and not too overpowering. It will help me calm my senses and maybe help me get a restful sleep. Lately, I've been having sleeping problems.

  29. full name: claire sereƱo
    Given a chance to try one of BC's product, i would choose Vanilla Beans Room Fragrance since i love to be in my room and having a good sense relaxes me!

  30. Jamee Uy

    I want to try the Pillow Mist. It certainly would help me relax as I go to sleep.

  31. My Nay loves the scent of Vanilla. I would want the vanilla scent and give it to her as a surprise if I win.

    Carlos Andres

  32. Matthew Pua

    I would like to try Vanilla Beans as I want my study area to smell good when I am actually studying. feeling good enables me to be more productive!

  33. Gerilen Polon
    baguio city

    i wanna try the perfumed lotion, because its like hitting two birds with one stone; applying lotion and putting perfume at the same time! :D i just hope the scent would last. saving time is important to new moms like me, my newborn takes most of my time, i bet this product will make my "me time" shorter yet uh-mazing! :P

  34. I want the Vanilla Beans diffuser because I realy like the scent of Vanilla. I know this scent will make me feel more relax and calm.

    Katherine Rose Rivera

  35. I want the Vanilla beans:)Love anything that smells vanilla:)

    Arra Morta

  36. Name: jessa Otero
    Email : jes(.)

    Given the chance to pick any product from BC Fragrance Online Store, which product would you get and why?"

    I really want to try their Perfume Oil coz it last long.

  37. I would buy this Vanilla beans aromatic diffuser because I am sure it smells sweet & lovely plus the diffuser is very cute.

    Mary Ruth Joy Santos

  38. I would want Vanilla Beans Fragrance Aromatic Diffuser. It will surely help me relax after a long day of work beside my boy.

    Kris Sta. Maria

  39. I choose Vanilla Beans - love the fresh sweet smell. Perfect scent to relax and rest in your abode.

    Henley Tabal

  40. hello there,, i would love to have the Vanilla Beans Aromatic Diffuser Fragrance room scent.. that would be in time for my hubby's arrival.. im so excited for him to enter our humble room with the relaxing room scent from BC FRAGRANCE..


  41. If given a chance, I would really love to try the Perfume Oil, I wonder what its smell.. hihihihi...:)

  42. If given a chance, I would really love to try the Perfume Oil, I wonder what its smell.. hihihihi...:)


  43. Hi! I would love to have the Gardenia and Vanilla Beans Aromatic Diffuser Fragrance room scent. I love it because it creates a mild ambiance that will surely like by my family. :O

    Aida Villanueva

  44. Marlene R. Yanga

    I would like to have the BC Fragrance Vanilla Beans Room Fragrance.I just want a YUMMY scent on my room.

  45. Marlene R. Yanga

    i would like to have the BC Fragrance Vanilla Beans Room Fragrance.I just want to have a YUMMY scented room.

  46. Anne lei talaro,

    answer: i already ordered twice to BC fragrance and satisfied with the products. This time I want to try the aromatic diffusers to make our room smell different.

  47. Jen lapis,

    I'd love to try their vanilla beans line because I am a fan of vanilla! It always smells so yummy and I bet Bc fragrance will make my room smell heavenly!

  48. Leonore Lacson -

    I'd love to try vanilla beans because Vanilla scent for me was the best scent ever! It makes my life sweeter everyday!

  49. Elitsa Zdravkova -

    Just the description of Vanilla beans made my mouth water - vanilla frosting, sweet caramel and tonka beans - must be absolutely gorgeous. I'd line one of those please :))


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