Sunday, February 24, 2013

AMW Bulletin: Beyond Beautiful + Giveaway (Closed!!!)

Winners picked March 17, 2013
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Today, I will be sharing a New Cream Silk Commercial video that will be shown on television!  Our dear Heart Evangelista is the new Cream Silk Woman as she goes beyond beautiful with the power of smoother, shinier, so full of life hair!

To celebrate this new commercial, Cream Silk Philippines is giving away 2 gift packs for AMW readers!  Please keep in mind though that the gift packs are not with me at the moment and winners have to pick them up at Bridges PR Makati Office.  (Full address details will be sent to the 2 lucky winners!)  Please read mechanics and follow instructions.

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  • Watch and tweet about the video (video link: with hash tag #BeyondBeautiful  #AskMeWhatsCreamSilk 
  • Click comment in this blog post ONLY ONCE together with your name and email address.
  • Answer this query: "Tell me how you are Beyond Beautiful."  This is a simple activity to remind us to love ourselves!
  • Contest is open to readers in the Philippines who can pick up prize in Makati.
  • Contest starts today ends March 15, 2013.
  • 2 Winners will be picked via fruit machine.

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  1. I am Beyond Beautiful because I care and love my family.

    Gail Capz

  2. Riyalyn Gatdula

    I am beyond Beautiful for just being imperfectly perfect me.. :))

  3. I am Beyond Beautiful because I am simply me... no pretensions, no excess. Just me..
    Mafe Manlapaz

  4. I am Beyond Beautiful by accepting myself for who am I, the flaws & all. :)

    Ma. Elinor Semira
    elinorsemira0124 at gmail dot com

  5. I am Beyond Beautiful because iam simply me :)
    dianne david

  6. I am Beyond Beautiful because iam simply me :)
    dianne david

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  8. Name: Maria Luz Broqueza

    "Beyond BEAUTIFUL" is being Amazing,Fabulous,Confident...I am beyond beautiful becaues Im a Stunning Women with confidence in all my virtue & imperfections, Im proud with my physical attributes and my inner qualities....Being a daugther,a friend, a wife, a mother and ofcourse a Creamsilk user makes me Go beyond beautiful:-)

  9. Czaroma Roman
    cza [dot] roman at yahoo dot com

    I am BEYOND BEAUTIFUL as I appreciate all the little things and goodness in life. I embrace my strength, accept my weaknesses and allow my beauty to shine from within! :)

  10. I love unconditionally. I am beyond beautiful.

    Merlina Palencia

  11. I am beyond beautiful because I am confident. I may not look like Heart but I know I am beyond beautiful in my own way. :)

    Ann Lao

  12. I am beyond beautiful because I always do the best that I can to achieve my goals in life :)

    Michelle Ame

  13. I am a Pinay with dark coloring, brown hair and brown eyes olivish skin, who is beyond beautiful in the eyes of my loving husband.

    Mayla Lagrimas

  14. Beyond beautiful is being yourself and still loving still it despite your imperfections.

    Mae Pedregoza
    maebeth01 at yahoo dot com

  15. I'm beyond beautiful because I always look for the positive side of every situation. :)

    Jaja Laure

  16. I'm beyond beautiful. I'm real.

  17. I am beyond beautiful because it is not the only thing that matters, it is how you can be at your best!

    Bagel Betorin

  18. i am Beyond Beautiful because i don't hold grudges, i let it go.
    Rica Sicad

  19. Katrine Lao

    I am beyond beautiful because I try my best to be the best person I am than yesterday! :)

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  21. I am Beyond Beautiful because I have a BIG Heart,a Warm Smile and a Lovely Hair

    Marlene R. Yanga

  22. Mikee Mae V. Garcia
    I am beyond beautiful because of my strong faith, optimism, enthusiasm to dream and because I am a child of God.

  23. Name: Angelica Aragon-Manalata
    Email Address:

    I am beyond beautiful because I always try to give my best in things that I do. I am beyond beautiful because I would sacrifice the things that I want just to see my loved ones happy. Being beautiful is more than just having a pretty face; a pure and loving heart would show more how lovely a woman could be. ^__^

  24. Name: Joyce A. Gabriel

    I believe my inner beauty that radiates from within is an essential way of going beyond what is really beautiful. The physical features may capture ones attention but what is lasting is the character and attitude as it creates greater impact to people and society.

  25. Thea Moraleja
    I am beyond beautiful because my love radiates to those I care ♥

  26. Ericka Dannielle PiƱon

    I am beyond beautiful 'cause I choose to be happy despite all the negativity. ;)

  27. I am beyond beautiful because I appreciate and respect the beauty of others.

    camille quiambao

  28. Hi Ms. nikki email sent,,Again thank you so much:-)


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