Friday, July 12, 2013

SMART News: MCA Music Partners with SMART to build Philippines' Biggest Music Portal

My love for music dates back to Whitney Houston days.  "One Moment In Time" is the first song I memorized at age 6 and my grandparents would request me to stand at the middle of our living room with a fake microphone on hand and sing them a song every night after dinner!  

No wonder I have a voice of an angel today! *winks winks*  :P

My love for music didn't stop there, I have my own theme song for every important stages of my life!  Let me show you a tidbit of what I call, "The Evolution of my Emo Self".

Carpenter's "Calling Your Name Again"  - Nikki having a crush on Keith highschool days.  Don't ask me why, the song is totally unrelated! :P
Kenny Loggin's "For the First Time" - Boyfriend/Girlfriend stage.  *awww*
Westlife's "My Love" - my practicum days at NAIA for China Airlines.
Lonestar's "Amazed by You" - Our Wedding Song.
"Canon in D" - as I march down the aisle.

Not only that, for my whole "working years", I brought with me my own MP3 player and tiny speaker and listen to music as I work!  (My colleagues can attest to that!)  My boss have given up on "No Music Work Environment" and he lets me do whatever I want as long as I deliver!

So to cut the long story short, I LOVE MUSIC, PERIOD!  That's the reason why I attended Smart Communication's most recent event called Smart Music! 

What I learned that night, aside from enjoying wonderful music at the HYVE, is that SMART will start offering content from MCA Music at a very affordable rates and convenient terms through "Smart Music", Smart Music will offer music downloads for as low as Php15.00 per track as new releases will be sold at Php20.00 each track --- I was told this is the lowest peso rate int he digital music market today!  *yay*

If you are a SMART Subscriber, you can easily access this via smartphone, tablet or laptop through

And because I did register before August 8, I get to choose 5 free songs!  Weee

Now I'm a bit on a dilemma, as I browse through the wide arrays of songs, I can't seem to make up my mind on which songs to pick!

Any recommendations?

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