Tuesday, October 28, 2014

AMW Bulletin: Glad PH's Design Your Baon

You know one thing I like about being a mom aside from the constant reminder of how lucky I am to have a little bundle of joy who brings so much smiles and laughter in the household?

Well, the fact that I am there, to nurture, care and give limitless love.  I may go "Aawww" every now and then when I look at Kyle's "super baby" photos, we always use the hashtag #dontgrowuptoofast but I am actually excited to see my little one grow up into a unique individual!  And one thing I'm more excited about?  Preparing for his "baon" when he finally goes to school!  I recall how excited I was every time I look into my "baon" that was prepared to me by my mom! 

And I can't wait for my turn!  #excitedmuch

And since some of you have been doing the food preparation for your kids and I can see on Facebook and Instagram on how creative most of you are, why not join Glad PH's Design your Kid's Baon Promo? 

This is a creative competition with great prizes at stake!

Follow simple steps below:

Goodluck mommies!
Feel free to tag me on Facebook and Instagram as well if you're joining so I can give you my "virtual moral support"!

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Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


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