Thursday, November 20, 2014

AMW x BDJ Gives: Everything is Possible 2015 Planner

*UPDATE: Congratulations Don Din!

Hi AMW Friends!
Happy Hump-day!
Today, I am so excited to share a "planner" giveaway!  As you all know, each year, I am on a lookout for a good planner/organizer and BDJ Planners has there with me at home!  I have a small planner I lug around for personal/blog related events and makeup bookings while the BDJ Planner stays at home with me for my "day job"  (yes, I have one!  And no, my boss isn't Kyle Nash! :P )  I note down schedules for client calls, details of my candidates and of course and other dreams and doodles while I wait for the person to pick up the phone OR if I'm bored when candidates start to tell me about their work experiences (shhh) 

Yes, you guessed it right, I'm on HR.

Now back to the planner shall we? :P
Thanks to BDJ I was able to get my hands on 3 of their bestselling products ---

The Belle De Jour Power Planner, Everything is Possible and Navi Journal.
Now my big question is, which planner to pick for year 2015?

The BDJ Power Planner

  • Has a lifestyle card - a discount card that can be used to avail special deals from BDJ Partners. For this year, the BDJ Team also partnered with ZAP Philippines to give you access to over 400 merchants nationwide. Compared to the previous editions, coupons are now placed in a separate booklet, to make the coupons more handy and more convenient for the girls to bring around with them.
  • Dance Your Way Through Life page based on “ikigai” concept to help you find your reason to get up every morning and enjoy life with a deep sense of purpose.
  • Time Management Principles -Based Layout to help you get things done
  • Advocacy Tracker to challenge yourself to make a difference
  • Goals, Dreamboard, and Checklists to help you focus on what’s important
  • Health Checklist, Immunization and Menstrual Tracker Pages so you can take good care of yourself
  •  Bills and Cash Flow Tracker Pages to help you manage your income and expenses
  • BDJ Box 7-Day Challenge Tracker and Beauty Essentials Checklist to help you keep track of your BDJ Box experience and create your beauty arsenal
  • Rules of Photography & Travel Shot List pages to guide you to create your own shoot lists tailored to wherever you’re traveling.
I seriously love this because of the coupons and the fact that they partnered with ZAP making it more powerful!

The Everything is Possible Planner, also known as The 2015 EIP planner has the ff:

  • A special weekly layout for your weekly priorities
  • Mantras to keep you on-track in your mission
  • Micro Actions to guide you in your goals
  • Wheel Of Life to help you assess your life focus
  • Year End Workbook to document the things you’ve achieved and learned

What excites me about this is the presence of motivational quotes which I love to read to jumpstart my day!

The NAVI 2015 planner

  • Comes with over Php25,000 worth of coupons from your favorite food and lifestyle haunts. It has 176 full-color smythe-sewn pages, and is 5.6in wide by 7.9in tall. It has an expandable back pocket and comes in a matte leather cover.
  • This planner helps plot your week by having a monopoly of your plotting map. Sketch or write, and collect experiences. Satisfy your curiosity and have them all documented so you can look back and realize how much life has to offer.
  • This also help clear the route. Keep track of the important things and plan out your ventures – Places to go, things to try out, people to meet – scrawl away!
  • You can also explore the world. Learn about places you can explore around the world and gain helpful insights for your upcoming adventures.
Now, with my itchy feet for travel, who doesn't want this planner?  But I'm probably giving this a skip for now and give this to my friends who can travel more than I do!  As much as I want to, I have to wait for Baby AMW to grow bigger so he'll appreciate our travel adventures more!

And before I share to you the planner that got my heart....well, you'll probably guess it right because...I am giving away my favorite planner out of the 3 to ONE Lucky AMW reader!

Any guesses?
YES the 2015 EIP Planner!

Please follow the simple mechanics:
  • Contest is open nationwide.
  • Prize will be shipped directly by BDJ to the winner.
  • Contest starts today ends December 7, 2014.
  • 1 Winner will be picked via Rafflecopter.  Winner will be announced on all my social media accounts and will be emailed.
  • Please join via Rafflecopter (wait for the rafflecopter to load below)
Goodluck fellow planner-loving friends!

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Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


(Product sent by company/PR  for review.  Opinion 100% mine.  Please purchase at your own discretion.)


  1. sherry ann gole cruz
    im excited to find a job!

  2. Bagel Betorin
    I am excited about the possibility that my sister and nephew can come and visit Manila! I haven't seen them for 4 years.

  3. I'm excited with my travel adventures on 2015. I'm looking forward for more happenings good things or bad things but hopefully more on the good things. I know something terrific will come

    Michelle Ame

  4. I'm excited to start my 5th year in college next year! Then, graduate a year after & be CPA by 2016. Haha. I think long term! 😊

    Janella Cruz

  5. Nicole Pare

    I am excited about finally getting my driver's license and driving on my own! :)

  6. Allan Reyes
    I'm excited to hear my daughter speak for the 1st time.

  7. Rhania Chang
    I will turn 10 years of service in the company i am working for by next year of June

  8. 2015: My year of extraordinary promotion (in career and relationship)!

  9. Ann Louise Reyes

    Im excited to finally finish my thesis in UP and find a fullfilling job right after graduation!

  10. Ann Louise Reyes

    Im excited to finish my thesis in UP and get a fulfilling job after graduation!

  11. Danica Ramos

    I'm excited this coming 2015 to see the fruit of my hard work on making my dreams come true. :)

  12. Leanne Lim

    I am excited for 2015 to take on more challenges, grow more as a person and to enjoy every moment. :)

  13. Alyssa Concepcion

    I am excited for 2015 to open new opportunities and more blessings for me that would make me a better person :)

  14. Laurie Rapadas

    I am looking forward to better career opportunities and more travel adventures with my family and friends :)

  15. Anna Liza Razon

    I'm excited to embrace the year 2015 and make more fun memories with my family and friends.

  16. Tasha Bernardo - Din
    I am looking forward to finishing the treatment for my PCOS and God's answer to my deepest prayers - for me and my husband to finally have our bundle of joy. Waiting for a miracle this 2015. =)

  17. Denise Bengzon

    I'm excited about celebrating our first wedding anniversary next year! We got married last July on our 10th anniversary as a couple, but we haven't yet traveled out of the country together so we're planning our first trip for our anniversary. :)

  18. Shiela Marie Calzada

    I'm looking forward for 2015 (and very excited!) because I will be graduating in college woohoo!!! I'm glad that I am able to finish my studies and a very lucky daughter. I am also proud that I''ll be graduating without repeating any levels and/or subjects twice (like failing in one) I was really afraid and nervous of stepping into college when I was younger, I had doubts if i can make it or not and here I am! And that's what I'm looking forward for the coming year 2015 :D


    I am looking forward for 2015 because i will be taking the boards and be employed.

  20. name: Jastene Angelene E. Galacio
    email address:
    "what are you excited about in 2015?"
    -The thing that excites me this 2015 is that I would become a regular employee to the first company I worked. I hope all the things that I worked for this year will pay off.

  21. I'm excited to go on a holiday trip with my family

    Kimberly Camille Tiu

  22. I'm excited to become a CPA! :)

    Jessie Tayag

  23. This 2015, I am excited because we have a new addition to the family. A second baby and hopefully a girl. :)

    Krystle Panganiban

  24. I am excited to go to more places while helping our young people become agents of change for the Philippines.

    Anj Siladan

  25. Im excited about the travel adventures Im going to have this 2015.

  26. Karen Balba

    I am super excited about my baby! :)

  27. Krista Clor

    I'm excited to start new adventures, meet new people, and have a more productive time for blogging!

  28. I am excited about getting back in shape and keeping a healthy lifestyle. It's time for change and taking care of my body is a top priority.

  29. This comment has been removed by the author.

  30. Maria Christina Gumatay
    I am excited to what 2015 has to offer, blessings and opportunities that God will give me.

  31. Gyuri Cruz
    Trips, camps, opportunities, blessings, and senior high!

  32. Gyuri Cruz
    School trips, youth camps, more blessings and opportunities, and senior high!

  33. Engielyn naranja

    I am excited to work on my goals and achieving it and learning new other things. Im excited on what 2015 has to offer. :)

  34. Earlene Ang
    I'm excited for new adventures!


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