Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Olay #MoistureThatLasts Event + Consumer Swap Event

Well, I was lucky enough to be invited to the exclusive press launch because I am definitely looking forward to battle skin dryness.  I want to see what Olay has in store for consumers like YOU and ME!

I was there as early as 11:00am and saw this gorgeous stage set up.

Media and Bloggers alike were invited for this Big Swap event!

The set up was really nice and I can't help but notice a huge air-conditioner right at the center of Robinsons Midtown.

The Air-conditioner is actually the "Swapping" machine!  The area were consumers get to swap their regular non-P&G bar soaps to New Olay Body Wash. 

During the event, the New Olay Body Wash Brand Ambassador graced the stage with her lovely white dress and smooth, glowing skin!  That's Bea Alonzo!  She is very pretty in person and I can't help but notice her super smooth and glowing skin!

Bea mentioned to the crowd her favorite New Olay Body Wash variant!  She loves Sensitive Moisture with Chamomile but just recently tried the Cooling with Strawberry Extract which is turning out to be her favorite especially this summer season.

 Bea helped guests at the "Swapping Machine" and I was actually the first one to try the machine!  Next, I took a shot of Martha during the swap!  It was definitely a fun one!

he long lines after the media swap!  See the excited girls and boys lining up to swap their bar soaps for New Olay Body Wash?  The swapping machine wasn't that complicated so the crowd didn't stay that way for long!  I want to congratulate the whole Olay team for making this event peaceful and orderly!

During the event, I learned why body washes are more effective in keeping your skin hydrated!  Olay Body Wash has 2 active moisturizers - 100% soybean oil and pro-glycerin.  These ingredients help keep skin silky and non-greasy at the same time as it effectively penetrates into the skin layer by layer to lock in moisture!

With fellow Bloggers who attended the event
L-R Martha, Me, Dominique, Shen and Aisa

Up Close with Olay Ambassador Bea Alonzo

After swapping my non-P&G soap, this is what I got!  When Bea asked me if I'm happy with the variant I got!  I told her is just what I need!  Firstly, I haven't tried this variant and secondly, I have extremely sensitive skin  so I'm sure the Sensitive Moisture variant is what my skin is looking for!

That night, after the swap, I took another round of shower this time using my newly "swapped" Olay Sensitive Moisture With Chamomile Body Wash.    I've been using this almost a week and here are my initial thoughts.  (I have reviewed Deep Moisture Variant HERE by the way)

  • The packaging is just right!  I can easily open and close the lid even with wet hands.
  • The scent is very calming!  I was reminded of a cup of chamomile tea whenever I use this variant.
  • The Olay Sensitive Moisture with Chamomile lathers up pretty well so I don't need to use a lot of the product.
  • Even used with "loofah" my skin doesn't feel tight or dry after shower.
  • Skin does not feel oily or greasy so I can imagine this product to work for all skin types.
  • I usually apply body lotions, oils or creams at night before I go to sleep as I sleep in an air-conditioned room, to test Olay's "Moisture Outlast" Body Wash, I skipped body lotions, creams or oils at night and so far, my skin never felt dry or itchy (from dryness) when I woke up the next morning!  I usually have flaking skin the next morning if I used regular soaps.
Were you able to swap your soaps to Olay Body Wash?
If not, have you tried Olay Moisture Outlast Body Wash? 
If yes, don't forget to share your product review on Instagram and tag @OlayPhilippines with the hashtag #MoistureThatLasts for a chance to win 1 year supply of New Olay Body Wash! 

Let me know how you fight skin dryness from air-conditioning!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. wow the event looks so fun ms nikki! at super game kayo lahat pati si ms m! =) ang pretty ni bea alonzo =)

    1. hahah oo para kaming engot! hahahaha

  2. wow, galing naman ng formulation ng olay bodywash! sana malapit lang samen yun venue so i can swap my lotion, see bea alonzo in person and see you, ms. nikki and ms. martha in person.

    1. aww kaso tapos na the swap event :) next time/

  3. Cute machine. I've never tried any Olay body products before only face products.

    From Manila with Love

    1. hahaha the machine is actually make believe, manual siya, may tao sa loob taga bigay ng lotion :D

  4. Gonna try ds asap:) thanks for the info:)



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