Friday, August 21, 2015

AMW Bulletin: Pure Padala

You guys probably know that I used to be an OFW, a proud one!

Date stamp incorrect, photo taken year 2003, Rest in Peace to my co-teacher Boris Shago (left)
 I taught English in China for 3 and a half year and let me tell you one thing, the STRUGGLE of an OFW is indeed real!  Homesickness, is really the worst enemy of any OFW and I'm sure a lot of you out there have one thing in mind --- muster up the strength to be able to send money back home!  

I was lucky I was only 23 back then and I don't have a family to feed!  So my goal was somewhat different, I was there indeed to earn money but also for the experience!  Friends who knew me personally know how much I like to bond with family with grocery shopping dates!  Even in China, I used to linger at Walmart and buy loads of food just because I missed my family so much I always ended up buying more than enough!  I always wish I could at least send some of my hard-earned money back home and treat my parents something nice --- dinner at a nice restaurant, grocery shopping or a massage!  There wasn't much choices back then but to wait until I visit back home (which was once a year) and give them red envelopes.   

I know my worries are measly as compared to the real struggle of an OFW.  I've spoken to a couple of OFW friends and their number 1 worry?  How to ensure safety of the money they send back home?  How can they have a peace of mind to know the money they sent will be put in good use?  How can they ensure tuition fee money are fully paid?  Will their family back home have enough groceries to last for a month?

Trust me when I say, when you're out there alone, you have so much time to worry even the simplest things!

That's why when I read about Puregold Padala in my mailbox, I had to share this to my readers!  Especially readers who are OFWs or readers who may have a close family members who are living and working abroad!  

Pure Padala is the newest service of Puregold which allows OFWs to send money to their loved ones with a specific end in mind --- groceries?  Tuition Fee? 

They got you covered!  You can easily have your family members buy their groceries at Puregold supermarket!
Thank Goodness someone finally thought of that!  

And can you imagine if you are a hardworking OFW with small business back home?  Let's say a sari-sari store?  An Internet Cafe?  This money remittance scheme definitely makes any OFW's life and the family better!

And even if my mom and dad never required me to send them money when I was working abroad, I'm sure they would appreciate money remittance for groceries!  I still send GCs for supermarket shopping for mom and dad nowadays and I can see how happy and appreciated they felt! 

Feel free to click these videos for more information about Pure Padala!

And perfect for them to pick Gary V. as their endorser because I can always hear him sing: "Kay Tagal Mo Nang Nawala..babalik ka din.."

I hope my readers who are living and working abroad finds this piece as a "hope" in cyberspace!  A great news indeed!
Feel free to share this information too to your OFW friends!

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