Saturday, August 1, 2015

My #Dove7DayTest Result

If you follow me on Instagram, you probably knew by now that I put on hold all my existing facial washes and will actually go back to facial cleansing in its' simplest form --- the use of bar soap.

When I received the #Dove7DayTest Kit, I literally nodded and said: "I'll Do It!"  
I wasn't scared at all because I've been accustomed on using Dove Facial Cleanser (remember my Pregnancy Skincare post?) , not really the bar soap but if a particular brand or "line of product" works for me, I have confidence that their whole line would work for me too!  I don't know about you but let me know if you feel the same!

So I immediately used Dove White Beauty Bar soap that night when I received the kit.  Look at my face!  It was 1:00am, I was tired from all the day's activities and my skin was extremely dry.

You don't believe it?  Let me zoom it for you!
Hi-definition camera, I am starting to dislike you! :P

Yes, I may not have large pores but the dry skin condition makes my face look like a Sahara Desert!  I only need a couple of camels roaming around my face and the picture is complete!  

Now joking aside, I gave the Dove White Beauty Bar soap a try!  It didn't feel much different as that of my favorite Dove Beauty Moisture Facial cleanser the moment I lather it up!  The familiar wonderful scent immediately soothe my tired senses and I was immediately in good mood!  (Keep in mind the scent is personal preference, some may like it, some may not...I DO!)

That is me channeling "Dove Beauty Ad" #LOL  But seriously, it was a genuine smile!  Skin did not feel dry or rough and for that ultimate test, I went to bed without applying any moisturizer.

So I did that for the rest of 7 days!  On the 7th day, I took a close-up photo of my skin just for reference!  I personally think it didn't do anything or there wasn't much changes on 7th day!  What I've been doing for the past 7 days though is how much I love to wash my face!  I'm not sure if it's the weather or it is just the feeling of "soap" not doing enough of the job, I kept on washing my face and I ended up even doing up to 4-5 times in a day!  

7th Day "Unforgiving" Close-Up Skin
Still dry right?  I thought so too!  But when I connected both my Pre-Dove Beauty Bar photo and the after 7-days of Dove Beauty Bar Soap photo, I was surprised!

There was indeed a difference!  Photos aren't photo-shopped by the way guy, I won't get rich if I do so!  *laughs*  So yeah, all you see is the real thing!  I am really impressed!

If I'm not a Beauty Blogger doing product reviews on different skincare brands, I wouldn't mind just staying with Dove White Beauty Bar Soap!  Since I'm going back to testing, I find myself to use this soap to wash my face and body on every shower time!  

I now call this my "In-between facial washing soap"!  No matter how many times I wash my face, my skin didn't turn out dry or flaky at all!  So good job Dove!  

And best of all, no breakouts for me!
P.S. My experience may be different from yours!  The comment section is open for your personal experiences with Dove Bar Soap!

Now, on to the exciting part...CONTEST TIME!

Dove Philippines and AskMeWhats collaborated to give away 5 #Dove7DayTest Kit for you to try this yourself!  How?

  • Contest starts today ends August 15, 2015.
  • 5 winners will be picked via Random generator and will be notified via email.
  • Comment together with your name and email address and answer this question: "Which particular part of AMW's review made you extremely excited to try the #Dove7DayTest Kit?"
  • Comment only once.
  • Follow me on Instagram @AskMeWhats and look for the photo I uploaded a couple of days ago (same as the first photo above).  Regram the photo with the ff. statement: "Read @AskMeWhat 's results on her #Dove7DayTest , I want to try it too!  @Doveph #RealBeauty #AMWxDove7DayTest"
Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. I like that it doesn't dry the skin. I want to experience it too!
    -trinette chang

  2. I like the part on the review where in you showed that your skin was dry and how dove helped in moisturizing your skin. Just like me I have a very big issue on dryness. My skin is super duper dry so I really want to try and experience the transformation.^_^

    Angelica Monique B. Lugtu

  3. The part wherein you compare the results. I was convinced and I can see difference and I woul like to try it myself.

    Katrine Lao

  4. I liked that it did not make your skin rough, dry and flaky and it did not cause any skin breakouts. It gave good results given that it's only a soap. So I'm very excited to try the #Dove7DayTest.

    Tasha Bernardo - Din

  5. I liked that the changes were evident on you for just 7 days! What more if you continued to use it? :) i want to experience it too! Trisha chang,

  6. The before and after results are simply amazing.

    Allan Reyes

  7. I can also certify that Dove doesn't dry out the skin. We are absolutely Dove girls! :) Love the before/after part.


  8. Karah Mae Santos

    Im so excited with the 7 days challenge. Your skin whitens by using dove soap. I cant believe that its true.

  9. I like the part when you compare your before and after picture. Sometimes it may not visible but when you touch your skin after using Dove you'll see the difference. I experience this and I am proud to say I am a Dove girl :)
    Maricris T. Abarabar

  10. I got excited in the part where you zoom in the shot and compare it, to see the difference. :) Ohhh!! i wanna try it now!! *laughhhh*
    Vicenica Pagkatipunan

  11. I like the fact that it did not cause any skin breakouts which makes it a good facial wash considering its price. Sulit!!

    Bagel Betorin

  12. The comparison picture of your skin for the "before and after" effect is extremely convincing for me to try and see the magic that dove will do to my skin.

    Bernadette Balino

  13. I was amazed by the results from before & after photos Ms. Nikki! ❤️ I also have some visible pores on the cheek and nose area that I want to minimize by trying #Dove7DayTest. Seeing is believing! Hoping to try this very soon! ๐Ÿ˜Š

    Charlene Mae Ygnacio

  14. I was amazed by the results from before & after photos Ms. Nikki! ❤️ I also have some visible pores on the cheek and nose area that I want to minimize by trying #Dove7DayTest. Seeing is believing! Hoping to try this very soon! ๐Ÿ˜Š

    Charlene Mae Ygnacio

  15. I felt that I need to try the #Dove7DayTest. The photos in this blog is so amazing that makes me wanna try Dove soap. At age 52, I need to replenish my skin. Hope to get picked!! :) Already reposted the photo on IG :)

    Elvira Ygnacio

  16. When I saw your before and after picture of doing Dove challenge, I was amazed with the results. Although, I can testify that Dove really works. Because when my sister started to use Dove I noticed the difference on her skin. I noticed some glow on her skin. Then when I read your blog and read your review with pictures. I am now excited to try the Dove7DayTest
    Hershey Ann Gercio

  17. The particular part of AMW's review made you extremely excited to try the #Dove7DayTest Kit is the result you have after using dove soap.i really want to experience the same,to have a smooth skin so i can spread the wonderful result with my family and friends!
    sherry ann gole cruz

  18. The part when you show the result. The before and after effect after using Dove convince me to start and try Dove Beauty Bar!
    Manilyn M. Agus

  19. i was extremely excited to try the #Dove7DayTest Kit because i want to see the result in me like what you have shown the before and after using the Dove White Beauty Bar Soap..
    Leny Martinez

  20. It made me so much excited when I read the part that you smell the wonderful scent of Dove beauty bar. its my favorite scent among Dove variants.
    Jeda Gonzales

  21. Charmaine Claro
    I am extremely excited to try the #Dove7DayTestKit because when you said that no matter how many times you wash your face your skin didn't turn out dry or flacky at all. Great review! ๐Ÿ˜Š

  22. Currently doing a review of a whitening bar soap, so I have to use it. I noticed it somehow dries up my skin. The part of this post that made me want to try the #Dove7DayTest is that it doesnt make ur face rough and dry. I think my face is already begging for justice. Lol. My face and body need to breath and rest from harsh chemicals ;) i love my skin as much as i love my kids ♥♥♥

    Reylen Casrtro

  23. This ''
    Yes, I may not have large pores but the dry skin condition makes my face look like a Sahara Desert! I only need a couple of camels roaming around my face and the picture is complete!'' Parang ako sa skin ko parang lupa na hindi nakaranas ng ulan ng mahabang panahon, =) I want to try it for my self too the #Dove7DayTest

    Almaira Casanguan

  24. The particular part in your review that made me excited to try the Dove 7 day test was when you showed the before and after pictures of your 7 day experience. It may look like nothing happened but when you zoomed in it showed that your skin looks soft and moisturized after 7 days. I hope I can try the dove 7 day test as well. :)

    Rosanne Alexis Villapando

  25. I am so glad to hear that the Dove 7 day test really removes the dryness and flakiness of our face!
    Celin Mendoza

  26. The part that I really like is the comparison of before and after. That proves that Dove can do wonders without noticing it at first. More power and thank you for the chance.
    Jing Jing Torre

  27. The after effects because you can really see the good effects!
    Nicole Bustamante

  28. It really made me excited to try it too when you said that no matter how many times you wash your face, your skin didn't turned out dry or flaky! And that is awesome! ☺๐Ÿ˜Š

    Rizalynn Villanueva

  29. I liked the part wherein you showed the before and after picture and it really shows the changes in your skin.

  30. I liked the part wherein you show the before and after picture because we really noticed the effect of dove and made me excited to try it.

  31. I liked the 2nd to the last photo (before and after) where your skin looks more firm and whiter. I usually use facial wash on my face. Parang using a soap lang is old school for me since madami nang lumabas na facial wash.. So, I'm excited to see the #Dove7DayTest effect on my skin.

    Annie Castillo

  32. I liked the close up skin shot wherein you compared the results after. I am extremely excited to try the #Dove7DayTest on my own and feel the same way like what you had Ms. Nikki. The aura in your photos are so glowing and fresh.

    Allyzon Mae S. Sabio

  33. The particular part I am extremely excited is that my skin would not get dry. Just like you Ms. Nikki, I also have dry skin. I cannot go on the day without moisturizer because it shows. I would want to try this if the result on your skin would be the same on mine. Crossing fingers!

    Claire Sereno

  34. Us girls po kasi minsan hindi lumalabas o takot lumabas without make ups.. Maganda talaga sa Dove products, inilalabas nito ang natural look and beauty natin at mas pinapaganda ang kutis natin.. The particular part of this review niyo po na gustong-gusto ko is 'yung 'pag-post niyo ng without make-up (first and last photo) at kitang kita ang difference and how Dove make your skin so smooth and moisturized! Hope to win too para ma-try ko din! Thanks po! :)

    Emilie Udasco

  35. I like the before and after part photos. I'm convinced and excited to see the result on my skin. ;))

    Anna Liza Razon

  36. I got shocked when I saw the comparison between the before and after of your face. I really liked how Dove has made your skin soft-looking and made your complexion fairer! I got giddy! I'm so excited to try #Dove7DayTest too! :)

    Sheila Mae Mascariรฑas

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