Saturday, December 19, 2015

Gift of Entertainment from IFLIX, PLDT and SMART

Since AskMeWhats became AskMeMom, there are only 1 thing I ask for: "TIME for Myself".
And that happens every time my son takes a nap or sleep at night!  I use that TIME for Myself wisely by enjoying my nighttime beauty routine, chat with my husband AND enjoy my favorite movies or series via IFLIX.

I can't count the times I watched Friends ---- that's my easiest stress-buster!  I find myself giggling in the dark trying hard not to make a sound.  Or watching chick-flick is another not to overthink and just feel good.  

When I got an invite from my Smart family in collaboration with PLDT Home and IFLIX, I knew something exciting (something I'm interested in) is at stake!  So I went there amidst my extremely busy schedule.

The event was hosted by the ever lovely and funny Bianca Valerio --> this girl is everywhere!  Don't you think? 

Gift of Entertainment from IFLIX, PLDT and SMART event photos

So I won't go creating a long post for this because you guys want to get to the point --- what is the Gift of Entertainment from the 3 giants?

Patrick Grove, Chairman of IFLIX shared how the Philippines TOP other countries like Malaysia and Thailand in terms of downloads!  With over a million members within 6 months of launch, IFLIX was able to offer consumers the largest library of top Hollywood, Asian Regional and Local TV shows and movies.  

And because of that, to thank the loyal subscribers, from mid-December, all Smart, Sun and TNT subscribers will receive a 3-month Iflix subscription bundled with their existing service (valued at Php387.00), sponsored by Smar at NO additional charge.  

PLDT Home subscribers on the other hand will enjoy 12-months of IFLIX (Valued at Php1,584.00) at no additional charge, for all DSL, Fibr, uLTEra, or Telpad plans.

The collaboration will enable the launch of significant product breakthrough with instant access for Smart, Sun and TNT customers.  To access subscription, eligible Smart customers simply to go to or the iflix app, with no need to sign up or sign in!  That's a world first! 

And even PLDT and SMART EVP and Head of Consumer Business Ariel P. Fermin said: "Our latest collaboration with Iflix reflects our promise to drive digital innovations that allow our customers to live a richer Smart Life."

Manny V. Pangilinan, Chairman of PLDT was also there to support this collaboration
 I am so proud to be part of a family who gives back to their loyal subscribers.  Congratulations IFLIX, PLDT and SMART!

For new subscribers, Iflix offers a complimentary 30-day trial and full access to Iflix's world-class service, features and content, with no credit card or payment details required.  Go to to register.

Thank you IFLIX, PLDT and SMART for the gift of entertainment.
Now since we are on the topic of being thankful, I guess, I would like to insert something personal after seeing this video...

I have always been very vocal with my closeness with my mom but I haven't really talked much about my dad!  Well, our relationship was more like the typical traditional Chinese family.  The father works, the mom stays at home so I always tend to acknowledge my mom instead of "mom and dad" whenever I celebrate mini triumphs!  Watching this video is really a wake-up call on how my dad played a huge part on how I am today!  I may have accounted a lot of them to my mom but looking back, it was how he required us to practice writing every summer and have it checked every night he came home from work that made me such a disciplined "work-from-home-employee" that I am now!  

It was his strictness with our allowance that I realized pushed us to at least, work part-time to earn money so we can buy the things we like.  (Dude, Php20.00 a week!  Kaya niyo yan?  For commute ang naman because I go home to eat!  hahaha That was the year 90's by the way...still maliit pa rin as compared to my friends!)  It was how I never see him raise his voice and remain calm amidst various crazy situations at home that made me the calm woman I am now even at the most stressful state (well, except traffic! :P)

I can go on and on and on on how THANKFUL I am to have my dad, I may have wanted a different dad when I was younger but now, I thank GOD every night because he is the perfect dad for me!  I could never ask for anyone else!
What are you thankful for this Holiday Season ?
How does the video affect you?  
It affected me so much I inserted such personal matters here!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Sorry Ms. Nikki but globe subscribers kasi Kame but I want to switch in pldt sorry (globe) Pero lagi kasi mahina signal. Nakakaiyak naman yung video naalala ko tuloy yung tatay ko kagaya nyo hindi rin ako masyado close sa tatay ko maka Nanay kasi ko kahit na ako yung bunso sameng apat na magkakapatid. Hindi kasi namen sya makakasama ngayong darating na pasko because of some reason. Lalo na yung background music gustong gusto nya mga kanta ng bread lagi nyang pinapatugtog yan lalo na yung everything I own! Thank you Ms. Nikki for sharing this video sobrang natouch talaga ko!!! Happy Holidays poh and Godbless!!!

  2. Globe signal is way stronger here but we envied the smart cause they have iflix hehehe.


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