Saturday, July 30, 2016

AMW Bulletin: Bridgestone Campaign

I have been driving for so many years!  I remembered how excited I was when my mom willingly taught me how to drive!  It was at the back street of our house then, were there are approximately 12 humps, zero people walking and a couple of up and down hills.  

Then I got my license at the age of 18.  I felt like a rock star!  I thought I was invincible, until the day I had my first flat tire.  

I was ABSOLUTELY clueless, too scared to even get down the car to ask for help because it was right in the middle of nowhere.  So I had no choice but to force myself to look for a gas station and ask help from there.  Thankfully, everything went well, but that's when I realized, owning a car, learning how to drive a car will never be enough!  

Thankfully, a tire company Bridgestone launches a new campagin putting tires as the most important safety component of every car!  Bridgetone hopes to push the HINDI NA PWEDE ANG PWEDE NA 'YAN Campaign throughout the year.  

For more information and videos on the Bridgestone campaigns, please follow Bridgestone Philippines on Facebook, @BridgestonePH on Instagram and Twitter, and visit their website

I'm so happy companies are starting to do campaigns for road safety, as I've seen so many accidents happening around the Metro for the past months!

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  1. I shared the link to both of my brother they incessantly talk about car parts and stuff! We don't have a car but, my Anyah and Shotie studied automotive under TESDA during their summer vacation before hitting college. Now all of my tita trust them whenever our clan plan to have an outing.

  2. Thanks so much for this, Nikki!! :) <3


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