Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Holistic Skincare Tips I Live By

"You have good skin!"
"Your skin is pore-less"

"You don't look like your age!"

These are just some of the "feel good" statements I get from time to time!  I always joke around and say: "Thanks to my mom and dad!"  But we all know it's not just about the genes.  We may be blessed with good genes but given the fact that our skin is exposed to internal and external factors (stress, lack of sleep, pollution, unhealthy lifestyle, etc...) that produce Free Radicals, it will risk cell damage which will be manifested through our skin!

AMW Skin Issues ---

  • Lifeless skin
  • Redness
  • Some wrinkles showing up especially on my laugh lines
  • Dry skin
Some Skin Care Tips I Live by ---

  • Use the right skin care products.  By far, this tip seems easy but after doing a lot of workshops, I learned most of my clients do not use the right skincare products. There are so many brands out there that are available targeting the needs of your skin.

  • Avoid over exfoliating.  Anything too much will always be bad.  Most of my oily-skinned clients are looking for products that will keep their face feeling squeaky-clean!  And as much as they want to keep the shine at bay, they don't realize that they are actually stripping off their skin's protective layer/sebum.  As I always say, stripping off too much oil will make the skin "think" that they need more oil to protect the skin's exterior, thus, cells will work harder to produce even more sebum!

  • Sunscreen should be part of your daily life like food and water!  As much as anything SPF related seems foreign to us, it is a must to understand that both UVA and UVB rays of the sun can contribute to cell damage!  And don't just pick any sunscreen!  After constant research, I learned that the Zinc Oxide present in sunscreens are actually drying, so look for sunscreens that aren't just grease-free, look for one with added moisturizer to keep our skin hydrated as we get protected under the sun.  When to apply sunscreen?  20-30 minutes before you get exposed under the sun!

  • Never sleep with makeup on.  No matter how tired and sleepy I am, I may skip toner, moisturizer or eye creams on really energy-less days but I never sleep with make up on!  NEVER!  Most make ups consist of chemicals that are harmful for our skin.  Most makeup even block the pores of our skin which may cause pimples, acne and worst, wrinkles!

  • Watch out your diet.  If you have extreme skin condition, most of the time, your dermatologist will actually ask about your diet.  As we all know, healthy skin does not only rely on the outside but also on the inside.  It is also best to think about your emotions too! 

  • Take your vitamins! Since we are on the topic of watching your diet and on taking care not only on the outside but inside, I am a strong believer of taking your Vitamins especially Vitamin E!  Vitamin E has the most Anti-Oxidants and it helps protect our cells from damage which we cannot do so on the outside.  Long-time readers of my blog would know that I take my Myra Capsules. You get the best kind of skincare when you take care of your skin from the inside, that’s the power of Holistic skincare!

  •  And finally, here's a short yet sweet review.

Myra Capsules ---
  • Myra Capsules contain Vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant that fights bad free radicals.
  • Myra works from within to protect cells from damage, kaya mas tumatagal ang pagka healthy, young-looking at glowing ng skin
AMW says ---
  • Taking Myra Capsules does not give side effects.
  • Skin is less dry even with the absence of moisturizer at times.
  • Skin feels tight and "bouncy".
  • There are so many times I skipped body moisturizer and my arms and legs do not have flaky-skin (From extreme dryness).
  • I get compliments on looking "fresh" a couple of times.
Now the big question I get from readers -- "How to Differentiate 300E from 400E?"

Both are actually good for the body and give the benefit of Vitamin E.  300 E has 300 International Units (IU) (the unit of measure for the amount of vitamins) while 400E has 400 IU.  If you are just starting out taking Vitamin E and would want a lower dosage, you can always start with Myra 300E and graduate to 400E.   Also, they differ in price points.  Myra 300E is Php8.05 per capsule while Myra 400E is Php12.24 per capsule.

Suggested Retail Price: 

Myra 300E 
Php241.50 per bottle of 30s
Myra 400E 
Php93.00 per box of 8s
Php354.90 per box of 30s
Php1,224.00 per box of 100s

Do you take Vitamin E as part of your skin care regimen?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


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