Friday, September 23, 2016

GSK Allies Against Dengue

Most moms would know Calpol because this medicine has been recommended to our little Angels by Doctors.  And thankfully, GSK COnsumer Healthcare (the makers of Calpol) binds public and private organisations in new partnership to reduce impact of dengue burden on society.


By joining forces with other organizations in the Philippines including the Department of Health (DOH), Philippine Pharmacists Assocation (PPHA), Mercury Drug Corporation, and CNN Philippines in a united effort to support the nation to defeat dengue.  Especially since Dengue is actually the fastest-growing vector-borne infection in the world and Southeast Asia is the epicenter of dengue mosquito breeding due to its tropical climate.  As we all know, we always see in news how this disease outbreak has spread to more areas in our country.

Allied Against Dengue (AAD) was created as a non-profit open platform with the aim to empower healthcare providers, organizations and communities; and reduce the impact of dengue on the nation in a holistic manner from prevention and control to management. 

For more information on Allied Against Dengue and how to be an ally, contact them at 1800-14441-0884/ 1800-8908-8275 or at  Let us all join the fight against this deady fever-causing disease and be a proud Ally Against Dengue.  I know I can't do much but all I can do is share this post to all my readers and hope you do the same!

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  1. My Mother in law give us the same brand a few weeks ago. I don't what to used them since I don't want Bananak to got fever. But when it needed I think the brand is nice to use. Thanks for sharing Miss Nikki :)


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