Monday, August 2, 2021

Dove Deo-Lotion In Sachet!


Dove Antipeerspirants and Deodorants have been part of my hygiene solution for years!  I may have tried (or tested) different brands, Dove stayed as my “safety” and “dependable” solution without worrying about underarm darkening.

“Why should you even wear Deodorant when you’re staying at home?”

I find this the best chance for me to revive my “pits”.  And mind you, wearing Deos and Antiperspirants aren’t for other people, I do it for myself.

With the lockdown, I find my schedule to be more packed than ever!  

Making sure the house is clean, I also make sure my family is well-fed!  Starting from breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner, I also look after and care for my hyper active 8-year old son who constantly runs to me for some play time!  Aside from that, I log on to different Zoom meetings, product shoots, photoshoots for my Social Media and does a lot of work for my makeup classes and PR consultancy.  

In between, I try to squeeze in a quick exercise as much as possible to maintain that constant energy that I am proud of!  

Dove Ultimate Repair Antiperspirant Stick in Fresh Lily has been my go-to Anti-Perspirant because it smells great, it keeps my underarm dry and smelling fresh all day!  And best of all, it does not darken my underarm because I’ve had bad experiences in the past!  Thankfully, my underarms also looks visibly even-toned and smooth!

And recently, I found myself leaning into “lotion-type” Deodorant because I find them less drying since my underarm tends to dry out more than the rest of my body!  I’ve found their newest Dove Ultimate REpair Dark Marks Corrector Deo-Lotion in sachet form!  

I recently switched from stick to Deo-lotion and I am in love!  A little goes a long way and the product is easy-to-spread!  The product does not leave a white cast so you don’t see weird white marks when you raise your arm!  Also, I stay fresh all-day even after workout or cooking non-stop!  

In about pea-size amount, it spreads evenly all over you underarm and it stays dry for the whole day!  I usually use it early in the morning after shower and shower again late at night before I go to bed!  The product promises 48H protection but I only tested it for 12 hours and I think that is enough since I can never survive more than 12H of not showering!

I will definitely continue using this alternating on my favorite stick form and now Lotion form!  Both does not leave residue and both can leave my underarm feeling smooth, clean and fresh-smelling!

Have you tried any DOVE Deos and Anti-perspirant?
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