Wednesday, February 23, 2022

Pandapro subscribers score big savings on Pandapro week


I use Foodpanda app at least 3 times a week.  I said at least because I use the app to buy food to surprise my sister and my parents, I also use this app to buy food on my no-cook weekends.  Aside from that, I also buy my groceries there since I prefer staying home as much s possible.  

When Foodpanda introduced their Pandapro subscription, I immediately joined and have been enjoying Free Shipping offers, discounts and a whole lot more!

And with the coming Pandapro week, Pandapro members can save up to Php1,000 more!

Pau-Pau’s here to surprise
 pandapro members with exclusive vouchers and deals for pandapro week. Get the chance to stock up on your favorites, satisfy cravings, and save as much as 1,000pesos!

 Perks are available to first-time and existing subscribers  but hurry! These sweet deals are available only from February 21-26, 2020.

Check out vouchers and deals below, and start shopping here.


 FEBRUARY 21 - 26


 2x free delivery vouchers (use code 299 MOV) thatcan be used all week for pro users (limited to one timeper user per day) 


 1x each of 70 OFF pickup and groceries vouchers(use code MOV 299) 


 50% off 12-month plan at 300 pesos only 

 FEBRUARY 24 - 26

 40% off on 1,500 vendors LIMITED TIME ONLY 

Not a member yet? Be part of the #pandaproClub in four easysteps:

 Go to your profile in the app

 Below your name tap ‘become a pandapro

 Select your plan

 Set your preferred payment method

 Keep smilin'

Stay happy!


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