Wednesday, March 19, 2008

MAC Lipglass in Prrr Review

I am a lip gloss addict!!!! (well, aside from being a mascara, foundation, e/s, etc...) *giggles*

I am one hell of a lady who loves to lick my lips! And putting on a super glossy and sticky lipgloss is yucky and gross for me!!! I ended up not putting any at all and finally ended up with a chapped dry lips :)

Aside from my ever faithful lip balms and moisturizers, I am always in search for a good lipgloss that I can really stick my butt to! That's were MAC Lipglass came in to my life.

Here's how it looks like in Prrr color

With Flash

Without Flash

Askmewhats says ---

  • it is indeed very natural "glossy" "dewy" kinda look
  • it isn't too sticky, just the right kind
  • has a whole wide range of colors
  • doesn't taste yucky
  • it did stayed for more than an hour (considering most lipglosses I used won't last an hour)

  • it is a bit pricey compared to other lip glosses available in the market
  • that's it! for now :D
Will I repurchase?
Yes, in different colors :D

Your askmewhats,


  1. You have nice, full lips. Lipgloss is such a waste on my tiny, thin ones! Lol. It looks good on you though. :]

  2. hey amy thanks! This "nice full lips" your talking about can dry the hell out of me! It chaps, it cracks, hahaha But thanks :D

  3. another good review from you. :-)

    thanks, i might try it soon.

  4. Is this a clear lipgloss? I think this is the color Paris Hilton wears too...hehe. I've never tried MAC's lipglasses.

  5. I love MAC's Lipglass, especially Tinted Lipglass and Lipgelée!

    Prrr is a pinky-peach with icy shimmer... which is great for just a hint of colour.

  6. fabu-less, yes, Liz is right! Mac Prrr is a peachy pink color and really light!!! Looks really good on lips that are a bit dark already or naturally corlored (like mine). You're right again, it looks "paris hilton-y" hehehe

  7. yep! this is the same one that paris hilton wears. :) MAC Lipglass in Prr.

    Russian Red is still my love. :D

  8. Russian Red I should give this a try when I'm at the MAC Counter, you looked great in red!


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