Wednesday, January 17, 2018

MAC Here Comes Joy...

I don't know about you but Highlighters give me the HIGH!
"But I can't see it when applied!" 
That's the beauty of highlighting products, you aren't supposed to see them but it lifts your face like no other!  And I recently found it in a Limited Edition product called MAC Opalescent Highlighter (From MAC Snow Ball Holiday 2017 Collection).

a photo of MAC OPALESCENT HIGHLIGHTER Here Comes Joy review by AskMeWhats Nikki Tiu

Thanks to my sister-in-law for gifting me this!  The packaging itself is already a gift!  If you look at it closely, it indeed look like you're holding a bunch of snow!  The muted gold packaging is actually smooth but the texture looks like a crumbled foil!  I love it!  No amount of photography can show you how great it looks, you have to touch them ad see them in person.

a photo of MAC OPALESCENT HIGHLIGHTER Here Comes Joy review by AskMeWhats Nikki Tiu

My sister-in-law gifted me 2 and one is lighter in color, I can't accept it in my heart to get 2 compacts so I actually returned one for her and asked her to use it instead!

Let's talk about the shade I picked for myself -  HERE COMES JOY

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

CLIO Gelpresso Waterproof Pencil Gel Liner review

I remembered the time colored pencils were a thing in the Blogosphere.  Everyone wanted the most colorful liners!  I remembered hoarding from brands like NYX, Urban Decay (247) then Make Up For Ever!

The love for colored liners died down for the past years and I found myself opting for the subtle ones --- blacks, browns, grays and beige!  

Then the Korean craze arrived our shores and the colors are coming back!  As much as I used to love colored liners, I feel most of them don't last and tends to smudge!  So thankfully, I found an alternative!  The brand that came from where else?  K-pop land!  The CLIO Gelpresso liners are not only eyeliner pencil pens --- they are GEL in a Pencil Liner format!

CLIO Gelpresso Waterproof Pencil Gel Liner
Php620.00 each

a photo of CLIO Gelpresso Waterproof Pencil Gel Liner review by Nikki Tiu

I got 5 shades to try, they are mostly shimmery because --- ahmm.... K-POP?

L-R 01 Pink Shine, 04 Maple Bronze, 05 Power Play, 
13 Golden Black and 14 Emerald Lagoon

Monday, January 15, 2018

Sleek Matte Me Browns Goes Natural to Fierce!

 Happy Monday AMW Friends!
I know it's the start of a new year and I told myself to wear more colored lip products more often!  As much as I've been trying my best, I can't keep my hands away from browns when I saw the newest Matte Me Browns from Sleek MakeUP.

In a way, some shades are super nice for daily use for the others are meant for special occasions. Remember the movie The Craft?  Well, the 2 darkest shades reminded me on that!  But it's just because I am so fair the dark brown appears super distinct!  

Are you ready to see the 4 new Matte Me Brown shades I got?

L-R Cinnamon Spice, Roasted Almond, Hazelnut Crush and Chocolate Meringue

a photo of Sleek Makeup Matte Me Browns Review in Cinnamon Spice, Roasted Almond, Hazelnut Crush and Chocolate Meringue by Nikki Tiu

At a Glance,  the top 2 shades are perfect for day time use while the bottom 2 are perfect for night out.
a photo of Sleek Makeup Matte Me Browns Review in Cinnamon Spice, Roasted Almond, Hazelnut Crush and Chocolate Meringue by Nikki Tiu

Sunday, January 14, 2018

After 4 Years, We're Back at Denny's, in the Philippines!

Almost four years ago, we dined at Denny's San Francisco when Kyle was around 11 months old!  I won't forget that day because I was done with a Grand Event Launch and the dad and baby just woke up and we were all hungry so we head on to the nearest American Restaurant for comfort food and family bonding.

Fast forward to today, I've heard about the arrival of Denny's Restaurant but I never thought of getting in without my boys!  I guess, I'm just sentimental that way!  If ever I'll dine in this restaurant again, it'll be the 3 of us just to reminisce old times.

And the funny thing was, it had to be at Sta. Rosa, Laguna!  We had a short family staycation just before my year gets busier each week!

Upon checking out the menu, it was totally different from the ones I saw in the US, they added more Filipino Dishes and even Filipino Breakfast meals to cater the locals.  

I was craving for Waffle so I have to get this!

Saturday, January 13, 2018

AskMeMom: Is Your Drinking Water Safe?

If you follow me on Instagram, you'll know that I didn't enjoy Christmas as much as I did in the past years.  Why?  Kyle got really sick!  He had loose bowel movement and have been going to the toilet 7 times a day (minimum!) 

He was in pain and it was the worst feeling any parent would feel!  

After seeing blood in his stool, I got panic and had his stool tested right away!  Turned out, he has bacteria and possible Amoebiasis (that's according to his Pedia) so he ended up taking 2 different brands of Antibiotics for his whole Christmas Break.  (Super kawawa)

Just like any other moms, I felt bad.  I am a type of mom who wanted him to be a kid!  Let him run around freely on dirt, drink and eat anything his heart desires (as long as it is within his diet).  It was that week we go out a lot for Christmas gatherings and I remembered him drinking juices and water from restaurants.

As much as I wanted to be that "cool" mom who lets him enjoy childhood (and dirt), I guess we are at this moment of time that nothing is safe anymore.  Bacteria are wilder an stronger than over as compared to my childhood years!  So I am back to being vigilant especially with the water he drinks.  It's better safe than sorry! #LessonLearned

Before Christmas Break was over, I make sure to spend more quality and fun times with my son to make up for the lost break!  We head on to a nearby park and played his favorite game --- BUBBLES!

I was rushing so I didn't get the chance to prepare for his water, thankfully, I got a couple of Aquafina Purified drinking water sent to me by my friends in the industry.  I grabbed 2 bottles and head on to Blue Bay.  It was extremely HOT, Humid and Sunny!