Thursday, December 18, 2014

GirlStuff Holiday 2014 Collection Made Me Extra Happy!

I am definitely singing the tune of: "I'm so excited!  And I just can't hide it!" 
Okay, readers who love the 80's music are probably singing along with me.  If you had this "HUH" look?  Okay, you're too young!  I know, please, no need to rub it in!  #Bitter :P

Yes, I got so excited when I received my GirlStuff Holiday 2014 Collection.  Long time AMW readers, who witnessed my weekly nail art tutorials probably saw me use the GirlStuff polishes even way back before they have their own kiosks!  (Check out some of my nail art tutorials using GirlStuff Nail Polishes HERE).  Okay, you don't see a lot in the link I showed you because I failed to "tag" the nail polishes brands on my past nail art tutorials!  So yes, you can only see the recent ones! 

Here's my first Yum Yum Holiday Nails all thanks to GirlStuff Polish in Pink (as base) topped with Confetti Polish in I (heart) U.

Yes girls, you are probably scared to do nail art because you just have wobbly hands!  Fear no more!  With the Confetti Collection, you can do your own nail art in minutes!  Just top off your favorite nail polish base shades with the new Confetti Collection.

Confetti Collection
Php150.00 per bottle
Oopsie Daisies -dainty mix of yellow, light blue, light green and white round matte glitters and white daisies.
Disco Fever -  is a black yogurt base overloaded with matte glitters of different sizes and colors... light blue,
yellow, red!
I(heart)U -  is a mix a medley of white and red matte glitters of different sizes and heart matte glitters!

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

AMW Reviews: Cover Girl + Olay Concealer Balm (Medium)

Covergirl, ah, the brand that brought me back to so much memories!  Some would say Maybelilne or L'Oreal, but for me, it was Covergirl that started it all!  (Thanks to the friendly SA years ago at SM Sta. Mesa branch)

Now I have to admit, I haven't tried any of their concealers and I never even thought they have one!  Not until when I ran out of my favorite "stick concealer" from Revlon, I was on the lookout for a similar "lipstick" type of concealer and found this!

Covergirl + Olay Concealer Balm

My sister is the ultimate champion when it come to hitting the pan on concealers!  She can finish a concealer in a month or so!  So aside from getting myself one, I also gave her one in lighter shade!  The shade I got is Medium, is a tad bit dark on me (at least 2 shades).  The reason for this is because it has a bit of an "orange base" so I plan to use this to correct my undereye darkness especially on days when Toddler AMW (ayan, Toddler na, hindi baby!)  decided to have his own "slumber party" and sleep late!

After months of usage, I'm ready to spill the bean on this "not so famous" concealer!  Shall we put this up on the pedestal?  Is it worth your money?

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

AMW Bulletin: Max Factor Mascara Switch (December 20-21)

Hey Mascara lovers!
If you are the type who would like to try different brands of mascaras in your lifetime!  Well, there's a chance for you to try the new Max Factor FLE Clump Defy Extensions less Php200.00!

How?  Visit SM Cubao, SM Makati and SM Mall of Asia this weekend (December 20-21, 2014).  Just exchange your old mascara and instantly get Php200.00 discount voucher on the new FLE Clumb Defy Extensions!

As easy as that!

Coming from Max Factor’s best selling line, the False Lash Effect, this new product is a 3 in 1 Mascara that promises 100% volume, 100% length with 0% clumps.


Enjoy "discount-shopping"!  Let me know if you were able to make the Mascara Switch!

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Keep smilin'
Stay happy!



AMW Reports: Lacoste Poloshirt in a Watch Collection Launch (Lacoste.12.12)

Last December 12, The Isabella Ballroom C of Makati Shangrila was transformed into a small tennis court.

And of course, I had to grab a watch that matches me (Green for green-minded?  lol)  and pose.  Check out my cheeky smile, the watch fits like a glove, imagine Spiderman wearing his costume for the first time.  It just felt..right!

At a glance, you definitely see the iconic and recognizable crocodile logo!  I'm sure most of us own at least ONE Lacoste Poloshirt which was a classic!  A hit back then and definitely a hit until today!

Just a brief background about this super comfortable Lacoste Poloshirt.  The tennis legend Rene Lacoste designed this poloshirt in 1927 as a uniform for tennis that would allow better sweat absorption and freedom of movement.  He actually named it L.12.12 --- L stands for Lacoste 1 for it's one-of-a-kind-fabric, 2 for its short sleeves and 12 for the number of the final version of the design he selected for production.  

Wow, after decades, it was today that I got to learn the name of the Poloshirt and the reason behind its' name! 

And don't you think it's time we do "matchy-matchy" with our Poloshirt and Watch?  

Today, Lacoste's sporting spirit is reignited in the Lacoste.12.12 Watch collection.  Perfect timing to launch this collection on 12.12 (December 12).

6 colors available which is similar to the well-loved Lacoste Poloshirt! 

Monday, December 15, 2014

AMW Wears: Skechers GOWalk2

Even without shoes, I literally "bounce" when I do anything because I'm such a hyper girl!  BUT, when it comes to footwear, I am very particular with what I wear and comfort will always be top priority even way back when I wasn't even a mom!  Now that I am a mom of an active toddler, my standard when it comes to comfortable footwear shoot up! 

And you can't blame me, this active 26lbs. toddler likes to be carried by his momma (akala niya magaan siya! :P)  So most of my "comfortable footwear" turned out to be "not enough"

So when I read blogs and saw on the Instagram of friends I follow talk highly about the new Skechers GOWalk 2, shoes that are said to be engineered for comfort and you can literally #FeelTheBounce upon wearing them, well..this "energizer bunny" literally hopped to wear this shoes and test a pair myself!

Thankfully, there are so many designs to choose from!  They all look really good!

Priced around Php3,200+ per pair

The pair I got!  Instead of the colorful ones, I opted for neutral shade as I plan to really abuse it!  I want to wear my pair on ANY outfit when I'm doing my "mommy duties"!
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