Wednesday, October 16, 2019

How to: Soft Curly Hair #AMWIGtv

This is my most favorite curly hair of all time!  When I started to learn about hairstyling, this is the first curl-style I've been mastering for so many years!  This is the easiest yet most chic and "any occasion" worthy hairstyle! 

This also enhances the color of my hair making my hair look healthy and shiny.

Enjoy this quick video tutorial.  Let me know if you have other hairstyle requests!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Asvel Launches Young Endorser Andrea Brillantes #IbangLevelSiAsvel

Asvel has been a huge part in our home after I attended the Grand Launch of Asvel at The Podium with Kris Aquino as their endorser.

I use their clear water jug (so nice to see them neatly inside the fridge), Kyle's lunch box is the Asvel Luntus Cafedon which indeed retain the warmth of the food.  Our rice dispenser which does not only look cute at home but keeps my grains fresh for months.

And my recent favorite water jug which can store hot or cold drinks!  I used it in my recent hike and it didn't fail me - no water leaks and it isn't heavy to lug all the way up to the mountains!

a photo of Asvel Launches Young Endorser Andrea Brillantes #IbangLevelSiAsvel at SM The Block last Oct 11

Backtrack to last Friday October 11, I was there at SM The Block for the launch of Andrea Brillantes, as the newest endorser for Asvel.

a photo of Asvel Launches Young Endorser Andrea Brillantes #IbangLevelSiAsvel at SM The Block last Oct 11

A little bit of tidbit about the Kadnang Ginto actress -
  • Her favorite color is yellow.
  • Because of Kadenang Ginto and her endorsements, she was able to purchase a home for the family!
  • She loves to use Asvel lunchboxes and tumbler in her shoots.  She also gifts her directors and co-workers with Asvel products.

a photo of Asvel Launches Young Endorser Andrea Brillantes #IbangLevelSiAsvel at SM The Block last Oct 11

Monday, October 14, 2019

Make Up For Ever's Artist Lip Blush Review

When I hosted an event, I wore this lipstick applied to me by a Make Up For Ever artist at SM Mall Of Asia Branch.  I didn't realize how beautiful this was until I took a look at my reflection in the mirror several hours after talking and it looks just as good as freshly applied.

It is the newest lip product from Make Up For Ever called Artist Lip Blush and it does give that gorgeous "Blush" like you would want it on your cheeks this time - on lips!

a photo of Make Up For Ever's Artist Lip Blush Review in shade 100 by Nikki Tiu of

Make Up For Ever's Artist Lip Blush
Shade on review: 100 Soft Tan

Inspired by blush’s ability to re-awaken every look, MAKE UP FOR EVER introduces a new addition to its ARTIST range for 2018: ARTIST LIP BLUSH, the softness of blush captured in a lipstick. Based on how pros use powdery textures to mattify lipstick textures, ARTIST LIP BLUSH gives your lips a velvety flush of color with a matte finish. Available in ten lively shades, all inspired by blush hues, this jumbo crayon is very comfortable, light and powdery. It takes just one coat to instantly make your lips blush! The precise jumbo tip of ARTIST LIP BLUSH eases its application for quick and easy touch ups in seconds. You can carry this go-to lipstick everywhere, every day.

a photo of Make Up For Ever's Artist Lip Blush Review in shade 100 by Nikki Tiu of

Friday, October 11, 2019

BLUEAIR Blue Pure 411 Review

I started having allergies by the time I turned 26, it was late event I wished I didn't have to go through.  I've done Skin Allergy Test (Skin Prick Test) resulted me in knowing that I'm allergic to dust, pollens, dust mites and a whole lot air born stuff I can't seem to stay away from!  

One way for me to "lessen" my allergies is to invest in an Air Purifier which I did for the past decade and so far some works at a certain extent and some failed to live longer than my allergies!

I recently got to try a brand called BlueAir Philippines.  Blueair offers high performance indoor air purifiers with focus on quality, energy and environmental care.  I did a couple of research and finally decided to give Blue Pure 411 a try!

Note from Author: There's only 3 of us in the family and all 3 of us have allergies!  So yes, this is definitely a MUST in our household.  

a photo of BLUEAIR Blue Pure 411 Review by Nikki Tiu of

Blue Pure 411 says ---

I love the fact that this is visually beautiful to look at and out of all the Air Purifier brand I've searched for, this has the simplest yet most classy design.  It doesn't hurt that the Blue Pure 411 comes in 3 choice of color and design for the fabric pre-filter.

Thursday, October 10, 2019

Nail Art Tutorial: Purple Dainty Nails

My love for nail art never fades.  It has been more than 10 years ago when I started "trying" to do nail art using random tools as there wasn't a lot of options back then!  

I stopped doing nail art after getting pregnant, giving birth, breastfeeding then my schedule goes extremely busy from looking after each milestones of my son I almost never wear polish anymore!

Today, even with a little time on hand before I go to bed, that's the best time for me to schedule a quick nail art with the help of my ever supportive hubby who helps me grab things or open up polish bottles as you all know --- Girls are weakest with wet polish on! :D

I am getting back to my MOJO so here you go!  Another installment of my Nail Art Tutorial!  I hope you enjoyed watching the quick #AMWIGtv as well!

Products used ---

  • Girlstuff Nail Hardener
  • Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Polish in Boho-a-go-go
  • Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Polish in Plush Blush
  • Sally Hansen Top Coat
  • Girlstuff French Tip
  • Girlstuff Mircale Top Coat

Continue to watch full video!