Saturday, August 1, 2015

My #Dove7DayTest Result

If you follow me on Instagram, you probably knew by now that I put on hold all my existing facial washes and will actually go back to facial cleansing in its' simplest form --- the use of bar soap.

When I received the #Dove7DayTest Kit, I literally nodded and said: "I'll Do It!"  
I wasn't scared at all because I've been accustomed on using Dove Facial Cleanser (remember my Pregnancy Skincare post?) , not really the bar soap but if a particular brand or "line of product" works for me, I have confidence that their whole line would work for me too!  I don't know about you but let me know if you feel the same!

So I immediately used Dove White Beauty Bar soap that night when I received the kit.  Look at my face!  It was 1:00am, I was tired from all the day's activities and my skin was extremely dry. 

You don't believe it?  Let me zoom it for you!
Hi-definition camera, I am starting to dislike you! :P

Friday, July 31, 2015

Lipstick of the Day: A Lip Gloss that Helps!

And it's limited edition so hurry hurry hurry!

It is called Mary Kay Beauty That Counts™ NouriShine Plus™ Lip Gloss, if you think this is just another swirly gloss, think again!

Continuing the tradition of the Beauty That Counts™ NouriShine Plus™ Lip Gloss in Create Change (the original best-selling gloss) is available to all Filipinas who want to glow for a change or want to be part of something that helps women and children in need.

How?  In the Philippines, a US Dollar will be donated to a local charitable institution from each sale of the Beauty That Counts™ NouriShine Plus™ Lip Gloss.

Just so you know, the Beauty That Counts™ NouriShine Plus™ Lip Gloss isn't difficult to love!  I've tried this gloss so many times and so far, I love how it gives brilliant shine and moisture without the sticky-feel.  

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Eureka Moment: Gifted.PH

I am a fan of gift-giving!  I love giving gifts to my loved ones even on NO Occasion!  The only downside is, I don't see my friends or other family members often!  Especially now, with my extremely busy schedule, I can't even deliver gifts to my friends who have birthdays, anniversaries or just to let them know "I'm still here and I care!".

Material things, as I said over and over again, aren't important.  But don't you love it when on a bad day, you receive even the simplest gift?  It shows how much important you are from the sender and how much they think of you.

I have been a fan of online shopping for a LONG TIME!  When you look back in my first few blog entries, you can see how many times and "how brave" I was in online shopping!  

I literally thanked the heavens when Deal sites were born!  I got to gift my friends and family members restaurant certificates for them to enjoy or just to tell them how much I appreciate them.  I don't know about you, but I find deal sites aren't as appealing as before!  The deals they offer are redundant and not so interesting as before.

Recently, I was emailed by a past contact on the project she's working on!  She sent me the site to have a link and I actually tried browsing through the site and will actually try their service because I'm quite impressed by it!

Can I scream: EUREKA MOMENT?
A simple, easy, practical and personal way of giving gifts, the best part?  It is VERY Convenient for both the sender and receiver!

This is an online gift certificate retail website where you and I can send/receive gift certificates online anytime, anywhere at our convenience!   So it is fun and practicial to send gifts depending on your recipient's interest, if unsure, there's always the gift of Money!  YAY!

To start off, you need to register and input your details before you can send gifts!

Quick 3-step on how to send a gift!
Can I just add that I am so happy they have Paypal/Credit Card payment method because I just don't have the time to go to a bank and line up for deposit! 

I highly depend on online payment (though there may always be rare cases of unsafety), whenever I try to shop online and see no option for online payment, I immediate hit the "x" button.
 On to the best part, to pick whether you will gift your recipient with Gift Certificates from a brand or Gift Certificate for Money.  As I read through the site, if you would like to send gift of money (especially for my mom who loves to use cash for her grocery shopping), the recipient may click "redeem gift" and input their bank account details and the cash amount you sent will be deposited to their bank account within 5 banking days!

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

AMW Reviews: YADAH Twin Angel BB Cream with Lip & Cheek

Ever wondered how Korean actresses have this naturally amazing skin on TV or photos?
Well, I've wondered about that for so long!  And I know the answer is BB Cream, but, I haven't really found the BB Cream that looks just like those from the TV screen! 

So Yadah Twin Angel BB Cream with Lip & Cheek SPF35/PA++ is actually my "nth" BB Cream to try....

Will it give me the "Jan Di" look?  I remembered watching Boys Over Flowers and reacted on how "white" her skin looks yet it has this healthy glow making it easy for me to forgive her make up artist for using a light colored base!  

Seriously, it wasn't just a glow, it was a glow that left me speechless --- like I'm in love with her or something.  And last time I checked --- I'm a girl!

What I like about Yadah's BB cream is the shade choices!  I believe there are 3 shades to choose from which is really good considering not everyone has the same skin tone! 

I got Shade 3 which I believe must be the darkest?
But don't get fooled by the number, it is still quite fair! 

Now here's what makes this BB Cream unique!  The added "Cream Blush" that is so easy to use! 

YADAH Twin Angel BB Cream with Lip & Cheek says ---
• Provides deep moisturizing and brightening effects
• Niacinamide ingredient brightens skin and Adenosine ingredient helps to reduce wrinkle
• Duo-use makeup with a lovely color that can keep lips smooth and moisturized that also can be used as the finishing touch to cheeks

BB Cream • Niacinamide, Adenosine, PortulacaOleraceaExtract, Cactus Flower Extract Lip&Cheek • Mango Seed Butter, Shea Butter

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

AMW Revies: Shiseido Full Lash Volume Mascara

I have tried and loved Shiseido Eyelash Curler for the longest time but I don't know why I didn't thought of trying out their mascaras considering the Shiseido Eyelash Curler is the top eyelash curler for me!  (Keep in mind this is a matter of preference, the eyelash curler from Shiseido fits my eye shape PERFECTLY!)

During my pampering experience at the Shiseido Penthouse event a couple of months ago and makeover was part of the "pampering sesh".  When the makeup artist was ready to curl and apply mascara, I immediately blurted out a disclaimer: "Sorry, I don't think you can do anything with my lashes!"   And he went: "Oh yeah, you have very sparse lashes!" (OUCH!)  "But, let's try this Full Lash Volume Mascara that may work wonder!"

Then the rest was history, I obviously loved the effect so much I went on and got one for myself!

As simple as a black packaging, Shiseido made a uniquely designed mascara tube making it look oh-so-gorgeous on my vanity table!

The wand is just perfect for my eyes, not too big nor too small!  And the curve fits the "curve" of my eye just like the Shiseido Lash Curler.

But obviously, I can't stop there, I actually tried this mascara for a month and I'm finally ready to share my thoughts.

Shiseido Full Lash Volume Mascara says ---
Unstoppable volume and clump resistance.
A dramatic, flexible volume mascara that creates a natural-looking curl with a soft finish. Designed with Shiseido’s original innovative 360 radial brush that deeply grabs lashes at the roots, this innovative, luxurious mascara separates and covers lashes for a stunning fan effect.
  • Layer-able resilient and smudge resistant formula.
  • Flexible, voluminous finish with curl that lasts all day.
  • Easy removal with warm water.
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