Thursday, May 5, 2016

Readers' Corner: On New Discoveries

One thing a lot of you don't know is that, I have an eyelid tape snucked inside my professional kit!  Why?  Well, you just don't know just don't know what clients will request next!  

I remembered one client who asked me to turn her "large almond eyes" to "Chinky-eyes".  One mature client demanded me to remove her "wrinkles" entirely.  Who says being a Makeup Artist is an easy job?  So this makeup artist has to be ready!  I'm not saying all my clients are demanding, I'm just a good 'ol "always ready Scout"!  

New discovery #1
BohkToh Eyelid Tape
Comes in Medium and Large

These are super easy-to-use pre-cut eyelid tapes to help create "double eyelid" effect.  What I love about these is that it doesn't look too obvious as compared to regular tapes and it doesn't shine!  It has a matte finish thus applying eyeshadow on top will mask the look of tape thus giving a more natural effect!  

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Tony Moly BCDation+ Review (Shade 02)

Last year, I got the try the Tony Moly BCDationAll Master SPF30 PA++ Air Light Base But Perfect, it won my heart!  And just last month, as I was having the usual fun conversation with my favorite S.A. from Lucky Chinatown branch, she highly recommended to me the newest product from BCDation line, the Tony Moly BCDation+.  I usually get swayed by "High Recommendations" but surprisingly, I managed to say "No" because I just had too many bases and the weather doesn't call for it!  

Thankfully, after shopping, I was able to grab some samples for this newest product. Thankfully, in the GWP that I got, there are 5 sachets of BCDation+ samples so I was able to test it in 5 consecutive days!  

a photo of Tony Moly BCDation+ (Shade 02)

This is how the sample looks 
Shade: 02

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Estée Lauder First Boutique Launch at SM Aura

You all know by now that Estée Lauder is highly important in my life especially for someone in mid-30s (okay, I lied, I should call myself late 30's na! hahaha)  If you think the brand Estée Lauder is only for older generation, well, you're wrong!  Have you seen their color makeup?  Have you tried their base makeup?  

If you don't believe me, you have to read further...

As much as you want to steer clear from visiting any Estée Lauder boutique, now you just can't miss it!  The brand just opened its very first stand-alone boutique in the country at SM Aura and it is too hard to miss!

Monday, May 2, 2016

Daytime Purple Lips!

From Max FactorX Lipfinity Long Lasting Lipstick in shade Eternally Luscious.
So how difficult it is to wear purple lipsticks during office hours without having your colleagues giving you that: "Are you going to skip work and party later look?"

I have a good number of purple lipsticks now but most of them are gearing towards nighttime look.  Thankfully, I found a nice color that would work on both day and night!  The shade Eternally Luscious may "sound" a bit too party-ish but the outcome is more of a medium lilac pink shade that works for most skin tones!

If you own MAC Heroine lipstick, the shade is almost similar but 2-3 shades lighter!  The Max Factor version is not too matte, I would say, this lipcolor falls into the demi-matte category giving added moisture and sheen on lips upon application.

 The packaging is very simple!  It comes with a gold packaging that says: "I'm so chic and you love it!"  The only concern I have with regards to the packaging is that the lipstick does not twist all the way down.  If your lipstick is still new, you may end up accidentally touching the lipstick on to the cap, which is a huge no-no if you are an OC gal like me!  It won't be an issue if you used up a quarter of your lipstick!

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Kyle's 3rd Birthday at Lucky Rainbow

If we follow my journey as a mom on AskMeMom, you will probably notice I missed mentioning about Kyle's 2nd birthday considering he is my first and only son.  Well, it wasn't because we wanted to make it private, we actually didn't have any celebration for him because Keith's Grandfather passed away a couple of weeks before Kyle's 2nd birthday!  If you are accustomed to Chinese Culture, it is best not to celebrate anything when a close family member passed away.

Now on to the happy story, the 3rd Birthday is finally here!  As much as I wanted to create a big children's party for him, I've decided to go for an intimate "adult" party.  1. Because Kyle Nash doesn't have playmates yet (because he isn't formally schooled yet).  2. Our family is quite small, Kyle's youngest cousin is more than 10 years old!  So technically, the Kiddie party may not be enjoyed my many.

Even with a full-packed schedule, with the help of Mr. AMW, we were able to book a spot at Lucky Chinatown Z Mall, Banawe.  Thanks to Keith's Uncle for helping us book the function room too!

The day finally arrived and looking at the wonderful smile on this little man's face, I knew no matter what our celebration plans are, it will be a memorable one as long as we are complete as a family!

Now, here's my quick review on the food from Lucky Rainbow.  Overall, I am very happy with the service, the location and of course, Z mall has good ample parking spaces so it is also a perfect venue for mini celebrations like this!

We went ahead and told our orders to the restaurant several days before.  We booked 2 tables and everyone came home happy and contented.