Saturday, July 22, 2017

Maybe, You Need This --- HSBC Gold Visa Cash Back Credit Card

I had a credit card as early as 16 years old (a supplementary to my brother) and it was a wonderful "practice" to be smart with my finances.

Once I got into the workforce, I applied my own credit card and had a couple of rejections but that doesn't stop me from trying, why?  Because I wanted the perks that comes with my own credit card.  Just the perk of earning points and using the points to shop for free.

Fast forward to decades after, I am glad Credit Card companies creating more ways for shoppers like YOU and ME to feel guiltless when we shop with our credit card.  Meet the Ultimate Cash Back Card that gives the biggest rewards for dining, shopping and traveling.

HSBC Gold Visa Cash Back Credit Card

Not a real credit card, for safety purpose

This HSBC Gold Visa Cash Back Credit Card offers you the following ---

  • 5% cash back on dining transactions
  • 0.5% cash back on all other transactions (shopping, travelling, etc.)
  • No minimum spend required
  • Automatic crediting of rebates every calendar month
  • Cash back cap of Php1,200 monthly
  • 3% fuel rebate at participating Caltex stations
  • Acquisition incentive: first meal free (worth up to Php 2,500)
Visit for more details.

So imagine, you can dine all you want...

Friday, July 21, 2017

Cathy Doll Sculpting: Highlight & Shading Cushion Review

Happy Friday!
This week and the rest of the weeks flew by pretty quickly I can't keep track!  It's almost August guys!  And I'm a bit melo-dramatic because it was months ago (particularly May 2017) when I hosted the launch of Cathy Doll All Dolled Up Launch which includes the Sculpting Highlight & Shading Cushion.  It's funny I actually tried this product as early as first quarter of the year, was really excited about this but waited for the official launch to really share my review!  Because of the extremely busy schedule, I can't believe I'm only reviewing this now!  But better late than never!

a photo of Cathy Doll Sculpting: Highlight & Shading Cushion Review Fair skin and Honey Skin.

Upon seeing these products in Bangkok, Thailand at the Karmart Store, I immediately went for this because I am always a sucker for unique products!  This is definitely one of the most unique and innovative Highlight and Contour product and I'm glad my excitement didn't end there!  This product really works.

Housed in a similar packaging as the Cathy Doll AA Cushion or any BB Cushion, everything looks the same until you open the packaging.
 a photo of Cathy Doll Sculpting: Highlight & Shading Cushion Review Fair skin and Honey Skin.

"Cathy Doll Sculpting Highlight and Shading Cushion SPF50 PA +++ is a 3 dimensional contour cushion that comes with a highlighter to emphasize your best features and shading to add 3 dimensional appearance. Aside offering a grease-free, matte finish look upon application, the cushion also provides effective sun protection. You may choose from the 2 available shades that would best suit your skin tone."

Thursday, July 20, 2017

K-Palette Eyebrow Tint Review

Hear ye!  Hear ye! 
A unique brow product that will shorten your makeup application time!  
I got the K-Palette Lasting Eyebrow Tint from the 1 Day Tattoo series for quite some time and as much as I wanted to use these on my brows, I had a hard time for 2 reasons ---

  • I am extremely tired at night I don't get the chance to do anything on my face these days.
  • My brows are full so I can actually leave home without doing anything on my brows, I also hide them under my bangs whenever I bring my son to school!
But of course, I'm still on the radar with unique and effective products like these from K-Palette.  I actually gave them to my mom-in-law because she highly depend on brow tints because, she understood that #KilayIsLife .

Before the Lasting Eyebrow Tint to her, I tested these at the back of my hand first just to make sure it is effective before I let her do the testing. 

I got all 3 shades --- Light Brown, Natural Brown and Mocha Brown.

a photo of K-Palette Eyebrow Tint Review in shades Light Brown, Natural Brown and Mocha Brown.

The product comes with the Eyebrow Plate where you can choose between Natural-looking brows (with arch) or Cool brows (which is also like that of a Korean Brows).

a photo of K-Palette Eyebrow Tint Review in shades Light Brown, Natural Brown and Mocha Brown.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Eureka Moment: Lip Balm To Love

You know how simple our needs are for our lip balms.  They only need to do ONE thing --- hydrate our lips.  

But I've tried gazillion of different brands of lip balms/lip conditioners through the years and all I can say is that, why is it so difficult to find THE ONE?  

Let's establish one thing for now --- my lips are ultimately dry so no matter how much raves a certain brand gets from other Beauty Bloggers, I usually don't get that impressed.  

So during my first visit at Club Clio, the marketing girl from the said brand (Hi Angel!) shared to me how much of a gem the PeriPera Moist Lip Balm is.  She said the magic word that made me grab the the product and put it in my basket without second thoughts: "It hydrates my dry lips so well PLUS it doesn't give me the glossy lips!"  

You know how Matte Lipsticks are the fad of the moment?  Well, as much as I love to wear them every hour and every minute, my dry lips just won't cooperate so I've finally picked this one for the main purpose of letting me ENJOY my favorite matte lipsticks!

Me wearing ONLY PeriPera Moist Lip Balm in Strawberry.

a photo of askmewhats PeriPera Moist Lip Balm Strawberry review.

PeriPera Moist Lip Balm comes in 3 variants --- 01 Plain, 02 Strawberry and 03 Peach.

a photo of PeriPera Moist Lip Balm Strawberry review.

PeriPera Moist Lip Balm says ---

Milk moist lip balm is a gel-based lip balm 
that helps to moisturize and soften lips for al ong time.
Works for dry and chapped lips.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

The Body Shop and The Fight Against Animal Testing

Thanks to blogging I get to know a bit of background about Beauty Brands which I'm happy to share to you.

The Body Shop actually was the very first international brand to campaign against the practice of animal testing in cosmetics (1989 to be exact!) in partnership with Cruelty Free International which paved way to a European Union-wide ban on animal testing in 2013.  The campaign collected 1 million signatures and influenced the Asia Pacific Region to follow suit.

It is also unfortunate to know that Cruelty Free International estimates more than 500,000 animals are used for testing ingredients each year.  The testing of just ONE ingredients for deodorant, hair dye or sunscreen could involve the death of around 1,400 animals.  That is SO SAD :(

In every sad news, there is, of course, a light at the end of the tunnel.  The Body Shop added the Leaping Bunny Logo or "against animal testing" wordings on ALL The Body Shop products signifying that all products are certified by Cruelty Free International.