Monday, July 28, 2014

AMW Reviews: Pixi by Petra Tinted Brilliance Balm in Radiant Rose

I have been reaching out lip crayons for the longest time!  It started with Clinique, Revlon, Happy Skin then who would've thought Pixi?

Thanks to Glamourbox I got the chance to learn about the brand!  I have heard about Pixi makeup and thought there are made for teens!  I thought pigmentation would be like those from the "kids" makeup section, meaning, not pigmented and very hard to use!  Thankfully, I'm wrong!

When I got the Pixi by Petra Tinted Brilliance Balm, I got ecstatic because judging by the look of their packaging, it screams professional and really good!

 But what made me more excited?  The fact that they got the seal of approval from Ms. O! As in Oprah for 2013 Spring Makeup O-Wards! 

How does Radiant Rose look on packaging?  Come on, you're excited to click! :P

Sunday, July 27, 2014

AMW Cooks: Pork Giniling with Liver Spread

Happy Sunday!
Yay! My first AMW Cooks segment!  Thank you so much for saying "YES" to AMW Cooks portion and for requesting my first ever recipe to post here!  Keep in mind that I am not (in any way) a professional cook (my sister and brother are way better cooks that I am) but so far, I'm Cantonese (known cooks daw) and I grew up in a family were we almost NEVER dine out!  I've seen my mom slave inside the kitchen to whip out wonderful dishes for a family of 8?  (Grandparents included). 

With constant research over the internet and with my habit of asking questions, I was able to create my own version of dishes that I think my family would enjoy! :)

Here I am sharing my first recipe ever for AMW Cooks!  I won't do what professionals do...putting up the specific amount of ingredients needed as I never follow it!  *laughs*  I always follow my tongue and go with the flow! 

Here you go!  My Pork Giniling with Liver Spread


Saturday, July 26, 2014

Something New: Unique Polish Shades from GirlStuff

Happy Saturday AMW friends!
I first learned about GirlStuff years ago (when I was still actively doing nail art) and I was hoping they would come in with more shades as their quality is really good!

Thankfully, my prayers are answered, all I need to do is to have a bit of time to do my nails but maybe..when Kyle is a bit older as I really don't have "down time" when I'm home!  When Kyle sleeps, I try my best to catch some sleep too!

I recently got the newest collection from GirlStuff and these polishes are wonderful addition because they scream UNIQUE in everyway!

L-R XOXO, Enchanted, Spellbound, Stardust, Cosmos

Friday, July 25, 2014

Something New: Charm Double Duty Makeup Brush Set

How many brush sets do I really need?
If you're Nikki Tiu, A LOT!
I'm OC when it comes to my client so I always bring at as many brushes as I can especially on a Bridal Gigs.  Why?  Because I'm too in a hurry to clean my brushes on spot so I'd rather use a clean brush instead on each client!  

On a negative side, since I bring almost ALL the brushes I own on a gig, I don't have good brushes left for myself!  Can you believe that???

When I got the Charm Essentials Vegan Brush Set, I finally have a set I call MY OWN!  I even brought the set with me when I traveled to the US early this year.  And because I like giving and I enjoy making other people happy!  I ended up giving my personal brush set to Keith's cousin who has been such a gracious host when we visited them in L.A.!  I didn't know she was into makeup (thus I didn't prepare Kikay gift) but upon peeking inside the room and saw that she uses mineral makeup, an idea crossed that the Vegan Brush Set would be a perfect match for her mineral makeup!

It is true when they say, when you are into giving, God will definitely give you something in return.  And the turnover was quite fast!  During our Splash Of Summer Party (all thanks to my Sampleroom family), each of us received goody bag and what made me squeal?  The Charm Double Duty Makeup Brush Set!

The set looks like this!  Sorry for the ruined box as it was squashed inside a lootbag filled with loads of products!

TADAH!  No matter how much brush sets I own, this made my heart flutter!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

AMW Bulletin: The Importance of a Healthy Smile!

Smiling is second nature to me.  A lot of my friends and family told me that I am one crazy "smiling-machine" as you see me smile in all situations!

I smile so much I don't know why I'm smiling in this photo taken by a photographer in an event.

When I worry about something, I usually put up a brave face with a smile as I find it helps radiate positivity thus lessening my stress hormones!  *lol*

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