Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Kate Tokyo Makeup Lock Primer by Cover Review

I remembered several years ago when I started blogging.  Makeup primers are a hit on my favorite International Bloggers' sites.  In the Philippines, it was literally a huge "What's That?" makeup!  I remembered going through makeup counters asking SAs for "primers", and I always get that blank look!  Either that, or they give me a sunblock!  *hahaha*  Those were the good old times!  

Fast forward to today, just how many primers are available in the market?  TOO MANY TO MENTION!  Even I get confused at times!  But what's not confusing for me is the fact that I finally found an oil-control primer that isn't too drying even for users with normal, combination or dry skin!  Housed in a simple black tube, it is called Kate Tokyo Long-Lasting Primer.

a photo of Kate Tokyo Makeup Lock Primer by Cover

Kate Tokyo Makeup Lock Primer by Cover Says ---
A no-shine, no-fading makeup base.
It minimizes pore visibility and keeps makeup in place for a long time as if putting a lock on it.
  • Fragrance-free
  • Contains long-lasting coating formation ingredients 
  • Contains oil-absorbing powder 

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Pink Sugar Honey, I'm Good Duo Eyeliner Review

Do you understand my woe when you have to always go through your "eye pencil stash" to look for your liquid liner and pencil liner?  Well, Pink Sugar finally understood my "mini-woe" and created a Duo Eyeliner called --- Honey, I'm Good Duo Eyeliner!

a photo of Pink Sugar Honey, I'm Good Duo Eyeliner

It comes in 4 shades ---

  1. Black Pencil and Black Liquid Eyeliner
  2. Brown Pencil with Brown Liquid Eyeliner
  3. Blue Pencil with Black Liquid Eyeliner
  4. White Pencil with Black Liquid Eyeliner
I got to review my favorite day-time shade --- Brown Pencil with Brown Liquid Liner.

Monday, September 26, 2016

AMW Workshop Series 3: Waterproofing Your Makeup

My 3rd Workshop happened last September 10 left me a huge smile on my face just like my previous 2 workshops!  I am so honored to be around these gorgeous ladies spending Saturday Afternoon with me just to learn tips and ways to "waterproof their makeup".  I can't help but feel emotional whenever I see photos from my Folder "AMW Workshop Series" with subfolders "AMW Workshop Series 1", "AMW Workshop Series 2" "AMW Workshop Series 3".  Pushing OC-ness aside, this is literally me living my dream --- to prettify women inside and out, sharing love, happiness and beauty in this crazy world!  

Pushing "Dramatic Nikki" aside, let me thank our sponsors too who made this workshop possible.  I can't thank these brands enough for trusting me - the girl who just dreamed about this a few years ago!  Thanks for making my dreams come true!

And a shoutout to Blogger friend Maxine Marcelino for being so helpful with the workshop location!  It's a first for me to hold my workshop at The Rabbit Hole!  Thumbs up for the great food, ambiance and service!  I will definitely recommend this place to all my friends for whatever business functions!  And of course, will definitely go back because I really enjoyed their food and drinks! 

Each attendee gets to take home this loot!  Let me break down to you what each attendee got!

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Snack Time Alert! Love At First Crunch

Whenever we go to a mall, supermarket is definitely part of the itinerary not because we love spending money on groceries but because Kyle Nash considers the "supermarket" as his "Toy Store".  One of our favorite supermarket is at Lucky Chinatown called Metro, I actually enjoy walking through their aisles of snacks from different countries --- Japan, Thailand, South Korea, China, Taiwan, etc...

And I found something new at the "snacks aisle".

Kangaroo Nuts!

photo of Kangaroo Nuts

We love stocking for snacks, especially since I wait for Kyle in preschool for 3 hours daily so snacking really is part of the routine!  With the addition of my favorite cup of coffee, my day will be made!  But I have to be careful with the snacks I choose, they have to be healthy, because I AM NOT GETTING ANY YOUNGER!

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Lady’s Choice x KidZania Manila: Get a chance to win courtesy paZZes to KidZania Manila!

As a mom, I understand how exciting it is to bring your kids to KidZania!  Kyle has been there twice, and each visit will always carve a special memory in our heart because..... no explanations needed, just look at that happy little face!

So when I read about the Lady's Choice x KidZania Manila contest, I knew I had to share it to fellow mommies out there because who doesn't want free passes to this wonderland?


Goodluck mommies!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!