Saturday, July 4, 2015

The Philippine Launch of UNIQLO Baby

When my son was still a baby, I tend to dress him up in cute outfit that would make everyone goes "awwww!" whenever they see him.  But, most of the time, I go for "blah" clothing as long as he feels and look comfortable.  Can't we just combine but cuteness and comfort?

YES we can!  All thanks to the Japanese Clothing and High-Street Brand Uniqlo!  I always find their clothing to be super comfortable so I trust them when they say their Uniqlo Baby Wear are categorized as Class 1 - the safest classification under the Oeko-Tex Standard.  From raw materials used to the finished product, all the clothes made are formalin-free to ensure the health and safety of babies.

I'll share more about those information later on but let me share to you the photos during the launch!

 UNIQLO Baby was formally launched at SM Aura branch last week.  I was right at the nick of time (sorry, long story!)

The event was hosted by Delamar of RX93.1 and she introduced to us the newest addition to the "UNIQLO MOMMY" (I coined that term!  Don't quote me! :P)  Ms. Nikka M. Garcia (the wife of Patrick Garcia) who is now I think 6 months pregnant?

Delamar is also 4 months pregnant but just look at both blushing preggy mommies!

Friday, July 3, 2015

Michael Kors Fragrance and Beauty Collection Launch

You know how it is when you read international blogs and you see them blog about brands that you wish were available here?

Michael Kors is one!  Don't get me wrong, I love their fashion line, especially their watch!  BUT, just like Tory Burch, I wish I could get hold of their makeup, fragrance and nail polish line because, fashion brands who venture into makeup can really come up with unique collection --- because they understand women quite well!

And I'm so happy to say, they are HERE! That's why you are seeing this post!  Oh, can I just say that GOLD works for my skin tone so the packaging deserves 2 thumbs and 2 toes up from me!

During the launch, I got to know about both the Beauty Collection and Fragrance Collection  Here you have Michael Kors' Philippines Brand Coordinator Kimi welcoming the guests.

Michael Kors came up with not 1 but 3 fragrances to represent each of the Michael Kors woman's changing moods. 

L-R Sporty Citrus, Sexy Amber and Glam Jasmine

Thursday, July 2, 2015

AMW Reviews: Artistry Ideal Radiance Illuminating CC Cream

You know how I am when it comes to anything that brings out "radiance".  I test them out almost immediately!  Whether it's a BB cream, CC Cream or even a Skincare line!

Same goes with the new Artistry Ideal Radiance tube that I got a few months ago.  Now what is Radiance and what is Ideal Radiance?
Will answer that later!

So the ultimate test is here!  This was launched around April of this year!  This product, like most CC creams work as skincare and makeup in one!

Looking at the printed side of the packaging, it must be made in Korea to have Korean wordings.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

AMW Reports: My First Family Portrait with Pampers

Can you spot the familiar-Family portrait that I grabbed from Pampers website?

Yes!  The AMW family!  You also get to see Shen's family too! (upper right hand side).
You know how I am so into taking photos on my phone on Kyle's EVERY move!  As much as I have all his facial expressions saved in my laptop, I always choose the best ones and have them printed out and displayed in our living room and bedroom.

And I love how guests coming in our home gets to see those printed shots!  Though we are living in an extremely high-tech world, I can't seem to get enough of the "old school" printed photos.  Because I smile, every time I see them right in front of me without having to open my computer or phones.

When Pampers invited us to experience a Pampers First Family Photo Shoot, I definitely said YES even though it was not only a Sunday, but a VERY busy Sunday! 

I'm not sure about you but when it comes to taking family portrait, I get really nervous!  What runs in my head? "Will Kyle enjoy the place?" "Will he get scared?" "Will we get a good shot of him?  Will he even face the camera?" and oh!  "Will he bring out the terrible 2 in him with strangers around?"

The moment we arrived at Puregold Quezon Avenue branch, indeed, my hunch was right!  He got scared and hugged me tight...

Check out his body language, after seeing all the cute pillows and possible toys to enjoy, he's starting to sit upright while daddy enjoyed taking photos of the set-up while Kyle warms up!

AMW Reviews: Benefit Porefessional License to Blot

As much as I love Benefit Cosmetics so much!  The POREfesssional line really is not for me!  you probably know by now why!

No?  Well, to newbie readers, I have combination Normal/Dry skin.  So yes, as my sister will probably gasp with this statement: "I almost do not need to retouch midday!" and "My face powder lasts me more than 3 months because I use it only once a day!"


So if you think I am not as excited as my oily-skinned friends when Benefit POREfessional License To Blot came to the market --- you are wrong!   Why?

Because I highly depend on Benefit POREfessional Balm on most of my clients and I finished 3 full sized tubes in a year!

The POREfessional Agent Zero Shine is also a nice setting powder so I seriously didn't think a new product from this line will pop out!  Like what else can Benefit think of right?

You know Benefit Cosmetics, when I got to know the brand last year during my Press Trip in San Francisco, I knew this brand never sleeps!  They are always thinking about new innovation and not just new!  New and UNIQUE!  

So the License to Blot was born!

What can this nifty product do?

Benefit Porefessional License to Blot says ---
BLOT on the spot! This instant oil-blotting stick with tiny invisible blotting spheres mattifies shine for up to 6 hours after application.* The specially designed triangular tip targets shiny zones…the sides of your nose, forehead and chin. Oil has finally met its matte!

Ingredients: (from Benefit Website)

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