Thursday, January 17, 2019

Innisfree Smart Drawing Color Correcting Review

When Innisfree opened it's first store in Manila, I did not go crazy shopping as I knew the store stays for good!  But, I have a list on top of my head on what to get and one of them is "concealer".

I went ahead to ask the SA to take me to the concealer area and she took me to an area that confuses me a bit, I was given the option to choose from wide array of colors from the Smart Drawing Color Correcting Line.

In this line, there are a total of 18 shades - not all are for concealing and correcting but it also includes strobing, contouring, foundation and blusher.

Okay, I'm sure you'll get overwhelmed as well so don't be afraid to ask questions and talk to the friendly SAs, they are well-trained and they obviously knew what they are talking about.

Now back to my purchase, I picked 01 Apricot Peach because I always conceal my undereye dark circles, peach is a great color correcting shade to lighten up that area.

Half face test - applied alone!

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Innisfree Smart Drawing Color Correcting 
Shade on Review: 01 Apricot Peach
Php700+ (Sorry forgot the exact price)
Available at Innisfree store, SM Mall of Asia

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An easy way for you to achieve an even skin tone is with innisfree Smart Drawing Color Correcting. With a couple of swipes, you can say goodbye to skin prone to dullness, redness, or a yellowish hue. * Apricot Peach: Correct blue tones like dark circles under your eye. * Vanilla Green: Tone down redness like natural flush or blemish on the cheek areas. * Cream Purple: Correct yellow hues and creates a natural, more lively skin tone. * Lemon Yellow: Lighten mild redness or visible veins and brighten up dull looking skin tones. 

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Nail Art Tutorial: Sparkly Space Gray Nails

Before 2018 ended, Girlstuff revealed their Holiday Collection called Au Naturel (Back to Basics). 
It wasn't the Holiday collection I was expecting but it was definitely one of those pleasant surprises because this turned out to be one of my TOP favorites!  (I mean I love all the collection they released but this one is one of those rare moments I was just staring at all the polish shades wondering which one to use first and mind you, I usually make quick decisions!)

So after making sure my fingers are healed (from allergies), I finally did a very simple nail art inspired by one of my favorite shade from the collection called Exposed. 

Exposed is one of those gray shades you always wanted to sport but can't seem to find the right ones that would work for your skin tone --- well, this is it!  This is a perfect shade for ANY skin tone! 

AMW Version: Sparkly Space Gray Nails
I inserted a sparkly element to celebrate the start of 2019!  Think about fireworks!

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Step 1:
Apply a base coat to protect your nails, I used Girlstuff Nail Revive prior to taking photos, let it dry and go ahead and apply your choice of base color.

I picked Expose shade and applied 2 coats.  Wait for it to completely dry which will take approximately 10 minutes max!

a photo of Nail Art tutorial, space gray nails Girlstuff Exposed Nail Polish

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

The Body Shop Lash Sport Waterproof Mascara Review

I gave up overall on mascaras, I gave up on lashes, except latter part of 2018 when I was starting to use Castor Oil for my lashes - I was hoping there is a "silver lining"- as what our Ms. Universe Catriona Gray would say.

Today, I am reviewing The Body Shop's Lash Sport Waterproof Mascara, if you live in the Philippines, it's waterproof or NOTHING.

a photo of The Body Shop Lash Sport Waterproof Mascara Review

a photo of The Body Shop Lash Sport Waterproof Mascara Review

The Body Shop Lash Sport Waterproof Mascara Says ---
Finally, waterproof mascara that really does see you through the day. Lash Sport is high-performing mascara that volumises, lengthens and lasts. Formulated with Community Trade marula oil, it’s splashproof and sweatproof while also being easy to remove with a waterproof make-up remover. Expect no flaking, no smudging and no fading and benefit from defined lashes that last all day long.

Monday, January 14, 2019

My Lips But Better?

And no, I'm not talking about a lip color but because of BeachBorn All Natural lip products!

I got a gift from fellow Blogger Friend Sarah (thanks Sarah!) and these 2 made me super excited because you all know my "lip-tuation".

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BeachBorn Bam Balm (Php168.00)
BeachBorn Aloeha! (Php150.00)
available at:

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Sunday, January 13, 2019

One of the Best Family Restaurant - Relish

If there's one restaurant that's always full but I still don't mind going to, there is one and it's RELISH, HELLO HAPPINESS!

Seldom can you find me in crowded restaurants because I dislike noise and I dislike waiting in line to the core (hahaha).  

But this restaurant, Relish, located to Tomas Morato, for some reason, gives me a sense of comfort and happiness!  True to what they say, it is Hello Happiness when you get into the restaurants.

There are some probably reasons why ---

  • The place is always packed with groups of friends and family (mostly family which I love!)
  • People aren't as noisy and rowdy, so the buzz is just right!
  • FOOD!  Food is great and that's all that matters.
  • Ambiance deserves thumbs up!   Though crowded, tables are well distributed so you don't get bumped into other people when you go to the washroom.

I celebrated my birthday with my highschool friends here last year and I've been back so many times I lost count!  But they never fail!  If you haven't dined in this restaurant, what are you waiting for?

My Top 3 favorites, well I missed Beef Salpicao here so instead, I changed it to Grilled Pork Belly.