Monday, February 20, 2017

Yves Rocher Radiant Lip Crayons Review

Lip crayons are the crazy thing for now!  Even the French Brand Yves Rocher took the plunge and created something unique!  Instead of the usual Matte Lip Crayons you see recently popping out in the market, they created Radiant Lip Crayons.

a photo of Yves Rocher Radiant Lip Crayons Review in shades Rose Clair, Corail Doux, Rose Sorbet, Rouge Flamboyant and Pourpre Lumineux

I got 5 shades to work with for 5 different work days and here are the shades at a glance!  What's your top pick?  What's your least favorite?

a photo of Yves Rocher Radiant Lip Crayons Review in shades Rose Clair, Corail Doux, Rose Sorbet, Rouge Flamboyant and Pourpre Lumineux

Yves Rocher Radiant Lip Crayon ---

"Moisturizes and sublimates lips.Make your smile even more beautiful with the Radiant Lip Crayon. Its moisturizing texture melts on your lips, enhancing them with radiant colour. Shades may be applied on their own for solid colour or two at a time for a trendy “tie-dye” effect.
Result: Moisturized, radiant and subtly tinted lips. The Plus: With its retractable tip, the Radiant Lip Crayon never needs sharpening!  Paraben free."

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Weekend Food Trip at: Dohtonbori, SM MOA

How does it feel to have a Yakiniku Party and eat Okonomiyaki in Manila?
Made me missed Japan even more!
It was my mom's birthday when we celebrated at Dohtonbori.  It was a wonderful decision because we get to eat good food, see how it was made right in front of us (where Kyle enjoyed watching) AND, we get to bond and chat.

The mini party started with 3 Meat Teppanyaki.
This whole platter is actually perfect for a family of 3-5 depending on how hungry you are.  

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Eureka Moment: For You With the Bangs

I had my bangs shortened since the start of 2017 and let me share to you something, I've had FULL BANGS for most of my schoolyear (Nursery 'til College) and like I said in my previous hair posts, I am not hailed as the "Bangs Girl" for nothing.

But for a decade now, I have always been sporting a side fringe, and going for full bangs again takes a lot of effort, patience and...well....EFFORT?

Especially with makeup application!  So Hair Velcros have been around for so long, I've used them professionally as a makeup artist and I've seen them around my make up artist friends too!  But personally, I have never thought of relying on them so much until the start of the year, when I've decided to sport full bangs again.

Thanks to my dear friend Sydney for gifting me this "packet of survival" as Christmas Gift.  You are heaven-sent!

I don't know the exact name of this but it is called Hair Velcro and I was told these are available at

In a packet, you get a pair of hair velcro and with all the colors I've used, my favorite will always be this simple black.

Friday, February 17, 2017

Happy Skin Festival of Colors Collection

Happy Skin really showed what a Festival of Colors party should look like.  The photo below, is not only a collection of bright colors, it is the first collection for 2017 for the said homegrown brand.

We were told to dress up our favorite colors, as much as I love reds, pinks, yellows, orange and blues, I've decided to come in "muted" tones because I knew the real star of the party are the colorful Happy Skin products.

with Sophie, Tara and Nicole.
Shall we start with each product I get to know during the launch?

AMW Workshop Series Parts IV and V: Registration Now Open!

Dear AMW Friends!
I welcome you, the start of AMW Workshop Series Year 2!   I am so excited and I've been working for this since December of last year!  It was a dream come true to have sponsors and YOU AMW friends to entrust me with my skills of make up artistry and teaching!

I will go straight to the point, a lot of you have requested for me to increase number of participants, as much as I wanted to, I am definitely aiming for quality.  Instead of adding the number of participants, I've decided to split the workshop into 2!   That way, I can cater to two locations!  

 Please note that the list of sponsors are EXACTLY the same but some of the products aren't!  So if you are addicted to make up learning, feel free to go to 2 workshops!

Here are more details about each workshop for you to be able to decide (aside from location).

AMW Workshop Series IV
AMW University Graduation Rites 2017
Php2,800.00 / head
March is graduation month so Graduation Day is definitely one special event you need to learn to put makeup on!  The makeover you will learn will make you look polished and camera-ready.

You are not a graduate?  Fret not!  You can still learn a tip or two on how to do special events makeup in this particular workshop.

AMW Workshop Series V
Corporate Girl - Go Get That Look!
Php2,800.00 / head

Ever wonder how you should look when you are facing a client?  Your Boss?  Or just sitting at your table?  There are tips and tricks on how to keep your face from looking stressed and tired to "ever-ready"!  A well made-up face will give a good impression to your boss, colleagues and will give you the good mood you need on a stressful environment.

As much as I would love to keep the rate to as low as I can, I hope you understand that there are certain expenses that I would have to do to make you guys comfortable as you learn!

The fee includes :

  • Free makeup/skincare items from sponsors (Mix of full size and deluxe size) worth more than what you paid for!  
  • Snacks and Drinks.
  • Nail Art service from our dear friends Girlstuff and Solique.
  • Unlimited Q&A with yours truly within the provided period of time.
  • Will be part of the AMW Workshop Series FB Group so you can continue to ask questions online.
  • Personalized Ecobag plus special prizes awaits.
  • Pro tips on how to apply makeup flawlessly and easily!  There will be a demo and you also get to do your own makeup on spot while I roam around the guide you.
  • Best of all, the lessons are easy-to-follow, informative and extremely FUN!
For registration, kindly click the link below ---

Please make sure to register ONLY if you are seriously joining!
I am accepting max of 20 participants PER workshop only.

See you soon!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!