Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Gel nails for the Week


Happy Humpday!

I am so happy to share that I'm back with another gel nail art!  I did not take a video of this as I only have 10 minutes to do my nails before I shower my son!  

With 10-minutes - the best way to make beautiful nails is to use UV Lamp!

This was done quickly in a flash and I am so happy with the result!  By the way, I also shared on Instagram a tip for those who have Contact Dermtitis like I do.  I have been taking medications and I've stopped wearing polish for a long time.  Now that my hands are healing, I want my hands to look good but NOT suffer!

A quick tip?  Apply your polish far from your cuticle!  Do not make the polish touch the cuticles because that's where my allergies start!  I've noticed doing this application keeps my hand free from allergies.  Of course, if you have super bad dermatities - do not wear polish at all!  

This tip is perfect for those with mild condition!

Hope you learn something from me today!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Hourglass Ambient Lightning Edit - Universe Palette Review


We all love some glow!  It is visible when you look into my skincare products nowadays and my style of base makeup!  I always make sure the finish makes my skin looks healthy, glowing and young-looking!  

Last year, I got the sought after palette from Hourglass called the Ambient Lightning Edit - Universe palette (From Hourglass Holiday 2020!) .  It is a huge palette that contains 5 versatile and multi-tasking shades!

Hourglass Ambient Lightning Edit - Universe Palette Review

Don't worry, although this palette itself is limited edition, you can find most of the shades in other packaging!

  • Ambient Lighting Infinity Powder (left most) – finishing powder
  • Vibrant Heat Strobe Blush (center top)
  • Luminous Rose Blush (center bottom)
  • Glistening Bronze Light Bronzer (right top)
  • Supernatural Strobe Light Strobe Powder (right bottom)

Hourglass Ambient Lightning Edit - Universe Palette Review

You don't have to worry about getting confused with the shade usage or names!  It's all printed clearly at the back!  But for me, this palette is so easy-to-use you don't need to think!  I just find myself swirling from 1 pan to another!  

Monday, May 23, 2022

MUST-READ: A boundless, tech-driven future will be led by fast-thinking AlphaKids


The world has always changed fast, but because of technology, it is changing at a faster rate than ever. Case in point: think of how children today access content and keep themselves entertained versus just 10 years ago. In fact, according to the World Economic Forum, 65% of children entering primary school today will end up in job types that don’t exist yet1. How then can parents prepare children for a future world they can’t even begin to imagine?

“Parents should start building their children’s leadership abilities as early as possible,” says expert educator David Esteban. “They can do this by encouraging them to be curious about their world, think about why things are so, identify problems, and create solutions. Close attention should be paid to developing their executive functions.” Executive functions is the collective term for a set of mental skills that include cognitive flexibility, or children’s ability to adapt their behavior and thinking in response to their environment, inhibitory control, which is children’s ability to resist their impulses and exert control over how they respond to situations, and working memory, or the ability to absorb, retain, and use different pieces of information over a period of time. With a child’s brain developing more rapidly between the ages of three to five than at any other time in life, those 2 years present themselves as the golden window of opportunity to develop brain connections and executive functions, especially since the brain is already 90% developed by age 52!

Georgina Wilson, a celebrity mom, businesswoman, and economist, has always believed that her children can do anything. She instills in them a love for learning, without being too focused on one subject or branch of knowledge. But even she has recognized that both nutrition and stimulation have advanced beyond what they were 10 years ago, much more since she was a child herself. “His (her son Archie’s) brain is like a sponge, so what do we feed that sponge?” she asks.

To make the most of the golden window of opportunity for the brain, kids need the best brain nutrition. DHA was the celebrated brain nutrient for the longest time; however, it may no longer be enough. Alpha-Lipids, found only in Promil Gold Four, contain the five major phospholipids (or intelligent fats) necessary for brain development. Multiple studies have shown that young children’s brains rely on phospholipids to form brain connections and transmit messages to and from the brain. With the brain primed to receive and transmit messages, the right stimulation is then absorbed and processed, making sure that knowledge is not only retained, but understood and within reach when needed. Teacher has a question? There’s a problem to be solved? A fast-thinking AlphaKid is first to understand, first to answer, and therefore on track for lifelong success, even at such a young age.

More and more AlphaMoms (on-the-go, uncompromising women who will settle for nothing less than the best for their children) are joining Georgina Wilson in taking the needed steps to maximize the golden window of opportunity for brain development and choosing Promil Gold Four. “He loves his milk! He calls it ‘big boy’s milk,’ which is so cute,” Georgina says. No matter what kind of future is in store for the world, with the right nutrition and stimulation, your child can be an AlphaKid who doesn’t just do well, but thrives in it. 

Learn more about the unique, brain-boosting Alpha-Lipids found in Promil Gold Four here!


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  2. Early Childhood Development Has Lifelong Impact - 

More Pandapro Update!


In case you missed it: foodpanda treated

pandapro members to an unforgettable night out pandapro members were invited to their first get-together event 

Foodpanda has been flipping the script this summer and giving everyone the chance to live out their ultimate cool kids' dreams with #pandaproClub, where all the promises of fun (without hurting your wallet) happens.

Since foodpanda’s pandapro subscription launch in 2020, members have been receiving endless surprises, each more elevated than the previous. This year, pandapro launches its newest benefit, dine-in.

On April 26, foodpanda held their most-awaited event yet at pandapro dine-in vendor, TED BGC, where influencers and select pandapro members were treated to an exclusive night outcourtesy of foodpanda dine-in.

Our #pandaproClub ambassadors David Guison, Jessa Velasquez, Gab Pangilinan, Kianna Dy, and Mikyle Quizon

Guests had the chance to go around the venue, build magical connections and bond over their mutual love for food while dining in style - one of the many perks of the membership.

Hosts Jazper Tiongson and Micah Louisse with Mr. Congeniality Jules Aquino and Ms. Congeniality Gab Pangilinan

Sumptuous food prepared by The European Diner in Uptown Mall, BGC

foodpanda’s dine-in program is exclusively available to all pandapro members. All subscribers are  entitled to a flat discount on the total bill value in partner restaurants, which in most cases is about 25% off, for all regular menu items and is applicable on both food and drinks.

Redemption is very simple and can be done in 5 easy steps.

1. Open your app and ensure you’re subscribed to pandapro.

2. Click on the ‘dine-in’ tile.

3. Search and select the restaurant where you’re dining in.

4. Confirm with the restaurant staff before you swipe to redeem your offer and order.

5. Enjoy your discounted meal

Dine-in is a quick and seamless experience and the best way to bond and reunite with your BARKADA in one of foodpanda’s diverse selection of available partner restos.

In the coming months, foodpanda aims to enrich every dine-in experience, not just by providing amazing discounts at our great restaurant partners but also by hosting more exclusive events like this for our pandapro Club subscribers to take part in.

Thursday, May 19, 2022

Zippies to the Rescue for School Time!


I am honestly worried when my son goes back to school.  Real talk here, my son didn't get a single sickness during pandemic - homeschool means not exposed to kids who may be sick and having air-conditioned classrooms means not a perfect air circulation setting.  

These are inevitable though.  I cannot wrap my son in a bubble forever so preparing him to keep things organize and himself clean and hygienic, the training starts at home.

And since I love to organization, why not teach them young and be stylish while at it?

Introducing, my new online find --- Zippies PH

I have bought and purchased Zippies bags online during the pandemic and I use them to organize my refrigerator!  From spices to fruits and vegetables, I also use these for snacks like cookies and chips!  We even numbered our bags to make sure we don't mix dry goods from wet goods - you guys know how some food smells even after washing right?  HELLO Garlic and Onion bags! :P

So to separate the bags from home and my son, I am glad Zippies introduced their new Zippies Lab Mickey and Friends Blogger Series!  It is a 5-pc bag organizer set that is perfect for kids and adults alike.

Zippies Mickey and Friends to the Rescue for School Time!

I love the neutral tone so this can work for both boys and girls!  It comes with various sizes and even included a tissue holder with bag hanger!  That is smart I tell you!  Very apt for our current situation!

While at it, you may also checkout the Zippies Disney Mickey Jeepney!  Very Pinoy and I am loving it!  Imagine taking this along when you travel and proudly showing these to random people you meet?  Nakaka Proud na Mickey Mouse says "Sakay na!" :D

Zippies Mickey and Friends to the Rescue for School Time!

Here's a quick Instagram Reel on how I would use the bags!  Of course, you can be creative and use it however you like!  The options are endless!

Organize in style now!

You may shop at Shopee, Lazada or

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!