Tuesday, September 30, 2014

AMW Reviews: K-Palette 1Day Magic 3D Palette

Finally, I'm ready to share my thoughts on K-Palette's 1Day magic 3D Palette!  I used this so many times but didn't get the chance to review because, I'm always too busy and always in a rush to take photos before leaving home!  Finally, before dinner, as my brother came back for a short vacation, I've decided to look decent for the family (as I always look bruha-ha!)  The effects are very natural, very young (ahem!  Sabi ko!)  and cute (okay, referring to the palette...baka may magalit!)  :P

Di ba I told you the palette is super cute?  It is!  You won't make a mistake as well as the usage is well printed on the cover!  You see CHEEK, HIGHLIGHT and SHADING!  That means, this tiny palette can be used in 3 ways!  To blush, highlight and contour!  

K-Palette says ---
  • Flattering and natural Color. - Enhance your best features naturally with its soft-colored powder palette.
  • Long-wearing ability. - Its soft-pigmented color stays on all day long.
  • Pearls for a shimmery finish. - The highlighter contains pearls for luminous glow.
  • Infused with beauty essences. - Contains Hyaluronic Acid, water Soluble Collagen and Shea Butter.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Something New: A Novel Romance By MAC

Will you read this book if you see this as a cover?
Siyempre no!  Hahaha But won't that look funny?  1 man and 3 girls? 

I don't want to think how complicated the story will be but let's focus on this....

Ayan, much more interesting!  I grew up reading love stories like this!  I am the only bookworm in our family and my brothers and sister probably don't get why I need to spend hours reading something fictional.

Well, it is the romantic side of me who wishes my own Knight in Shining Armor!  See?  I finally have my own!  The power of positive thinking talaga!

Matrix Chairs of Change: You Can Make A Difference!

Did you know that everyday, an additional of 3,500 children in the Philippines struggle with various types of cancer?

Sometimes, we tend to be so busy with our own issues we forget how others have it even worst!  Imagine going through these nerve-wracking, painful treatment at the same time losing your hair?  Imagine how these young children feel?

Thanks to my Matrix Family (I am so proud to be an Ambassador for this brand) as they took the initiative to gather hairdressers and Filipino women to make a difference with the Matrix 8-Inch Cut for Cancer Challenge.

When I got an invite to give 8-inches of my hair, my mind says yes but my hair says "excuse me, you don't have enough of me!"  I wished I have really long hair as I wouldn't mind chopping it off!   But that didn't stop me from helping in my own tiny ways!  Thank you Matrix Philippines for inviting me to be part of this important shoot to help spread the word to other Filipinas out there!


I shared my makeup expertise to prettify a beautiful Blogger friend, Jackie Go, one of the Project Ambassador.

Jackie Before and After Shoot

Sunday, September 28, 2014

AMW Cooks: Stuffed Ampalaya recipe.

Happy Sunday AMW Friends!
I will be sharing a healthy recipe today!  And the vegetable for the day?  Bittergourd (aka Ampalaya).

If you are flinching right this moment, let's do a quick *high five*.  I'm not a fan of ampalaya dish as well and I recalled picking only the middle part (the pork) when my mom cooks this for us!  Now that I'm older, I appreciate the bitter taste of ampalaya and I'm actually looking forward to it on each bite!  This is one dish that I'm proud to share (all thanks to my mom for being such a wonderful cook) and I hope non-bittergourd eaters will appreciate this as well! 

Try at least 1 before you say NO :)


AMW Bulletin: #MVPAnnouncement #SMARTFREEWIFI

#MVPAnnouncement was the major thing last Friday and I am so glad I was there to witness the announcment itself by none other than PLDT Chairman, Mr. Manny V. Pangilinan. 

The room went silent, all the press people were wondering what the important announcement was all about until that moment when Mr. MVP said:

This is a bold move from Smart Communications Inc., Talk ' Text and Sun Cellular.  A move that may raise eyebrows to others with all the questions storming in like: "How much bandwidth?" "How fast will the internet connection be?" etc...

FREE is FREE!  Who doesn't want FREE?
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