Monday, November 30, 2015

Christmas Gift-Giving Idea: Crane Humidifiers and Purifiers

It is true what Crane says: "The Best Medicine is No Medicine".

I used to take at least one tablet of anti-histamines a day to ease up my skin allergies which I highly blame on both food and air pollution!  Mr. AMW actually bought me an Air Purifier a couple of years ago.  And now that we have Kyle, we were actually on a search for Air Humidifier too! 

Which is which?  Well, after attending their first ever event at L'Indochine a couple of days ago, I learned so much about Humidifiers and Purifiers I actually took notes and will share to you the difference and you'll see by the end of the post which your family needs!  I actually needed both!  And don't worry, these are not only cute, they are inexpensive as well!

Crane USA actually took a leap on creating not only good quality humidifiers and air purifiers, they actually followed their own mantra of "Design for Better Living".  As you can see, their products are not only functional and efficient!  They come in Adorable and elegant designs to fulfill any home improvement needs!

Now, let us first talk about Humidifiers ---
  • They help increase air moisture for easier breathing and good night's sleep.
  • Can relieve cough, cold and flu symptoms including nasal congestion, dry cough, sinus irritation, nose bleeds and dry skin.
  • Can reduce mold and bacteria growth up to 99.96%.
And Crane actually came up with Adorable Cool Mist Humidifiers (Php2,799.75-Php3,499.75) to satisfy the descriptions above.  And aside from that, they can hold 1 gallon/3.78 L water and it can run whisper quiet up to 24 hours!  These CRANE Humidifiers can mists up to 250 square feet and has auto shutoff safety sensor!  Best of all?  They use less energy than a standard household light bulb!


I highly recommend the Adorable designs for household with kids and kids at heart!

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Weekend Food Trip at: Spatzle Euro Market Cafe

When you combine good food with great company, the day always turns out even better than expected!  Not even traffic could ruin my day!

That was several days ago when I had a lunch meeting with a good friend, owner of Girl Stuff and Solique polishes.  We were supposed to talk about the Holiday collection but as always, we ended up catching up with personal matters!  

I'm actually a "sweet" person to have lunch/dinner date with!  I always like to share our food because 1. It is sweeter that way and 2. the main reason is, both of us can try out more dishes!  Smart move right?

Janina wanted to try out Spatzle and I'm glad she picked that restaurant because I always pass by that restaurant and wondered how their food tastes like!  I'm glad we've decided to split up our meals because we got the best of both worlds!

Chicken and Fresh Mushrooms in Cream
Grilled chicken fillet with fresh shiitake mushrooms and cream

I don't know the real presentation of this dish because I requested for the cream to be set on the side because I actually like to control the amount of "sauce" I eat!  It's not a diet thing, it's more of making sure I like how my meals taste like and if I don't like the sauce, at least I don't put the rest of the food to waste!

Overall, the meal is filling!  You get fried potato "pie" underneath while you have strips of chicken with mushrooms and strips of crunchy onions!  I actually liked this dish a lot but I prefer to consume half and share the other half!

The Spatz Burger
200g Homemade grilled USDA burger goodness on warm brioche, pesto cream cheese,
mushroom sand crispy onions served with spiced house made chips.

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Suesh 2015 Holiday Collection 5pc Gold & Black Brush Set

I will start sharing gift-giving ideas starting TODAY!  I will randomly post great-gift finds because Christmas is indeed very near!

Whenever I want to give gifts for my makeup loving friends, I always knew deep in my heart that we can never have enough brushes!  I personally own so many brush sets but it is always nice to receive more because....come on!  Do I need to explain myself? 

And the Suesh 2015 Holiday Collection is no exception to the rule!  I clicked on their site and found nice collection of brushes for the holiday and they are priced reasonably!

Suesh 2015 Holiday Collection 5pc Gold & Black Brush Set

The KIT comes with 5 essential brushes to create a simple look!  The handle is black with gold ferrule and these brushes are made from Vegan Korean Taklon Hair, so I believe these brushes are perfect even for users who have sensitive skin!

It comes with a Powder brush than can double up as a blush brush, a flat shader brush (small and large) for concealer application, cream or powdered shadow application, an angled eyeliner/eyebrow brush, a blending brush! 

This set is a perfect starter kit for those who are into makeup but don't want the confusion which brushes to use for specific functions!  These 5 pcs are straightforward and very easy to use!

And you may feel free to pick other available sets based on your personality!

Friday, November 27, 2015

AMW Wears: Fly Shades Holiday 2015

So I recently received a package from Fly Shades included are some of the Holiday 2015 Collection.  I personally think they should offer this "kit" on sale because I really LOVE the box and use this to store my current sunglasses.

One of my favorite out of the 3 is called Celle.  This design screams classy and modern. 

The shape of the glass screams Audrey Hepburn but the addition of the metallic design gives a futuristic feel.

When worn, this is very close to my personality!  Well, I'm not saying I'm a classy lady but at times, I like to play the part!

Thursday, November 26, 2015

AMW Reviews: Inglot AMC Brow Liner Gel

Anyone who reads beauty blogs probably heard about the famous Anastacia Dip Brow Pomade!  I almost gave in and asked my cousin to purchase one for me but decided not to because I have so many brow products on hand!

So when I heard about how "identical" Inglot AMC Brow Liner Gel is with the Anastacia Dip Brow and the fact that this product is available locally, I had to give this a try!

Shade: 14  
There are a total of 12 shades on Inglot website but I am unsure if locally, we carry all 12 shades!  Feel free to let me know in comment box below if you know the answer! TIA

Inglot AMC Gel Brow Liner Gel says ---
Waterproof brow liner in gel is a perfect product to fill the eyebrows, emphasize their colour and give a distinct contour. The formula, enriched with nourishing ceramides, ensures a long lasting effect of full and defined brows. Moreover, it smoothes and shapes the eyebrows.
This product with high payoff allows getting the desired effect of either naturally filled or dramatically accentuated eyebrows. The wide colour range allows choosing a colour match for every type of beauty.
The product is hypoallergenic.

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