Wednesday, May 25, 2016

AMW Workshop Series Part 2: Perfecting Your Base

After 2 months, I'm finally ready to continue what I started!  The AMW Workshop Series Part 2 (read more about AMW Workshop Series Part 1: Get Ready for Summer)  After contemplating and reading some of your comments, emails and suggestions, I'm ready to share the topic for my second workshop. 

It's all about the bases girls!  I have always been a makeup artist who prefers to enhance than cover.  And let's face it, having a good base can make you look and feel good without adding too much makeup!

It is time to learn all the tricks and tips I've learned through the years!  Girls, you will be surprised how the right tools, right type of makeup would make a HUGE difference!

Do you want to know more?  Better grab your slot as it's there's only 12 slots available for this workshop!

As always, what's a workshop without the help of our lovely sponsors?  Thank you so much to my old and new sponsors!  This won't be possible without your support and help!

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

My Top 5 Pro Makeup Artist Secrets Revealed!

I have been a professional Makeup Artist for almost a decade now!  Counting those times when I was just "happily" doing my classmates' or friends' makeup?  That would be a total of 2 decades!  Prettifying boys and girls have always been a goal of mine!  I remembered saving up my allowance to purchase international magazines back then just to flip through pages after pages admiring the makeup on each model (even on ads!)  That, my friend, was pre-Youtube days.

Now that I'm living my dream prettifying people professionally.  There will always be friendly competition out there and I know I have to "up" my game to make sure I keep existing clients and get new ones!  With so many talented makeup artists out there, we need to do something right to stay in the game!  How?  By ---

1. Constant Learning.
2. Maintain Client-Makeup Artist good relationship.
3. Take care of EACH of your client like how you would take care of yourself.

Well, there's more but that's the top 3 on my head as of the moment.

As you all know, makeup artistry is not all about fun and glamour!  Well, I do look a bit more "glamorous" in the photo below taken for Biogenic shoot just because they need a profile picture of me as a makeup artist but trust me, I don't look like this at work!

During the shoot, the makeup artist in me can't help but retouch my co Biogenic-mommies' makeup.  It is as natural as "breathing" when I would automatically check the makeup of Jackie and Frances making sure they are camera-ready!  I guess, once you're a makeup artist, you'll always be one! 

I bonded with Frances over retouch and we did a bit of "beauty talk" while taking the photo (above).  Frances told me about her dry skin issues and how I deal with clients who have dry skin.  I immediately shared all my tips and tricks and realized, hey!  I do have a couple of tips up on my sleeves, so why not share it to you guys too?

Monday, May 23, 2016

Burt's Bees 100% Natural Lipsticks Review and Swatches

Who would have thought our favorite All Natural Brand Burt's Bees FINALLY came out with lipsticks!  Not just any other lipsticks --- these have intense color, full-coverage and are hydrating enough to soften and condition your lips all day!  The amazing part?  Available in 14 gorgeous shades! 

Yes guys, I'm not pulling your leg!  There are really 14 shades and I got them all!

a photo of Burt's Bees 100% Natural Lipsticks

And the more surprising part, I was able to wear all 14 shades for you to easily pick your favorite shade! 
This collage will definitely show you why a woman can't have too much lipsticks!  See how each color changes my overall look even with the same makeup, same outfit and hair color?  You can easily spot the shades that work for me and shades that make me look, ahmmm...sick!  But hey, with all 14 shades, I don't have to worry!  I can easily mix and match and the best part?  They are 100% natural so these are my obvious choice of lip color especially when I'm around with my toddler!  Nothing beats him kissing me with the comfort of knowing my lipstick is safe!

Can you spot your favorite shade?
My vote goes all the lip color on first row!  What's your vote?

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Weekend Food Trip: Pan-Grilled Pork Belly (New) from Pancake House

Whenever we go out on weekends, one of the most visited restaurant is Pancake House.  Especially the one at Lucky Chinatown and Quezon Avenue.  

There are just a few reasons why this is our family restaurant of choice ---
  • Good food
  • Cozy ambiance
  • Has high chair (all restaurant owners, this is very important!)
  • Child-friendly activities (Crayons!)

Last weekend, as to EVERY weekend, we visit my parents and go out to have quiet dinner.  We picked the branch at West Triangle because of the spacious location (for Kyle to run around) and because it is near my parent's home! 

The usual orders would be ---  Pancake House Fried Chicken, Spaghetti and Tacos.  But just as the menu was given to us, we spotted a new dish!  (It takes a Pancake House fan to know something is new with the menu!)

True enough, we were told this is the newest addition to the menu and all of us ordered this right away!

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Kate Tokyo Launches New Products!

I was invited to an intimate launch for Kate Tokyo because of an Asia exclusive base makeup item developed especially for Asian women.  Can you guess what it is?

The event was held at Cafe 1771 hosted by Kate Tokyo's Robby Da Silva.
He shared the 3 products everyone need to watch out for!