Tuesday, November 19, 2019

My Top 10 San San Cosmetics

San San Cosmetics has been around for so many years but I haven't really tried their products until recently when the brand was kind enough to send me a box FULL of San San Cosmetics just to try their 3 categories ---

  • Classic
  • High Def
  • Age Defense

I like it when a brand create products based from the different needs of each users!  And I never discriminate products based from brand or price, I test them equally and finally picked my top 10 favorites!

Watch this video and let me know your thoughts!

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Monday, November 18, 2019

Kyle Unboxed Ramps Toys Goodies!

Someone had a blast unboxing so many toys in ONE sitting!

Though an only child and a child I've waited so long for, Kyle isn't the spoiled type!  Ask my neighbor, they probably hear my stern voice every single day!

Though a strict mom, I make it a point to appreciate him whenever he did something good!  Just like how he was extremely good and very studious over the past weeks!  So the toys I received from Ramps Toys for Kyle which I got several days earlier was finally unboxed!


I appreciate that the toys they offer are mostly innovative and very imaginative especially for kids who are into play learning just like Kyle!  Kyle specially appreciates the Dinosaur Eggs which taught him to learn to be patient as the Dinosaur Egg will crack approximately 2-3 days after!  Yes kids, Patience is a virtue..and patience will yield cute Dinosaurs!

What's your favorite toy unboxed by Kyle?

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Friday, November 15, 2019

Cathy Doll Power On L-Glutathione Ampoule Review

When Glutathione was really a craze years ago, I was just sitting at a corner of the "Beauty Room" sticking to my most normal skincare regimen --- my trustee facial wash and my trustee moisturizer which does not have any other added function except - to hydrate my skin.

Fast forward to today, when Glutathione "anything" is widely accept, I felt like a toddler, just starting out getting to know all about the benefits of Glutathione --- both for internal and external funcion.

If I receive such product, I'll probably throw it straight to my mom-in-law who's really not afraid to try out anything when it comes to skincare as she doesn't have sensitive skin like I do!  But after constant research, this product has been around since 2014 or even earlier!  

The Cathy Doll Power On L-Glutathione Ampoule isn't actually a new product but there was a bit of overhaul in terms of packaging and even Brand Logo!

After trying this out for 24 hours at the backside of my ear and arms, I gave it a go and applied it all over my face!

I haven't really use this for long because I own only a small bottle - too small I had a hard time looking for it in my dresser table BUT, small enough to work as a tester which is also good if you don't want to spend a lot for a full sized product you are unsure if it is effective enough!

For the brand, I am sure there are so many reasons why they packed this in such tiny ampoule bottle --- must retain freshness of the product probably?  I'll talk more about this soon as of now, enjoy the cuteness of the bottle!

Cathy Doll Power On L-Gluathione Ampoule 
I do wish the box isn't too bit (waste of packaging) for a product this small!

Cathy Doll Power On L-Glutathione Ampoule  Says ---

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

BTLA Compact Powder Oil Control Review

I haven't talked about Face Powder for quite some time right?  Because I assumed everyone found their favorites as of the moment and maybe aren't interested anymore?  

Please...comment and share your thoughts.

Though in reality, I may have my top 3 favorites but I'm still testing out various brands whether high end or drugstore just because I'm a makeup geek like that!  I like to explore and share my experience in the process..yeah..that's me!  Still getting giddy and excited over makeup!

Today, I am featuring a drugstore brand called BTLA.  BTLA gave a loud bang when they dropped a box-ful of BTLA products.  I was overwhelmed, but after recovering, I had a game plan.  

I started out using products that I really use on day-to-day basis.  To prove that, I reviewed the BTLA Matte Blush Duo!

And I picked a Compact Powder Oil Control after using a whole lot of skincare and my skin went back to Normal!  Meaning, I am actually okay to use Oil Control products and my skin does not look like a Sahara Dessert!

a photo of BTLA Compact Powder Oil Control Review by Nikki Tiu of askmewhats.com

BTLA Compact Powder Oil Control
Available at Watsons

a photo of BTLA Compact Powder Oil Control Review by Nikki Tiu of askmewhats.com

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

How to Look Flawless and Fresh? #AMWIGtv

"Though shall not pile on make up!"

That has been my make up goal ever since I started my make up journey!  I remembered Keith telling me how much blush I had on!  "Parang binugbog ka!" .  Or when I have foundation too thick that doesn't match the color of my neck, I get real feedbacks (On time pa!)  I appreciate that a lot because I learn so much through this journey!

Today, after more than a decade of testing, reviewing and using makeup!  I am surprised how I can't get enough of this profession.  There's always something new to share and learn and I'm sharing yet another makeup tricks and tips for those who wants to create Flawless Looking Skin!  Key phrase ---
"Less is indeed more!"  

I hope you enjoyed this and let me know if you learn something from me!

I'll share more tips and tricks soon!  Please do follow me on Instagram for real updates!
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