Monday, February 18, 2019

Shiseido ColorGel LipBalm Review

Have you found a lipbalm that you can actually use and can actually hydrate your lips?
Well, I kind of found one accidentally when I wasn't looking.  I picked this up recently because it says ColorGel lipbalm and you know how I love "gel" texture in anything (ex. Moisturizing, etc...)  

The shade I got was a bit dark on tube but I knew this is a lipbalm so I understood this will be sheer.

Shiseido ColorGel LipBalm
Shade: 110 Juniper

This lightweight-yet-hydrating balm melds seamlessly with lips thanks to high- and low-melting point waxes that provide the perfect amount of structure and slip.Infused with patented humectant technology, this balm-lipstick hybrid offers lasting moisture and comfort—leaving lips feeling softer and healthier with every use.Available in 10 shades inspired by nature indigenous to Japan, this nourishing formula boasts semi-sheer coverage, and a delicate, shiny finish.Dermatologist-tested.

Sunday, February 17, 2019

Weekend Food Trip at: Maki Place

Before I talk about Maki Place, I want to thank The SAEM Philippines for sending me a lovely Chinese New Year gift!  They never fail to give LOVE, Wealth and Happiness to the TIU household!  Than you!

Now back to food, the past few weeks was crazy!  Kyle visited his Pedia twice before Chinese New Years!  I am so happy I've found a doctor that Kyle is very comfortable with, most of all, she can make Toy Balloon animals that's why Kyle calls her the Balloon Doctor!

Best of all, she opens even at night so Keith can accompany us!  Twice that we've seen the doctor, we also had our dinner outside and it was "pampalubag look" to eat yummy food after a stressful day!  One restaurant that we enjoyed going to is Maki Place.

Located at Benavides Street Binondo, it is located at a crowded street so it is advisable to eat during off-peak hours!  They close around 9:00pm by the way!  

Though the dishes didn't come off exactly the same as last time, I wish they could be more consistent, here are some of our favorite orders - of course you have to order MAKI but I didn't get to take a photo of it as Mr. AMW already ate it :P

Pork Spareribs, Goyong, Fried Rice and any Noodle dish!  They are yummy!

Saturday, February 16, 2019

My First Dance Routine

There are so many things that I've shared to you online, but one thing that shocked a lot of you is my ability to dance.  Well, I'm in no way a professional or expert but this momma has her moves okay? :P

I used to be a Cheerleader in Highschool and I occasionally dance - hello dance sessions with my sister during our work years and my pa-dance session pa ako sa China when I used to work there!

So yes, I do dance and dancing is another hobby I love to do to de-stress.  I've been wanting to dance for so many years, I've even posted a status on Facebook looking for a dance studio but location and schedule really is an issue!  Most dance studios offer classes in the evening or weekends and those are crucial bonding moments for me and my family I don't want to sacrifice that.

Then recently, I've found a workout I really enjoy --- BOXING, then in my Boxing days, I met Coach Drew who told me he was actually a choreographer and a dancer!  I booked a one-on-one session with Coach and the rest was history!

This was the first dance routine we learned in an hour or so and I was so happy to move again!  Please watch with caution, hahahaha, don't laugh and just appreciate my moves okay?

Do you love dancing as a form of exercise?
Do you have a song you want me to dance to?  I'd love to see some requests!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

Friday, February 15, 2019

All Around Concealer Palette for Daily Use

Is there a possibility to find a concealer/corrector palette that is apt for daily use?
A palette even a newbie can work around with?

YES, very much possible when I tried Catrice Cosmetics' All Around Concealer Palette (Php379.00).

a photo of Catrice Cosmetics ALl Around Concealer Palette review by Nikki Tiu of

This palette comes with corrector and concealer shades.

L-R Green, Peach and 3 Concealer shades (that can double up as contour and highlight cream!)

a photo of Catrice Cosmetics ALl Around Concealer Palette review by Nikki Tiu of

Swatch them all once, texture is lightweight and consistency is creamy and easy to work with.

Thursday, February 14, 2019 REVIEW + Php100 OFF Code for YOU!

I have offers to review a lot of services like Massage and Nail services in salons but I almost never get to visit 80% of them.  Why?  Well, if you know me really well, you know that every minute/second of my day counts!  And to travel 1 hour to 2 hours (one way) just to pamper myself isn't my top priority!  

So when I learned about app, I gave it a try right away and tested this app before deciding to share this wonderful news to you!  And hey, I have a special code for first time app users!  You get Php100.00 off on your first booking and it is a HUGE help I tell you! 

Now before you start booking, you have to learn about this platform first. is similar to our favorite shopping sites such as Lazada, but this one is more of a service provider! is an online marketplace platform for services instead of products.  This platform covers a wide range of services, everything for the family and yourself - Home Cleaning, Nail Care, Massage, Hair Service, Personal Trainer, Makeup Service even Tutor!

a photo of REVIEW and Php100 code use NIKKI100

Here's what I did to book my Mani/Pedi Service.  (Note: better to book the day before!)  

I click on "Nail Care" and input my location, date I am available and shared some details on my request (ex. Mani/Pedi with polish)

a photo of REVIEW and Php100 code use NIKKI100 will share my job with Service Providers that match my request.  I just wait for a response.  What I love about is that I get a message not only in their app but also thru text!  That way I don't need internet connect to read service offers!

Review the offers and the GoodWork profiles (even ratings),  in my case, the app is still new so I don't see much review yet but I gave it a try anyways (by the way, I am NOT paid in any way to write this post!)  

I got a response from Lotus and offer of Php300.00 for both Mani and Pedi home service.  I accepted it right away!