Thursday, October 22, 2020

Photowall Designer Wallpaper Shopping + Installation Review


I don't know about you but ever since Quarantine happened last March of 2020, me and my husband was stuck at home with our 7-year old kid and we felt like there was nothing to do but to sulk about the crazy Pandemic.

Comes May, almost 2 hours of lockdown, we've decided to do some home improvements such as changing the location of our furniture down to buying wallpaper for wall accents.

That's when I realized there are limited designs of wallpapers.  I can honestly say, I memorized almost all the designs and color options they sell in the market not because I have a good memory, but for the fact that the designs are redundant.  

That said, when I was reached out via email by Photowall team, I browsed their website and immediately got drawn to their VAST wallpaper collection.  When I say VAST, I mean a HUGE collection of unique wall designs giving everyone the opportunity to express their interior design "hidden" talents.  I mean everyone has their own eye for beauty for sure!

Before I start talking about my experience installing our wallpaper.  Let's talk about Photowall as a brand.  This company is headquartered in Skarpnäck near Stockholm, Sweden.

Photowall Designer Wallpaper Kit

Yes, SWEDEN!  How in the world was I able to order rolls of wallpapers shipped straight from Sweden to the Philippines considering the pandemic?

They ship via DHL (Standard is 7-10 working days and Express for 2-6 working days).  Keep in mind their delivery cost HERE.

As for payment, they accept all major credit cards (Master and Visa) and even Paypal.

Now on to the the website, their website is easy to navigate.  Since they have hundreds of designs, I was able to trim down the choices by clicking the desired item I want to purchase.  I went ahead and click Wallpaper and go for Designer Wallpaper.  

Photowall review

After that, I would pick either themes or in my case, I went to the shorter route and searched "GREY WALLPAPER" because that was my color motif.

Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Song Hye Kyo Inspired Hair and Makeup


Hi AMW Friends!
I am really not fluent in "K-Drama" or "K-Pop" names.  I know a whole bunch of actors and actresses but there's only less than 10 that I can really remember the names!  

One actress that really have a huge impact on my skincare journey is Song Hye Kyo.  Yes, I know her name by heart and I originally got to know her by the name JENNY of Full House.  Whenever I am lazy to do skincare, I would open my eyes and say: "SHK won't be lazy, she'll sit in front of her classy dresser and apply her makeup in such a graceful manner!"

Oo na, girl crush ko siya! 

So it is but normal for a fan to try to recreate her best makeup look (in my opinion).  SHK has always been known to have natural beauty and most of her makeup well, she looks like she's not wearing any make up at all!  This was the first fierce looking makeup that I saw on her and I was immediately drawn to recreate her eye makeup then the rest followed.

Song Hye Kyo Inspired Hair and Makeup

I am hella not good at poses so this was the best RBF face I can do without looking consipated so kind to me!

Song Hye Kyo Inspired Hair and Makeup

Being honest to you guys (as always), with the same makeup look and outfit that she wore, she had this pose that look way too far from what I did so I may as well pose myself without her beside me because if you think I look cool on photo below, I look like a FAKE luxury handbag beside her.  

Sunday, October 18, 2020

Weekend Food Delivery from Pizza Pizza


"The Official Buy 1 Take 1 Pizza Always and Forever."

Does that sound like the best pick-up line food edition EVER?

That's the promise of my good friend's business called Pizza Pizza PH.  Ang sabi nga nila: "Bakit isa lang?  Eh kung pwede namang dalawa ang _____?"  A choice between Jowa (BF) and Pizza!  I'd go for the latter as I already found my forever in Mr. AMW (naks!)

a Photo of Pizza Pizza PH Food Deliver

Straight from their kitchen in San Juan, I got 2 Pizza flavors delivered straight to my doorstep.  Pizza Pizza PH All Meat and Chicken Pesto.  I was leaning on All Meat as I have never been a fan of Pesto dishes!  But after trying out both, it was a surprise for me to lean on Chicken Pesto because it is extremely delicious in so many ways --- you eat chunks of chicken a perfect balance of pesto, a huge slice of tomatoes in each triangle and a whole lot of flavors going on in there minus the oil!  It just felt right taking each bite without the guilt!

A photo of a Photo of Pizza Pizza PH Food Delivery Chicken Pesto and All Meat

Of course, All Meat Pizza didn't fail!  It was the normal All Meat pizza so I didn't really put it on spotlight!  What I wanted to say is it has a good amount of serving - I previously ordered a much more expensive pizza that weekend and that paled to Pizza Pizza in comparison in terms of ingredients and pizza crust!  This is your ultimate Brick Oven Pizza baby!

A photo of a Photo of Pizza Pizza PH Food Delivery Chicken Pesto and All Meat

Saturday, October 17, 2020

Unang Hirit Guesting Hair, Makeup And OOTD


I've guested at Unang Hirit, a Philippine Television News Broadcasting and Talk Show, twice in the past and I was surprised to get another call and I nearly said NO as I originally thought I need to go to their studio.  Thankfully, it was just a ZOOM guesting so I said yes.

What was my role?
A shopping expert!  I was asked to share some tips on items to buy when people head back for travel (long or short haul) after the lockdown or when all of this is over.  I mean, we need to prepare right?  We do not get to leave NOW but we need to start shopping for essentials to prepare us for what will happen soon!

Because it was an early call time, I've decided to create this simple look that I did for less than 10 minutes! 

Unang Hirit Guesting Hair, Makeup And OOTD

Yes, if you know your face pretty well, you'll know what to do even at wee hours of the day!  Since I knew it will be on TV, I did a lot of concealing (hello eyebags!)  and a whole lot of hydration.  I hydrated my skin with heavy moisturizer before applying a tinted moisturizer.  Yes, I used tinted then cover some areas with a concealer.

I created fuller brows and did subtle contouring and loads of highlighting to divert attention from my very tired eyes!

As for makeup, I just used a contour powder as an eyeshadow and applyed simple eyeliner minus the exaggerated wing!  Because my makeup or face isn't the focus in this guesting, I want people to focus on what I have to say or the tips I plan to share.

Unang Hirit Guesting Hair, Makeup And OOTD

As for my outfit, I knew it will just be a half body shoot but I dressed up anyways, or DOWN?  I was asked to wear neutral colored clothes minus loud brand names so I went for Uniqlo top and a skort so I can still move around and go ahead doing Mom-chores after this TV guesting.  

Thursday, October 15, 2020

How to Trim, Cut and Layer Your Hair At Home


It is VERY difficult to cut your own hair even for someone who has haircutting background.  I am in no way a Professional Haircutter but I student haircutting basic a few years back (more than 10 years ago before I studied makeup artistry).  

I originally thought I wasted my time and money but who would have thought a decade after I would put this learnings in good use?

Since COVID-19 happened, I have been cutting my husband's and son's hair since March 2020.  After months of feeling irritated with my dry ends, I have decided to cut my own hair and take a video doing it so you guys can check it out if I can manage to do so.  

I've done a poll and a lot of my #AMWFriends suggested to have my hair cut short but I am honestly enjoying my long hairstyle because I can do a lot of hairstyling practice from updo styles to curling!  I have no one to practice with so I may as well use my own hair! 

Fast forward to my decision to trim and fix the layers of my hair, I have also shared some basic layering tips at the start of the video!  Feel free to watch the basic rules and skip the rest if you are too lazy to watch! But at least, watch the first few minutes because that is where I gave the basic knowledge on layering!  

I know a lot of you are shaking your head saying : "I am NO professional!  I cannot do it!" 

There's no forcing there, you may still go out to a salon and have your hair cut by a professional, it is less stressful that way but I wanted to stay at home, lessen the chances of exposure to the virus plus, I am actually intrigued to know if I can actually do this!  I mean, I was born with a sponge - I just want to keep on learning! 

Without further's my first haircut to myself and I think I've done a good job!  What do you think?

a photo on How to Trim, Cut and Layer Your Hair At Home

Here's the quick video!  Happy Learning!

If you have done your own haircut (or your family's) using this video! I would really appreciate it if you let me know! :D

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!