Sunday, May 28, 2017

Weekend Food Trip at: OEDO Japanese Restaurant

I live in downtown Manila so you'll definitely find me and my family in areas such as Banawe, Retiro and Ongpin.

One of the things I love to do before we head out is to search online for Restaurants to try!  Mr. AMW and I love to food trip on various restaurants because we are Foodies-at-heart!  One restaurant that we've always been wanting to try is Oedo Japanese Restaurant located at Banawe.  The thing is, the place is always packed and we cannot even book for reservations.

Because of that, my interest with the restaurant grew more!  So finally, one FATEFUL Sunday + Good Mood Toddler, we waited in line (30minutes to be exact) and we finally got a seat!  If you want a quick and honest review?  The WAIT is Totally Worth It!

Octopus Balls
The taste is almost there (comparing to the ones I had in Japan) but, there are more cabbage inside than octopus bits!  Still, the sauce and flavors are really like that from the ones I had in Japan!

Aspara Bacon
Bacon-wrapped asparagus tastes really good! 
 The asparagus are fresh and the bacon has a bit of the crunchy texture.

Saturday, May 27, 2017

JUMPU Products Made Me The Happiest Social Media Girl!

Whether you are a Blogger, an employee or just a regular person, you definitely own a cellphone and would need the help of some "extra accessories".

In my case as a Blogger who constantly gets online, "accessories" aren't even considered just an accessories --- I am in dire NEED of them badly!

And it doesn't hurt that I have certain specifications on my electronic gadget accessories --- size, color, affordability and of course quality!  And I got them all in one brand --- JUMPU.

a photo of JUMPU products

"JUMPU is a gadget accessory brand that embodies the best of Japanese design and manufacturing.  JUMPU's line-up reflects the electric vibe of Osaka's Nipponbashi DenDen Town, an otaku tourist destination and a mecca for amazing electronic products."
All I knew was Tokyo's Akihabara, reading JUMPU's description made me want to go to Nipponbashi DenDen Town.  But for now, all I can do is to appreciate the new accessories I got to use since the day I received them.  Mind you, both Mr. AMW and I gave them a seal of approval!  And you know how my husband is when it comes to gadget and accessories!

Friday, May 26, 2017

Deborah Milano DD Daily Dream Anti Age Foundation Review

So I was told the Deborah Milano DD Daily Dream Anti Age Foundation is one of the bestselling base makeup from the brand!  Who am I to agree or disagree without trying it first right?

So after hearing raves about this foundation on how it perfectly matches your skin like you're not wearing any makeup at all, I had to grab a bottle and test this out for months! (Months because I use this on and off and I don't wear foundation on a daily basis)

a photo of Deborah Milano DD Daily Dream Anti Age Foundation Review

The shade I got for review is in Beige, the shade Beige from Deborah Milano Foundation has more "orange tint" to it than other brands, most Beige color in other brands appear more yellow while Deobrah Milano DD Foundation is warmer so you definitely have to try out testers to get the right shade.

a photo of Deborah Milano DD Daily Dream Anti Age Foundation Review

Deborah Milano DD Daily Dream Anti Age Foundation Says ---

"DD Daily Dream is an ALL IN ONE foundation of technological excellence.
Recommended by 30 years, it covers and corrects imperfections intensely moisturizes and protects, prevents and reduces blemishes and discolorations, enlightens and enlivens the complexion for skin that looks younger, even and luminous. The DD Daily Dream formula is enriched with powerful active ingredients and effective to ensure the skin a perfect make-up and performance of essential treatment for its beauty. Its texture, soft and creamy, lightly fragranced with green notes, blends perfectly with the skin is immediately more homogeneous, smooth, uniform and full of light. With SPF 15."

Thursday, May 25, 2017

AskMeMom: Back to School with National Book Store

I seldom go to the mall for "leisure".  Whenever I get to be there for meetings or events, you will always find me roaming around just ONE particular store --- National Book Store. 

It is my favorite place for so many reasons!  
1. I am a book lover. (Kyle too!)
2. I love collecting art materials for Kyle Nash.
3. I buy school materials for Kyle because I homeschool him.
4. I also buy educational toys there.
5. The place just puts me at ease.  I am smiling ear-to-ear browsing from one section to another because I always find something worthy to spend my money on whenever I go there.  I can just stay there for hours!

So imagine how Back To School Season is exciting for me?  It may be stressful to some but let me tell you one thing, I am looking forward to it because it is the time where I have more reasons to visit National Book Store.  

So when I was invited by National Book Store with fellow mommies to share our favorite National Book Store finds, I had to clear out my schedule and be there!  Because it is definitely an ultimate #metime for me to be in the store and shop for my favorite boy!  It is also great to compare notes with fellow super moms who enjoy the store as much as I do.  I realized, there are just so many things and must-buy items to check out for!  All we need to do is to compare notes, tips and ideas.

When asked about my favorite section at National Book Store, I immediately exclaimed "Grab & Go".  

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Belo Talc-Free Powder Review

I am definitely that "First time Mom" who gets paranoid in everything she reads.  I always say: "It's better to be safe than sorry, wala naman mawawala!"  

One thing really struck me is the "Paranoia of using Baby Powders".  My son got his dad's "perspiration genes" and perspires a lot!   For 4 years, we heavily rely on putting towels at his back or change his clothes several times a day.  It is an ultimate "eye sore" on all his photos from baby until today.

That's me wiping his neck with soft towel when Kyle was still a baby.