Saturday, December 15, 2018

I Want These Under My Tree!

Christmas sets - always a favorite of mine as a gift not only for loved ones but also for myself.  I find these sets to be the prettiest and most "money-saving" of all!  That's why I always ended up hoarding more than a set whenever I shop.  It happens once a year lang naman di ba?

Clinique, one of my favorite skincare brand, came up with even better sets this year.  I don't know how they managed to get better each year, they just ended up topping themselves and this year is no exception.

Introducing --- MERRY CLINIQUE 2018.

I got one under the tree and you may have one too!

It is easier to light up anyone's season with Clinique Essentials.  As for me my Clinique essential will always include the famous Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion+.

And Clinique covered everything depending on the needs of your recipient!

Friday, December 14, 2018

Project Vanity x Ellana Life-proof Eyebrow Gel Review

 If I tell you if you wanted something waterproof for the brows, you may opt for eyebrow gels.
I know, I'll probably tell me it's difficult to apply.  
But, I have an answer for you, would you believe there is actually an eyebrow gel so easy to use even first-time users won't find it hard?

And best of all, it is indeed waterproof!  And the best news is yet to come...

It is locally-made with super friendly price points!

a photo of Project Vanity x Ellana Lifeproof Eyebrow Gel Review by Nikki Tiu

Project Vanity x Ellana Life-Proof Eyebrow Gels
shades: Light Brown, Red Brown and Dark Brown
Php499.00 each

a photo of Project Vanity x Ellana Lifeproof Eyebrow Gel Review by Nikki Tiu

Thursday, December 13, 2018

Merry Green Christmas from Innisfree!

When it is the season of giving and receiving, it is very easy to forget our less fortunate brothers and sisters.  So one brand Innisfree sets a reminder to everyone that we must not let them feel forgotten - especially the children.

Innisfree launched the Green Christmas Campaign globally year 2010 and worked with local organizations to provide gifts to underprivileged kids in hopes of filling their hearts with some holiday cheer.  

Since Innisfree launched and opened formally in Manila last November, they are quick to spread Happiness with Love with the help of Merry Green Christmas!  And this is a joint effort between the brand and us consumers!  Are you ready to be part of this?

a photo of Innisfree Green Christmas Campaign with world vision.

Decorate your own Innisfree Stockings (Php500.00 per kit) and a portion of all DIY Holiday Stocking Kit proceeds will go to a local charity organization.  There are 3 colors to choose from - Red, Green and White.

a photo of Innisfree Green Christmas Campaign with world vision.

And here's an even better news.  Since we're talking about Holiday shopping and maybe you wanted to go on a trip to the first Innisfree store in Manila (SM Mall of Asia) to purchase items for yourself.  You may as well get the Holiday Limited Edition items and get the DIY KIT at a discounted price of Php100.00.  

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Smarter Way to Shop For Christmas

I tried going out this week to shop for last-minute gift items for my godchildren and instead of being happy, I'm stressed with the 2-hour traffic (1 way) and I didn't have enough energy to even squeeze my way to long lines! 

Yes, to tell you the truth, my list isn't even half done!  I have a long way to go and I guess I'm now opting for online shopping!  Because at this day and time, it is indeed the smartest way to shop for Christmas!

ShopBack is a cashback platorm that gets you a gift in return every gift you purchase in their site/app.

With ShopBack, you can earn as much as 25% cashback on every amount you spend. This is nothing like the “reward points” from conventional reward programs—you gain real cash, deposited straight to your bank account. 

Kanebo Luster Color Foundation Review

Do you still remember Kanebo's Luster Cream foundation that I reviewed early this year?
Everyone loved the glow it gives and how natural it looks on my skin.
Then came the same "luster" line but this time in Luster Color Foundation, this was put aside for quite sometime because I was busy testing out other products.  Then one day, as I hit the pan on my daily powder foundation, I went ahead and tried this lilac colored powder and my skin was different in a very good way!

The sheer coverage foundation customizes your skin’s impression and enhances a refining effect. Highly selected two colors variations brighten your skin complexion for a graceful look. 

Take note that this has a compact that you can purchase separately, this is just a refill so just in case you have the old Kanebo compact, just purchase this refill.

It comes in 2 shades - Pink and Green.
I got the pink, pink is a soft flushed pink shade that can create vibrant healthy glow.