Friday, August 26, 2016

Benefit Dandelion Dew is Freshness in A Bottle!

Yes, there is indeed such thing as "Freshness in a Bottle" because every time I wear my Benefit Dandelion Dew, I always get complimented on being "fresh" even if I just came out from gazillion of meetings, work with less than 5 hours of sleep!  

a photo of Benefit Dandelion Dew

I was recently gifted with a generous sample size of Dandelion Dew which is also known as a Soft Baby-Pink Radiance for Cheeks and I've been using it for weeks now and I still have a lot left!

Thursday, August 25, 2016

There's a New Facial Oil in Town --- Marula Oil

Even with dry skin, I find myself veering away from anything "oil" on my face!  The first oil-based product I've used is Kiehl's Midnight Recovery, which worked for me by the way.  Afterwards, I've heard so many brands coming up with their own version of oils and I find myself staying shy and just going for what works for me.

Recently, I got Marula Pure Beauty Oil for review.  I was extremely hesitant and did my research first.  Marula Pure Beauty Oil is the only doctor-endorsed and scientifically proven all-natural beauty oil.  It is the ultimate age-defying beauty oil made from 99% marula oil with 1% blend of natural essential oils for a light, natural scent.  This is complete free of preservatives, synthetics and parabens which gave me a strong push to try out this product.

The Pure Marula Facial Oil is housed in a glass bottle with a "dropper" which I appreciate.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

What's a Verve Life?

When we talk about people with "Active Lifestyle", we immediately think about those who love to go to the gym, those who run, those who are "physically moving". 

For me, someone who is active does not only contain to those descriptions above, I can call myself a really "active" person for the fact that I have this need to be Productive all day!  I have a lot of stuff to be done in a day and truthfully, MUSIC definitely plays a HUGE role in my daily life!  Feel free to ask my close friends, they know I jiggle and wiggle my way to work!

So when Motorola invited me to learn about the VERVE Life, I knew this is something I would be interested in because their aim is to give people with an active, social lifestyle more freedom and connection to the world around them.  Someone just like YOU and ME!

Thankfully, brands like Motorola created VerveLife, this is designed for people who ant to have it all, and are determined to get what they want.  The brand is moving towards a wireless age and they recognize our needs NOT to be physically restricted.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

AMW Workshop Series Part 3: Waterproofing Your Makeup

Last March, I kicked off AMW Workshop Series as my own personal brand of workshop series to teach as many women I can the ways to make oneself feel beautiful both from the outside and inside.  It was a lovely surprise, and a gift from God when I got in more requests to do the 2nd workshop which I happily did last May which I coined Perfecting Your Base.  

Thinking it would be the last of the year, I gave my all!  But, fast forward to a couple of weeks after the workshop, I get random emails, IG and FB messages requesting me to follow up with a 3rd workshop!  And guys, malakas talaga kayo sa akin!  Your wish is definitely my command!  And because I've been doing "targeted and focused" workshops for the first 2, I knew I had to think of something unique and exciting for the third --- totoo na to, Last for this year!  


The workshop was inspired by the extreme condition of our weather!  The sudden outpour of rain then instant summer for the next hour.  I was there, sitting right outside the school of my son, feeling "hulas" and wondering what CAN be done to create an everyday makeup look minus the grease and the "hulas" feel.  Galing ng inspiration ko no?   hahaha

So I went up to brands whom I trust and believe in when it comes to makeup artistry, thankfully they all said YES!

Holistic Skincare Tips I Live By

"You have good skin!"
"Your skin is pore-less"

"You don't look like your age!"

These are just some of the "feel good" statements I get from time to time!  I always joke around and say: "Thanks to my mom and dad!"  But we all know it's not just about the genes.  We may be blessed with good genes but given the fact that our skin is exposed to internal and external factors (stress, lack of sleep, pollution, unhealthy lifestyle, etc...) that produce Free Radicals, it will risk cell damage which will be manifested through our skin!

AMW Skin Issues ---

  • Lifeless skin
  • Redness
  • Some wrinkles showing up especially on my laugh lines
  • Dry skin
Some Skin Care Tips I Live by ---