Saturday, April 25, 2015

Gunze Launch at Glorietta 3

Gunze, I first heard about this brand from my "super cool" father-in-law!  He is very particular with the material of the clothing he wear and Gunze definitely surpasses his requirements!  You know why?  He bought Gunze's Body Dry V-Neck T-shirt for men in ALL colors!

Fast forward to 2 days ago, I got an invite to a press release for a Skin to Skin Event with Gunze.

Gunze, is the leading innerwear brand from Japan.  Gunze is actually 120 years old!  Established in 1896, Gunze manufactures premium quality silk.  The Gunze brand expanded its product line to intimate apparel.  The event is called Skin to Skin because Gunze offers comfort of feeling like you're wearing your second skin whether for work, party or play!

AMW Experienced Yurbuds Powered by JBL

Remember when I shared some of my gift ideas for Active women during 2014 Holidays? (Post HERE)

Well, I share what's best and so far, in the "earphones" field, Yurbuds is considered one of the top sport earphones in the Philippines!  And thankfully, yours truly was invited when they want to formally introduce Yurbuds as powered by JBL at Power MAC Center, Rockwell.

As you all know, "tech" events are probably not where I'm supposed to be but just so you know, MUSIC plays a HUGE role in my life!  My ex-colleagues can attest how I always bring my own music at work!  When I used to commute to work early in the morning, I always have my earphones on to keep me awake during the Long ride to and from downtown Manila!

Now that I'm a work-from-home mom, music (and now YouTube videos) plays a huge role to keep me sane while my baby takes his nap or when he finally sleeps at wee hours of the night!

I've had inexpensive to really expensive earphones that passed through my ears and I wished Yurbuds were available back then!  Why?  Well, the earphones comes in different sizes and I can pick the smallest one for my small ears!

Upon entering the Power MAC Center at Rockwell, I immediately went for the Pink earphones and tested it out using my Smart Deezer playlist!

Friday, April 24, 2015

Pampers Baby-Dry Big Delivery and Sharing Many Firsts With Pampers

Motherhood --- changed me in such a way I can't put into words. 

My life literally turned the other way around!  I used to be very independent with all my decisions!  Now, I always think about my son, worry about him, and actually miss him when I attend events or do my makeup gigs and workshops. 

Too clingy you say?  Well, you can't blame me, I'm a first time, hands-on mom who really waited for this little angel for years!  My life literally revolves around him and would want ONLY the BEST for him.

Mommy AMW and Baby AMW during his first US trip

AMW Wears: Fly Shades Summer 2015 Collection #EyeWearFly

The weather is getting warmer every day!
Indeed, the reality is here, it is summer!  And here we go slathering on our favorite sunblock lotion and creams!  Have you considered protecting your eyes as well?

I know I'm always diligent when it comes to protecting my eyes wherever I go!  Thanks to Fly Shades for sending me this year's summer collection and a nice postcard with a GORGEOUS face on it!  Can you spot it?  :P 


Thursday, April 23, 2015

My Summer Blush

You know how I've always been a fan of matte blush?
Well, now that the temperature is high and I'm sweating 90% of the time, I knew my make up routine has to change!  From natural makeup to almost NO makeup at all!  But of course, I still need to look decent when I go out so I switch most of my makeup products and settle for something different.

Like this blush that I kept in my make up stash for quite some time and haven't touched because it didn't pass my "matte blush" and "highly pigmented" department. Little did I know this nifty blush from L'Oreal Paris called Le Blush True Match blush is going to be my Summer Favorite!

L'Oreal Le Blush True Match Blush

Shade: Pink Grapefruit
Just by its name, you know it'll work for summer, and actually, 
for all seasons as long as you have fair to medium skin tone.
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