Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Happy Skin x Sanrio Characters Launch

When Happy Skin announced a collaboration with Sanrio, I knew cuteness overload is coming!  And when I saw the collection in person last September 14, 2017, I can hear beauty enthusiasts like myself say: "Take My Money Away!!!"

Included in the collaboration are Hello Kitty, My Melody and Little Twin Stars.  I'm sure most of you already took a pick on your favorites.  I, the Queen of Cuteness, will NOT play favorites as I love ALL Sanrio Characters.
a photo of Happy Skin x Sanrio Characters Launch

Monday, September 18, 2017

I Tried H&M Beauty Cream Lip Colour and Raspberry Lip Balm!

What you've been reading is correct, H&M (A giant Fashion Brand) has finally revealed their beauty line called H&M Beauty and they were available in stores last September 15th and I got my hands on their Cream Lip Colour and a Lip Balm!

a photo of askmewhats wearing H&M Beauty Cream Lip Colour and Raspberry Lip Balm!

Let's start with the H&M Conscious Raspberry Lip Balm 

a photo of H&M Beauty Cream Lip Colour and Raspberry Lip Balm!

(Available in Lemon, Vanilla, Ginger and Blueberry too!)

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Weekend Food Trip at: Akira, Shangri-la Mall

I frequent Shangri-la Mall a lot for meetings and get-together with friends, but seldom do I go there with family because Ortigas area has always been known for the crazy traffic!  But when I've decided to take my mom and dad out (with my dad using wheelchair), I've decided to take both of them to Shangri-la Mall because it is one of the most Senior Citizen friendly mall to date (that I know of!  Let me know your other mall choices!)

Note: All the guards and staffs at the malls are extremely helpful so I'm very thankful since I had to take care of both my mom and dad and I was alone that time!

So anyway, back to taking my parents out, it's really not about shopping but us catching up on our lives by dining in a restaurant and maybe stopping again for dessert or coffee at a different place!  Since it was lunch time that time and I wanted both of them to try a restaurant they haven't tried before, I've decided to take them at Akira.

Akira restaurant offers Japanese dishes, from Sashimi to Sushi and Sushi Rolls, you get the usual noodles, appetizers and rice bowls!  

Saturday, September 16, 2017

The Smile Bar Triple Whitening Review

When people asks me which part of my body I find beautiful, I can't seem to pinpoint a physical aspect of mine but I always end up with one answer: "My Smile."  I know I don't have the best smile in the world, I don't have good-looking teeth --- they're yellow and uneven-toned (Coffee drinker here!)  One thing for sure, I am quite confident that I can give out the most genuine smile because that's how I feel deep inside --- pure happiness and appreciation to the person I'm smiling at.

But obviously, I'm only human, deep inside, I wished my teeth are whiter, I wished I don't need to use a certain shade of lipstick to make them appear brighter and pry myself away from lipsticks that make them yellowish.  That said, when The Smile Bar launched its' first-ever store in the Philippines last August 8th, I  knew I had to visit when I get the chance --- even with the crazy traffic and rain.

a photo of The Smile Bar Triple Whitening askmewhats nikki tiu and alyssa lapid
with good friend Alyssa Lapid
 The Smile Bar started in Hong Kong and Bangkok in 2015 and 2016 respectively.  Thankfully, they made their way to our country offering safe and effective teeth whitening services to us Filipinos.  How effective it is?  I wasn't sure about the service but after hearing my good friend Angela's testimonials during our Salon date, Alyssa and I were sold!  We chose a common free day to visit The Smile Bar just because we wanted to see the results ourselves and the same time, enjoy the bonding session!  And The Smile Bar did NOT disappoint.

This service as reported on my Social Media Accounts got the most queries!  I was actually just leaving the location when I got several private messages on this particular service so I've decided to hurry up and write this review!

Let me walk you through my personal experience on my journey to a whiter teeth.

Firstly, walk-in customers are welcomed but it is better if you set a schedule.  Alyssa and I were set at 2:30pm and we were greeted by the friendly staffs of The Smile Bar.  (Thanks girls!)

Step 1:  Customer Briefing
Since both Alyssa and I were first-timers, we were briefed by the process and pre-treatment teeth assessment was done using their teeth shade guide.

a photo of The Smile Bar Triple Whitening askmewhats

Friday, September 15, 2017

How To Fix Your Brows (Part 2)

Yesterday, I talked about the easiest way to fix your brows if you are a newbie or if you just don't want to do anything on your brows!

Today, I am inspired to do a Part 2 of this topic because, there are some of you who have color-treated hair and this is the best way to change the way you look without getting out of your comfort zone.

I got the Karadium x Pucca Eyebrow Cara online via YEF Shop just because I love Pucca and I used to collect her dearly!  Little did I know that aside from the product looking "just cute" to be a collection, I finally mustered enough courage to use it and it actually goes beyond cuteness!  It works!

a photo of Karadium x Pucca EyeBrow Cara  Light Brown

This Pucca Love Edition Brow Cara is available in 3 shades (01 Light Brown, 02 Dark Brown and 03 Gray Brown).  I picked Light Brown because that has always been my choice shade for Brow Mascaras.

You get 6.5g of product and I'm so happy it the packaging is simple yet it has a very cute full body of Pucca printed on tube and box!   This will be kept for sure even if I used up the product.