Thursday, January 19, 2017

I'm Part of #MaybellineSquadPH and You Also Get First Dibs!

So it happened last January 12th, 2017.  Your friendly AMW neighborhood had a brunch with Maybelline Philippines team and 20 other Bloggers just to be awarded and be called #MaybellineSquadPH

I am extremely excited, honored and speechless.

Well not really!  Excited...honored...yes but speechless?  NEVER!  That's me holding on to my Award that says: "My name is Nikki and I'm a Maybelline Girl".  As much as I would like to call myself with different names, it doesn't really hurt to be included a Maybelline Girl because hey, that's were I started!  I remembered stalking SM Sta. Mesa's (SM Centerpoint pa ang name back then) the Maybelline Counter!  I remembered checking out each price and told the sales lady I'll get back to her after a month or so because I'm saving up on my baon --- a true make up addict I would say!

So Maybelline Philippines, thank you for honoring me and thank you for including me in the magic 20 list!

Now as part of the #MaybellineSquadPH , I get first dibs on what's up and coming or what's new with the brand!  And during the brunch, I get to take a peek on what's up and coming for the first quarter of 2017!  Can you spot something you like from the bunch?

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

TenTen Magic Nail Polish Remover Review

Ever since I discovered a new way to remove nail polish through MYTHE Nail Polish Remover, I almost never look back!  One reason why I still go to conventional nail polish remover and cotton pad is because...well, I can't dip my toes inside these container!  (I can try for fun but it's gross! hahaha)

And recently, I've been seeing some brands coming up with a similar container to help remove nail polish easier (Ex. Tony Moly), but they don't come in with the polish remover (just a sponge and container) so you have to pour in your polish of choice!  And I thought that is a great idea until I discovered a new brand brought in by my favorite Makeup Tools Supplier Nippon Esthetic called TenTen.

TenTen Magic Nail Polish Remover
Available HERE

a photo of TenTen Magic Nail Polish Remover

As much as I love the idea of Mythe Nail Polish remover and expected both to have similar qualities, well they are totally different!  The TenTen Magic Nail Polish Remover contains liquid nail polish remover and a plastic "scrub" were you get to dip your fingernail and rub it against the spikes.

Smart innovation I would say!

a photo of TenTen Magic Nail Polish Remover

TenTen Magic Nail Polish Remover Says ---
Magic Nail Remover with brush to clean nails

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Pixi By Petra MultiBalm 2-in-1 Cheek & Lip Review

I've reviewed a couple of Pixi By Petra products in the past and I'm quite amazed how this simple brand in simple mint green packaging can really catch my attention.  How?  With innovative products that you think you've had enough off (or probably don't need) but end up liking/loving them just because of the way it appears on your skin.

And these 2 products are no exemption!  They were on top of my makeup station for quite some time but I don't have this urge to really test them out until I sat down, fixed all the "to review makeups" in the bin and found these and decided to use both together. 

Pixi By Petra MultiBalm 2-in-1 Cheek and Lip
Shades: 58 Baby Petal and 59 Sheer Sculpt Cocoa
Php650.00 each

a photo of Pixi By Petra MultiBalm 2-in-1 Cheek & Lip shades 58 Baby Petal and 59 Cocoa

During application, I was thinking at the back of my head : "What the heck?  Both products doesn't do anything for me!"  NOT UNTIL I saw this photo taken by Mr. AMW with me wearing both products together.  Okay, I look younger no?  And oh yeah, my skin looks extremely nice and healthy!  And mind you, I contoured there using the multibalm and it doesn't look like I had any contouring products on!  What do you think?

a photo of Askmewhats Nikki Tiu Pixi By Petra MultiBalm 2-in-1 Cheek & Lip shades 58 Baby Petal and 59 Cocoa

Monday, January 16, 2017

CLINIQUE Pop Matte + Primer and Pop Liquid Color + Primer: My Initial Thoughts

I recently attended a launch for Clinique Pop Matte and Pop Liquid Color + Primer at SM Mega Fashion Hall and I couldn't be any happier!

  1. I love the brand Clinique.
  2. I love the pop of colors that screams --- My Personality.
  3. I love that they now have matte lipsticks and liquid matte lipsticks in more colors!
  4. I can mix and match and create any "look" or "vibe" I want!
A photo of CLINIQUE Pop Matte Rose Pop + Primer and Pop Liquid Color + Primer Flame Pop

The lovely spread of lipsticks and liquid lipsticks.
Brighter, Bolder than ever!
a photo of CLINIQUE Pop Matte Rose Pop + Primer and Pop Liquid Color + Primer Flame Pop

According to my quick chat with Clinique's Katie Reyes, we don't have all the shades available in the US website as of the moment but they are aiming to bring in ALL the shades because you know Filipinas, we love our lip colors as much as we love food!

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Heart-Healthy Option Back in my Kitchen!

You know how I've been posting "baon tips" for kids the past few weeks?  It's because I have an active toddler who's starting to be picky with his school snacks!  I am that crazy parent who checks up on him every "snack time" if he has touched his food, and to no avail, he would often go for junk food instead! 

What are your sandwich spread choices?  Arrange them from less evil to the most evil ---

  1. Jams
  2. Mayonnaise
  3. Butter
  4. Margarine
Yeah, margarine would always go last.  And now that I'm older but not exactly wiser and after thorough research, I realized that Margarine is actually healthy not only for kids but for the entire family!

Let me share to you the reasons I got based from research ---