Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Nail Art Tutorial: Bridal Nails for Crystal Fashion Show

You all know by now that I had my runway walk at the Crystal Bridal Fair wearing a Zandra Lim Bridal Gown for a cause last weekend.  

I had my first fitting and I absolutely have NO idea what's in store for me.  I was only told by Zandra that she will be putting gold accents so I just played it by ear and created a very simple nail art design apt for this gorgeous gown.

photo by: Jervy Santiago
Please bear with the uneven application, I usually clean up the cuticles the next day when nail polish is COMPLETELY dry!  

Inspired by the blushing bride, I picked a nice blush pink shade as base topped with gorgeous shimmers and simple rhinestones that fit the color of my Bridal Gown.

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

AMW Wears: White Chic

There are days I will have the mood to share my OOTDs and today is one of those days!
I am not calling myself a Fashionable person but I know my style.  I'm a type of girl who can actually go through stores in less than 5 minutes and know if something would work for me or not!  Call that a talent, but my husband was actually the one pulling me into stores to SHOP and can't believe how I can see everything and "know" nothing would work!

I guess, I knew my style, my body type and my needs.  And today, I'm sharing some tips how I mix and match my outfit making me look like I have gazillion of clothing items, but in reality, I just have hundreds (Joke lang!)

Whenever I purchase an item, I usually go with fashion and trend and maybe purchase 1 or 2 pieces and match it with old pieces to update my wardrobe!  I also like prints but I try to keep it at minimal and invest on key pieces.  

Since Blogging Events started, it is a requirement to own Black and White in your closet because most of the time, the event calls for it!  So now, you see me invest on gorgeous white pieces just like this one which I got from Plains & Prints.

The piece calls for a nice pants but I want to wear it several ways!  For this one, I went for my old Forever 21 skirt and it looks like a complete dress!  What do you think?

As a mom, I usually prepare early in the morning and go straight to event after sending my son back home!  I also make sure my outfit is comfortable enough to be worn the WHOLE day, at the same time, easy enough to move for driving, to look care for my son!  

I am actually surprised I survived the whole day without messing up my top!  Again, it must be another talent I didn't know I have! 

Monday, September 17, 2018

Flormar Silk Matte Lipstick in Undressed and Autumn Timber

I realized, I have 2 NEW Flormar Silk Matte Lipstick shades in my bag that I haven't used when I packed for a short staycation last week!  It was perfect timing so I decided to give them a roadtest!

My first from the brand is a very dark lip color called Hot Cocoa, most of you liked it, but Kyle doesn't!  He kept on asking "What happened to Mommy's lips?" whenever I wear it so I try to steer clear from dark shades whenever I'm with him.

So let's get back to the sweet side!

01 Undressed
02 Autumn Timber

a photo of Flormar Silk Matte Lipstick in Undressed and Autumn Timber review by Nikki Tiu of

Flormar Silk Matte Liquid Lipstick
Available at SM Department Stores

a photo of Flormar Silk Matte Lipstick in Undressed and Autumn Timber review by Nikki Tiu of

Sunday, September 16, 2018

Chicken Fajitas Recipe (Part 2)

Hi AMW friends!
Remember my first Chicken Fajitas recipe which my family loved so much?  My sister-in-law even said it tastes better than those from restaurants!  (Either true or niloloko lang niya ako) ahhaha.

So I did another version this time tweaking the ingredients a bit.  And so far, it was another success!  I know as it was wiped out!  No leftovers the next day!

Ingredients are almost the same as my first recipe but instead of mushrooms, I used Fresh Tomatoes and used Chicken Thigh still as they are more tender.

Saturday, September 15, 2018

Aritaum Full Coverage Liquid Concealer Review

So I picked this concealer online via Althea for review!  For the price, I didn't expect much and used it immediately.  I made the right decision picking shade number 4 as it matches my skin, the name states FULL COVER, does it gives the full coverage I want in a concealer?

a photo of Aritaum Full Coverage Liquid Concealer Review from Althea written by Nikki Tiu of
  • Immediately adheres to your skin!  It gets fixed on the skin smoothly and naturally covers the skin flaws without cakiness on the next step of makeup.
  • Multi-cover with liquid texture and tip type shape The soft liquid texture covers broad and light blemishes and the tip type applicator covers even tiny areas on the face. 
  • Fitting my own skin tone  The three colors can cover skin flaws naturally according to one’s own skin tone.