Saturday, August 23, 2014

I Wonder: Which Cover Girl Mascara Do You Like Most?

Okay, I maybe an Energizer Bunny but when it comes to mascaras, I'm one hell of a "cute" turtle!  :P

Blame me for watching too much BabyTV!  I have nothing more to watch but Elephants, Monkeys, Rabbits, Turtles, etc...!

So yeah, I'm such a turtle so I need help!  I was sent 4 wonderful Cover Girl Mascaras a month ago and I can't decide which one to use first!

In case you wonder, here are the 4 variants ---
L-R LashBlast Volume, Clump Crusher, LashBlast Fusion and LashBlast Length

Obviously LashBlast Volume is meant to be used if you prefer to create more volume for your thin and sparse lashes (me!)  I realized I used this mascara so many times in my old FOTDs and Makeup tutorials I didn't even create a decent review!  

Friday, August 22, 2014

AMW Wears: EZRA by Zalora

Happy Monday AMW Friends!
When I wrote about the Vitress Catwalk even I attended, I got emails from readers asking about the dress, I got a text message from my sister reacting to how "mahangin" (cool) my outfit looks and fellow bloggers were joking on that night on how a very simple Nikki Tiu would wear a cut-out dress.

I actually can't believe I wore one myself!  But after sharing my pregnancy photos before giving birth to Baby AMW, why not? :)  I mean seriously, you've seen the whole tummy right?  And as I'm on my mid-30s, I guess when will I wear such clothes?  So yeah, I've decided to seize the day!  hahahaha  Thanks to fellow beauties for being so kind to me (di naman ako napintasan in person! hahaha)

With Liz Lanuzo of

One reader wanted me to post a review on the EZRA Dress and Shoes that I wore!  So here are some details that may be useful for you if you are not a professional online shopper like I am! :P

Purchased both from Zalora website.
EZRA by Zalora V-neck cut-out fit & flare dress Php1, 295.00
EZRA by Zalora Ankle Strap Heel Sandals Php995.00

Thursday, August 21, 2014

AMW Reviews: Absynthe Happy Girls are the Prettiest Banana Powder + Giveaway

Hi everyone!  Today, I will be sharing a review on a Ben Nye "look-a-like".  Though this may be compared to Ben Nye Banana Powder a lot of times, the Absynthe Happy Girls are the Prettiest Banana powder has unique qualities that I want to share!  

Of course, the best part about this post?  10 lucky AMW readers get to try this powder as well!  Thanks Absynthe for this as I like my readers to try out the products I tested and see for themselves how it would work for their skin type!

The product is housed in regular loose mineral powder packaging, sealed upon purchase and has manufacturing date printed for your reference.

Absynthe says ---This silky fine formula feels weightless, natural and smooth on skin. Controls unwanted shine all day. Softens the appearance of imperfections, fine lines and pores. Makes you instantly, the Prettiest Happy Girl. It has Ultra Cooling Sensation, A remarkable loose powder that gives ultra cooling effect, keeps skin feel fresh and sweat free. Perfect for Philippines humid weather.

Net Weight: 10g

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Salon Report: Hairshaft Salon, Podium

First things first, Happy Belated Birthday to my dearest blogger friend Lush Angel and to Mr. Fred Penales of Hairshaft Salon!

2 years ago, I had a hair treatment that took me hours (story HERE) and good friend Angela visited me as she lives close by and a quick chat turned into hours of fun memories! (with Mr. AMW sleeping at the background).  From then on, we knew we are best salon buddies!  And I got pregnant, gave birth and the rest was history!

Because Angela enjoyed my company so much!  *laughs*  (This is my blog, walang hihirit hahaha)  She invited me to have another "salon date" with her at Hairshaft salon (her favorite salon) at Podium.  Because of the location, the long-overdue salon date didn't happen until that fateful day when we both attended Burt's Bees 30th Birthday event and both of our cars are coding and we'd rather spend hours pampering inside a salon! 

Let's talk about Hairshaft Salon, I heard about Hairshaft way back when I used to work at Ortigas area.  My colleague always have good hair day and when asked about where she usually have her hair cut, the answer is always Hairshaft Salon, Podium!  So can you imagine the excitement of me finally meeting the "GODFATHER" Fred?  Owner of Hairshaft Salon?

With all the gorgeous "after" photos of Angela with her gorgeous locks, I knew I had to pry myself away from Baby AMW and finally have my much-needed haircut!  Sorry baby, you may appreciate a nice-looking mommy when you go to school in the future! :P

A group shot prior to our hair-makeover!

"groufie c/o Samsung NX Mini"
Now let's talk about the salon itself!  Upon entering the salon, on a weekday, you would be surprised to see the salon almost full!  Angela told me this is the first time she saw the salon not that crowded.  I mean seriously?  On a weekday?

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

AMW Reports: Watsons Bath to Basics

For someone who juggles various jobs from being an employee, a makeup artist, a wife and a mom, a lot of my friends would ask me: "Do you even have time for yourself?"  Honestly speaking, not much!  But of course, out of the 24 hours, I try to give myself at least a couple of minutes of "me" time!  And would you believe it when I say, the only "Me" time that I can get is my shower time?  And I take 2 of them! (Excuse to have more me time!)

That's why when I got an invite to Watsons Bath to Basics event held at Neo Ki Spa, BGC, I told myself I have to be there as I get my bath essentials from where else?  Watsons!  Feel free to tell me if you do too!

For someone who frequents at Watsons, I can't believe I'm seeing a lot of new products I probably didn't take notice of!  Lots of the Watsons labeled products I used to salivate when I travel to other countries, fortunately, now, I don't have to!  We definitely have broader range (especially on bath products) available locally!
On the day of the event, Watsons Philippines launched the Bath to Basics campaign not only to educate us about the importance of maintaining and boosting their bathing habits to achieve better health and skin, but also for us to learn the different body care products available to help complete our bath regimen --- from bar soap to body wash, body scrubs to bath salts!  Yes, there are so much more to choose from to fit your body needs!

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