Thursday, February 20, 2020

Pony Effect Pro Fit Liquid Concealer Review

I've loved PONY even way before she turned her channel to Pony Effect.  I've seen her in Korean Beauty Videos and liked her beauty ever since and how she manages to project on cam and teach makeup in a breeze!  

I am not surprised she rose up to a Youtube Star!  And even more having her own makeup line!  One of the few items I've loved from her brand is her super nice Contour Powder,  she nailed the super natural contour powder (considering I have tried gazillion!)

 So yes, I have high hopes with her concealer, I've used this for a long time before coming up with a decent review.  

I think you can sense that there's a bit of hesitation right?  Well, the only thing that is making me hesitate is probably the choice of shades!  BEIGE is usually PERFECT for me but this turned out to be a bit light for me!  I'd prefer to have a shade darker but overall, I'll give you a clue --- the formulation is THE BOMB!

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Pony Effect Pro Fit Liquid Concealer
Available at

CLAIM TO FAME: A lightweight, creamy concealer that melts into skin for a flawless look

FAST FACTS: Dewy liquid formula; covers up dark circles, freckles, and other blemishes; provides a silky, natural-looking finish; protects against UV damage with SPF 30 PA++; doe-foot wand delivers precision application anytime, anywhere

a photo of Pony Effect Pro Fit Liquid Concealer Review by Nikki Tiu of

Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Subtle Waves Hairstyle #AMWIGtv

This has been my go-to look instead of the usual curls or beach waves, I guess I got lazier by the minute or busier for me to be able to do tedious curls!

This, my friend is the easiest hairstyle to achieve, you only need a flat iron and if you don't have one, a big curler would be okay!

Enjoy watching and I hope you LIKE and SUBSCRIBE on my channel, it's nothing fancy, I am still trying to understand what Video Editing is but hang in there, we'll get there! SOMEDAY :D

Products used: Kerastase Heat Protectant Remington Flat Iron Rat Tail Comb Nekkid Sea Salt Spray

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Stay happy!

Monday, February 17, 2020

Nail Art Tutorial: Classy Nails

I wish I've done a video on ALL my nail art tutorials because I missed seeing how I fumbled and had a hard time doing all those crazy strokes!

I just knew I love doing it and I love seeing the results!  And it's never too late to say: "You're caught on video!"  I can't wait to re-watch these when I'm older!

Products used:

  • GirlStuff Nail Hardener
  • Niyo & Co. Smalto (base color)
  • 2-way Nail Art Pen (White)
  • Girlstuff Nail Polish in French Tip (White)
  • Niyo & Co. Top Coat Glitter
  • Niyo & Co. Top Coat

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Sunday, February 16, 2020

AMW Cooks: Stir-Fry Pork and Mushrooms Recipe

This recipe is super quick and easy to do!  Best if you leave the marinated meat for 15-30 minutes but you can go ahead and cook it even without waiting if you're in a rush! 

This is my go-to dish if you want your meat super smooth and'll know the secret ingredient to make this meat tender if you watch this video!  Comment below if you saw the trick I learned from my mom!


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Wednesday, February 12, 2020

#AskAMW Skincare, Underarm and Life in General

Hi AMW friends!

I have loads of queries on DM every single day and I am serious when I tell you I answer each one of them as quickly as I can!

Now, with social media rising up to better platform, Hello IG Videos, IG Stories and IG TV!  I realized I can help other people by posting my answers on a video! 

I finally made it!

"What is the best anti-aging skincare for face and body?"

"Which supplements do you take?"
"How to even out underarms?"

"Paano kung hindi tumutulong sa gawain bahay ang asawa mo?" (What if your partner does not help you with household chores?)