Saturday, November 18, 2017

Holiday Shopping with AMW, our Watsons Wishlist

My language of love has always been gift-giving, you can add a bit of that hugging and holding hands too and a lot of sweet words and crazy jokes!  That's me with my friends and I'm sure a lot of my friends can atest to that! 

Because I love all my AMW readers so much!  I always welcome contests or giveaways because that is my simple way of saying: "Thank you for being with me all through these years (10 years to be exact!)"

One campaign I was so excited to do is a Holiday Shopping event with a winner at Watsons SM Mall of Asia.  As much as I want to give everyone a chance to shop with me, there can only be ONE winner and my lucky winner was picked via Random generator and the winner was Ms. Eddieli Bungay.

True enough, the saying "It is better to give than to receive" is true!  Even Ms. Bungay felt the Holiday Spirit because her shopping was focused on the Watsons Exclusive Gift Sets corner as she excited exclaimed "for my tito!  tita!" etc...  I was smiling deep inside to see how our mini shopping bonding can make other people happy too!

When you enter Watsons, you'll see "A Wonderful Gift For Ever Wish" corner.  This is part of the Holiday 2017 campaign, in this corner, you'll find huge selection of gift ideas to brighten up the season of both giver and the receiver!

Friday, November 17, 2017

How to Use the Maybelline FashionBrow 3D Brow & Nose Palette

I've had the Maybelline FashionBrow 3D Brow and Nose Palette for months now and I have been using this on and off feeling lukewarm about it so I took time, really long time to really understand if I like this product or not.

So Maybelline, a couple of months ago, launched their full range of brow products!  From pencils to powder palettes to wax and brow mascaras, I've tried almost all of them and with the FashionBrow 3D Brow and Nose Palette, I actually like this as an eyeshadow and nose contour rather than a brow powder!  Not because the product does not deliver, you'll see in my before and after photos that it does!  It's just that, I'm more of a brow pencil as of the moment!

Maybelline FashionBrow 3D Brow & Nose Palette

a photo of Maybelline FashionBrow 3D Brow & Nose Palette Review

Finely-milled powder formulation adheres to skin for long-lasting wear; offers high-pigment, easy-to-apply brow color; helpful for light contouring and sculpting of the nose line; allows you to create shadow and dimension in other parts of the face; palette includes dual-ended brush for precision shading and definition.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Make Up For Ever Pro Finish Multi-Use Powder Foundation Review

One of the few products from the brand that I ordered online, the Make Up For Ever Pro Finish Multi Use Powder Foundation is what I've been using for the past few weeks.  I have normal/dry skin on some days and this product is actually best used for those with normal to combination skin.  I have a feeling this would lean better to the "oilies" but hey, someone from my side has to try it right?  

Make Up For Ever Pro Finish Multi-Use Powder Foundation
Available in stores or online

a photo of askmewhats Make Up For Ever Pro Finish Multi Use Powder Foundation Review

A breakthrough multi-use formula applied as a foundation or setting powder. Pro Finish is formulated with exclusive vegetal coated bio-mimetic pigments that let you customize your foundation result with buildable coverage.  Its lightweight, non-chalky texture blends seamlessly for a long wearing, natural matte finish. Enriched with nourishing ingredients, it hydrates and soothes the skin for ultimate comfort. This versatile compact is perfect for on-the-go application as well as touch-ups throughout the day.  Best suited for normal to combination skin. Mineral oil-free. Choose from a wide range of shades to find your perfect match.

a photo of Make Up For Ever Pro Finish Multi Use Powder Foundation Review

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

My Ladies' Special Experience in Seoul, Korea (Part 2)

So you've read My Ladies' Special Experience in Seoul, Korea Part 1 and I hope you enjoyed my story-telling and will enjoy reading Part 2.

In Seoul, though it is the Capital of South Korea and probably appears like any other cities across the world when you Google photos online.  Seoul has an innate beauty waiting to be explored.  Once you visit the city, you'll long to go back.  The feeling is just unexplainable and definitely beyond K-Dramas and K-Pop artists. 

As promised, here's Part Two of the Ladies' Special arranged by Korea Tourism Organization, JG Summit Holdings, Inc. and Cebu Pacific Air I hope I inspired you to want to visit the city too because I'll definitely go back with the family!

6. Grévin Seoul Museum
1 adult pass to enter Grévin Seoul Museum costs 18,000KRW (around Php588.00 local currency) and you can spend half a day inside max.  The Grévin Seoul  is a waxwork museum established recently (year 2015 to be exact). If you think this museum is only found in Korea, you are wrong (okay fine, we are wrong!)  Musee Grévin is France's famous beeswax museum and they have branches in Paris, Montreal, Prague then the first in Asia which is located in Korea.  

What makes Grévin Seoul unique from the ones you're used to seeing?

They added a slew of South Korean hallyu celebrities like Psy, G Dragon, Kim Yuna (figure skating star), plus historical figures such as King Sejong and General Yi Sun-Sin.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Kate Tokyo The Base Zero Secret Skin Maker Zero Powder Foundation Review

It has always been Asian-made base makeup that I find works for my skin to achieve that smooth, flawless and inner-glow!  When my favorite base makeup brand Paul & Joe left the country *sniff* I knew I had to look for alternatives and surprisingly, I found it in Kate Tokyo.  

Giving you a bit of my secret, I use Kate Mineral Powder Foundation as my final step when I do Bridal makeup.  It gives the instant glow without the "cement look".  

When Kate Tokyo recently launched their The Base Zero line, I immediately tested their Secret Skin Maker Zero Powder Foundation even if it is meant for Oil Control (not for my dry skin)  

a photo of Kate Tokyo The Base Zero Secret Skin Maker Zero Powder Foundation Review