Sunday, February 14, 2016

Weekend Food Trip at: Shitamachi Japanese Chashu House

Happy Heart's Day!
Today marks the most romantic day of the year, as for me, (cheesy-ness aside), everyday is Valentine's Day because both Mr. AMW and I are sweet individuals!  :P  So we aren't planning anything special but to probably stay home and just enjoy quality time with Kyle Nash!

Now, if you're off to have a date with your loved ones, one of the most uncrowded mall in the Metro is Podium!  And if ever you chanced by that mall, do visit the restaurant Shitamachi: Japanese Chashu House.  It is located at the top most floor of the mall next to the cinemas! 

To tell you how much I loved our experience dining here (note: Experience because of good service, location and presence of high chair!)  I brought my family back when we stayed overnight at Discovery Suites Ortigas over the weekend.

Set C 
Miso Ramen, Karaage, Gohan with Dessert
If you are new at the restaurant.  I highly recommend trying out their set dishes because you can try 2 dishes at once with dessert!  We opted for Miso Ramen because I'm a fan of miso-based soup and it doesn't hurt that my son loves Karaage.  The Miso Ramen is just okay, nothing spectacular, as for the Karaage, I'm glad it tasted really good!

a photo of Shitamachi Japanese Chashu House Podium

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Burt's Bees Intense Hydration Nourishing Water Launch

Floral crown, backdrop and skirt....I feel beautiful being ONE with nature.
Don't we girls LOVE flowers?  I know some of us would rather choose the practical route and go for chocolates or food over flowers.  But come one!  Let's admit it, putting practical mode aside, don't we just feel wonderful and beautiful whenever we accept flowers?  Especially from our loved ones?  Crush?  That wonderful feeling came rushing through my veins when I arrived the venue for the launch of Burt's Bees Intense Hydration Nourishing Water.

a photo of Burt's Bees Intense Hydration Nourishing Water Launch

A gorgeous set up of the Intense Hydration Line.

Friday, February 12, 2016

I Wonder: Do You Really Need a Lip Cleanser?

Is there even such product?  Well, my idea of cleansing my lips is by using a damp toothbrush OR if I have hard-to-remove lip makeup on, I'll use an oil-based make up remover or a makeup wipe to remove lipstick or lipstain.  Who would've thought there exist a product called a Lip Cleanser?  Yes darlings, it is from Bliss called Fabulips Foaming Lip Cleanser.

A photo of Bliss Fabulips Foaming Lip Cleanser

Based from research, the Bliss Fabulips treatment comes in a set.  The KIT includes a Foaming Lip Cleanser to lift impurities, Sugar Lip Scrub to gently exfoliate, Instant Lip Plumper to visibly volumize and Softening Lip Balm to soften and moisturize.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Simple Beauty Hacks That Makes a Difference!

Today, I will be sharing some beauty items that I recently discovered!  Items you've probably seen in stores or online but never thought of including them in your life.  But once you did, you may not let go...

Now that sounds like a #hugot song!

For the Hair
Whenever I visit a Zenutrients booth, I always go for their scented products, all thanks to Sampleroom I get to try this Gugo Strengthening Hair Serum.  I may not have thinning hair issues but I have a lot of hair fall especially the past few months were stress is really taking a toll!

What I usually do is just massage a small amount of this into the scalp evening before I go to bed and wash off the next morning!  It took around a week or two to see a huge difference on less hair fall!

A photo of Zenutrients Gugo Strengthening Hair Serum
Php499.00 per 40ml bottle

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

AMW Workshop Series by Nikki Tiu...Get Ready For Summer

Today is finally the day I'll be sharing what I've been busy working on for the past month!   This has always been my dream to create my own Brand of workshop series!  Teaching has always been my first love and I'm glad this time, I can combine my love for beauty with teaching!  With words of encouragement from friends, family and AMW Readers, with the grace of God, this is finally happening!  My baby is here!  AMW Workshop Series by Nikki Tiu


I planned to have this on my blog's 8th year anniversary (January 28) or on the weekend of my birthday (February 28 is my birthday).  BUT, the year started out quite challenging so the date was moved to March 5th which is also a blessing in disguise because it paved way for me and brands to work closer together to make this happen!