Friday, April 18, 2014

Something New: Estee Lauder Micro Essence Skin Activating Treatment Lotion

Estee Lauder, one of the few brands that works for my skin, came up with Micro Essence Skin Activating Treatment Lotion, sounds great right?  But seriously, what is a lotion?  What does it do for our skin and what's the difference with serums and creams?

Thankfully, there was a Q&A with Dr. Nadine Pernodet, Ph D., Executive Director of Skin Biology, Research & Development from The Estee Lauder Companies that can help clarify skin-related questions that has been bugging YOU and ME.

1. Can you explain the difference between a treatment lotion, a serum and an essence?
A treatment lotion is a "watery" lotion that delivers skincare benefits and is typically the first step in a skincare regimen, after cleansing.
The terms essence and serum are often used interchangeably—they both refer to lightweight, concentrated formulas that penetrate quickly into skin and typically deliver powerful benefits to address skincare concerns such as visible signs of including anti-aging benefits. They are typically followed by a moisturizer.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Something New: Elizabeth Arden, You've Done It Again!

It's True!
Elizabeth Arden, the brand, is very sentimental to me as I owned my first ever "expensive" perfume highschool days and it is TRUE LOVE by Elizabeth Arden.  The scent is discontinued (I don't understand why) but I purchased quite a lot of backups in HK as that is how loyal I am!  (Isn't Mr. AMW Lucky??? teeeheee)

When I got Untold, I immediately raised an eyebrow thinking it won't ever be good enough for my favorite True Love scent...I mean seriously, who can top TRUE LOVE?  ---> *laughs*  I'm getting a bit too personal here!  :P

Truthfully, I left this scent inside a paperbag under my table and almost forgot about it!  When I was off to check in a hotel before Kyle's first birthday party, I panicked as most of my fragrances are still in my old home, so I grabbed Untold and used it on the day of my son's special day!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

AskMeMom: #KyleNash1stBirthdayParty

Good morning!
Today, April 16th is Kyle's official birthday party!  My son is OFFICIALLY ONE YEAR OLD!  I have said this before but I'll say this again...time flew by really fast!  It seems like yesterday when I went to my OB and she told me I'm on active labor --- 4cm to be exact and instead of panicking?  I put up a brave face (for Mr. AMW's sake) and told him: "Let's eat!!!"  We had lovely Dimsum dinner at our favorite Chinese restaurant located at Banawe (anyone who comments and guessed the right restaurant will win a prize from me!  This is serious!  LOL) 

I can go on and on with my labor story but I'll spare you the details!  But yes, everything is crystal clear for me and I can't believe it has been a year!  A year of no sleep, no movie nights, no nail art...etc... am I complaining?  Nope!  I'll say this a million times... KYLE is worth it!

And to show the world how happy we are to have Kyle in our lives, the day of his 1st birthday celebration finally arrived!  I spoke to a lot of moms who told me preparing for their kid's 1st birthday party is as stressful as preparing for a wedding!  Thankfully, my wedding preparation was more fun than stressful so it was the same for #KyleTurns1 party!

Before I share my suppliers and photos of the party, please bear in mind that Mr. AMW and I set a budget and we stick to it!  Though I was too busy preparing for our move, US trip and the regular work that I'm depth research wasn't done but THANKFULLY, GOD is good, all the suppliers I picked are very professional and I am extremely happy with the outcome of the party! :)

Mommy and Baby AMW after the party, all tired but happy!
Shall we start?
(Please note that contact details of suppliers are listed but rates aren't included as there could be guests who attended the party reading this! :P  If you want to know more details about pricing, email me or message me on ASK ME portion of this blog!  I promise I'll respond!)

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

AMW Reviews: Colour Collection Bianca V. Sexy Silk Blush and Contour Duo (Sweetheart)

Hi everyone!  I am sharing my thoughts on Bianca Valerio's Sexy Silk Blush & Contour Duo from Colour Collection.  I am a fan of "contouring" on special occasions but on a daily basis, I find contouring a bit "too much" and "too tedious!  Don't you agree?

Since receiving this, I've been doing simple contouring on a daily basis (even when I'm just working from home!  LOL)  Because I find the packaging simple yet very easy to use!  I mean seriously, seldom can you find contour and blush powder housed in a round, slim compact!

Bianca Valerio, aside from being a host, is also a professional makeup artist, so I guess, she knows what WE want right? :) 

Shade: Sweetheart 
Comes in cool pink blush and warm bronze-y contour powder

Colour Collection says ---
Two blendable blush-on shades to give your skin a natural, healthy glow.

Monday, April 14, 2014

AMW Reviews: Benefit Bigger Than BB Big Easy (Medium)

Happy Monday AMW Friends!
How's your weekend?  I had a blast at #Kyles1stBirthdayParty over the weekend!  And the next day?  I went back to work and did makeup to an old client early morning!  Thank God for giving me the energy I need! :)

Today, I am so excited to share Benefit's Bigger Than BB Big Easy Liquid-to-Powder Multi-Balancing Complexion Perfector!  I attended their press launch as reported HERE, and I have to admit, this is one product I immediately opened and used without taking photos!  I actually took photos after my US trip and I brought this with me and used this all throughout the trip!  I had to test this again upon returning to check how this product fairs in our own weather!  Check out my review if this product deserves to be called BIGGER THAN BB!  (You guys know how much I love my BB creams!)

The box and the print of the packaging is exactly the same!

Benefit says ---

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