Sunday, March 30, 2008

My Paul & Joe Cosmetics Haul and Makeover!

As promised, I will post a simple "Sweetie" makeover look from Paul & Joe. What I love about Paul & Joe product is that they can really cover up those blemishes, or undereye circles but it won't look cakey at all!!! They always manage to give me this "dewy" and "natural" look. Hope you guys like seeing the "fugliness" in me...boooohoooo

Trust me, I am dead tired staring at the computer the whole day and I got stuck in traffic as forgive my super "dead tired" look.....spare me guys hehehe

Sunday giving me the tricks of Paul & Joe concealer... oohhh by the way, I really LOVE the way they do brows!!! As you guys know...I'm super particular with eyebrows :D

In less than an hour, here's the final "sweet" and "innocent" look :D

I had fun...I learned a lot of tips, and I got BROKE! :( Here's my haul!!!! Will do review on these soon! But a quick peek for you reader... I got the ff --

1. Protective Dual Powder Foundation with SPF25 in O3
2. 2 x Eyebrow Pencil Crayon Duo A Sourcils (02 Duo Brown and 04 Duo Blond)
3. Waterproof Curly Mascara in 02 Brown
4. Face Color Powder in 46 Etoile Filante (light pinkish color)
5. Birthday bash freebies, includes Mallows, lollies and Paul & Joe skincare samples (Moisture Lotion, Light Cleansing Milk and Whitening Emulsion)

AND....I'm not done yet...the best part is....with purchase over Php4,000 (USD100 -almost), I got this!

I am still giddy I can't explain it! Some of the products above I've already been using, I'll do a couple of reviews on them soon!

Your askmewhats,


  1. awwwww.. you look lovely! sweet indeed! :-)

  2. Purchase over Php4,000 (USD1,000 -almost)? Surely you mean USD100!! >.<

    Cool makeover and lovely bag!

  3. hahahah thanks so much liz for pointing that out..I've got no excuse to be poor in math! hahaha

  4. :P When I read USD1,000, I thought, heck, better off buying that bag on its own!

  5. wow...i've been wanting to try their products for a long time, but with their cute packaging i am sure i'm gonna give in and buy whatever they would suggest to me. are their concealers good talaga?

    you look so lovely sis (well, as always) :)

    i want to go makeup shopping with you sometime. hehehe

  6. i wanna go shopping with you too.. but i'd proly stand by the sideline sipping ice tea.. huhuhu!

    great haul sis!! :) paul&joe really is a great product. :)

    the makeover is so sweetie-looking. :)

  7. wow! i m very very impress with how they did the seamless and not cakey coverage to the eyebag!

    i'm still learning to blend and blend and blend away my eyebag with mineral powder yellow correctors and powder concealer, cos i always find creme concealer cakey =/

    tried MAC and body shop. probably if the minerals don't work, i will try out paul and joe. thanks for sharing the goodies!

  8. hey "Ms. tigas ulo" hahaha, and sis Shen..yes let's go shopping together! OH WAIT NO! Not yet, I don't want another haul! hahaha I am loving Paul & Joe now, really, because you can just put foundation and it really won't cake up! I tried it, trust me, the finish will be fresh and dewy! I think that's the reason why they don't come cheap! Their products are more expensive than MAC!

    Hi Joyce, thanks for visiting!!! Nice to see you here. Yes, they are so good with the seamless application, but all I can say is, they PUT A WHOLE LOT! hahahah I do have bad case of "dark bags" hehehe Hope you find the best concealer! Tip though, give your foundation a try, go for a lighter version of foundation and put it under your bags and cover it again with regular colored foundation, see how it goes :D


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