Monday, March 17, 2008

Simple "No Make-Up" look for Office girls

Our beautiful model Shanna wants a simple yet striking look last Friday. She wants a look that doesn't seem too made up yet there's a bit of "something there" factor.

I always start with a clean, moisturized face. Then use a foundation that would match her skin tone to balance out the colors. And minimize her undereye circles with a concealer.

I prepped her lids with UDPP primer

Then, I put a creamy brownish gold shadow over the lid and above the crease (creamy e/s will make your powder e/s lasts longer and also serves as a base)

Then a powdery blue shadow was applied on the lids for colorful effect

Clean off excess shadows

Put in eyeliner (I used liquid) and I applied it close to her lashline for "barely there" look

I applied cream blush (not shown on pix) and dust it with a translucent loose powder to set the whole look

Apply lip gloss for "dewy" lips

Voila!!! Very very light and neat barely there look :) Thanks Shanna for the fun time!



Your askmewhats,


  1. What liquid eyeliner is that? It seems a lot easier to handle than the one I'm using now :)

    btw, nice make-up applix :)

  2. Hi! Thanks for the comment.

    The liquid liner I used is indeed easier to manage, as it has shorter bristles and it is very fine and super waterproof and lasts all day! The liquid liner is called Kate Liquid Liner by Kanebo, I used it in Dark Brown so that the look won't be too strong :D

  3. Awww...doing makeup at the office is my dream! Lol. Your nails look soooo cute! Lovin' the blog. :]

  4. love the nails too! where did you get it done? pwede bang magpa-makeover hehe!?! can't seem to make my e/s blend well....any tips?

  5. great job, Nikki! :-)

    great kikay nails too.

  6. talaga namang magmokap sa office! hahaha...nice ha, danda..pede pa-makeover?

    wahh i love your nails...

  7. hey amy, I KNOW! the office is like my hairdressing salon! That's where I cut hair, do their make up and even shape their brows! hahaha I think what's missing is doing manicure and pedicure! hahaha

    Hi Bhing! I had my nails done home service. I usually do my own nails, but for designs and stuffs like that, I have a lady who come over every weekend to prettify my nails :D Like what most make-up artist friends, the secret to make up is really practice practice practice! You can't just imagine how many times I've done all my colleagues' faces :D

    Liz, super thanks, and yes, kIKAY talaga nails ko hahaha

    Iamsutil, hindi mo na kelangan ng makeover, baka ako kaya i make over mo with your HUGE collection of shadows! *sigh*

  8. hey! i love the e/s. what did you use? :)

  9. I used EyeScream Gelato in Gold and maybelline blue shadow and highlighted it with Kanebo sparkly white e/s :D

  10. whee! thanks for replying :) will look it up next time i'm make-up shopping

    <--is looking forward to a new eyeliner :D

  11. glad to be of help :) Tell me how it goes when you finally bought it and used it :D

  12. where did you get your brushes?

  13. Hey Anne, it's a 28pcs brushes called Suesh. You can see at my blog entry especially for that. It's very affordable yet very good quality. :D


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