Friday, April 25, 2008

Askmewhats Makeover: "Cotton Candy" look

Bea girl is back! With a vengeance...sweet vengeance. After I posted my "Violet Blooms" look, some have commented that they're not into trying purples because they felt they're dark and that it won't work well on them. I tried doing my "violet blooms" with some twists (meaning, I added a hint of pink) and so far, Bea was quite happy with her makeover and I think that also helps some readers who are afraid to try out purples and pinks because they think it won't work on them. I believe it works better to Bea than "yours truly "

Hope these pix gives a bit of "push" :)
Can Bea make you smile?
She has this infectious laugh and smile, I hope she can brighten your day too!
Advance Happy Weekend to us in this crazy world of beauty....

Your askmewhats,


  1. Aww your model is really cute! That so cool doing makeup on your girlfriends!

  2. This is definitely more wearable for people who are scared of purples. :)

  3. you made her even more charming! :-)

  4. Nic Nic, yes Bea is a cutey inside and out. And it is indeed cool to do make up to friends! as no matter the outcome, they will support you and give you constructive criticisms as wel.

    Liz, yes, I believe people of different colors can wear this type of look :) thanks for the comment :D

    Liz, aaawww..I'm lucky she's charming already!

    Bhing, thanks :) long time no post! Missed your posts!

  5. this look is soft and girly yet very spunky! great job! i don't think i can put on great makeup on other ppl. lol.

  6. aawww thanks dear! touching words Moi dear! :)

  7. OOoo very pretty look, it helps that the eye makeup is done nicely and the model is too cute :D

  8. great job, nikki..and bea is such a cutey!

    waaah, i so envy you. you know how to apply makeup on other people...

  9. oohhh! i love the eyes! and her smile is indeed infectious. :)

  10. thanks ladies :) I am so happy with all your great comments :)

  11. you did an awesome job on her nikki and her lashes are to die for!

  12. Yummy, awww thanks for the comment, I'm lucky as well as Bea got naturally thick lashes and putting falsies on her just "added" up ..and its not FALSE looking :)


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