Thursday, April 17, 2008

The CAS Cosmetics Fair

A CAS Cosmetics Fair is what I've been waiting for. Why? Well, my favorite Paul & Joe make up will be on sale! And when I say SALE, it's big big sale!!! And you can just see how excited I look like and I've arrowed down Ms. Lanie Acedillo , Associate Chief Make Up artist of Paul and Joe and also Von, the Boutique manager of P&J Rustan's Makati branch. Everyone at Paul & Joe are so helpful and super friendly (no joke, no sales talk here ok? hehehe). And with them being uber helpful and friendly makes me go back to them! Trust me, having friendly staffs really makes me go back!

Check out my red lips, I never wore red lipstick, but for them, I would! hahaha
(in the pix also Ms. Raizelle, super helpful girl as well from Paul & Joe)

Me, doing the pouty lips, and failed, I looked so unfriendly! hahaha

And here are my hauls!!!
I bought basically 2 Duo Crayons, 1 Eyebrow pencil no. 3,
P&J Light Cream Foundation in 03, Black Curly Mascara and
Autumn 2007 Face Colour

And the pix below are my freebies (they are smaller in person, just a finger high)
Moisture Lotion, Light Cleansing Milk and the Emulsion
(can't wait to try these cutey babies)

Not shown in pix, I also got my Paul & Joe luggage! For spending a certain amount of money.
I love freebies! Really! well who doesn't? hahaha

In this fair, the Body Shop, Jane Iredale Mineral Make-up and Watercolours were also there!

Happy moment...awww. Sad moment for my wallet *sniff*

Your askmewhats,


  1. great blog i love love love it!!!add me to your blog roll i will definately add your site!!!

  2. ooooh paul and joe!! so lucky :)

  3. hey there, beautyful habit..SURE, i've linked you already!

    Thanks Petitebelle for dropping by :D

  4. wow haul after another! makeup shopping is the best! ;D

  5. That looks like so much fun! Do you work in the beauty industry?

  6. wow nice P&J haul! ive been meaning to try out that brand sometime!

  7. how come there aren't Cosmetics Fair here in Singapore lately?

    Haven't tried P&J, but I guess I will soon. I've been hearing a lot of positive feedbacks about it.

  8. Moi dear, it's not haul after another haul..hahaha the NYX just came tooooo late :) I won't be hauling for some time from today hehehe (i hope)

    Fabu-less, no, I am not working in the beauty industry, I'm working in a totally boring industry hahaha Executive Search firm :) But doing BEAUTY in the office :) hahaha and outside my working hours

    Nic Nic, give this brand P&J a try, it is really nice and simple looking. No matter how much you applied, you don't look cakey :) That's what I love about their products :D Especially the brow pencils!!!! Love love love it!!!

    Liz, I think you will be hearing more about the cosmetics fair if you started your Beauty Schools. I believe most beauty schools have cosmetic fairs especially for students who needed to shop for make-up. I hope you'll hear about it soon!

  9. Wow how fun! I've never even knew they held fairs for cosmetics?!

  10. I believe they do hold cosmetic fairs especially for Make-up students :) I'm just lucky I was told about this :D Saves a whole lot of money!


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