Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Oh My Falsies!

**all falsies available at the Landmark

I never thought I'm a type of person who would buy falsies. Given the chance? I still don't. But why am I buying all these crazy lashes on pictures above? Well, I love putting falsies to other people and see them look totally different!!! Love it!! I just want to share with you guys the hauls I made. The first picture above would be my first haul, and the next picture would be my haul just last night.

Of course, with Falsies, comes great Lash Adhesives (quoted from Spiderman -- "With great power comes great responsibility" hahaha). Stay tune for my lash adhesives review and comparison (Yup! I bought 2, reviews will be coming up shortly)

Do you use falsies?
Do you like how you look after putting it on?
Do you put falsies to other peeps?

Spill the beans!

Your askmewhats,


  1. wow...i thought you're going to use them on yourself! lol...why not di ba?

    anyways, i used falsies last weekend (during the weekend) and i didnt like it...just because i was so much in a hurry that i forgot to apply it correctly! actually it was my first time, so after an hour, natatanggal na siya. total disaster! and i used cheap falsies pa..i looked so dilat kasi nakatikwas siya! hahahaha

  2. The only time I wore falsies were for my photography session for my bridal portraits, and to my wedding. I love them, but I have no idea how to put them on. I have a spare pair with me though. Methinks it's time to experiment again :P

    On another note, I think falsies belong to the night. If it's for the day, then for some party maybe. But not as a normal everyday wear, when you're taking care of the kids, etc. Yeah, I know someone like that. Tsk tsk tsk.

  3. Jheng sis!! You're so funny , dilat! hahaha Well I don't use them for myself, usually for portfolio shots or special events, I will be attending a wedding this sunday and I bought tne "natural" looking one :) I believe cheap falsies are ok but you have to invest on the adhesives :)

    Tine, thanks for dropping by girl! You are right, the first time I wore falsies would be my wedding day. It did made the total look really dramatic. And true..nighttime parties or occasions would be perfect for falsies :) And I can't imagine wearing falsies while taking care of the kids! THat would be super difficult :D

  4. I've never tried them... I think they look a little too dramatic for daytime wear, I see girls with them all the time and sometimes they just look bad!!

    For now I prefer my real lashes with some mascara :) Maybe for a wedding day I'll consider falsies, though.

  5. i seldom wear falsies because I am one lazy woman. hahaha!

    i only use 'em during photoshoots or when doing tutorials.

    they're fab, no doubt.

  6. Hi Jenbee, you're right, I don't recommend to use them daily as well :) They're great and dramatic for those shoots or majorly important events. And I suggest you use falsies on your wedding day! hehehe It really helps and it comes out beautifully in pictures!

    Liz, you're right, they're fab no doubt..and I can really count on my fingers how many times I've put falsies to myself...hmm... 2 times! hahaha Take care dear...

  7. I only started experimenting with falsies last summer... I own around 6 pairs, but nothing too dramatic. I love them, but I don't wear them much, because normally with mascara and curling, I'm happy enough with my own lashes. :P

  8. I get all iffy with having to put something on my lashes. According to a friend of mine who has no lashes, it hurts to put these falsies on.

  9. Liz girl, thanks for sharing :) I wouldn't even think you're a type that would own falsies, I am thinking that you're probably like me..which..I think you are! You prefer your own lashes, ME TOO, no matter how invisible they are, I love each hair! hehehe

    Tahn, thanks for stopping by, yes, I would feel weird as well having someone to put lashes on me...that's exactly how I felt on the day of the wedding :) But no, it doesn't hurt at all to have falsies on, if attached the right way :D See you around girl! thanks for the comment

  10. wala me masabi sa haul mo! :) i wanna try these as well... kaso my mom might b****slap me na! :) everyday look lang nga nagagalit. nagtataka kung kanino ko namana kaartehan ko. :) lol! but fo course, after seeing these here, i'll proly hoard on falisies na rin.. wah! enabler ka na talaga like jheng. :)

  11. Haha, I've been hoarding falsies too! I also have the purple lashes! I really like how it makes the eyes pop but I'm just too lazy and too amateur to use them. The only time I was able to put falsies on correctly was for the chola challenge.

  12. Sis shen :) You are oh so right!!! I can't believe how my family members would react seeing me with falsies! Falsies really are dramatic! hehehe
    I'm not an enabler no! hahaha

    Vi Anne, ooohh love the purple one when i was doing a LOUD look on my friend just for shoots :) You're a falsies-whore? hehehhe Hope you feel better dont' worry about your bro, he knows how much you guys missed him. I'm sure he missed you all too!

  13. i think i will wear falsies but if i will try for the first time i will get from Shu so i won't regret buying them and instead get addicted lol. also, pretty much everything i've tried from Shu i loved! ;)

  14. Mhean, Shu is great, but I believe other non-shus are great as well :) if you managed to get one and put on to yourself, do an EOTD shot ok? I'll be looking forward to see how it goes on you :D

  15. oh falsies! been thinking about getting one, but still have to check around, im not in manila boohoo! im in the jungle which means my chance of getting a pair of decent falsies is just 10% haha how sad.
    thanks for the post dear =) will keep checking on you looks with falsies!

  16. I bought a couple of pairs of inexpensive falsies plus one pair from Ardell. I still have difficulty applying them myself. Hopefully with more practice, I will be encouraged to use it more often.

    Individual lashes/clumps of falsies intrigue me :)


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