Thursday, April 24, 2008

Tip for the Day: Mini-me Containers

Php 19.75 each plastic (for 2 containers) available at Landmark, Makati

I'm sure a lot of beauty addicts won't feel there's anything new with the photo above. Especially to those MMU addicts (hehehe) These babies are super useful. I just wanted to share with you guys that I bought this for Php 19.75 (approx $.50) at the Landmark. One pack has 2 plastic containers.

I like them because they have pink cap with them. Too bad they mixed it with the clear ones :) They could be cheap or expensive...not sure how much some of you gals pay for this...but I'm happy I bought them, they are useful for my loose glitters :D

How much do you pay for these?
Where do you buy these?

Your askmewhats,


  1. believe it or not, i use my old contact lenses case. that's how cheap i am. :)

  2. OMG you read me! ;)

    I've purchased the same thing at ACE Hardware for IDR 2,600 ($ .27) single piece. I bought 4 jars to share my MAC paint pots (rollickin' and perky) with my girlfriends :D

    The reason is simple.. Cos I don't know how to spend 5 gr paint pots by myself! LOL

  3. I don't buy these at all. I have a lot of containers from samplings from Mineral makeup companies. I have a bunch of Everyday Mineral containers. I just wash them and re-use them! =)These are great for traveling though.

    And yes, finding a new template for your blogger takes took me awhile to find what I wanted.

  4. pot session! LOL i used to buy a lot from Landmark, once they ran out of stock that i had no choice but to get them at watson's for P34.95/2pcs. acck! what a rip off!

    but do you know that you can get one for P5 somewhere? ;)

  5. I ran into this blog and I think is fabulous. Keep it up.

    Teneasha (VB)

  6. Sab, i believe you are creative to use your old contact lense's good idea. Sometimes, I would like to try tablet cases as well, those 30 day tablet containers? hehehe

    Devi, you are sooo generous to share your paint pots to your girlfriends, I would do the same as I don't think I would use up all of it!!!

    Fabu-less beauty, great for you to have samplings from MMU companies! and re-using them are "A-OK" for me!!! I do the same!!! And yes, I would look for ways to change my template..haaayyyy

    Jheng sis! I think you may try HBC or Hortaleza in Quiapo. But I'm not sure about the P5/pot. I'm sure it's somewhere downtown. I'll keep my eyes open and will let you know if I found it!

    Virtuous Blue, girl! Thanks for visiting my blog!!! I appreciate it!!! I'll see you more!!! :D

  7. i bought mine for a dollar (Singapore $), 2 jars. :-)

  8. thank God that watsons over here carry those containers.. I use them for lippies, when im so close to the bottom lol, I scrape them out and transfer the l/s to these containers.
    I did that with my NARS funny face coz my lippie broke and it looked pitiful lol. Keep posting tips, dear =)

  9. I use these for my lotions and potions which I bring with me when traveling. I used to use all the travel-sized stuff I get as freebies, but for some reason, they always cause my skin to break out. I don't know if it's a holiday thing or what, but I found it safer to just stick to my usual stuff.

    Oh, and as for MMU, I'd prefer it with a sifter. Less messy that way.

  10. Stylishmommy, you're right! Watsons carry them but the cheapo in me would go to Landmark to buy them as it's cheaper :) No worries, I'll post more tips as I go along! :)

    tine,thanks for sharing, and yes, sifters are way more economical :)


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