Thursday, May 15, 2008

Askmewhats Reviews: Paul & Joe Light Cream Foundation

Available in 5 shades I got mind in 03 or Clear/Clar
Available at Rustan's Makati Paul & Joe for Php1,875.00 or USD44

P&J Cream Foundation Says ---

Cream foundation that is creamy yet translucent, protecting skin from ultraviolet rays and keeping it in beautiful condition.

Askmewhats says ---

  • it doesn't cake on
  • looks very natural
  • dewy finish
  • smells nice (not too overwhelming)
  • has SPF 15 (yay!)
  • a little goes a long way as it's super creamy
  • a bit pricey
  • the jar is cute but makes it hard to get the product, has to use spatula to keep it from bacteria
  • dewy finish could be great but if you've got oily skin, this may make your skin looks oilier (but read further below for my tip, I was told that this can't be use alone and it's TRUE)
  • according to P&J, this is for medium to heavy coverage. I would say this is for medium coverage only.


A great product from P&J but I find that the packaging makes it hard to tote along. Of course you don't need to reapply your liquid foundation when you're out. But at times you want to bring this to test it to your friends which is a bit of a hassle. Since I am go for a natural dewy look, this is ok for me.

  • I can't stress this more, but use spatula and please PLEASE do not dip your brush or sponge directly
  • A little goes a long way, so just start off with less rather than wasting the product
  • Always finish up by patting a loose powder (for best result: Really, this is perfect to pat on with any Loose/pressed powder, I find to really LOVE P&J Cream Foundation after you pat this with any powder). I've used this for some wedding looks and it works really well and your face looks absolutely FLAWLESS!
Will I repurchase?
Yes! Again, this product is so-so at first but when used together with a face powder, it works wonders! I guess this was made to marry a powder!

This is definitely my love and not so love product and loving it again! Confused? me too... But am I regretful for getting this? NO Is this post helpful? I hope so If not, let me know..I tend to blab blab blab *hugs to all*

Your askmewhats,


  1. hmmm, me likey. how much is this dear? hehehe

  2. HI Jheng, sorry , I wasn't able to post the exact price coz I bought this on sale. Original price would be around 1,500php or something :)

  3. Cute jar! Lol. good luck on the contest and i think you'll enjoy the milani eyeshadows! i was gonna use my mac eyeshadows but then i'd just be wasting everything else i have. i'm trying to use my other brands, too! i have tons of pigment i have never used. i'm so bad about that. i think because so many ppl foil their pigment and i'm just too lazy. my eyelids get oily and pigments won't stay on unless they're foiled or i put them on top of other colors! i'm gonna have to start foiling them or else all my pigments are gonna go to waste. i just ordered from the she space and ordered 36samples!!!!!! so i realllllllly need to use my pigments. hehe.

  4. Spankedelic, yes, the jar is really lovely!
    Wow ordered all 36 samples? Now you're going to have more e/s to play with!!! hahaha but really i appreciate you using other e/s as well for us to know what else we can use aside from MAC..of one can complain about MAC !

  5. Hmmmmm, interesting, sounds like a good product!

    I'm funny when it comes to foundation. Although my skin is dry and I need heavy-duty moisturiser, my skin doesn't take cream (or even liquid) foundation well. It always looks too heavy on me. Maybe it's because I prefer the low-coverage look? So I've been sticking with tinted moisturiser. The new MAC loose powder mineral foundation is good too. I've used it a few times in the past two weeks and so far, I'm liking it. It is very sheer, so I guess if you're looking for more coverage, it's not the best.

  6. You know LIz, what I love about P&J? No matter how many times you apply the product, it doesn't look too made up or it doesn't cake on. It remains to be natural looking, I guess that's why I am so addicted to P&J products because I'm always "go" for a natural /neutral look :)


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