Saturday, July 26, 2008

Askmewhats Reviews: Bare Escentuals Flawless Face Brush

(this review is based on my own experience of using this product, again, different users have different opinions)

Anybody who reads my blog would know that I am not a loyal MMU user. I do use mineral e/s, foundation but not all over.

The first MMU brand that I got addicted to is the Bare Escentuals MMU. I ordered a full size foundation and a flawless face brush to start up my MMU addiction. I don't have problems with the foundie but I got super disappointed with my BE Flawless face brush.

Here's how the FF brush looks like

Bare Escentuals FF Brush says (from Sephora site) ---

With a short handle and its bristles made of ultra soft goat hair, this Flawless Application face brush will evenly distribute your bareMinerals Foundation, All-Over face color, and blush, leaving a flawless finish every time.

Askmewhats says ---

  • definitely does pick up the minerals better than ordinary brushes
  • I like the length, not too long and not too short, easy to use
  • look quite professional and cute!
  • doesn't shed too much
  • when newly purchased, it does smell but nothing too bad

  • SOFT at the start, but after several uses, it HURTS my face too much!
  • Price : with it's price, you can buy better brushes
Will I repurchase?

sorry but NO


The first time I used this brush, I was so happy and this was my favorite brush. After several washes (take note: I wash this once or twice a week with Johnson's baby shampoo) and as seen on photo above, I took care of it and it's still in good condition. When you use your finger to test the brush, it is SOFT! But when you use this brush on your face, something just ain't right. It is harsh on your face and I honestly can't pinpoint what is the problem with this. It could be the shape of the brush. I have tested this to all my family members! Even brushing this to their faces just to have the "feel" test and they all said the same thing... "OUCH!"

I have taken care of this brush,
using baby shampoo
and spritz it with leave-in conditioner after every wash
I have done my part right?
So this is a YAY or NAY?
(I go NAY)


  1. IT hurts the face? Oh no no noooo, we can't have that. Yikes! Great review, sis. Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. ouch for how it feels on your face AND for what you paid for it!

    thanks for the heads up on!

  3. B sweetie, yeah it hurts! I Just can't pinpoint after almost a year why it hurts like that! LOL You have a great weekend too!!! I am smiling SOOO BIG on weekends! But you'll see my frown on a sunday night lol

    Jillsab, hey girl! You're welcome!!! No worries, though I don't enjoy bashing on certain products, I think people deserve to know !

  4. I'm only looking at the photograph, but even it looks scratchy to me from here :p

  5. I'm glad you saw it too! I was trying to make it a point to show it on cam! :) Thanks Tine!

  6. sorry this brush didnt work for you! their brushes are so expensive here too!

  7. I heard their brushes aren't good either.. the fibres are too hard and scratchy.. >< have you tried everyday mineral's brush?? i got both their flat top and kabuki long handle brush.. love them..

    and great review.. i never actually bought any of the Bare minerals stuff.

  8. Yeah Nic Nic? we don't have it sold here by a retailer or store, we have someone who ships it from the US and sells it to us Online via Multiply :)

    Purple snowflake, yeah, I've read so much not so good reviews about this! good thing this is the only brush I bought from them

  9. Yup, I have 3 of those I got in a kit and they've all gotten scratchy and gross. I'm too cheap to buy another powder brush though.

  10. good thing I didn't buy the rest of their brushes, it was sold separately here, and girl! it doesn't come cheap! I nearly bought the concealer brush from them! I understood perfectly Katrina, on my part, if I spent much on those brushes, I wouldn't want to buy another one! *sigh*

  11. it does look scratchy lol.


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