Sunday, July 13, 2008

Weekend Food Tripping at: Burger King (fastfood)

I am into health food. I am very conscious with what I eat not because I am dieting, but because I personally love to eat healthy food. But of course, there will always be times you'll be in a rush and you just want to eat what's new!

Yup...Burger King as a fast food chain isn't new but I've seen their posters on their new burger, and my hubby loves steak and he has to try this ! What a good wife to do??? Accompany him and enjoy the food as much as he does!

The Burger King came out their new burger called the STEAKHOUSE BURGER! To all international readers out there --- the normal burger size would look like this (photo below) in most fast food chains in Asia.

It surprisingly is delicious. What you've seen beside the burger are bits of crunchy garlic (yum) Steakhouse burger, cheese accompanied with a very soft and delicious bread!

WARNING: Do not order or eat this on a first date :P

My ultimate favorite: The onion rings! (mine mine mine)
Fries for my hubby LOL

And can you believe they serve cakes? They do!
They've got selection of chocolate cakes, cheesecakes etc...
I chose the Hershey's Sundae Pie

It's not an ice cream cake but it's made of creamy fillings.
You have to eat this quick as the cream tumbles down easily...

Just a quick and short update on something new we've tried.
By the way...Did you know that your askmewhats


Yup, I do...I try to avoid them as much as I can....
this is not a diet thing...
I just don't like the feel of it!

Tell askmewhats if you are into carbonated drinks!
If you are..... "shame on you" LOL
If you aren't.... "HIGH FIVE!"


  1. mmm sunday pie!!

    i'd totally send you a mineralized but the MAC prices are twice the amount to US, so the tag would not be worth it :/

  2. I don't drink softdrinks as well. I get sick from them. :)

    I'm salivating over that yummy sundae pie!!!

  3. really? you hate carbonated drinks? i won't drink soda unless it's carbonated! i hate flat soda that doesn't fizz... lol. i like the "burn" that it gives your throat when you drink it lol!

  4. Very cute :D I love how asian countries serve alot smaller fast food than U.S !! I had this American friend in Korea, and he ordered value meal at Mc donald's and of course, it's alot smaller than U.S. And he thought that was a happy meal (kids meal) lol so he had to order like 2 or 3 value meals hehe. Yummy Yummy !!

  5. Hershey's Sundae Pie looks yummie *drool*! :D

  6. Did my comment get through *sigh*? :/

  7. Your making me hungry! The cake looks delicious!!!! I haven't been to bk since forever and maybe I should stop by just for the cake!!!

    Btw, high five girl! I ain't no carbonated drinker either. H20 all the way for me!!! LOL

  8. Ohmigoodnessss....I haven't had steak in years but that burger looks gooood!! And those fries...and that pie. You are killing me here, sis! LOL! I definitely don't drink carbonated drnks. I'm a bit of a health nut too.

  9. I love burger king! The company that my boyfriend's dad works for collaborated with Burger King advertising, so my boyfriend and I have $400 worth of giftcard to eat there! I try not to eat it too much b/c I have to watch my weight, but it's great to eat for free! I am cutting back on carbonated drinks-they keep me up at night!

  10. Sorry, I love some carbonated drinks!
    And I'm guilty of trying that cake, too... I thought it was yummy :)

  11. NicNic, sweet girl! No worries, thanks so much for the thought, it was really nice of you! :D

    Sophie, yay, I would say you love sweets :)

    Lily, I know a lot of people are so into carbonated drinks, I just don't know why I hate it! I tried so many times!!! But you'll see a bad expression from my face!

    Nabi, I think I have to share my order if I managed to eat McDonalds there in the States!

    Alyssa, yes, your comment got through :) ANd yup it looks yummy but it's not the BEST thing, it is good but not the best!

    Ebeautyblog, yay for another carbondated drinks hater!!! And go for BK!! I hope they have the PIE there too!

    B, health nut like us should eat some unhealthy meals once in awhile lol to keep our body insanely happy! :D

    Yellow Fever, oh my goodness!! You've got $400 gift cert??? Can you use them all???? Share!!!! lol

    Jennbee, no worries , my hubby is carbonated drinks LOVER so I can't hate you carbon-lover! lol

  12. saaraaap! i love to try out their cheesecake though.

    i don't like carbonated drinks as well, as i always end up feeling burp-y after. eww i know. haha! my addiction is coffee, tea and water. hahaha!

  13. oh no. i dont get a highfive. :(

    im a coke addict. coca-cola that is. waaaah.

    apir na lang tayo sa burger!


  14. Sab, me too! I would love to try their cheesecake but hubby is not into cheesecake, so I chose this one instead, safe for both of us! :) Yay to our addiction!!! COFFEE!!! I hate water though :( sorry

    Iya, it's ok, high five on the burger then!!! Don't worry, you'll get a whole lot of hi fives for being a coke addict (coke as in softdrinks) Yup have to clarify that! you know how it is here! lol

  15. want some burger too! i am depressed and i want some comfort food. i am sooo into carbonated drinks, nikki :( shame on me. i love coke! not coke zero but the regular cokE! i know..i know, bad for the health. but it's the only thing that actually quenches my :(

  16. i am rarely into burgers but i am into sodas -- well, occassionally. i am going into a diet soon so bye-bye to that lol. i don't mind though 'cause i was able to rid of it completely so it's no biggie. ;) my hubby on the other hand cannot stand not drinking one daily haha pathetic. :D

  17. I don't drink carbonated drinks (except the time Pepsi Twist came out, heehee).. Maybe because I realize there's just too much sugar in it.. Though I'm cool if people around me do =)

  18. It's ok Jheng, don't be depressed. Just reward yourself whatever would make you feel needed a lot of TLC *hugs*

    Mhean, oooohhhh be careful with the blood sugar level! :)

    Teeyah, :( I don't like Pepsi twist either :( ohh I did say I don't like all carbonated but if I"m in a party or something and just in case they serve only carbonated drinks, I would always choose the less stronger one, either sprit, 7-up or those orange or grape flavored ones :)

  19. I am with you, soft drink a yucky...(For for sometime I do overdose on Dr.Pepper, for your reference, it's like a cherry coke if you don't have it in Philippine...)I usually go for sport drink (love the blue Gatorade) or jasmine green tea...

    I don't even work out that much though...


  20. i just hope they have more branches! Mushroom swiss burger + fries :D


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