Monday, November 10, 2008

Askmewhats Food Tripping: MexiJap anyone?

I went over the Trinoma mall over the weekend. We had late lunch so when dinner time came, we weren't that hungry to really eat in a restaurant.

Just in case you don't know, me and hubby loves to eat snacks of different varieties. This was the day! :) I call it MexiJap because we munched on Mexican food and Japanese food in a day!

Let me start of with Taco Bell!!!

Grilled Steak Taquittos
They have variety of Pork, Beef or Chicken

It's around 10 inches long 1 inch thick. They sliced it into two and when you bite on it, beef and mushroom tastes so good in our mouth with the wrap

For Php109.00 (approx $2.50), it comes with a Beef Taco and a drink!

I love their Nacho Chips
It's only Php39.00 (less than $1.00) and you can choose on the sauce
Cheese, Salsa or Sour cream!
My tummy says Cheese and I bought an extra salsa sauce (not on photo)

We had our Taco Bell snacks around 5:30pm and dinner time came, we're not too hungry but we need to eat right? We've decided to take a visit at the food court and I saw this new Japanese restaurant called


Tofu lovers out there? Unite!!! I ordered their Tofu Chop for only Php68.00 (less than $2.00). What you get is approximately 7-8 tofu squares with some pork bits and sauce. Topped with crunchy breading.

Dig in for the Tofu Square!

Hubby ordered the Katsudon for only Php108.00 (approx less than $2.50). It tastes like normal Katsudon from other restaurants, but the difference? It's cheaper here!!!

I just learned that I got a notice card from the post office together with my Body Shop surprise, I have a feeling it's my NARS Orgasm order! FINALLY!!!!!

Can't wait to have my own Orgasm!!!! LOL
How's your weekend?
Have a lovely day!!!!


  1. ooohhh those look SUPER YUMMY! and INCREDIBLY CHEAP! well compared to the food price in Europe tho. is the Katsudon good? oh i miss Japanese food! more more food! :D

  2. do u stay in the US? if u dont.. wow they have TACO BELL WHere ever u stay at? lol

  3. taco bell! i have never seen a taco here. why they dont have it in msia! :(

  4. I LOVEEEE tofu so much
    that is so interesting...i havent seen it here in japan XD but i would totally order it too

  5. i missed you ,sis! :-)

    i was gone for a while but it feels good to be back.

    stay adorable!

    yay again to blogging! :-)

  6. ooo lady, if you think taco bell is mexican food you got a thing coming to you! i wish wish wish i can send you over some california burritos or california fries yeah they are the legit mexican something a mama cooks in her kitchen food but IT IS SOOO GOOD! (& bad for you, which probably gives the sooo goood part more goodness) haha

  7. i love love taco bell! i had japanese too last sunday, only it's at powerplant mall. we also have to remove our shoes and sit on the floor. :) hehe.

  8. mmmmm cheap yummy food! trinoma is the only mall i missed out on visiting last year when i was in the phils. next year i might drop by manila again /fingerscrossed

  9. no way! taco bell in the phillipines? geez isnt that sooo lucky! asia n stuff dont have those! boOoo wut else do they have there? lol

  10. Ai, I am not a pork eater, but I love katsudon :)

    Jesmakeup, we have Burger King, Carl's Junior (But closed down), the typical McDonalds, Wendys, Pizza Hut, Fridays, California Pizza Kitchen, Burgoo, Shakeys...well most big food chain you guys have there, we do have it here too :D

    Prettybeautiful, I think they aren't eager to open one in Malaysia, coz we have some Taco Bell resto closes down, it depends on the location :)

    Yumeko, LOL definitely Tofu Filipino-Japanese Style :)

    LV, welcome back sis! I missed you too! I'm glad you're back!!!

    YumYumSushi, now I'm interested! I want to try what you're talking about!!!!!!!!

    Sab, I have a feeling we'll hit it off anywhere!

    Jo, visit Mall of Asia, hmmm...Glorietta, Powerplant..ohhhh I'll let you know when you visit again :)

  11. yum! too bad i only eat veggies if its salad. need to learn how to eat, veggies, nikki! i'm soo bad!

  12. nikki! next time i get that stuff to eat i'll try to take pictures of it before i devour the thing hehehe :P

  13. Shen, salad is ok sis :) eat more veggies :) Good for you..especially if you get stress at times

    YumYumSushi, yay! Can't wait...i have problems with devouring food before taking a shot on them..but now, I'm getting used to it :D LOL


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