Saturday, December 27, 2008

Reader's Corner: Q&A + My Nail Polish Collection

Hey all!!!

Here's another set of Q&A, I usually answer them directly and post them again for everyone to share their comments, ideas and answers :)

I also included my nail polish collection which some of my readers wanted to check out. Nothing too fantabulous :)


What's the difference of NC and NW for MAC shades?

Askmewhats Answers:

NC-Neutral Cool -For golden undertones
NW-Neutral Warm-For pinkish undertones

You can check out this link for more information :)


Where can I purchase Carmex Lip Balm here in the Philippines?

Askmewhats Answers:

You can purchase Carmex lip balms at PCX shops. You can find PCX shop at Robinson's Place, Ermita.


Can you suggest a concealer that can really cover dark post acne blemishes?

Askmewhats Answers:

Post Acne Blemishes are quite hard to cover as it gets to be sensitive and dries easily. Make sure to use a concealer that is hypo-allergenic. Aside from concealer, I suggest use your favorite Liquid Foundation/ Cream foundation that is one shade lighter than your skin and pat on to the area that has spots. After foundation, if the spot is still there, you can add on your concealer. But making sure do not pack on too much and it'll be cakey and the spots will be more obvious.

Some concealers I can suggest are the Make Up Forever Concealer Palette (so you can mix and match the shade), Cinema Secrets Concealer (as this is quite creamy), if you have the chance to find a local reseller, I like NYX Concealer in a Jar as well.

But of course, not all brands that works for me will work for you, do give it a test first before purchasing :)


Can I see your nail polish collection?

Askmewhats Answers:

Sure you can! But do not expect me to have a nail polish salon type of collection :) When I got married, I left all my polishes at home and my collection started when Toma sent me complete set of ELF polishes, then Sis Aika continued my collection by sending me the neon collection polishes, then Alyssa sent me the nail art dotting tool..and the rest are gifts from lovely friends too! Tine, thanks for the lovely Maybelline polish and a dear friend from Malaysia, you know who you are, for the Kanebo polish :) So in short, I did spend money on my own for my collection but a lot are from dear friends who knew my love for nail stuffs. I'll cherish my collection for sure! :)

Enjoy the photos! :)

My first traincase from my lovely colleagues
for my birthday February 2008!
Thanks gals!

When opened, they're usually laid flat
But for photo purposes,
I made them stand up

What's on the lower part of the traincase?
I put my pedicure/manicure kit!

Useless Nail Stamping Tool

Super useless, all 3 polishes all dried up! lol
No, this is NOT Konad

Nail Art Dotting Tools
Nail Gems from Market Market
and the rest
Are gift from a colleague Pam
<-- Thanks Pam! You have to let me know where you purchase it! :D

Here's the case from Japan Home
Php88.00 (approx $2.00)
For my nail art pens

I recently purchased a nail art brush
From Koichi Store,
Robinson's Place Ermita

There's just ONE left, so I wish this is good!

For precision nail art :P

Don't take my word for it,
I never do things PRECISE hahaha

People ask me what I want for Christmas and the new years?

Material "want" --- it never ends...
but happiness 'wise, I am very happy!

I've got a good husband, lovely family and supportive friends!
Wonderful blogger friends and readers!!!
Those are more than enough for me!

What are you thankful for the year 2008?


  1. oooh gorgeous
    love seeing the collection

  2. hi! i was wondering where did buy the nail art dotting pen? if it's from market market? where in particular? thanks.

  3. I'm glad you liked it, its nothing huge as those nail fanatics out there! But yeah, they are my babies!

    Anonymous, hmm I haven't seen these nail art pens at Market Market. I resell them from direct supplier from other country. So if you want one, do email me :)

  4. WOW!!! AMAZING collection!
    I love the train case as well, the nail polishes fit perfectly.
    where did you get it?

  5. Mrs. Zeus, traincase was given to me as a gift. I believe it's available at local Department stores here like SM malls :)

  6. Nikki, where's the Koichi store in Robinsons Ermita? I can't seem to find it in my mental map of that place. TIA. :)

  7. Hi Shasta, Koichi store is at 2nd Floor old Robinson's Ermita Mall and it's near Crabtree & Evelyn area, then Color Stone gems booth in the middle :) Let me know if you finally found it :)

  8. aww! your nail polish collection is so nice! i have a couple but i don't really store them in one place, maybe it's time i do. :)

    miss you nikki!

  9. wow, you have a great collection!

  10. hi nikki, i think anonymous was talking about the dotter, not the nail art pens. i saw nga na iba-ibang sizes from a blog of yours from before.

    regarding the stamping tool, have you tried using regular nail polish instead of the ones that came with the set? i'm thinking of purchasing a stamping set from konad and it comes with a few polishes. i want to see if ok siya.

  11. Oh! I finally figured out where it is! So that's the name of that store! I always go straight to the seasonings and I did not know they sell those brushes! Thanks for the instructions Nikki!

    Haha, you may never know, we might meet each other accidentally in Robinsons Ermita! I'll treat you to tofu if that happens. :)

  12. Sab, yes you have to store them in one place coz you'll definitely forget the colors you already have and you keep on purchasing thus waste of money..coming from someone who has the experience lol!

    Gio, thanks for liking my collection!

    Crystal, thanks for clarifying the query. Anonymous, if you are reading this again, well the nail art dotting pen here locally comes in ONE size only (as I know), the one that I have came from a lovely blogger friend from the States Ms. Alyssa. I will be on a lookout and see if I can find different sizes available here. :D

    Oh yeah Crystal, back to your question, I did try regular polish, it isn't that good because it came out inconsistent, I have to re-do the stamping more than 3 times to ONE perfect design which I've finally decided to draw my own nails. I believe Konad is nice...I wanted to purchase one soon, if you did purchase one, let me know :)

  13. Shasta, me too! i go straight to the food, chocolates, spices, just Friday Night, I took the time to really look at everything they have there! I just can't believe they have so many stuffs but usually one of yeah..we may bump into each other! :) No worries, you treat me tofu, i'll treat you another tofu dish :)

  14. its not sad that you only have one pair~ its warm over there usually no? so theres no need for very many~
    plus i end up walking around alot during the summer cause i want to save money on paying for public transportation (which is a good thing because sometimes they refuse to turn on the AC in the trains, and people 'forget' to put on deodorant :T)

  15. great stash! and i never knew the difference between NC and NW lol! i just kind of went w whatever they told me lol

  16. nikki, thanks for your answer. i saw dotting pens and other nail art stuff from but shipping to the phils is expensive :P i'll be purchasing from konad soon coz i want to try stamping too. their nail polish is expensive though. it's 176 for 5 ml only and 330 for 10 ml. very limiting on the budget.

  17. wow O_O u got a nice home for them!!! I have no where proper to place them, and all of them are just inside ONE basket. lol. btw, i am at some bottle neck with konad, i wonder why the stamp just cnt pick up the color completely, hence the motif wont stick to the stamp. and i wasted so much of the special polish to troubleshoot :( with no result

  18. hi...i have a question... I'm not into nail art nor do alot of nail polish...but i'm really into getting them cleaned every 2 question is/are, is it ok to bring your own tools...? and i'm not sure what and where to get the tools and what basic do i need to have...
    And also, will they get offended if i were to bring my tools to the parlor? super thanks.

  19. Rasilla, true, down here, we always commute, we don't walk a lot! LOL lazy people huh? And it's so hot here, my toes get hot when I wear shoes! LOL everyone loves to wear sandals down here! :) Thanks for saying "its ok to own one pair" now I don't feel too bad! lol

    Vanessa M, I guess we don't really ask about it, we kinda just know what's our color! hahhaha

    Musicalfanlovesminerals, oohh Konad! Can't wait to see it on your nails..such intricate designs they have available!

    Prettybeautiful, even Konad? And I thought only the other brands do that..I find it so hard to stick the whole design to the nail!!!!

    Babysaffron, thanks for your queries, do wait up for my next batch of Q&A so everyone can share in their thoughts :)

  20. The train case looks like something from Louis Vuitton ;) Very chic!

  21. Tine, you're right! It does remind me of Louis Vuitton! :)

  22. ahm..
    where can i buy a set of nail art with stamp and a dottng tool?
    do they have in robinson ermitta and m manila?


  23. Hi Anonymous, I bought the nail art stamp and plate when i went to China. I know there are some Konad resellers here in the Philippines. Or try some multiply sites :)

  24. You got NC/NW definitions backward. Golden is warmer, pinkish is cooler

  25. the brushes are really good!
    I use them with nail polish and paint and they work really well!=D
    they last for really long too!=]

  26. How much is your nail art dotting pen? Still available?


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