Monday, December 8, 2008

Weekend Food Tripping at: Chef Wong and Greenwhich Pizza

Hey Everyone!!! Another weekend has passed and I can't believe it's Monday again!!! LOL

I had a very busy weekend. Here's what happened ---

  • went to Quiapo (a super crowded area) to shop for a new make-up traincase. A trolley version. I've found one and it is super pretty!!!! Photos coming soon as I haven't gotten the chance to take a photo of it!
  • tried to look for the Twilight series, but failed, as they're all SOLD OUT.
  • shopped for Kris Kringle gifts
  • done make-up for 2 lovely ladies who will be attending a wedding event. (photos will be coming soon as well).
  • last night, we attended a wedding party as well. Hubby's colleague got married.
If you're wondering how I am...I am still in ONE piece, a bit tired, but HAPPY!

Before I go out of the topic, YAY! It's weekend food tripping once again. After a long day of make-up traincase hunting, we went to SM San Lazaro mall. The pregnant HUBBY wants to eat "Yang Chow" Fried rice <--- he's very specific! LOL We planned to go to our favorite Flavours of China but something happened to their kitchen so they weren't able to serve anything except noodles.

That's why we went to the 2nd option, a restaurant we never tried before called Chef Wong. Sad to say, this weekend's food tripping isn't going to be on a positive note as I am not impressed with their dishes.

Impressed or not, I'll always show photos! Sorry the photo quality isn't great as we forgot our camera and we used my cellphone camera.

I have nothing against the restaurant ambience,
quite cozy....

Our order of Beef Siomai
Don't like the taste :( Sad to say,
it's inexpensive because it doesn't taste good
Price: 4pcs for Php49.00 (approx $1.00)

Pork Asado/Honeycured Pork
this is the best out of all the order we had
Price: Php180.00 (approx $3.60)

Beef Wanton Soup
Very salty, not a lot of noodles
Price: Php135.00 (approx $2.75)

Yang Chow Fried Rice (for hubby)
that didn't impress him
Price: Php30.00 (approx $.75)

Overall, we didn't spend so much for the food but we can definitely eat better dishes with the same amount :) Oh well, that's life, we like some, we hate some :D
That's experimentation and being adventurous :D

Oh yeah, we also had Pizza hours ago at Greenwhich Pizza. I love Greenwhich Pizza, it's way better than the Chinese food we had. We ordered the Thin Crust Version of All Meat. YUMMMMMMOOO!!!!!

Well this week and the coming weeks will be busy with reunions, parties, events!
I will definitely keep you all posted
There are a couple of requests and I'll try my best to answer them as soon as I can
I am hoping for your patience :D

Great week ahead and keep the smile coming!
*muwah* :x


  1. mm that looks really good! especially the soup & fried rice yummm
    it's getting colder here now & that'd be perfect to eat!

  2. aww its too bad it didnt taste any good

    but u gota try everything once i guess

    hope he finds his fried rice soon!!

  3. Greenwich pizza to the rescue! Love their pizza too.

  4. pizza!!!! yummo!

    sorry about the chinese food though. :(

  5. YumYumsushi, I know how it feels to have a colder weather, you just want to curl yourself in bed and drink warm soup! :D

    Yumeko, I think he passed the "wanting fried rice" period! LOL We had a very good meal with the wedding party we attended last night :D

    Fuz, they are super cheap huh?

    Nikkiz, I love Greenwhich, I love Greenwhich better than Pizza hut and Shakeys :D

    Sab, no worries, some days I'll go super full, some days I need to be on a diet so "not so good" food is ok :)

    Lydia :) You into fried rice?

  6. can't wait for the traincase photos! ;-)

    I'm thinking of changing mine, as I am not happy with it.

  7. the food looks great...but too bad it couldn't taste great as well :(
    but im now craving food! lol
    ah, i cant wait to get my coastal scents order! im excited to try out the gel liners...but i do wish that the tru black was in stock. cause now if i really like the gel liners, ill have to place another order...and well...that leads to a slippery slope :P
    and thanks for even thinking of using the code^^ but i think im just not gonna worry about it. lol also my personality, in general, just takes silly things like that personally, so yeah. eh~ at least i have fun with the code :P

    annnd just wanted to say have fun with the reunions, parties and events!! cant wait til christmas is here :)

  8. Liz, oohh I'll post it as soon as I can, quite big,lazy to do shots LOL

    Rasilla, thanks, it's ok, we have to try bad ones to enjoy the good ones :D I can't wait for coastal scents haul too! I didn't buy a lot but I'm still excited to try them!

  9. Awww... too bad the food don't taste as good cuz they look really yummy!! :D~

    I can't wait to see your new traincase!! i love traincases!! :D

  10. ur a busy lady! can't wait to see pics of your new traincase :)

  11. OMG! That pizza looks amaziiiing!

  12. i love greenwich pizza! it's one of my fave pizza places alongside greenwich. i crave it here =( i can eat a family size all by myself coz they're so thin and i like how everything tastes sweet in the philippines haha. pass me a slice!


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