Thursday, January 8, 2009

Askmewhats Reviews: Ellana Foundation

Thanks to my blogger friends for helping me out post my Askmewhats Seminar for a Cause on their blogs!! A lot of you emailed me personally and messaged me to offer for help (you know who you are). Thank you so much, I feel like I am so loved and supported, I am sure Judith and her family will feel the love too. THANK YOU again and hugs to everyone. I will definitely update everyone!!!!!!!

Now, back to business :D


Some of my readers ask me what foundation I use, I have to admit...
I am not LOYAL!!!
ONLY to make-up ok?? hahaha

I am variable-foundation user depending on my mood. I am almost done with my MAC studio fix foundation, I am still thinking at the moment if I should repurchase...Should I?

Anyways, I am not in a hurry with my decision making as I got MMU foundies to help save the day! And with those lovely samples I get and with "less is more",I still have a lot of products to use before I start thinking of purchasing ...again! :D

Lovely blogger friend Shen gave me samples for Ellana Foundation. I am excited to give this a try as I saw her personally and commented on how good her skin looks and she told me it's not her skin but the Ellana Foundation!!! I have to try this!!!

Personal Opinion ---

I can't help but reach for this foundation every morning!!! UH OH. And I got full sized pot of Joppa Mineral Foundation!!! How in the world can this happen????? I smell trouble *sniff sniff*

Ellana Minerals says ---

Ellana Mineral Foundation offers superior coverage, effectively covering and reducing dark spots, acne, fins lines, wrinkles, and other imperfections with Zinc Oxide and Allantoin, making your skin instantly flawless with an illuminating glow.

It contains Allantoin for cell regeneration and moisturizing properties.

It glides on your skin like silk, never gritty or sticky. It is easy to blend, providing an incredibly velvety finish.

Our exclusive foundation blends is formulated with Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide to provide natural sun protection and the long lasting coverage you need throughout the day. It sets up as a base for your eye shadow and blusher to help them glide on more evenly.

2 Variants ---

Premium Blend: Provides Matte Finish
Glow Enhancer Blend: Provides Satin Sheen

Askmewhats says---

  • stays the whole day, super minimal retouching, the least retouching out of all my MMU foundies (in my case, I am dry skin)
  • very good coverage, I almost do not need a concealer
  • gives out a clean matte look (sorry but I love matte)
  • no allergies or breakouts for me
  • it's locally made! Yay for Pinoys!
  • international readers: It's locally made! (Check out if they ship internationally though)
  • again, just like most cons for me for MMUs, it's messy!

I am surprised as I've already set my mind on Joppa minerals as my HG MMU. I actually stopped purchasing mineral foundation for the time being as I wanted to use up those samples I have and really look for my favorite. When I received these samples from Shen, I told myself it will just be the same MMU foundation that I've tried in the past as I already put up a pedestal for my Joppa Mineral foundation.

I am wrong!

The Ellana Foundation I got in French Vanilla is the perfect color for me and I love how smoothly it goes onto my skin. Now I am still deciding if I should put Joppa on 2nd and Ellana for first....don't take my word for it yet, I have to test further!!!

But yeah, I am really reaching for this MORE than ANY of my MMU foundies!!! This is LOVE!

  • apply minimally, then work your way to apply more if needed
  • always check if there are reactions to your skin, eventhough these are minerals, it can still cause allergies!
  • if you have combination skin, apply extra moisturizer on "dry areas" and apply thinly on the oily parts
  • perfect if you use a kabuki brush or flat top brush to apply MMU foundation.
Will I repurchase?


Where can you purchase and how much?

Available at Shen's Minerals website.

Price per size ---

1 g = Php100 (approx $2.00)
2.5g = Php190 (approx $3.80)
6 g = Php420 (approx $8.40)

Here's how Ellana Foundation in French Vanilla
looks when I pat it on my hand


I got 2 samples ---

Ellana Almond Latte: is medium to light with cool undertones
Ellana French Vanilla Latte: is light with gold undertones

No wonder French Vanilla works on me,
my skin tone is light with golden undertone.

I know I've got friends out there who are still hunting for their mineral foundation!

How's the search?
Have you found THE BEST one for you?
Let me know :)
Stay Happy!


  1. I can never seem to stay loyal to foundation either! It depends on my mood...sometimes mineral makeup, sometimes BB cream, etc etc, haha! Well, I suppose thats the mark of a true makeup junkie!

  2. i would buy mac again. i love my mac foundation. it works so well and gives great coverage =)

  3. oh, no! not royal to foundation! oh no, looks like i am heading that direction too!

    and what a cute little pot you have here. interesting foundation as i never heard of it! LOL.

    Thanks for the review.

  4. Hi! i tried Ellana foundie a few times only thru my mom's stash hehe..I didn't purchase it yet for myself coz I have so many MMU foundie samples...but this post makes me want to get my own sample pot and try it for at least a week! oh no! haha :)

    my top foundations as of now (not in order):
    - Dreamworld in Luna
    - Meow in Flawless Feline
    - Dayna's Minerals
    - Lauress in Minimalist

    hopefully I will like Ellana as much as these babies coz it is the most affordable of them all :D

  5. Vivi, *high five* we're both the same! hahahha Even BB creams, I am still searching for others! God! When will we stop???? hahahha

    Trinh, thanks for the advise, I should repurchase then! Lol

    Jojoba, I guess you haven't heard about it cause it's local brand. Oh no, you're going to "not being loyal to foundation too?" oh no!!! That's not good!

    Crystal gale, true, if it works,its cheaper and not overpriced shipping rates too! Thanks for sharing your good MMU list! I'm sure a lot will benefit

  6. i love my ellana foundation too! :) i just don't know if i have the right color on me, coz my mom says it's a bit dark, i guess i have to get a new one/diff shade. :)

  7. I haven't tried many mineral foundation other than Silk Naturals, Everyday Mineral, and Buff'd. My favorite has to be Silk Natural. The brand you're using looks great on your hand... hehe~ :P

  8. foundation looks/sounds really good! ive switched back to EDM again lol, thats the only real mineral foundation i have ever used. I have too much EDm, would be a waste if I bought some other brands :(

  9. Hihi..
    thx for the comment you left =p
    hehe i see you're into MMU.. I still have some EDM left at home.. I do find it messy too and after a while the oilys on my face mixes with the foundation and it's more messy..

    When I answer my phone.. it will be on the phone.. So I am staying with liquid.. =p Mac SFF is good my stable now

  10. Hi Nikki! I have the french vanilla from ellana too =D and i liked it. But my current mineral foundie fav is the one from Oceanmist =D

  11. Hi sis i just want to ask what courier do you use when you ship things like makeup abroad? Can you send me the address and their phone number? Thanks

  12. i am all into bbcreams but i like mmu too
    i'll look into this when my skin settles

    thanks girl!

  13. Aika, talaga?? Naku buti ako hindi! :)

    Sab, definitely look for the right shade :)

    Ahleesa, ooh Silk Naturals, I have yet to try!

    NicNic, true, we need to stop and use up all those samples!

  14. Purple Snowflake, what?? the powder transfers to the phone? OH NO! Thank goodness it never happen to me! :)

    Kim, more MMU brands! :) hahahha

    Dustbunny, I use post office and ask them for registered version :) I don't use any courier for that!

  15. me neither can stay faithful to any brand of foundation, have yet to find one that fits me best tho :(

  16. I'm still searching for my HG foundation. I recently bought Sue Devitt Triple C-Weed Whipped Foundation, which I used when my skin was HORRIBLE and covered really well. I stopped using it when I ran out... and now I'm giving it a try again.

    Good luck on YOUR hunt!

  17. Prettybeautiful, that's why we're bloggers! We can't stop buying and testing products! LOL

    Elisa, oohh Sue Devitt, good brand huh? thanks for sharing :)

  18. sis saang post office ka ngpapadala? and ano kailangan dalhin pagmagpapadala ng cosmetics abroad? and may bawal ba ipadala or mga limitations? and sis how much ung shipping to us and japan? thanks sis

  19. Dustbunny, any nearby post office, in my case, mind is located near Tondo area..coz I live Juan Luna. So far...wala namang mga bawal coz our post office is isn't that strict. I can't say how much cause shipping depends on the size of the package and the weight, you can go there and weigh them in..then they will give you the amount :)

  20. btw, ellana foundie is available in 3 variants already. the new one is the intensive coverage. it has the heaviest coverage among the 3.

    regarding foundies, you know i love mmu that's why my answer for you is of course, mmu!

  21. really you just live in juan luna, tondo malapit lng pla tau ako sa blumentritt extension ako tpos may relatives ako sa abad santos nkatira... sis san banda yang post office? and ilang days usually narereciv? and sis may express option ba?

  22. Musicalfanlovesminerals, yup! Looking at your blog name says it all :) Yeah I think I have the intensive one :)

    Dustbunny, naku I really don't get to go there, I have someone go there for me as I have work on Weekdays. Anyways, any post office have the same rate as it's universal. And they do have express option. I suggest you ask someone to go the nearest post office, weigh in the product, ask for price for regular and express shipping.

  23. wow! great to hear that you're loving ellana intensive. :) naks! :) it's so true you hardly need concelear. :) but it sets my concealer well too since the coverage is heavy... but i must say that i'm not so loyal too... hehe i've been trying MSF in medium plus and i love how semi-light the coverage it. :)

  24. Yes Shen, I love it :) Shame on you not being loyal! hahahh but shame to all of us! :) We're all not loyal!


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