Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Askmewhats Seminar for a Cause Report

Note from Author: Heavy photos. Get your fingers ready to keep on scrollin' :D
Photos watermarked are photographed by my Hubby, photos without watermark are taken from Rhea's hubby Nap. Thanks for the shots, Nap!

At long last! I was able to resize the shots! And here I am telling you what happened to the Askmewhats Seminar for a Cause last January 31st.

I want to give a shoutout of thanks to all my lovely friends who help post about the seminar on their respective blogs and multiply account!

I would also like to thank the So Loverly girls for paying a slot even though they won't be able to attend due to location issue, thanks for the help!!! Kahani and Syen, Love ya girls! And also an Angel out there, you know who you are -- thanks!!!!

And here's a shot of US in the middle of the seminar
It proves we're always ready to take a pose ANYTIME! lol

We started the seminar with getting to know each other. Girls who share the same passion gets to be comfortable with each other in an instant! And I meant "snap your finger" kind of instant :D

We started the seminar with talks about skincare, because that's a very important step to create a good canvass to start make-up application.

Afterwards, we talk about Foundation. Choosing the right shades and we also did foundation application to some of the girls half of their faces.

Please click to enlarge, foundation applied at the left side
(when looking at the photo)

Model: Crystal

We did concealer application as well on areas we want to conceal
Used MUFE palette as requested by the attendee

Applied on the left side of the face
(facing photo)
Model: Gale

We also talked about techniques
on cutting and drawing beautiful brows

Model: Shen

Contouring and Highlighting of course won't be forgotten

And the girls had fun on their own :)
Love it that they're so interactive
Sharing product reviews,
testing on the products they brought

Eye make up!
Everyone's excited to do eye make up
as we all have our own eye looks we want to achieve!

One request on eye makeup application ---
"How to make the eye appear bigger"

And how to enhance naturally beautiful eyes

Full Face Make-up application

Model: Nina
(still young at 19)

We also have discussion on products
Tips to share on how to achieve better looking make-up
We also share the wonderful finds we have :)
A lot of product testing!

(see the make-up they brought along?)

And here are the lovely shots of the attendees
all so pretty both in and out!

Gale of My Wonderful World of Colors



Crystal of Musicalfan Loves Minerals

Shen of Shen's Addiction

Group shot after they receive their
Certificates of Appreciation :)

I also want to give a shoutout of thanks to my bestie Hennie, who owns Cosmetique Asia, maker of Silka products. She gave out samples of Silka Papaya soap and lotion and magazines for the ladies!

Another shot this time with Nap (hubby of Rhea)
Who was kind enough to take shots for this event too

I had a great time girls!
Thank you!

And last but not the least,
A special person who supports me all these years.
Keith was there for the event,
he actually took a leave from an important training to be with me on this event,
he knew how important this is for me and he wants the attendees to be well taken care of.
Thank you so much Keith!!! Love you sweetie!

I can't believe I can finish this post! Thanks for reading and for taking part of the special event with me --- Even by reading :) I know you gals out there who are far away but wishes me well!
Thanks for all the support, the love I receive. I can't thank everyone enough!

I told the attendees that I did this event not because I see myself as a "professional" or "a great" make-up artist. I did this event because I love my friends and I would always be ready to extend a helping hand for them. But of course, helping is great if you do it with an open heart. This event opened up my eyes as well, I learned a lot from the girls too!


Now I'm getting mushy :D

But thanks again! Love ya all!!!
Stay Happy!


  1. yay! it was a success :) i'm so happy for you guys! everyone looks beautiful!

  2. You have a beautiful heart sweety and put on a wonderful event! I only wish I could have been looks like you lovely girls had soooo much fun! Thank you so much for sharing these pics and all of the highlights with all your gorgeous models. :)

  3. aww that's nice :)
    such support!

    everyone looks so happy & beautiful!

  4. Wow so much fun!! I wish I could have a meet up like that....

  5. lovely bunches!!! your DH is very surpportive too. a fun day with a great cause!


  6. Congratulations on the success of your seminar!

  7. Renren, thanks girlfriend!

    Yas, sana you're in the event too! I'm sure it'll be fun!!!! Thanks for the lovely comment

    Yumyumsushi, I'm glad to have great supports from these girls

    Fuz, you're welcome anytime to visit here!

    Jojoba :) I know, I'm glad to have such supportive friends and hubby and Family!

    Liz, thank you sweet!

  8. that seminar is cool idea! all models so pretty !

  9. i cant stop looking at picture no. 10

    para kayo nag mimeeting sa office :D

  10. so sweet of u to organize it and all the participants are pretty not only on the outside, but inside too

  11. Yay! It looks like a resounding success and I'm so happy for you that Keith was there too.

  12. Sounds like a really fun and informative session ya!! :D

    Your hubby is soo sweet!! You're such a lucky girl!! :D

  13. Congratulations girl! Looks like ya'll had a blast! :) Your husband is so sweet taking a leave off just to help out. :)

  14. Anastacia park :) Thanks, they are pretties!

    Aika, hahaha you're right though, IT IS in the office! :) and we're havin gour "beauty meetings" I hope all meetings are like that!

    Prettybeautiful, so true :)

    Paris B, I'm glad Keith was there for me! Would you believe he wash the glasses and gave out water to each participant?

    Jenn, thanks! I know I'm lucky!!! :D :D :D

    Lootwagon, thanks girl!!! :) It is very sweet of you I can't thank him enough for the time and support he gave to me!

  15. That's really nice of you to do a seminar for a good cause!!! :) It looks like you guys had a blast.

  16. You prove that beauty bloggers have good hearts too! ;-)

    Anyways. You already looked like a PRO! And I envy you so much cos you have such a lovely supportive Keith! Let me know if he has a nice single brother on the market! LOL.

  17. You girls definitely had loads of fun! I wish I could have been there :(
    Congratulations, Nikki! For making this a success. And props to Keith too :D

  18. thanks for making me a part of this event, sis! :) i had lot of fun and learned a lot of tricks. :) I'm usin your nose contouring tips almost everyday. :) love love it! keith and nap was so great for taking the pics for us. and nap letting me borrow his SD card. :) i'll be posting my shots soon. :) well wishes for Judith!

  19. So proud of you!!! Everyone is looking great. Your hubby is so sweet to take time off to support you. Great job, twin! <3333

  20. how i wish i could've attended... but i had something to do that day. eagerly awaiting the next askmewhats makeup seminar... ;)

  21. Chopper, thanks

    Bee, thanks girl! I know you're rooting for me way up there!

    Ahleessa, we did have a great time, thanks!!!

    Devi, I'm sorry but Keith has only one sis! And I'm sure you'll find a great guy for you too... :) Let me know!

  22. Shen, I'm so glad you're there! to be part of an event that's special for me! I really appreciate your support, thanks for your 2cents..and a lot of cents too! :D

    Cinthia, thanks so much twin!!! I appreciate your full support on me! How have you been sweetie?? Missing you!

    Docblueangel, there's always next time! Thanks!

  23. Bravo for a successful makeup session! :)

  24. Everyone looks absolutely beautiful. And the pictures came out wonderful...your hubby has great skills!

  25. aww nikki! looks like fun! i'm so sad i missed it. and everyone's so sweet to help!

  26. your class looks like a success!! glad you all had a good time!

  27. It was so nie of you to do a seminar for such a great cause. I'm so glad it went well. Looks like you guys had lots of fun.

  28. Ahh, I know these lovelies- well, most of them :D. Hi Nikki! Lovin' your blog as always. :)

  29. wow you look a pro!! Great job, you made everyone look great!

  30. Tine, thanks :)

    B, hubby and an attendee's hubby Nap :) They're both wonderful photogs and they work well together :D

    Sab, don't worry don't be sad, we'll definitely have another meet up :)

    NicNic, thanks! :) I am glad to have fun as well!

    Gio, I am praying it goes smoothly and God answered my prayers :) I hope Judith will get well soon!!!

    Aileen, lol yup! You definitely know most of them as they're mostly beauty bloggers too! And addicts to mmu! lol

    Makemeup :) I will say, they all look great to start with :) Thank you dear!

  31. Hi nikki! great post sis..I enjoyed looking at our pictures again hehe :)

    by the way, I got so many compliments on my makeup that day..and I really love the smokey eye look you gave made it super easy to do..thanx :)

  32. hi nikki, i really had fun during your seminar. thanks for a wonderful day!


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