Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Nail Art Tutorial: "Peppermint" Nails

Hi my dearies!

Another nail art tutorial today! :) I didn't get inspiration from a photo but I got inspired on looking for a photo AFTER I've done my nails! LOL Yup, my nail art always reminded me of something AFTER I've done this!

Here's my post-interpretation!

Of course, do not expect my nail art to be as cute as peppermint candies :D

How did I do this?

Step 1:

Apply a base coat and apply 2 coats of a matte nail polish. I've used Caronia Regular polish in Apricot Beige

Step 2:

Apply 3 thin lines of white polish on the tip of the nails.

Step 3:

Apply dark pink colored polish to fil in the gaps between the white lines. This doesn't have to be perfect :D

Step 4:

Draw french tip "outline" using black below the red and white lines.

Step 5: (optional)

Apply rhinestones, if you want

Step 6:

Making sure the nail polish and art work is dry, top with a top coat!

And here's my final nail look :D

I know a lot of my wonderful readers told me they aren't good with nail art :) Well, you can always start with simple painting of your nails, then go up to French tip :) Then flower designs. It really takes time but the outcome is well worth it :)

Have a wonderful day everyone
I hope my simple nail art cheered you up :)
Stay happy :D


  1. Omg this is soo incredibly cute! It looks yummy, hehe! Are you ambidextrous by any chance? I find it so hard to do anything with my left hand cos I'm a rightie >_<

  2. that is so awesome! i am so not ambidextrous >.< so i adore your nail art :) but it will look a lot better if you use a pinkish base rather than a brown :P for a youthful glow

  3. OO Caronia! I get my aunts to bring Apricot Beige and Touch of Tan to me when they visit! Love those colours

  4. Where do you live? Can I come over so you can do my nails pretty like that! You have soo much talent! When I paint my nails it's so messy and it looks like a 5yr old did it.

  5. Vivi, I'm a righty too no joke, I promise you I'm telling the truth if I say I can't even write my own name using my left hand! I am surprised at myself for being able to do these, I guess I'm desperately in love of Nail art:)

    Riellefrancois, you know what? YOU ARE RIGHT! I've thought about that, but I just bought my Caronia polish and I wanted to use it! LOL I'll probably use a pink base in the future :) Thanks

  6. Shexilicious, I guess those are wonderful colors from Caronia right?

    Kendall, I think you coming over would cost you more! hahaha You can do your nails professionally 20x instead of the plane ticket! :P But thanks for the sweet words :)

  7. The apricot beige is super pretty!!:D Such cute nails you did!

  8. ahhhhhh1 that's super adorable! i wuuvs it!

  9. SO COOL!! I love peppermints :) Your nail tutorials are always so awesome and creative, sigh one of these days I will have the time and patience to actually do one!

  10. nikki this design is soooo cute! :) galing!

  11. aww!! soo cute soo cute!!

    i love peppermints!! their my favorite!!

  12. so cutttteee the stripes! i tried painting on fake nails yesterday and i have gotten into a big mess. *SIGH*. nikki, do u know how to paint of soft tips? how to secure the nails in place to paint them??

  13. so so cute
    i still cant control thre brush of the nail art pens u gave me
    i am such fail at it

  14. I'm always awestruck how you can do such intricate designs on your nails. :D What a talent you've got, Nikki :D Plus, you're so creative!

  15. Just amazing! LOVE LOVE LOVE your nail art! you're awesome!

  16. Fuz, thank yoU! :)

    M, you are too adorable yourself :D

    Audrie, start with putting on nail polish yourself :) Then we can go from there :D

  17. Sabby! How's my studious gal? Thanks for visiting though I know you're super busy!

    Mary, :) I wanted to eat my own nails at times! LOL

    Prettybeautiful, have you tried gluing the nail to a bbq stick or something? Then you'll have a handle to hold while you paint the fake nails :)

  18. Yumeko, trust me, it is very tricky to start with, but you'll get the hang of it, try to do french tip with it first :) I always just hold onto the brush steadily then my fingers do the movement :) I hope I'm making sense

    Anastacia, thanks sweetie!

  19. Very cute Nikki! :)

  20. thanks for the tips :) think i will get some plasticine and a stick to hold the nail. dumb me :(

  21. creative and simple. good job!

  22. Lovely! It's a pretty interpretation!

  23. wow. I don't have the patience to do this though. >_<

  24. i love the coffee nail color!! would have never thoguht about that color on my nails hehehe

  25. They're sooo cute I want to bite your nails! LOLz!

  26. Lootwagon, thanks

    Prettybeautiful, I am so excited to see your adventure on acrylic nails :)

    Traclyn, thanks for the comment :D

    Vanessa :) LOL You wouldn't want to taste my nails though :P

    Sesame, I'm glad you like my interpretation

    Sue, hahahah I'm sure you do :) But you're probably just too busy and tired to do your nails :D

    FuN and MakeUp, lol I haven't thought about coffee, now I should name this Peppermint candies on coffee? ehhehe

    Devi, *ouch* lol, don't bite! hahaha :D

  27. What an interesting little design! You are so creative, darling.....like everyone else, I don't control the brush too well either. I stick with just regular and boring colors. :(

  28. they're prettier than the real peppermints nikki. i never really regarded nail art as fascinating until I bumped into this cozy home.

  29. This design is so creative and pretty. Looks yummy!

  30. i love this nail art!! so cute :D
    you always inspire me to doll up my nails! :))

  31. Very creative!!! I love it!!!

    I used to hate nude/beige nail polish colors cause back in elementary & middle school my teachers always wear those colors. So I tend to associate them with mean old women! LOL. But now I love them. I guess I'm turning into a mean old woman myself. LOL

  32. yummy interpretation!! hehehe.. so cute !

  33. B, you failed! all your polish colors ain't boring at all! :D

    dethroned, thanks so much for such sweet comment and thanks for the visit, great to know you! :D

    Ren ren, thank you sweetie!

  34. Gio, heheh thank you !

    miRaCLe, glad you liked it!

    Twin! oh no! That means I'm turning old too! Are you trying to say I'm old but in a nice way? LOL Just joking twin!

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