Saturday, May 2, 2009

Askmewhats Version: "Teal I Met You"

Happy day everyone!
LOL I can't stop smiling on my own post title.
I've named this look "Teal I Met You" because I've realized that I haven't been doing much "teal" looks :) So I've finally met a nice looking teal color! And I'm in love with it!
It's not so drastic but it's "cool" enough to be done for night outs!

Let's just say, a look for both day and night! :D

Here's a final look!

Askmewhats Diagram

Always prep your lids with a primer

And if you want a more "obvious" look

Apply any cream based e/s

Since I am eyeing for a bright look

I applied Fashion 21's Pearl e/s stick

all over lids including
the inner corner

up to the brow bone

Step 1:
Using any flat shader brush. Pat on a matte white e/s all over the inner thirds of the eye including the brow bone area (the effect is shimmery because I have a shimmery cream e/s base)

Step 1:
Pat on Makeup Masala Mineral in Jadoo on the center of the lids. Do not worry about blending yet

Step 3:
Using a blending brush, apply any dark "bluish toned" e/s on the crease area. I am using Laura Mercier's Blue Sky Quad's darkest color. It has a hint of blue sparkles on it.

You can always choose
intensify the colors
if you want

Step 4:
Create small winged eye look with your choice of gel liner/liquid liner/ eyeliner pencil. I am using Stila Smudge Pots in Black with my Ecotools Bamboo Eyeliner brush.

Do not forget to curl your lashes and apply 2 coats of mascara. Thanks Gracie for the Clinique Mascara sample :) Love it!

Final Look

What's on the rest of my face?

For the Face

The Body Shop Minerals Foundation No. 02
Joppa Finishing Silk in Original Formula Sheer

For the cheeks

Dollface Contour Palette
(You can check back on my previous post
on how I contour my face)

For the Lips

NYX Round Lipstick in Sky Pink
(from Alyssa)

Top with Nivea Caregloss Shine

It's time for me to smile to everyone
and say BYE BYE :D

Have you realized that I've got no nail art this week?
I had a week rest for my poor nails!
So do check back next week for nail art designs!

Keep smilin'!
Stay happy!


  1. Very pretty teal look ^_^! Lol, love the name too :).

  2. So pretty! I love teal on you. And that LM quad looks amazing!

  3. haha can't pull off blue
    looks gorgeous on u though! <3

  4. ooooooo i'm in LOVE with this look!! Hehe I giggled at your title too :)

  5. lol @the titeal :D

    pretty look :D

  6. teehee i lovve the title!! and the eotd is soo cutee!

  7. pretty nikki.. :D the colors are really nice :D

  8. btw, i love your brows.. :D it looks so full and perfect for your face,,

  9. luveet!!! wish i could pull dark e/s.. i kept practising but it always looked overdone hehe

  10. lol. what a cheesy title haha like i've said before, dark shades look good on you. (i wish i could pull off the same look but sadly, i look like i have a blackeye haha) really pretty nikki :D

  11. I like the look but I don't think I can pull this off T_T I tried it before and it was so messy on my skin i just have to remove it. It looks pretty on you too. If I have a fairer complexion I would surely do this look :D

    Ate Nikki, I suggest that you buy fasio make up remover! :D it's only 275 php hehe. very cheap and it removes fasio mascara well without plucking lashes hehe.

  12. Cris, lol thanks for liking the name! :) and thanks for commenting on this look!

    Catherine, the LM quad is really pretty and pigmented, I'm just not sure why I haven't been using it much :D

    Paint Me Gorgeous, awww I can't pull off blue too unless I choose the right color, so I do believe there are some shades of blues that would look wonderful on you! :)

  13. Audrie, awww hahahahha I'm glad you liked this look!

    Aika, lol corny no? hahahha

    Paula, hehehe thanks

  14. Donnarence, I really love this mineral color from MM mineral :) thanks for liking my brows, I used to hate it because it's too full! LOL

    Khymm, yes you can! :D Do practice more pa! That's how I felt the first time I used dark e/s!

  15. Steph, hey!!! cheesy but cute title! HAHHAHAH I'm sure you can pull off a dark look! :) This isn't dark dark, but there's an intensity, if I go darker, I'll look dirty too :)

    Gia, I'll probably give Fasio a try, but I have to finish up what I'm currently using! :) thanks for the suggestion

  16. omggg another favorite look!
    I love the titles you give your looks hehe. They remind me of the names of the nail polishes.

  17. Wow! Sexy, yet sophisticated - I would love to try this out! You are right - it is perfect for day and night, and I love how you left the lips with a subtle shade so it isn't too 'done up', yet your features are very nicely accentuated. Must try!!

  18. SO NICE!! i find this look sexy! hahas. Teal I Met You... reminds me of O.P.I~ ^^ cute name!

  19. aww teal i met you! clever! you look great in blues, nikki!

  20. Teal has got to be one of my fave e/s color!!! I love this loooooook!

  21. Kasumi , hmm, I never thought about the names of nail polish, but yeah, could be :) Thanks for the comment sweetie!!

    Meghann, thank sweetie! I'm glad you like this look I've created!

    miRaCLe, wow...really the name of a polish from OPI? I never thought of that thanks for letting me know! I'm glad you like this look!

  22. Lily, thanks girl!

    ♥Leigh♥, that's one shade of blue I can wear, I find it quite hard to wear some other shades of blues :)

  23. Yowza! You look HAWWTTTT! You did a great job blending all the colors! Who says asians can't wear blue? You pull it off so well ;) Besitos!

  24. Beautiful look! I love teal/turquoise (: but I rarely use it nowadays lol. Can't wait for new nail art (;

  25. Love the title and the look is so pretty!

  26. Very pretty! I've always loved those shades. :)

  27. Hi! I actually read your blog from page 1 to the last! It's kind of addictive you know?Ü

  28. Aya , thank you sistah!!! :P

    e.motion in motion , hahah I will post new nail art soon! It isn't a creative nail art, something fun and easy to do :) Just wait and see :D

    gio, thanks!!!

  29. Pammy, I am starting to love teal too! It looks good on anybody!

    Madz, aaww thank you!!! you really did? That is so sweet of you!!!! *hugs*

  30. Nikki, yes I did. :)

    It took me days to finish it, read it at the office and never closed the tab so I could resume reading.

    And now I'm a follower of your blog, I also want to do a blog like this, but I am no makeup expert.Ü

  31. Madz, you can always start one! nothing bad! As you can see in my earlier posts! LOL I can't even take a good photo of myself! hahahha :)

  32. Thanks, maybe one day I will, I need to buy the essentials first! Haha, btw, I can't remember but do you have a blog about how to start makeup or what are the essentials? :)

    You have a great blog, heavy traffic and lots of followers, keep up the good work.Ü

  33. hmmmm... I am NOT sure, but yeah, that's a good question :) I may answer that If I have the time or do a post for that :) thanks for the question :) and thanks for giving me the vote of confidence, it's nice to hear or read from my readers ..really :D God bless sis!

  34. i always end up idiotically staring at how well you blend your shadows. look at how it made your eyes bigger (in a very pretty way).

  35. I LOVE teals! looks gorgeous on ya :D definitely suitable for a night out

  36. I love you in cool colors! That teal really caught me eye!


  37. wowwww this look is really amazing on you.
    thanks for tutorial, i'm really bad at applying blue e/s. ^__^

  38. Gosh, this is so pretty!
    Nikki, this is one of my favorite looks on you ever!

    You did great with creating depth to your eyes! The whole look is stunning!

  39. herroyalbleakness , hey thanks sweetie for saying such sweet comment! :) I am sure you can do well! You just need to do it on you! I was staring before at photos too! and I told myself I want to transfer them to my eyes!!!

    Connie, thanks girl!

    Jamilla Camel, I am always thinking that ONLY warm colors look good on you, thanks for telling me this works for me too!

    PinkyKathy, you are welcome! thanks for leaving a comment and you know what? You can always start practicing for your e/s and you'll be fine! :)

  40. ooh that's so pretty! i love the colors you used. that's funny about "teal i met you." it's like "till i met you"

  41. jess, I'm glad you said the "depth" of my eye!!! BINGO!!! That's what I'm trying to achieve, thanks so much!!!

    Anonymous, lol I am cheesy !!! hahahha and corny!!! but it works no?

  42. Ah glad to see you're out of your comfort zone and try out this look! You look cute as always :)

  43. nice look nikki! i have to admit though, i'm not used to seeing you with light pink lips! LOL. that's just me though.

  44. Devi, this is definitely outside of my comfort zone but I'm enjoying it! thanks Devi :) Thanks for leaving a smile!

    Lipstick Staiin, thanks!

    Crystal, you know what? I've always though light pink lippie is my thing, but I know its not :) I just use it for "the sake" of but I know I look better with darker lippie :)

  45. haha i'm not into light pink lippies too. that's why i didn't buy the HK pink fish TLC that everyone loves.

  46. wow, i love this look on you!! sooo pretty!! and what a catchy and creative title! :)

  47. Nicnic, thank you!

    Crystal, I know what you mean! I've always been in love with this lippie colors on tube! I've always been purchasing pink lipsticks but I've later found out I look better with brownish undertone lippie! :)

    Aquaracer, thank you girl!!!

  48. Hi Nikki,

    I have been reading your blog for a little bit but this is my first time commenting. I just had to say that I LOVE this look on you, especially the lip color! It seems a bit more pale than usual and it really suits you!

    The eye makeup is also really, really beautiful. Thank you for including charts about the color placement, that is really helpful.

    Thanks for the good work! I love how cheery and happy you are, it always puts a smile on my face to read your blog.


  49. @Cookie Thank you for commenting and I'm glad you like the lipcolor :)


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