Monday, May 11, 2009

Nail Art Tutorial: "Teenage" Nails

Happy Start of the week everyone!
Yes, it's Monday! But nothing's going to ruin my day because today after work will be my first day for makeup class! I am super excited!

Over the weekend, I had a wonderful time spending it with both moms and thanks so much for the greetings for my moms! :) How's your Mother's Day Celebration?

I've had my nails cleaned and with the color used as a base coat, I got inspired to do a nail art tutorial for my "teenage" readers like ME! (hahahahaha)

When I was in College, I love experimenting with polish colors and I don't care even if all my 10 fingernails consists of 10 different shades of polish! Because at that time, I am YOUNG, I have the right to be creative!!!

Now that I'm older, my only excuse for doing such "teeny boppy" nails is... Well, I am doing this for my readers *winks* It's a wonderful request because I missed being young and preppy! :)

Here's my version of a
Teenage Nails

Of course not all teenagers would love to have bright and bold colored nails like this, but this is just an inspiration I thought about being young! :)

Read on for the steps :) You can always reduce some step or change the colors! I'm sure you gals can do better :)

Step 1:

Apply 2 coats of any bright colored polish you prefer as a base color. Make sure to let dry completely.

Step 2:

Again, making sure the base color is completely dry, apply a slant curve of white polish like photo below.

Step 3:

Using a thin brush or Art Deco LA Colors Black polish, create a black border, creating a 2nd line as well as seen on photo below.

Step 4:

Apply another polish color between the 2 black lines. I've used RED Art Deco LA Colors Polish

Step 5:

You can stop on Step 4, I've decided to create another line with Art Deco's White LA Deco Polish. Gosh, I can go on and on and on with colors :D

Step 6:


To fill in the blank white space, I've used a bright red polish color from ELF and put 2 drops on any flat surface (In my case, I am using a CD that's not useful anymore).

Using a nail dotting tool,
dip the tool on the red polish

Slowly dot on top of the white polish area
Create as many dots as you like

Step 7:

Using a white 2 nail art pen, apply 5 dots to create flower, you can add smaller dots for "shooting flower" effect

Use my favorite
needle method

Use a different polish color
for the flower bud

Step 8: (Optional)

Apply a glittery polish on top of the nail art and rhinestones (to seal in the rhinestones)

Step 9: (Optional)

Apply rhinestones

Step 10:

The most important step, apply a top coat to protect all your hard work :)

Here's my version of a
"Teenage Nails"
ahhh, brings me back to old days :)

Have a wonderful week ahead everyone!
Let's not be scared to tap the "childlike" ways in us!
The saying is true...
Feeling young can make us look young :)

Keep smilin'!
Stay Happy!
Stay young!


  1. bold indeed! this is very pretty! teenage nails is a funny title coz it made me think "ooh yeah i will wear this if my hands are both right XD" since my left hand is lame it can't do anything else X3

  2. aw sis...always ko na lang napapansin nails mo..super pretty lagi..inggit me..:D

  3. you're making it look so easy! I can't di that with my own nails. :((

    very pretty Nikki! I could wear this even I'm not teen anymore. lol. so girly!

  4. I agree with Nehs. You make it super easy..and when you think u can do it, it doesnt turn out the same LOL

    I wish I had the talent like you do <3

    lovely job hunnie!!


  5. VERY bold and detailed!
    i love your ring though, so cute! :)

  6. LOL at the title :P I think this is going to be a tad young for me, but bravo on the fantastic effort :D

  7. so cute and young!<3 i love feeling young. hehehehe. resting my nails at the moment and cnt wait to do something again!

  8. how long does it take you to do these nails?? THey look sooo cool but so time-consumin T_T

  9. super pretty nikki! I'm old already but I still love bright and fun colors like this hehe

  10. I need more patience to use my art deco's, I always rush and ruin it >_<
    thanks for the tut! so fun as per the usual~

  11. so cute!!!!i love the fact that your nails is not that long to create such pretty designs.. :D

  12. i love this one. certainly bright and fun!

  13. super cute nails!
    i need to have a more steady hands to do this cute arts of yours..

    i love this one!

  14. You doing it so easy!
    Great job, Nikki!
    Very colorful and so funny!
    Love it!

  15. Gia, you are funny about having both right hands! It'll be fun! everyone can do nail art :) :) :)

    Jamie! sis!!!! Wag kang inggit, I can do your nails if we meet again! :)

    Nehs, it really takes time, if you get the hang of it sis, you'll be ok! I believe that people who are good with makeup *ahem YOU* can do this!

  16. beeyoutiful7, lol there are many nail art I've done that turned out differently as my envision :)

    Maggie (Ying), hahahaha now now, I am jealous with the ring!

    Tine, hahaha I'm sure you'll say that! Hey, if you're not young, i'm a grandma??? HOW DARE you call me AUNTIE! hahahha

  17. Catherine, thanks sweetie!

    prettybeautiful, I know what you mean, I had my nails rested for a week 2 weeks ago :)

    Audrie, it depends, this one is easier because I don't need to use much "nail art pens" , creating designs using the thin brush is easier for me! :) The design itself took me less than an hour for both fingers and toes :)

  18. Kim, don't ever say you are old! You want to get hit?? punched? Pinched? hahaha

    Rasilla, yes, the Art Deco nail art polish are quite tricky, the brush has a certain angle to make it work :)

    Donnarence, yes the manicurista cut it short :( lol and I like it short because I type for the whole day for my work :)

    Jo, thanks honey!

    ~tHiAmErE~ , I will probably do a trick post that i do for Non steady hands like me! :)

    Anastacia, thank you honey!

  19. you could do this for a living sis! :) i mean, train some people to do this! (ehem!) i love it! you shoul hold a seminar for nail art sis! :) lol!

  20. 2 words when i saw this:
    heart melts!

  21. nice n bold work..!!

    n woow...i never thought of to use the damaged CD in this way..Im gona try it now..!! :)

  22. Good job Nikki! How can you make it look so easy???

  23. OMGOSH you are sooo good w/ nail arts, why are you so talented Nikki! and how come I always mess w/ nailarts? I've resorted to sticker nail arts so I don't waste time *trying* to create a look only to mess up and start over and over again, haha. But then looking at yours always inspire me to go try again and again. Thanks for all your awesome awesome nail tutorials!

  24. So pretty Nikki!! You're such an expert at nail art!! and oh, I LOVE your ring!! It goes so well together with the nails!! :D

    ps: you've been tagged! ;)

  25. Nice! Sana may time akong gawin yan. I always look forward to your blog posts about your new nails look of the week, pretty interesting kasi. :)

    Question nga pala if you don't mind, where can I buy imported nail polishes? TIA. :)

  26. The nails look so pretty and young! And I love your ring too.

  27. Shen, thanks for being such a nicey!!! :) hahah seminar for nail art? hahaha sino ang student ko? YOU? hahaha You're not even interested with this! :D

    LyNn, awww 2 words too! LOVE YOU!!!!

    smiley13tree, thank you!!!

  28. Zwala, bold is really the word! But hey, I live only once and this is the only BOLD thing I can do for being such a boring person :P

    madblusher, awww, its not easy but I guess practice really pays off! I've had my bad nail art moment and there are some good days :)

    Lulu, well if you really don't have the time, Nail art stickers are the best :) Thanks for enjoying my nail art tutorial even though you don't do nail art :) THANK YOU!!!

  29. Jenn, hahaha I think I should just take off the ring, the ring is getting more and more attention! LOL

    Madz, thank you sis! :)Regarding the imported polishes, what are you referring to? OPI? ESSIE? WE have a lot of imported nail polishes at Rustan's! :) Some people order online :)

  30. Your nail art is perfection!!

    I intend to be a trendy old lady--it's never too late to have fun with your nails!

  31. why is it it looks easy when you do it? im so jealous...hehehe

  32. wow you make it look so easy! my left hand would make a mess on my right hand hehehe. love it!

  33. Oh no, if you have bad nail art moments Nikki, then what about the rest of us??? Hahaha..

  34. Jamilla Camel, THANK YOU!!! You are right, we're never too old to do bold colored nails :)

    Debi, awww..thank you!

    Miumiu, lol! I have the same problem! But doing nail art almost weekly really surpasses a bit of my weak left hands!!!

  35. Madblusher, I am NOT joking, I've redone nail art many many times!!!

    Teeyah, thank you sis! How are you??

    Nicnic, thanks! :)

  36. Hello sis! I've been missing the blogging world, as IN! Work has been crazy ever since I cam back from my trip :( But I get my daily dose of beauty fix from your site and the other girls' too so I'm all good. :)

    Good luck with make up school. Though I know you don't need it :D Mwah!

  37. Awww those are SO CUTE! they go well with your ring, hehehe.

  38. you are sooo talented with the nail art. wish i had time and paitence to do so. lol

  39. wow, such great details on your nail never fail to impress me with such patience..great job! and nice ring ha!! love it!

  40. Teeyah, awww thanks for the vote of confidence, but I do believe there's always a room for added knowledge and improvement :) I missed you girl!!!

    Fuz, thanks! hahaha

    Pangie, thank you so much! Thank's for commenting and complimenting my hard work :)

    Aquaracer, sis! awww...thanks! I'm glad you like this teenage nails! LOL and the teenage RING! hahahha

  41. Which is better and more long lasting? Opi or Essie?

    Sorry for being so ignorant, haha. :)

  42. You're so skillful with those nail art brushes!! I don't like you anymore ;P
    It is very teenagey!! I love it haha.

  43. Madz, I have tried both but only once for each, I can't tell, but I can say nail polishes of any kind last longer if you use the right top coat!

    Kasumi, you cannot "not like" me...we are born to be in love with nails!!!!

    Miracle, thanks

    Shopn'chomp, thank you :) Thanks for commenting

    M, thanks

  44. soo pretty!!! so much on your nails i can barely draw lines! haha

  45. thank you so much Dana :)

    Vanessa M, thank yoU!

  46. whoa those are really teenage nails! lots of accessories just like little girls do.

  47. i cant do that I swear ...ang hirap lol

    your an artist! amazing!

  48. I love your ideas and the designs are all very pretty. tks

  49. wow....I found this after two years.....Hehehe....But anyways I am just starting to be crazy with nail polish and nail art....this is great help specially for me who is not good drawing....I hope I can replicate this....cross your fingers....It is easy to read I hope I can actually follow it in actual.....

  50. This is awesome, I am going to try it, I need practice to get my hand as steady as yours.

  51. ganda,, gling niyo p0o,, sana may time akong magpa2ro sa inyo..
    cgue p0oo keep it up nlang..


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