Friday, June 12, 2009

Askmewhats Reviews: Clinique Soft Shine Lipsticks

Happy Independence Day everyone here in the Philippines! :) Enjoy no-work day ok??? Are you going out for shopping? I believe there's a couple of sales at the mall!!! :)

Anyways, today is a review day! Let's talk about lipstick. I never believe in moisturizing lipstick! I've tried so many and ended up buying glosses instead as my dry lips can't handle lipsticks. But with my full lips, glosses doesn't work so well on me, makes my lips huge! Trust me, not the "Angelina Jolie" type of huge, but just HUGE! :) So I'm still on for a lookout for a nice moisturizing lipstick that's not too glossy!!!

The heavens open up, angels sang, .... EUREKA!!!

**photo from website

Clinique Soft Shine Lipstick says ---
Longest-wearing, soft shine formula. Keeps its just-applied look for hours. Won't feather, creep, stain or dry out.
Coverage is Moderate
Askmewhats says ---
  • one of the creamiest lipstick I've tried
  • very good pigmentation
  • lasts longer than my regular lipstick
  • very nice and chic packaging
  • a nice range of shades to choose from
  • I can seriously apply lipstick without the use of lip balm!!! This is seriously my first time to do so!!!
  • right amount of shine
  • no smell, no flavor, no weird taste!
  • quite pricey compared to other lipsticks but worth it
  • if you are info wild lip color, this range won't do as the color comes off subtle and natural
This is surprisingly my favorite lipstick for the moment! I have tried MAC Cremesheen and it still doesn't work for my dry lips. The Clinique Soft Shine Lipstick series is actually the best on my lips. It doesn't make my lips crack, does not feather and it stays longer than regular lipstick. I am happy with this purchase!
  • do not leave this or any other lipsticks in a warm area as it can melt your lipsticks easily
  • close the cap well
  • use a lip brush to maintain the freshness of your lips
  • if you purchase other Clinique skincare line, sometimes, they have promotion and the lipstick is included in freebies :)
  • do not be scared if the shades look so deep on tube, as this range goes on quite natural
Will I repurchase?
Where can you purchase and how much?
At Clinique US site for $14.00, I will call in Clinique to check on the price locally, you can also try  :) Tip: They are usually sold as travel set at Duty Free Shops.
I am currently using 2 shades
15 All Heart

On Lips

03 Creamy Nude

On Lips

I wouldn't leave this post without asking for your opinion right?
Are there any creamier lipsticks I should try?
Hit me up and let me know!
If it's a must! Spill it!
Have a wonderful Friday everyone!
Keep smilin'

Stay Happy!


  1. Have you tried the manhattan lipsticks?

    I have it in Rose and it's really moisturizing and not really expensive. It's in the mid rang.

    here is the red/pinkish one:

  2. I like the nude-y shade...I always though that clinique packaging are a bit on the boring side....

    I have heard that SUQUU lipsticks are quite creamy, they are also like $40 a piece though...

  3. So pretty lippy colors! Esp, I LOOOOVE how looks on you the Creamy Nude! Very gorgeous lipstick!

  4. "Angelina Jolie" type of huge --> LOL! you are too CUTE, Nikki! both colors are nice but i like creamy nude better on you. have you tried applied it over another lipstick?

  5. the creamy nude is so gorgeous Nikki! love it! Happy Indepence Day! <3

  6. wow, the creamy nude looks great! The creme d' nude lipstick from MAC is pretty creamy :)

  7. i suck at finding good lippies.. mine would always chapped my lips. :S great review nikki.. i love dreamy nude on you.. :D looks so natural..

  8. mmm... I love how All Heart looks! :D Thanks for sharing. I'd always bypassed Clinique before

  9. oh wow I love how both lipsticks look on you, especially creamy nude :D
    I'd say T'estimo lipstick is very creamy and I love it, but too bad it has been discontinued :(. Perhaps if you happened to see one, you can give it a try :)

  10. OK, i am not sure if i am sold even though you said this is your favourite because there is no shimmers? or am i missing something? i want that watershine look that i had seen on fuzkittie and parisb's lip pix...

    this looks and sounds extremely mooisturising and is what i need though. i am living in a fantacy world wanting something that's not for me but tend to ignore what is right for me

  11. i saw the travel set too & was thinking of maybe splurging out & buy it but then i thought this is sheer...instead of a real solid lipcolor..

    thanks for the review..

    i might buy it someday..

  12. Creamy Nude is HG for me :D It's the first item of makeup I ever had, and I've been hooked ever since!

    Sadly, the lipstick cannot stand our climate, and there's a possibility that it could melt or get too soft :c

    I still think the pros outweigh the cons :)

  13. Maligayang Araw ng Kalayaan! Hehe, too bad I have over time -- eek.

    Anyway, your lippies look great! As well as your lips ;D

    Do try Shiseido, or Coffret D'Or. I find them moisturizing.

    I 've always wanted to try Clinique, but as you said, it's expensive -.-

  14. Oh!! The colors are gorgeous on you!!! :D They look really creamy indeed ya!

  15. Oh my! I gotta have that creamy nude lippie! I just love nude lips. Nice review/swatches Nikki!

  16. I like the 2nd shade! im on the quest to find a moisturizing lipstick for my mum so this might be the one! :D thanks for the review!

  17. creamy nude does look quite creamy! i will check them out soon. :]

  18. OMG the nude lipstick looks so pretty.. and the texture looks so soft and moisturising.. but i agree with the price ~~~ a bit pricey..

  19. i like the creamy nude, so natural and moisture. I won't consider mine as huge lips but rather thick. Thus is also kinda hard for me to find suitable color when my lip is super dry too. Lippies seldom stay on for even 1 hour and I'm so lazy to keep on re applying it. This is the reason why I always skip lip products even I have full makeup... hahaha...

  20. Hey Nikki! Glad you found a lipstick that works for you. =) But I don't think your lips are huge at all!

    Right now, I'm loving Rimmel lippies (Lasting Finish & Rich Moisture Lipstick). I think they're very moisturizing, and feel like a cross between a lip blam and a lip gloss. Plus, they're cheap.

  21. Tamara, no, never even heard of the brand, thanks for sharing, I will take a look at the link :)

    Citrine, I actually like the boring packaging of clinique lipsticks! LOL I don't like the green one but the silver ones are cute! Suquu lipsticks? Wow $40 a piece? that's a lot!

    my_makeup_mania, thanks dear for stopping by and sweet comments!

  22. Ai, I have tried applying this on top of my favorite lip tint :) so far, it looks good! :)

    Nehs, thanks sis!

    Female_intuition , hmm, I have to try another MAC lipsticks on creaminess! thanks for the suggestion!

  23. Donnarence, thanks! I know what you mean, I've been lazy looking on lipsticks too!

    PB, really? Everytime I use All Heart, I feel like an auntie! LOL :) You are welcome deary!

    Shuu, T'estimo lipstick, hmm... I have to check!!! But they are quite pricey too right?

  24. Jojoba, hahahaha it's ok, we don't have to like the same lippies! I am not into glittery I guess we can be neighbors and we won't fight for the same lipsticks! :)

    ~tHiAmErE~, it isn't sheer, you can build on the color, for the sake of the review, I've applied this in one swipe as I want to show "the moderate coverage" of this lippie :)

    Crissy, that's great to know! Nudes do look boring on me lol not unless I wore something fun on the eyes!

  25. gingerbee, oh no, you have work today? uggghhh..but at least you don't have to worry on traffic! Thanks for the recommendations! :)

    Jenn, thanks!

    Golden, hey! thanks for the comment! nice to meet you!

    Tish, lucky you, nude lipsticks don't work too well on me! I have to choose wisely :)

  26. Hana aka acutelife, for your mum? Is your mum a nude lippie lover? You can try All Heart for your mum too!

    Maggie, enjoy!

    purple snowflake, yes, it is almost the same as MAC, but I don't mind if it's creamy enough :)

    Syn@3sTh3sI@ , oh yeah, I don't have that huge of a lips but thick! so High Five girlfriend!

    Jen, thanks for saying so :) Rimmel, I think I've seen the brand in HK, I didn't even take a look! ugh!!!

  27. i am not really a lippie girl [more gloss] but i like Dior Addict and Coffret D'or's lippies recently~

  28. Ooo very pretty! Love it! I don't use any lipsticks (only gloss or balm) but always wanted to try... these sound good!

  29. i like the All Heart on you!!!it makes your lips smooooooooooooth and silky *kissss*

  30. nice lippies esp the nude one.. I will add this to my wish list:P

  31. I got a 3 pack of these lippies and I've swatched them here, although this was before I perfected my camera lip photo techniques:

    The really are good lippies, although I agree that they are a bit pricy for what they are.

  32. The colors are very pretty esp the nude one! I find Lancome lipsticks very creamy and moisturizing, but they're quite expensive too.

  33. Yumeko, aww I was a gloss person too, til I changed a month ago :) Thanks for the reco! :)

    e.motion in motion, thanks! :)

    prettybeautiful , hahahah muwah back!

    chulalouise , thanks for liking the nude one! :)

    Jamilla Camel, thanks for sharing, I've checked it out !

    Gio, true, well at least i have an option if I wanted to buy MAC lippie, i can go for this too :D

  34. I really like the colors. Great review.

  35. both shades look nice on you! I tried their lipsticks before (thanks mom! hehe) and its really moisturising! =)

  36. Simon n josh, thanks for the visit! nice to see you here :D

    Khymm, hahaha we always think clinique products are for our moms! LOL but I can't believe I am liking their products, I am getting OLD OH NO! lol

  37. creamy nude looks so good!

    a creamy lipstick? YSL rouge volupte?

  38. M, YSL, hmm..that's another "to test' list :) thanks

  39. NicNic, wow, I am surprised, Creamy nude really is the winner, and I thought I couldn't wear nudes


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